PBL: As it happened

Follow the live scores and commentary of the Premier Badminton League 2017 match between Delhi Dashers and Mumbai Rockets.

Tian Houwei Son Wan Ho

Tian Houwei of Delhi Dashers will go head to head against Mumbai Rockets' Son Wan Ho.   -  AFP

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's live coverage of the Premier Badminton League. Hyderabad Hunters rolled over North Eastern Warriors in a one-sided encounter on Sunday. Today, we will have Delhi Dashers take on Mumbai Rockets in Guwahati.

Here's a recap of Hyderabad's facile win over Warriors.

These are the matches lined up for tonight's tie between the Dashers and Rockets.

Tie 1: Men's doubles: V. Ivanov / I. Sozonov (DEL) vs Lee Yong-dae / B. H. Tan (MUM)

Tie 2: Men's singles: Vincent Wong Wing Ki (DEL) vs Sameer Verma (MUM) (Trump match for Delhi)

Tie 3: Women's singles: Sung Ji-hyun (DEL) vs Zhang Beiwen (MUM)

Tie 4: Men's singles: Tian Houwei (DEL) vs Son Wan Ho (MUM)

Tie 5: Mixed doubles: Arathi Sunil / Pranaav Chopra (DEL) vs Gabriela Stoeva/ Lee Yong-dae (MUM)

(Trump match for Mumbai)


Final score: 15-11, 15-9 in Mumbai Rockets's favour and it wins the tie 4-1

9-15: And thats the tie! Mumbai Rockets have beaten the Delhi Dashers in its trump match!

9-14: Game and match point for Mumbai Rockets

8-13: Player challenge proves successful for the Mumbai Rockets!

7-11: Dae and Gabriela on a four-point run!

7-7: Fantastic drop from Arathi! Dae stretched to his limit.

6-6: Gabriela's turn to make an error! The Indian pair is making strides.

5-6: Dae now gifts a point back to Arathi and Pranaav!

4-6: Dae gets his revenge! His smash is too much for Arathi to handle

4-5: Arathi forces an error from Dae.

3-4: Too long from Dae.

2-3: Dae smashes down the line. Pranaav can't reach.

1-2: Dae forces an error from Pranaav

Second game begins

11-15 And that's the game for Mumbai Rockets. Dae hits a smashing winner.

11-14 Game point for Mumbai.

11-13 Dae smashes it into the net.

9-13 Good judgement from Pranaav as the shuttle goes out of play.

9-12 A three-point lead for Mumbai now.

9-11 Superb rally but Dae pulls out a winner to the back court.

9-9 Pranaav set up the play well before a smash straight at Gabriela.

7-9 Gabriela could only find the net.

6-9 Dae hits a back court winner.

5-8 Mumbai take the lead into the break.

5-7 Superb serve which drops short of the Indian pair.

5-5 Dae smashes it in between the Indian pair.

5-4 Dae return goes wide.

4-3 Prannav misses the shot.

3-1 A winner from Pranaav.

2-1 Great point from Arathi as Delhi take the lead.

0-1 Dae gets the point for Mumbai with a smash.

First game begins

A trump match for a decider that means if Delhi wins this match it could win the tie as Mumbai would lose a point.

Tie 5: Mixed doubles: Arathi Sunil / Pranaav Chopra (DEL) vs Gabriela Stoeva / Lee Yong-dae (MUM)

(Trump match for Mumbai)


Tie 4: Men's singles: Tian Houwei (DEL) vs Son Wan Ho (MUM)

The scoreline at the end of the fourth match reads Mumbai Rockets 2 Delhi Dashers 1

15-9 What a win for Tian! What a comeback from him! He was trailing a game down and 2-8 at the break in the third game. Delhi Dashers' Tian Houwei beats Mumbai Rockets' Son Wan Ho 13-15, 15-13, 15-9.

14-9 Game point for Tian.

13-9 Son can't get it over the net. Tian the favourite now.

