Annu Rani throws 63.82m, betters her national record in Indian Open javelin meet

In her first attempt at the 4th Indian Open Javelin throw competition, Annu Rani recorded a throw of 63.82m.

File image of Annu Rani.   -  AP

Annu Rani bettered her own national record with a throw of 63.82m in her first attempt to win the women's javelin event at the 4th Indian Open Javelin throw competition in Jamshedpur on Sunday.

Last year, Rani recorded her previous best of 63.24m at the National Interstate Athletic Championship in Patiala.

Her next set of throws were 60.10m, 56.60m and 58.13m.

Sanjana Choudhary won the silver with her last throw of 53.87m being her best, followed by Shilpa Rani, who won the bronze with a throw of 53.01m.

Earlier, Yash, a 17-year-old from Haryana, clinched the boys U-18 gold with his opening throw of 67.42m. It was the second best throw by an Indian U-18 athlete since September 2019.

He followed up his first throw with efforts of 65.21, 63.24, 64.05 and 65.46m before easing off with a 57.85m final throw.

Earlier, Delhi's Disha won the girls U-16 event with a best throw of 34.87m.

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Results: Boys U-18 (700gm): 1. Yash (Haryana) 67.42m; 2. Himanshu Mishra (Madhya Pradesh) 66.40; 3. Sanoj Yadav (Uttar Pradesh) 60.92.

Girls U-16 (500gm): 1. Disha (Delhi) 34.87m; 2. Muskan Patel (Uttar Pradesh) 34.30; 3. Tanisha Yadav (Rajasthan) 31.20.

Boys U-20 (800gm): 1. Vivek Kumar 68.67m; 2. Manbir Singh 66.98m; 3. Akash Yadav 62.72m.

Women's (600gm): 1. Annu Rani 63.82m; 2. Sanjana Choudhary 53.87m; 3. Shilpa Rani 53.01m

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