Viktor Axelsen beats Kidambi Srikanth 21-13, 21-17.

21-17 Kidambi Srikanth finds the net. The World NO. 1 for a reason. Viktor Axelsen beats the Indian with a sublime performance.

20-17 Match point for Axelsen. A cross court smash by Axelsen.

19-17 Axelsen with a smash, but it is out.

19-16 Srikanth comes up with a good smash. A three-point lead for the World No. 1.

18-15 Another unforced error. Srikanth hits out down the line.

17-14 Axelesen opens up a three-point lead. A delicate drop shot and Srikanth remains a mute spectator.

16-12 Srikanth packs a punch. But unfortunately has too much power and the shuttle rolls out down the line.

14-12 The Indian is having no answers to the World No. 1's smashes.

13-11 Srikanth tries the same cross court finish, this time with a forehand shot, but cannot execute it to perfection.

12-11 Srikanth with a good backhand cross court finish and reduces the deficit to one point.

11-9 Srikanth is crawling back. Axelsen trying a forehand cross court finish from the right and could only find the net.

11-7 A good take by Srikanth. He stretches to his right and takes a smash and gives a delicate drop, and the Danish player cannot reach.

11-6 Oh boy! How vocal is Axelsen. He shouts after winning the point and the players take a time-out.

10-6 Srikanth is losing it here. A lot of unforced errors and net shots bringing his downfall.

8-6 He tries it another time and his smash is successful. Axelsen with a two-point lead.

7-6 A host of unforced errors from Axelsen. Tries to marginalise on the right line but cannot get his timing right.

7-4 Srikanth sends one forehand smash down the line and it is out of Axelsen's reach. That was a good shot!

6-3 Axelsen gets his stride back. Srikanth has no answers to all the powerful smashes the World No. 1 is delivering.

5-3 Srikanth crawls back with three points.

3-0 Srikanth hits out down the line.

1-0 Axelsen starts from where he left off in the first game. A smash down the line and Srikanth cannot reach it.

The focus for Srikanth would be to get his timing right and cut down on unforced errors, something that did him in in the first game.

Second game begins

21-13 Viktor Axelsen takes the first game. Another unforced error by Kidambi Srikanth.

20-13 Game point for the World No. 1.

19-13 Axelsen pulls a point back as Srikanth cannot time his forehand to perfection and ends up hitting the net.

18-13 Axelsen his out on the right and Srikanth gets the serve.

Srikanth needs to pull up his socks and get his timing right. Axelsen is running away with the first game now.

17-12 Srikanth tries a cross-court drop but finds the shuttle in his own half. A five-point lead for the World No. 1 in the first game now.

16-12 A four point lead for Axelsen now. A good rally but Srikanth couldn't take Axelsen's drop shot neat and ends up hitting the net.

14-12 Axelsen has a two point lead. Srikanth's backhand was packed with too much power and the shuttle goes out down the line.

13-11 The Danish player is in the lead. Axelsen's smash was too good for Srikanth to retrieve it clean and Srikanth ends up finding the net.

11-11 A good forehand smash followed by an unforced error by Srikanth sends both the players on level terms.

10-9 Srikanth just has a one-point lead as Axelsen draws close with some good finishes.

Shouts of Come on Srikanth fills the arena.

9-6 Axelsen takes a couple of points, the latest with a monstrous forehand smash that is out of Srikanth's reach.

8-4 The Indian extends the lead. Axelsen cannot get his backhand on target and ends up hitting out to Srikanth's left.

6-4 Five points on the trot for Srikanth and he runs away with a lead. Axelsen cannot get his shot beyond the net.

4-4 Srikanth draws level. A host of unforced errors from Axelsen and some good finishes by the Indian helps in his cause.

4-2 Axelsen takes the early lead with some sublime finishes. The World No. 1 is on the money from the word go.

First game begins

Kidambi Srikanth now takes on World No.1 Viktor Axelsen. Both of them have met each other six times and it is 3-3 for both players. In the last meeting, Srikanth got the better off Axelsen in the Denmark Open.

FINAL SCORE: Sindhu beats Bingjiao 21-11, 16-21, 21-18

21-18: IT'S OVER! Bingjiao smashes it onto the net as Sindhu screams in delight! It was not easy but Sindhu crossed the line.

20-18: Looks like she can! Bingjiao is not giving up without a fight. Still, two match points for Sindhu.

20-17: Bingjiao gets one back, but can she hold on?

20-16: Another overcooked hit from Bingjiao.  

19-16: Another error from the World No. 9. Sindhu is afforded breathing space just when things were looking tough for the Indian.

18-16: Too long from Bingjiao!

17-16: Game one! Sindhu is really being made to stretch. Bingjiao is using her speed to outfox Sindhu.

17-15: Bingjiao was too quick for Sindhu!

17-14: Another gripping rally! However, Bingjiao couldn't put it across the court. Her error gifts Sindhu some breathing space.

16-14: A poor review from Sindhu. Her shot overstepped comfortably.

16-13: Bingjiao powers her way back into the contest.

15-12: Bingjiao really stretched Sindhu in this rally but a fatal error undoes all the good work.

14-12: Bingjiao closes the gap.

14-11: But the Chinese more than makes up for it! Cross-court smashes freezes Sindhu to her spot.

14-10: Bingjiao error gifts Sindhu a 4-point lead.

13-8: A deft drop catches Bingjiao short.

12-7: Bingjiao cross-court smash is too wide.

11-7: Sindhu establishes 4-point lead as players go for a break before they swap sides.

10-7: Bingjiao spoils a good rally with a wide hit to the right side.

9-6: SMASH! Sublime cross-court smash from Sindhu as the players head into the break.

8-6: Sindhu takes initiative, goes into 2-point lead.

