Sportstar, which celebrated its 40th birthday in 2018, has decided to revive its annual awards, which were in being for about a decade from the mid-1990s. Named Sportstar Aces, the awards will celebrate the stars, the future stars and the tireless silent partners who have dedicated their lives to sports, to realise the dream of making India a ‘Sporting Nation’. Sportstar Aces will identify and reward the most deserving athletes irrespective of the popularity of the sport. 

a) Popular Awards
b) Jury Awards
c) Nominated Awards

Popular Awards is a platform for the public to vote for the best sportspersons of the year 2018 in the following 10 categories:
a) Sportsman of the year – Cricket
b) Sportswoman of the year – Cricket
c) Sportsman of the Year - Racquet Sport
d) Sportswoman of the Year - Racquet Sport
e) Sportsman of the Year - Track and Field
f) Sportswoman of the Year - Track and Field
g) Sportsman of the Year - Other Team Sport
h) Sportswoman of the Year - Other Team Sport
i) Sportsman of the Year - Other Individual Sport
j) Sportswoman of the Year - Other Individual Sport

Based on the popular votes, the top 2 contenders in each category will be reviewed by the Jury, who will decide the final winner.

The last date for voting is January 15, 2019

Yes, you can vote more than once

The details have to be submitted as select lucky winners will receive free subscription of Sportstar for a year.

The Jury comprising experts from the Sports industry will decide the winners in the following categories. The popular votes shall have no bearing on the shortlist of nominees.
a) Team of the Year
b) Coach of the Year
c) Lifetime Achievement Award for Best Sportsperson
d) Best Young Athlete (Male)
e) Best Young Athlete (Female)
f) Parathlete Sportsperson of the Year (Men)
g) Parathlete Sportsperson of the Year (Women)
h) Best State for promotion of sports

Nominated Awards is a category exclusively for Universities and Corporate Houses for the promotion of Sports. Such entities should register online in our website and furnish details which will be evaluated by our Jury.

Institutions and Corporates who have used sports as a medium to bring about a social change, organising various sports meets and have made an endeavour to promote sports in the country.

There is no nomination fee

The last date to submit the nominations is January 15, 2019

The winners will be announced and felicitated at the Sportstar Aces Awards Ceremony.

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