'I owe a lot to the game'

Sourav Ganguly is the second Indian to cross 10,000 ODI runs.   -  V. Ganesan

Cricket has been a wonderful journey for me. I loved the game for its rich history. Eden Gardens was my favourite ground, watching and then later playing.

Cricket was a way of life for many from my generation. I learnt so much about life through my cricket. I have enjoyed every moment of my association with cricket. And I owe a lot to the game.

Speaking about cricket, I would like to share my appreciation for Sportstar, the premier magazine of the country which promoted all sport, but cricket was special. In fact, Sportstar was the best cricket magazine when I was trying to make it to the Indian team. It would be a big thing for us to be written about in Sportstar. I have some issues with me and I can never forget the Sportstar Award. It was a huge motivation for me. The magazine had some fantastic writers and did a lot to promote domestic cricket. Sportstar has a culture and I always love reading this quality magazine.

(As told to Vijay Lokapally)

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