PBL LIVE BLOG: Smash Masters beat Warriors narrowly

Follow the live scores and commentary of the Premier Badminton League 2017 match between North Eastern Warriors and Ahmedabad Smash Masters.

Ajay Jayaram H. S. Prannoy

Ajay Jayaram's (L) North Eastern Warriors and H. S. Prannoy's Ahmedabad Smash Masters will be facing of in the Premier Badminton League on Tuesday.

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's live coverage of the Premier Badminton League. On a day filled with cricketing action, we now bring you boxing day badminton! We have an exciting clash on our hands in the form of North Eastern Warriors and Ahmedabad Smash Masters.

Tonight's match-up will be Ahmedabad's first tie of the season, while North Eastern Warriors will be looking to bounce back from the loss against Hyderabad Hunters.

News coming in that North East's skipper Ajay Jayaram will miss tonight's tie.

In case you missed Mumbai Rockets' win over Delhi Dashers, here's the recap.

These are the matches lined up for tonight's tie.

Tie 1: Men's singles: Pratul Joshi (NEW) vs Sourabh Varma (ASM) - Win for ASM

Tie 2: Mixed doubles: P. Sawant/ S. B. Cheol (NEW) vs K. R. Juhl/ L. C. H. Reginald (ASM) - Win for NEW

Tie 3: Women's singles: M. Li (NEW) vs T. T. Ying (ASM) (Trump match for Ahmedabad) - Win for ASM

Tie 4: Men's singles: Tzu Wei Wang  (NEW) vs H. S. Prannoy (ASM) - Win for ASM

Tie 5: Men's doubles: S. B. Cheol/ K. G. Jung (NEW) vs L. C. H. Reginald/ L. C. Him (ASM) (Trump match for North Eastern Warriors) - Win for NEW


Ahmedabad Smash Masters 4 DEFEATS North Eastern Warriors 3

15-11 And North East wins the point and wins the match! A valiant effort from the South Korean pair to win the Trump match and all important two points for North Eastern Warriors. Cheol/Jung beat Reginald/Him 15-8, 15-11.

14-11 RALLY OF THE MATCH! Him redeems himself with a cross court winner to the back court.

14-10 Match point. Reginald hits it wide while at the net.

13-10 Him fluffs it yet again by hitting the net after an outstanding rally.

12-10 Cheol's drop trickles over the net.

11-9 Reginald hits the net with his return after exchanging position with Him at the net.

9-9 Him hits it wide.

7-8 Ahmedabad takes the lead into the midgame breather witrh a shot which lands inside the back-court.

7-6 Him returns the favour to North East this time by hitting his shot into the net.

5-6 Jung hits his shot into the net this time.

5-4 Jung with another forehand winner.

4-3 Reginald finishes his forehand well for the point.

2-2 Stunning! Simply stunning from Cheol and Jung! Cheol staved off the smashes repeatedly before, Jung took his opporunity to bury his forehand winner!

0-2 Him hits a winner striaght at Cheol.

Second game begins

15-8 Cheol and Jung wrap up that game in style.

14-8 Game point for North East, as Him hits the net from the service.

11-8 Good play at the net but Jung can't get his shot over the net.

10-7 Jung follows Cheol's smash with a gentle drop shot.

9-6 Reginald fluffs his shot at the net, couldn't get teh shuttle over it.

8-6 Jung with a forehand winner to take a two-point lead at the break. Crucial points at stake for North East since its its Trump match.

7-6 Cheol with a winner at the net, after Jung set him up well.

6-6 Reginald does well to keep out Cheol's smashes but Him can't keep up.

4-6 Late hands from Him, lands the shuttle in no man's land.

4-4 Cheol brings out his mixed doubles form with his smashes, gets the point.

3-4 Poor service from Ahmedabad.

2-2 Excellent hands from Jung to level the scores.

0-1 Ahmedabad draws first points.

First game begins

Tie 5: Men's doubles: S. B. Cheol/ K. G. Jung (NEW) vs L. C. H. Reginald/ L. C. Him (ASM) (Trump match for North Eastern Warriors)


Tie 4: Men's singles: Tzu Wei Wang  (NEW) vs H. S. Prannoy (ASM)

Ahmedabad Smash Masters 4 North Eastern Warriors 1

15-14 Prannoy completes the comeback and what a turn around that was! A 300 plus kmph smash to win the match! Tough luck for Wang. H. S. Prannoy beats Tzu Wei Wang 15-10, 15-14. With this win, Ahmedbad Smash Masters has comprehensively won the tie.

14-14 Prannoy makes a superb comeback. Wang has been stunned here into submission. Golden point and match point for Prannoy.

13-14 Wang goes wide again.