12-9 What a comeback this is from Tian. Another smash. The southpaw is turning it on here!

10-9 Another kmph speed smash for Tian to take the lead.

9-9 318 kmph smash from Tian to level the scores! What a match this has been!

8-9 A third unforced error from Son and Tian finds himself back in this game.

7-9 Tian makes a good defense for himself before Son hits it against the net again.

6-9 Son hits it against the net.

4-9 Son can't get down in time to make the return.

2-9 Another smash from Son.

2-8 What a lead for Son to take into the break. Tian will have to make a strong case for himself for a turnaround for Delhi Dashers.

2-7 Another well timed smash from Son.

2-5 What a shot! Superb smash from Son out of nowhere! He hit a corss-court smash angled to the right of Tian to wrong foot him.

2-4 Tian hits the net.

2-3 Unforced error from Tian.

2-2 Son can't get the shuttle past the net after Tian's smash.

1-2 Tian gets himself on the scoreboard.

Third game begins

15-13 Thats the game for Tian and he levels the score! Son couldn't get that shot past the net. This match now heads to the decider.

14-13 Game point for Tian. Yet another long rally and Son this time goes long.

13-13 Son misses another smash. He did all the hard work in the 35-shot rally before he smashed it wide. He will be gutted.

12-13 A peach of a winner from Son. Set himself up well for that smash after Tian could only muster a loose return.

12-12 Son hits the net again.

11-12 Son fluffed that smash as he hits the net and service changes now. Son had Tian at his mercy when going for that smash.

10-12 Stunning smash from Son again. Timed it well during that rally.

10-11 Tian takes the lead as Tian hits the net.

10-10 Son smashed it there and Tian's return didn't have enough power.

10-9 A sliced smash from Son for the point.

10-8 Son's return goes long. Tian judges it well to leave that.

9-8 A forehand smash from Son for that point. His 15th forehand winner.

8-7 Tian's drop agonisingly falls inside his own net.

8-5 A lucky break for Tian as the shuttle trickled into Son's side of the court after a long rally. A three-point lead at the interval.

6-5 A smash from Son and gets the serve back.

6-4 Tian hits a winner past a helpless Son.

5-4 Son's smash goes wide. 25 shot rally.

4-4 Tian's return goes wide after a powerful smash from Son.

4-2 Tian hits a cross-court smash to Son's right.

1-3 A challenge here from Tian as its called out. And its in. Marginal. Successful challenge from Tian as the score now reads 2-2.

1-2 Son misses that drop as it hits the tape and falls inside his own court.

0-2 Son has raced to a two-point lead.

Second game begins

13-15 Son wins the first game with a forehand smash to the left of Tian. Son hit that smash from 10.53 ft. One for the photographers that! Tian needs to find a response in the second game for Delhi to have a chance of winning the tie.

13-14 Game point for Tian. Unlucky from Tian as he hits the net after a long rally filled with superb stroke play.

13-13 Tian makes a superb pass past Son after a round of net play.

12-13 Son hits a well placed smash. Tian couldn't get enough on it to force a return.

12-12 Superb strokeplay from both Son and Tian before Son hits the net with his return.

11-12 A 333 kmph smash from Tian.

10-12 Another error from Son as his shot goes wide.

9-12 Son hits a picture perfect smash! Tian has no reply to hit as it falls to his left.

9-11 Superb smash from Tian to the left of Son.

8-11 Son's smash goes wide.

7-11 Stunning badminton here. A 44 shot rally but Son got the better of Tian.

7-10 Superb point from Tian as he did well to stay in that point before Son hit it wide.

6-10 What a lovely drop from Son. A cross-court one at that.

6-9 Tian misses the chance to bury that smash as he hits it long.

6-8 Tain cuts the lead to two-points with a smash after Son had hit the net.

4-8 as Son goes into the interval with a big lead.

4-7 Son should have had the point but his cross court shot goes wide.

2-7 Tian's return goes out of play.

2-6 Son gets the better of Tian at the net in the 26 shot rally.

