Welcome to Sportstar's live blog  of the All England Open Badminton Championships.


23.20: Srikanth claws back four points but Momota finishes the game, and the match, with a cross-court smash. Takes the game 21-16. Effortless work by the Japanese and with that the last Indian left in the tournaments exits.

23.20: Another error from Srikanth and match point to Momota.

23.19: Momota smashes, Momota takes the point. 19-12 to him.

23.18: A good rally. Srikanth is equal to whatever Momota throws at him but a tired backhand goes into the net. 18-12 to Momota.

23.18: Quick exchange at the net and Momota goes long. 17-12 to the Japanese.

23.17: Fantastic jumpsmash from Srikanth. 17-11 to Momota.

23.17: Good call by Srikanth to let a return go wide. 17-10 to the Japanese.

23.15: The momentum is back with Momota. The time is running out for Srikanth and he trails 17-9.

23.14: Beautiful net play from Srikanth. He fools Momota with the direction of his shot and he trails 14-8.

23.12: Momota smashes into the net for a change and his lead it reduced to 14-7. The momentus is with Srikanth but can get a grip on this game?

23.10: Not for the first time tonight Srikanth fails to return Momota's drop shot. The Japanese leads 12-5.

23.09: Momota goes into the interval with the lead, again. 11-4.

23.08: Forehand return from Momota goes into Srikanth's body and he increases his lead to 10-4.

23.07: A rare mistake from Momota. His return nestles into the net and that reduces his lead to 8-4.

23.06: Momota's drop shot forces Srikanth to react quickly but his return doesn't clear the net. 6-3 to the Japanese.

23.04: Srikanth ends a 46 shot rally by hitting into the net. Momota leads 4-2.

23.03: Momota takes the lead with a drop shot. 3-2.

23.01: A jump smash from Srikanth and he leads 2-1.

23.00: Momota eager to start the second game on the front foot but ends up smashing into the net. Srikanth takes the lead. 1-0.

22.58: Kento Momota takes the first game 21-12. The Indian started strong but quickly lost his way in the game. He needs to win the next game to keep Indian interest in the tournament going.

22.57: A (small) fight back from Srikanth. Takes two points and now trails 20-12.

22.56: Game point to Momota after Srikanth returns into the net.

22.55: Incredible from the Japanese. Relentless from him to take a 18-9 lead. Has Srikanth lost the plot here?

22.54: Momota has upped the pace here. Srikanth misjudges a return again, lets it go but the cock lands well inside. 14-9 to the Japanese.

22.53: A drop shot winner and Srikanth going long increases Momota's lead to 13-9.

22.51: At the mid-game break, Momota leads 11-9.

22.50: Brilliant cross-court return from Momota. Srikanth had no chance of getting to that. The Japanese leads 10-9.

22.49: Terrific smash from Srikanth. Lands right on the line. And then levels the scores. 9-9 now.

22.48: Momota tries to go for a drop shot but it lands well wide. He leads 9-7.

22.47: Into the net from Srikanth and Momoto leads 8-6.

22.46: Cross-court from from Momota lands beyond Srikanth's reach. The Japanese takes the lead again.

22.45: A 53 shot (!) rally ends with Srikanth going long. 6-6.

22.44: Srikanth with another smash, but this time to the other side. The Indian leads 6-5.

22.43: An exact return from Srikanth, but this time it is a smash and it lands well inside. 5-5.

22.43: Srikanth goes wide and that gives Moto the lead for the first time in this match.

22.42: A really weak return from Srikanth which goes into the net. 4-4.

22.41: Cheeky net play from both players but Momoto was too weak on a return and that gives Srikanth the point. 4-2 to the Indian.

22.40: A 38 shot rally ends with Srikanth misjudging a return. He lets it go but the cock lands just inside. 3-2 to the Indian.

22.39: Good play by Srikanth. He goes into Momota's body and the Japanese can't move quick enough to get a reply in. The Indian leads 2-1.

22.38: Into the net by Momota and Srikanth takes the first point.

22.34: Kidambi Srikanth and Kento Momoto are out on the court warming up for their quarterfinal clash. The Japanese leads the Indian 10-3 in head-to-head meetings. Both have met three times in this tournament till date, and the Indian has lost all of those meetings.

Kidambi Srikanth, India's lone challenger remaining at the All England Championships, will take on Kento Momota in the men's singles quarterfinals at 22:30 IST today.

16:14: It's all over for Saina Nehwal. She goes down to Tai Tzu Ying 21-15, 21-19 in the quarterfinals.

16:12: Tai Tzu has won nine of the last 11 points for a 19-16 lead, this time with a last-second angled forehand winner from the back court.

16:10: Saina is trying her best, but Tai Tzu is in sublime touch, she deceives Saina yet again to go level 13-13.

16:08: A long quality rally ( the longest of the match) has Saina gasping. She unsuccessfully tries to reach for a smash from the back of the court. 13-11.

16:06: Tai Tzu is eating into Saina's lead. It's 11-8 and too close for comfort for Saina.

16:02: Tai Tzu stuns Saina with a stunning low retrieve for an unexpected winner. The shuttle was probably a centimetre away from landing on the court and the Taipei player miraculously slides in her racquet and gets enough lift to land it on the other side of the court.

16:01: Saina Nehwal  has maintained her lead in the second game. It 9-4.

15:38: Quick reflex return for a winner from Saina for a 3-1 lead. She looks all fired up in the second game.

Kashyap's advice to Saina: "She(Tai Tzu) wants to keep the points short. Don't play into her game. You have to be smart. You can't win otherwise".

15:53: Saina saves three but Tai Tzu clinches the game quite easily 21-15.

15:53: It's been one brilliant shot after the other from the World No. 1. It's 20-12 and eight game points for the Chinese Taipei player

15:50: No long rallies in the game so far. Tai Tzu pulls back things after conceding four consecutive points with a deft overhead drop shot. That's pure class from World No. 1. But Saina has come back strongly for a 12-14 score.

15:47: Saina has come up with three successive points to bridge the gap. It's 8-13 now.

15:45: Kashyap is not taking kindly to Saina's performance. Her husband-mentor has some stern words of advice during the mid-game break. He is clearly not happy with her game!

15:44: The Chinese Taipei is completely dominating the Indian. She has jumped to a 11-3 lead.

15:42: Saina Nehwal successfully challenges an in call to take back the point. It's 3-5 at the moment.

15:40: Tai Tzu begins well. She has already started making Saina run around the court to take a 3-0 lead in the opening game.

Eighth-seeded Saina Nehwal will take on two-time champion Tai Tzu Ying of Chinese Taipei, an opponent the Indian has failed to beat even once in their last 12 clashes.

In the men's quarterfinal, Kidambi Srikanth will face World No. 1 and top-ranked Kento Momota of Japan. The Japanese halted the Indian's charge five teams in various tournaments last season.