IAAF Continental Cup: Neeraj Chopra finishes sixth

Tune in for live updates from the 2018 IAAF Continental Cup which will see Jinson Johnson, Neeraj Chopra, Sudha Singh and Muhammed Anas in action.

Neeraj Chopra is India’s brightest hope for a first athletics medal at the Olympics. After the gold at the Asian Games, the 20-year-old missed out on bronze at the Zurich Diamond League final by a mere 3 cm to Olympic champion Thomas Rohler.   -  AFP

Hello and welcome to SportstarLive's live blog of the 2018 IAAF Continental Cup.

Neeraj Chopra finished sixth in javelin and was eliminated in the first round, as his Chinese Taipei's Cheng progressed at his expense.

Jinson Johnson finished sixth in the 1500m final.



8:19pm: Thomas Rohler saves the best for last. 87.07m! He wins it for Europe. Thomas Rohler, take a bow. He needed to surpass 81.81m to take the win, and he did far more, throwing the spear 87.07m, his longest of the day, to take victory.

8:18pm: Cheng throws 81.81m. Rohler's up next. Winner takes all!

Attempt 3:

8:16pm: Chao-Tsung Cheng and Thomas Rohler are through to the final round.

8:14pm: Neeraj Chopra is elimiinated, finishing 6th. Thomas Rohler, Chao-Tsung Cheng, Julius yego and Anderson Pieters go through to the next round.

8:12pm: Cheng's 82.06m means he's second now but more importantly, he goes through to the next round at the expense of his Asia-Pacific mate Neeraj Chopra.

8:10pm: Jakub Vadlejch throws 84.76m! Betters Rohler's previous throw to go on top. Neeraj Chopra is in fourth.

8:08pm: Unfortunate for Neeraj. His throw crosses the 85m mark but it's just off the sector and is called a no-throw.

Attempt 2:

8:05pm: 84.30m. Thomas Rohler absolutely demolishes the competition!

8:03pm: Next up is Thomas Rohler.

8:02pm: Czech Repubic's Jakub Vadlejch's throw 79.67m, closest anyone's come to Neeraj so far.

7:59pm: Neeraj Chopra throws 79.76m on his second attempt. Just off his first attempt score.

Attempt 1:

7:51pm: World record holder Thomas Rohler fouls in the first attempt. And so does his European counterpart Jakub Valdejch.

7:45pm: Neeraj Chopra throws a respectable 80.24m. But this is just the start.

7:49pm: The next three throwers haven't come close to Neeraj's mark. Cheng has come closest with a 76.25m throw.

India's Neeraj Chopra is in action in the men's javelin event.

Neeraj Chopra and Chinese Taipei's Chao-Tsung Chen are the Asia represents in javelin. How will Neeraj fare against the world's creme de la creme? Germany's Thomas Rohler is the world record holder with 93.9m throw. While it dwarfs Neeraj's PB of 88.06m, the 20-year-old has had a spectacular season and he could throw more surprises.



8:25pm: Jinson Johnson is in action in the 1500m final.

8:26pm: Johnson is in third place now after 1200m.

8:28pm: Johnson seems to have exhausted all his fuel by the 1200m mark. On the last stretch, he's overtaken by three runners and finishes 6th.