Promising youngster Hima Das sensationally pipped experienced quartermiler Nirmala Sheoran in the last few strides to win the women's one-lap race on the concluding day of the National inter-state athletics championships at the Indira Gandhi International Stadium, here, on Friday.

Hima timed 51.13, just 0.08 shy of Manjir Kaur's National record, to achieve her personal best for the distance as she broke Nirmala's meet record and won her second title of the championships.

Nirmala, who also achieved her personal best of 51.25, came second. The top two finishers were well within the Asian Games qualifying mark of 52.47.

Another strong contender, Jauna Murmu was ahead in the seventh lane by 200m before Nirmala, on lane three, took charge and gained a clear lead in the home straight. Hima, who had done 53.49 in the heats and was a little slower on lane five, however, did not lose hope and dashed in the final 100m to get past Nirmala in the last five meters.

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“I am sure how I got momentum, but I was spurred by the cheers,” said Hima. A lesser-known Prachi took the third spot with 52.96 in the most anticipated race, which saw top five finishers belonging to four different coaching camps. Accomplished quartermilers Jauna and M.R. Poovamma settled for fifth and seventh spots, respectively.

Dutee Chand clocked 11.29 in the morning semifinals to better her previous National record of 11.30 in women's 100m. Even though she was fractionally slower in the finals in the evening, she won the race comfortably, returning 11.32, with a gap of more than a meter from her nearest competitor.

“My plan was to break the National record again, but the track was heavier in the evening due to rains,” said Dutee, who went below the Asiad mark thrice in two days.

In women's 1500m, the top four, Chitra P.U., Monika Chaudhary, Jhuma Khatun and Lili Das, came inside the Asiad time. National record holder Jinson Johnson missed the 1,500m qualifying standard by 0.12 second, but bagged his second title. Arpinder Singh had no issues taking the men's triple jump crown with a meet record and securing an Asiad berth.

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The results:

The results: Men: 100m (Asiad qualying mark 10.18): 1. V.K. Elakkiya Dasan (TN) 10.39, 2. Jyotisankar Debnath (AP) 10.45, 3. Siva Kumar (TN) 10.45. 110m hurdles (AQM 13.67): 1. Siddhanth Thingalya (Mah) 13.84, 2. Surendar (TN) 13.99, 3. Suresh (TN) 14.30.

400m (AQM 46.04): 1. Arokia Rajiv (TN) 45.78, 2. Kunhu Muhammed (Ker) 46.30, 3. Jeevan K.S. (Kar) 46.37.

1500m (AQM 3:45.00): 1. Jinson Johnson (Ker) 3:45.12, 2. Manjit Singh (Har) 3:46.08, 3. Ajay Kumar Saroj (UP) 3:46.91.

Triple jump (AQM 16.62m): 1. Arpinder Singh (Har) 17.09m ( NMR , Old 17.17m, Arpinder Singh, 2014), 2. Rakesh Babu A.V. (Ker) 16.63m, 3. Mohammed Salahu M. (TN) 16.32m.

Hammer (AQM 70.36m): 1. Ashish Jakhar (Har) 66.68m, 2. Taranveer Singh (Pun) 65.07m, 3. Pradeep Kumar (Raj) 63.97m.

Women: 100m (AQM 11.67): 1. Dutee Chand (Odi) 11.32 ( NMR , Old 11.39, Shradha Narayanan, 2014), 2. Ranga K. (Mani) 11.70, 3. Reena George (Kar) 11.77. 100m hurdles (AQM 13.39): 1. Nithya R. (TN) 14.04, 2. Ankita Gosavi (Mah) 14.05, 3. Sumandeep Kaur (Pun) 14.12.

400m (AQM 52.47): 1. Hima Das (Asm) 51.13 ( NMR , Old Nirmala Sheoran 51.48, 2016), 2. Nirmala Sheoran (Har) 51.25, 3. Prachi (UP) 52.96.

1500m (AQM 4:16.88): 1. Chitra P.U. (Ker) 4:11.55, 2. Monika Chaudhary (UP) 4:12.44, 3. Jhuma Khatun (UP) 4:12.84.

Shot out (AQM 17m): 1. Navjeet Kaur Dhillon (Pun) 14.97m, 2. Kachnar chaudhary (Raj) 14.55m, 3. Rakhi Sangwan (Har) 13.80m.

Hammer (AQM 70.36m): 1. Ashish Jakhar (Har) 66.68m, 2. Taranveer Singh (Pun) 65.07m, 3. Pradeep Kumar (Raj) 63.97m.

10000m (AQM 33:00.00): 1. Sanjeevini Jadhav (Mah) 33:09.78, 2. L. Suriya (TN) 34:12.02, 3. Meenu (Raj) 34:41.36.

Heptathlon (AQM 5400 points): 1. Purnima Hembram (Odi) 5898, 2. Swapna Barman (WB) 5725, 3. Sowmya M. (AP) 5394.