2-5 Delicate drop from Son for the point.

2-4 Tian misjudges that return from Son as the shuttle falls right on the line.

2-2 A fortunate point for Tian as the shuttle hits the top of the net and falls inside Son's side of the court.

1-2 Tian with a superb smash to open his account.

0-1 First point for Son with a smash.

First game begins

Tie 4: Men's singles: Tian Houwei (DEL) vs Son Wan Ho (MUM)


Tie 3: Women's singles: Sung Ji-hyun (DEL) vs Zhang Beiwen (MUM)

The scoreline now reads Mumbai Rockets 2 Delhi Dashers 0

15-9 That's the match for Sung and she keeps Delhi Dashers alive in this tie. The world no. 6 showed her class after going down in the first game. Sung Ji-hyun beats Zhang Beiwen 12-15, 15-14, 15-9.

14-9 Game point for Sung. She set up Beiwen brilliantly for a smash and she finished it off well.

12-9 Sung's drop only finds her own side of the net.

12-7 Beiwen can't get her shot over the net. Unforced error again.

10-6 Beiwen shot falls just inside for a winner.

9-5 Beiwen's racquet hits the net and the point goes to Sung.

8-6 A cross-court winner from Sung and she takes the lead into the break.

7-5 Superb defensive play from Beiwen to retrieve a cross-court shot before Sung hits it out of play. 21 shot rally.

7-4 Beiwen goes for a cross court drop but it goes out.

6-4 Beiwen goes wide this time.

5-2 Sung's smash goes out of play.

4-1 A well placed winner gets Beiwen her first point of the game.

3-0 Sung gets the winner.

1-0 A 353 kmph smash for the winner from Sung.

Third game begins

15-14 Beiwen goes for the smash and it goes just long and that is the game for Sung. A reprieve here for Sung as she was leading 13-5 at one stage during the game.

14-14 Beiwen levels the score and its golden pint time. A challenge from Beiwen and she gets it right.

14-13 Game point for Sung.

13-13 And she has levelled the scores here as Sung hits the net.

13-11 A six-point swing for Beiwen here as her shot lands just inside.

13-10 Unforced error from Sung.

13-9 Beiwen hits another forehand smash as she builds momentum.

13-7 Stunning smash for the winner from Beiwen.

13-6 A lucky point for Beiwen as the shuttle trickles over the net.

13-5 Beiwen can't get the shuttle over the net.

11-5 Beiwen plays a delicate drop shot for that point.

10-4 Beiwen misses her shot.

8-3 Sung takes a five-point lead. A 28 shot rally, the best of the match as both shuttlers are involved in some great stroke play before Sung makes a good judgement call to let Beiwen shot go long.

7-3 Bad judgement from Beiwen as the shuttle falls inside.

5-3 A superb smash from Sung and Beiwen has no response.

2-3 Poor Judgement from Sung to let that shot drop inside the court.

2-2 A cross-court winner from Sung.

1-0 Beiwen finds the net.

Second game begins

12-15 Beiwen wins the game with a superb point. What a point for her. Beiwen follows up a good defensive game with a forehand winner as Sung is wrong footed. Sung needs to get back in this match for Delhi to stay in the tie.

12-14 Sung pulls one back with a good defensive play.

11-14 Game point for Beiwen.

11-13 Beiwen hits the net.

10-13 Sung apologises to Beiwen as her smash hits the net and falls onto the latter's court.

8-13 A five-point lead for Beiwen.

8-11 This time Beiwen only finds the net.

7-10 A superb drop shot from Beiwen as the shuttle trickles the net and falls over it.

5-8 Lead for Beiwen going into the break.

5-7 Good net play by Sung as she forced an error out of Beiwen.

4-7 Superb point from Sung as she ends the rally with a great smash!

3-7 Beiwen goes wide.

2-7 Another error from Sung.

2-5 Beiwen's return doesn't get over the net.

0-4 A good judgement from Beiwen as she lets Sung's shot go long.