5-5: Bingjiao concedes lead

4-5: Bingjiao error helps Sindhu

3-5: SMASH. Sindhu closes gap with brute force.

1-3: Bingjiao smash is too much to handle for Sindhu.

1-1: Bingjiao claws back with a smash.

1-0: Bingjiao gifts Sindhu the opening point.

GAME 3 commences

Second game was a lot different! Bingjiao used her smashes to good effect as the Chinese Southpaw put on a much better show to take the match to a third Game. Meanwhile, Gopichand has more words of wisdom for Sindhu.

16-21: Another excellent smash from the Southpaw! Bingjiao takes Game 2.

16-20: Sindhu reduces deficit.

15-20: Bad serve allows Sindhu a service break!

14-18: Lucky! Bingjiao's smash hits the net and sneaks into the other side.

13-17: Bingjiao's smashes down the line are troubling Sindhu!

12-15: A beautiful smash down the line is challenged by Sindhu. Bingjiao gets the point, however.

12-14: Sindhu's drop is a bit short! Bingjiao establishes 2-point lead.

12-12: A beautiful drop from Bingjiao is too much for Sindhu to handle.

12-11: A rivetting rally full of smashes and cross-court hits ends in Bingjiao hitting it too wide.

11-11: A winner and a forced errors brings Sindhu on level terms

9-11: The Chinese southpaw goes into the break with a 2-point lead.

8-10: Bingjiao is judged to have hit it a bit wide but she challenges. However, the umpire is right!

7-9: Poor judgement from the Indian lands her in a 2-point deficit.

7-7: Sindhu restores parity with a cross-court winner!

6-7: Another error, as the southpaw hits it wide.

5-7: An error gives Sindhu a point

4-7: Bingjiao brings Sindhu to her knees as the Indian can only parry the smash onto the net

4-6: The Chinese stops a mini resurgence from the Indian

3-5: Bingjiao is doing much better in the second game.

1-0: It's not all power from Sindhu! She opens her second game account with a deft drop

Sindhu serves


Mentor P. Gopichand has some words of wisdom for Sindhu during the break.

21-11: Sindhu smashes her way to Game 1. And it looks like she's on her way to a comfortable win!

20-11: Another Bingjiao error, another Sindhu point. This time, it's for the game.

19-11: Bingjiao challenges the out call, wins it and the point.

19-10: Bingjiao enters double figures

19-9: Bingjiao pulls one back, her cross-court forehand has Sindhu stranded.

18-8: Sindhu continues to force errors from Bingjiao.

15-8: Bingjiao errors help Sindhu widen the gap.

12-7: Every point Sindhu wins, the Indian-majority crowd erupts in joy.

11-7: The Indian is comfortably in the lead as the players head into the first break.

8-5: Sindhu continues to use her height to her advantage.

4-3: India's best shuttler uses her height and reach advantage. Bingjiao has no answer.

3-2: Sindhu forces an error and is into the lead.

1-2: Sindhu smashes her way to open her account against her left-handed opponent.

0-2: Sindhu starts proceedings with the serve but loses her first two points.


IMPORTANT: The score format will be Sindhu vs Bingjiao.

P.V. Sindhu is ready to take on her Chinese opponent, World No. 9 He Bingjiao.

Results sor far: Men's singles: Shi Y. (Chn) bt Chou T. Ch. (Tpe) 21-19, 21-17; Lee Ch. W. (Mys) bt Ng Ka L. A. (Hkg)21-14, 21-13

Women' singles: Yamaguchi A. (Jpn) bt Sato S. (Jpn) 21-12, 21-19; Sung J. H. (Kor) lost to Intanon R. (Tha) 19-21, 16-21

Men's doubles: Liu C./Zhang N. bt Lee J-H/ Lee Y. 21-19, 24-26, 21-14; Fernaldi G. M./Sukamuljo S. bt Conrad-Peterson M./Kolding M.P. 21-6, 21-16; Li J./Liu Y. lost to Kamura T./Sonoda K. 17-21,17-21; Boe M./Mogensen C. bt Hoki T./Kobayashi Y. 21-18, 21-14

Women's doubles: Fukushima Y./Hirota S. bt Hsu Y.C/ Wu T.J. 21-13, 21-13; Chang Y. N./Lee S. H. bt Tanaka S./Yonemoto K. 21-16, 21-10; Huang Y./ Yu X. bt Chen Q./ Jia Y. 21-14, 16-21, 21-19; Juhl K. R./Pedersen C. bt Jung K. E./Shin S. C. 21-18, 21-10

Mixed-doubles: Tang Chun M./Tse Y. S. bt Jordan P./Susanto D, 21-13, 14-21, 21-16; Wang Y./Huang D. btTan Kiam M./Lai P. J. 21-12, 21-11; Ahmad T./ Natsir L. bt Adcock C/Adcock G. 21-18, 18-21, 21-14

How the Superseries is structured:

This is a year-ending one-million dollar event for the top-eight players/pairs (in each of the five events) based on their performances in the BWF Superseries.

There are 12 Superseries events every year out of which the best 10 performances over the last 52 weeks are considered for ranking purposes. Of these 12 legs, eight are held in Asia, three in Europe and one in Oceania.

The two-tier circuit has five events which are “Premier” events offering higher prize-money and ranking points.

There are two riders attached to the eligibility of the players. World champions enjoy a direct seeding irrespective of their BWF Superseries rankings. Since no World Championship is held in the year of the Olympics, the gold medallists in singles and doubles are seeded.

Secondly, not more than two players/pairs are considered for participation from a country. The players/pairs are divided into two groups of four each.

Following an all-play-all phase, the top-two players/pairs from each group advance to the semifinals. The winners clash in the final.