Iran stuns India in Kabaddi semifinals

India fails to reach the final of the men's Kabaddi event for the first time in Asian Games history.

File photo of the last time the two teams clashed in the Kabaddi Masters 2018.   -  SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT

We will see a new Gold medal winner other than India in Kabaddi for the first time in Asian Games history. Iran will meet Korea in the final while India and Pakistan get a bronze medal (losing semifinalists).

18-27 THE MOTHER OF ALL UPSETS! India fails to reach the Kabaddi final for the first time in Asian Games! Iran avenges its defeat in the 2014 final to India.

16-26: India manages to get two points after a nine point swing for Iran.

14-24: ALL OUT. The Iranian's inflict an all out and now boast a massive ten point lead. 

14-20: Chaudhari goes in for a tackle but is sent sprawling.

14-19: WHAT A TACKLE! Fazel makes a thunderous tackle to send Rishank tumbling out. Iran now has a healthy five point lead.

14-17: Rahul gets a touch on Abozar. This is a very very crucial point. Less than six minutes to go.

13-16: The deficit is now reduced to three.

Can the Indians hold on and make a comeback?


12-16: Pardeep goes on for a raid and the defence Iran defence offers him no chance and he's sent back to the bench.

12-15: Emsail clips Girish's boot and Iran now have a slender three-point lead.

11-14: SUPER TACKLE! That's Iran's fifth super tackle and they have now soared to a 14-11 lead.

11-10: Ajay Thakur is at the receiving end of a brutal tackle. He appeals for a foul but the referee sees nothing wrong.

11-9: Monu clips Abozar's arm, extends India's lead to two points.

10-9: Taken down! Girish makes another sharp tackle to put India ahead again.

The Iranian defence has been solid in the first half, while the Indian attack will have to really get its act together to claim points. Second half begins.

And that's the end of the first half. It's been enthralling first 15 minutes here and both sides have showed plenty of promise. The teams are level at 9-9.

9-9: The Indian defence makes amends, they stave off the Iranian attack to bring the scores back to level terms.

8-9: How costly is this going to be? Ajay Thakur struggles to maintain his balance and enters the lobby, gifting Iran a point. The Iranians lead for the first time this evening.

8-8: Monu Goyat is tackled inches from the halfway line and the Iranians have earned themselves two valuable points.

8-6: Mohit Chillar stages a fine block, earns India another crucial point.

Monu Goyat comes on for Pardeep Narwal! This is an interesting move.

7-6: SUPER TACKLE! Abozar Mighani makes a huge tackle to block Rishank Devadiga and earns his side two crucial points.

7-4: India leads in the 13th minute.

6-4: Iran has narrowed the lead down to two points now. This is a supremely interesting clash so far.

Girish Ernak has been stunning so far this evening. He's made two sharp tackles on the left corner and has really bolstered the defence.

Iran has just two players, both defenders, on the mat now. This is a fine chance for the Indians to inflict an All Out.

6-1: Pardeep Narwal joins the party! The 'dubki king' claims his first point of the evening.

2018 Asian Games LIVE UPDATES: Day Five

3-0: Ismail taken down by the Indian defence! Girish makes a fine tackle to put India 3-0 up.

1-0: Rishank Devadiga claims India's first point of the tie.

Welcome to Sportstar's live coverage of the Asian Games semifinal clash between seven-time champion India and Iran. India beat Thailand 49-30 in its previous clash, in a tie where the defence looked very rusty.

Iran is known for its defence, led by the likes of Fazel Atrachali and Abozar Mighani. A thrilling encounter awaits!