0-2 Sung makes an error.

First game begins

Tie 3: Women's singles: Sung Ji-hyun (DEL) vs Zhang Beiwen (MUM)


Tie 2: Men's singles: Vincent Wong Wing Ki (DEL) vs Sameer Verma (MUM) (Trump match for Delhi)

The scoreline now reads Mumbai Rockets 2 Delhi Dashers -1

11-15. What a way to cap off an upset win from Sameer. He delicately made a drop shot, in which he dominated, to which Ki had no reply. A loss in the Trump match costs Delhi dearly as its score now reads minus one. A 15-11, 15-12 victory for Sameer Verma over Vincent Wong Wing Ki.

11-14 Another shot from Sameer goes wide.

10-14 Ki cuts the lead as Sameer goes wide.

9-14 Match point for Sameer with a sublime smash as Ki sprawls on the court for the return.

9-13 Sameer misses his smash as he hits it onto the net.

8-13 Another perfectly times smash from Sameer as he inches closer to victory here.

8-12 Sameer hits it long as Ki judges it well to let it go.

6-12 Its all going Sameer's way. He is toying with Ki here. Ki looks frustrated as Sameer hits the shuttle over his head for the winner.

6-10 Sameer's shot doesn't go over the net.

5-9 Ki hits the net.

5-8 Sameer takes the lead into the break.

5-7 A challenge from Ki for a call that was called out. And its an unsuccessful challenge from Ki. Ki will feel hard done by here after that rally where he fought superbly to remain in contention for a point.

4-6 Sameer follows that up with a 387 kmph smash!

4-5 A 337 kmph smash from Sameer for that point.

4-4 Sameer hits the net from Ki's shot.

2-4 Sameer set up Ki with a sublime net play before hitting a forehand smash to the back court.

2-3 Sameer hits it long.

1-0 Ki starts well here as Sameer could only find the net.

Second game begins.

11-15 and the game goes to Sameer! Sameer has looked comfortable so far and Ki has done all the running. Eight forehand winners from Sameer to Ki's three.

11-14 Game point for Sameer. 26 shot rally before Ki hits it long. Sameer set up Ki for that error in that rally.

11-13 Two-point lead for Sameer.

11-12 Sameer lands the shuttle wide.

10-11 A backhand winner from Sameer.

10-10 Sameer follows up a winner with a smash which goes wide.

9-9 Sameer lands it wide after a long rally.

8-9 A challenge by Ki for a call which was called in. Looks in, and the call stands. Unsuccessful call from Ki.

8-8 Sameer misfires yet another smash.

7-8 Sameer takes the lead into the break.

7-7 A forehand winner from Sameer to level the score. Four forehand winners from the Indian to Ki's three.

7-6 Lead for Ki. Sameer's return hits the net.

6-6 Sameer lands it wide again. Close quarters here.

5-6 Sameer's smash lands just wide.

4-6 Another error from Ki.

4-5 Ki goes long again.

4-4 Ki's smash was too powerful for Sameer to return.

2-4 Good judgement from Sameer to let that shot go long from Ki.

2-2 Ki goes long this time.

2-1 Another shot which goes wide from Sameer.

1-1 Both payers sizing each other up in the rally before Sameer goes wide.

0-1 First point for Sameer.

First game begins

Tie 2: Men's singles: Vincent Wong Wing Ki (DEL) vs Sameer Verma (MUM) (Trump match for Delhi)


Tie 1: Men's doubles: V. Ivanov/I. Sozonov (DEL) vs L. Y. Dae/B. H. Tan (MUM)

Mumbai Rockets lead the tie against Delhi Dashers 1-0.

15-10 Thats the game and match for Mumbai Rockets! Ivanov can only find the net as the pair exchange shots at the net. What a match to start the tie here! Mumbai Rockets beat Delhi Dashers 14-15, 15-14, 15-10.

14-10 Match pint for Dae and Tan. Dae with the winner.

