National U-23 Athletics: Jyothika, Sherin sparkle

Karnataka's Shashikanth Angadi and Delhi's National Open champion Taranjeet Kaur finished as the fastest man and woman respectively.

Tamil Nadu's Sherin Abdul Gafoor won the women's long jump at the National under-23 athletics championships in New Delhi on Tuesday.   -  AFI

The search is on for young quartermilers to strengthen the Indian women's relay team for next year's Commonwealth Games, Asian Games and Worlds. And Dandi Jyothika Sri, who had run the quartermile and mixed relay at the 2017 under-18 Worlds in Nairobi, produced an impressive 53.05s for the 400m gold in the first National under-23 athletics championships at the Nehru Stadium, New Delhi, on Tuesday.

Her time, like her progression in the event, should make many sit up and take notice for it is the second fastest 400m by an Indian this year, behind Priya H. Mohan's 52.77s that fetched her the fourth place at the recent Nairobi under-20 Worlds. Incidentally, the three girls who went as part of the 4x400m mixed relay team to last month's Tokyo Olympics were a lot slower than Jyothika, who was fourth at the 2017 under-18 Asians in Bangkok.

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Jyothika's run today was a dominating one and the 21-year-old from Andhra Pradesh was more than one and half seconds ahead of second-placed Jharkhand's Florence Barla at the finish. She entered the year with a personal best of 54.70s and clocked 55.98s (inter-State Nationals) and 54.83 (National Open) in her last two competitions.

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Ayush Dabas won the men's 400m title in a personal best 46.58s and Tamil Nadu's Sherin Abdul Gafoor took the women's long jump with a PB 6.45m, the third jump by an Indian this year. Karnataka's Shashikanth Angadi and Delhi's National Open champion Taranjeet Kaur finished as the fastest man and woman respectively while UP's Rohit Yadav won the men's javelin with a mediocre 72.42m throw.

The results (finals):

Men: 100m: 1. V.A. Shashikanth (Kar) 10.57s, 2. Pranav Gurav (Mah) 10.67; 3. G. Kathiravan (TN) 10.85. 400m: 1. Ayush Dabas (Har) 46.58s; 2. Vikrant Panchal (Har) 47.08; 3. Mohammed Hossain (WB) 47.20. 110m hurdles: 1. Tejas Shirse (Mah) 14.12s; 2. Yashwant Laveti (AP) 14.25; 3. Kunal Chaudhary (Del) 14.44. Shot Put: 1. Ashish Kumar (Har) 17.20m; 2. Aniket (Utkd) 17.09; 3. Akash Grewal (UP) 17.03. Discus throw: 1. Basukesh Poonia (Raj) 53.27m; 2. Praveen Kumar (Raj) 51.38; 3. Abhay Gupta (Har) 50.41. Javelin throw: 1. Rohit Yadav (UP) 72.42m; 2. Anmol Rana (UP) 71.17; 3. Anuj Kalera (Raj) 68.73. 20000m race walk: 1. Suraj Panwar (Utkd) 1:28:53.11s; 2. Amit Khatri (Har) 1:28:54.81; 3. Juned (Har) 1:29:20.78. Decathlon: 1. Yaman Deep Singh (Raj) 6975 pts; 2. Robin Singh (UP) 6636; 3. Mohit (Har) 6615.

Women: 100m: 1. Taranjeet Kaur (Del) 11.54s; 2. A.T. Daneshwari (Kar) 11.66; 3. Nithya Gandhe (Tel) 11.90. 400m: 1. Dandi Jyothika Sri (AP) 53.05s; 2. Florence Barla (Jha) 54.69; 3. Nancy (Har) 55.25. 100m hurdles: 1. Aparna Roy (Ker) 13.80s; 2. K. Nandhini (TN) 13.96; 3. Moumita Mondal (WB) 14.05. Pole vault: 1. Pooja (Har) 3.60m; 2. Pavithra Venkatesh (TN) 3.50; 3. Divya Mohan (Ker) 3.50. High jump: 1. Athira Somaraj (Ker) 1.71m; 2. Rekha (Har) 1.69; 3. Giji Stephen (TN) 1.69. Long Jump: 1. Sherin Abdul Gaffoor (TN) 6.45m; 2. Sandra Babu (Ker) 6.29; 3. Pooja Saini (Raj) 6.22. Discus throw: 1. Sunita (Har) 46.75m; 2. Shivani (UP) 46.25; 3. Neetika Verma (UP) 44.77. 20000m walk: 1. Reshma Patel (Utkd) 1:45:01.55s; 2. Mansi Negi (Utkd) 1:45:45.95; 3. Munita Prajapati (UP) 1:46:20.57.

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