13-10 Ivanov pulls a point back to cut the lead to three points.

13-9 Unforced error from Ivanov.

11-9 Ivanov's forehand cross-court winner lands in.

11-8 Ivanov's smash is too powerful for the pair.

10-7 A rare winner from Sozonov to pull a point back for Delhi.

10-6 Superb point from Dae for Mumbai as he flicks the shuttle over Ivanov's head for the winner.

8-6 Tan's retunr hits the net.

8-5 Mumbai takes the lead for the third time in the match going into the break.

7-5 Ivanov hits the net.

6-5 Ivanov misses the smash from Dae which was hit straight at him.

5-5 Delhi levels the score.

4-3 Ivanov can't get the shuttle over the net from Dae's smash.

2-2 Tan with a forehand winner.

1-1 Tan goes long.

Third game begins

11.84 ft is the height from which Ivanov hits his smashes! Wow!

15-14 The game goes to Mumbai. Dae and Tan have played smartly here to get the game in their bag. They reduced the  the threat of Ivanov by not affording many opportunities to make the smash. We go to a decider now.

14-14 Ivanov, again, pulls one back to level the score.

14-13 Game point fro Mumbai.

13-13 What a point for Mumbai. A rare miss by Ivanov with a smash as it hits the net after a superb rally.

12-13 Mumbai pulls one point back.

11-13 A backhand winner from Ivanov lands perfectly on the backcourt.

11-11 Dae finsihes off a n ice rally with a shot straight at Sozonov.

9-11 A good point from Mumbai, Sozonov finds the net with his return.

8-11 Another unforced error. Tan hits it wide again.

8-10 Quick play from both teams but Tan hits it wide.

8-9 Ivanov's winner gives Delhi the lead.

8-8 Ivanov just keeps smashing it here.

7-8 Mumbai again takes the lead into the break. Dae lands a back-court winner.

7-7 Ivanov's smash is too quick and low for Tan to get his racquet down in time.

6-7 Sozonov hits the net with his return.

6-6 What a point for Mumbai. 38 shot rally! Sozonov couldn't keep up and fluffs his return.

4-6 Great rally from both teams filled with great attack and defence but Mumbai's defence can't keep up with Ivanov's power.

3-6 Another error from Dae as he finds the net.

Change in shuttle now. Seems like Ivanov has smashed the previous one to pieces.

2-5 Dae sends its wide from Ivanov's flying smash!

2-3 Tan tried a behind the body return from Ivanov's shot but he finds the net. So close to pulling that off.

2-2 Dae's return hits the net.

2-1 First point for Delhi.

2-0 Sozonov can't lift it over the net.

Second game begins

14-15 First game to Delhi! What a comeback! Ivanov, Delhi Dasher's captain, has lead his team superbly here to win the first game of the match. His powerful smash has been too difficult for the Mumbai pair to handle.

14-14 Error from Sozonov ties the scores.

12-14 Dae's serve was read well which set up Ivanov for a smash and Tan sends his shot wide from the return.

11-13 Ivanov wins another pint with a winner to the back court.

11-12 The Delhi pair takes the lead for the first time.

11-11 Its all tied up now. Nice stroke play from both the sides before Dae send his shot wide.

11-10 Tan send's Ivanov's smashing return wide.

11-8 Delhi pulls a point back.

11-7 Sozonov's return from the smash goes too long.

10-5 Ivanov misses the shot hit straight at him.

8-4 A 354 kmph smash from Ivanov is too hard for Tan to return.

8-3 Mumbai has raced to a five-point lead here in the opening match of the tie.

7-3 Tan holds well but Ivanov's smash is too powerful for him.

6-2 Dae's smash is too hard for Ivanov to return past the net.

4-1 First points on the board for Delhi.

2-0 Unforced error from Delhi.

1-0 First point for Mumbai.

First game begins

Tie 1: Men's doubles: V. Ivanov/I. Sozonov (DEL) vs L. Y. Dae/B. H. Tan (MUM)