12-14 Superb recovery from Prannoy, good defence followed by a backhand winner. A stunned Wang.

11-14 Wang goes for a spectacular backhand winner but it goes wide.

10-14 Game point for Wang. 328 kmph smash.

10-12 Too close to the net for Wang and he couldn't get it over it.

9-12 Wang has turned this game around and the crowd his behind him.

9-10 Prannoy misses his smash, goes wide.

9-8 Fast hands from both shuttlers but Prannoy reacts fastest to land the winner.

8-7 Deceptive crosscourt push from Wang lands in space.

8-6 Prannoy fluffs his return.

8-5 Prannoy yelps in delight as he mirrors the previous shot by Wang and does it better! Interval now. Good signs for Prannoy and Ahmedabad Smash Masters.

7-5 Good angled drop shot by Wang for the point.

7-4 Wang goes for the smash but he hits the net.

5-4 Wang plays a good defensive game in a 26 shot rally before a forehand winner down the line.

5-3 Cross court smash from Prannoy. 301 KMPH.

4-3 An angled drop from Prannoy doesn't get over the net.

3-1 Poor judgement from Wang tp let that shot from Prannoy land in.

2-1 401 kmph smash from Prannoy. What a hit! The fastest of the season yet?

1-1 Powerful forehand smash from Prannoy and he draws level.

Second game begins

15-10 Prannoy wins the game. Wang could not get his shot over the net. Deserved win for Prannoy in this game. His defensive game has been solid.

Six backhand winners from Prannoy to Wang's one.

14-10 Game point for Prannoy. He set himself well for the winner with a good drop shot at the net.

13-9 Wide from Prannoy now.

13-8 Wang smashes to get the service back.

13-7 Wang hits ot wide now.

12-7 Wang hits the net with his racquet.

11-7 Prannoy comes out the winner after tarding shots at the net. Could be a crucial point.

10-6 Good point from Wang. Hits a winner into empty court after good play.

9-4 What a point from Prannoy. Retrieves well before smashing home the winner.

8-4 Prannoy doubles his lead! Its the mid game interval now.

5-4 Wang and Prannoy engage in an acrobatic rally but Prannoy takes the upper hand again.

4-4 Wang fights back! Scores are level!

3-2 One engaging rally follows another, this time Prannoy comes through.

2-2 Prannoy finds the net after an engaging rally, Wang draws level.

2-1 Wang opens his account!

First game begins

Tie 4: Men's singles: Tzu Wei Wang  (NEW) vs H. S. Prannoy (ASM)


Ahmedabad Smash Masters 3  North Eastern Warriors 1

10-15 Superb way to cap the win there by Tai, she hits a forehand winner. Tai Tzu beats Michelle Li in the Trump match 15-6, 15-10.

10-14 Good judgement from Tai and its match point. Li's shot goes long.

10-13 Forehand winner from Tai on the back court.

10-12 Error from Li.

9-10 How did Tai do that?  She hits a cross court winner which was behind her.

9-8 Li hits its straight at the body of Tai.

8-8 Li hits a forehand down the line.

6-8 Tai takes the lead again into the interval. Her forehand is hit straight at Li who couldn't return in the turn.

6-7 Drop shot winner from Tai.

6-6 Tai smashes that with all her might to level the score.

6-5 Li went for a tough shot with the angle but it finds the net.

6-4 Li finds the net now.

5-3 Li played another delicate winner. Tai challenges the call though. And its unsuccessful. The ref's call is upheld.

4-1 Well played by Li. She played a deceptive drop shot which set her up for the point.

3-0 Li has raised her game for the second game. She is forcing errors from Tai.

Second game begins

6-15 Tai has wrapped up the first game in no time.

6-14 Game point. Smash from Tai and Li could only hit the net with the return.

5-13 Stunning return from Tai which Li can't return over the net.

5-12 Tai goes long.

4-11 Dominating play by the world no. 1 Tai here, forces Li around the court before dabbing a drop shot.

3-10 Li gets her smash right finally.

2-10 Li's overhead smash goes wide.

2-8 Li is unable to make the return as Tai Tzu takes a huge lead into the break.

1-6 Another error from Li. She goes long again.

1-4 Smash from Tai Tzu.

1-3 Li is forced to go long again by Tai.

1-1 Li goes long.

First game begins

Tie 3: Women's singles: M. Li (NEW) vs T. T. Ying (ASM) (Trump match for Ahmedabad)

In the meantime, a hictoric Four-day Test match is underway at Port Elizabeth. You can follow the live score here.


Tie 2: Mixed doubles: P. Sawant/ S. B. Cheol (NEW) vs K. R. Juhl/ L. C. H. Reginald (ASM)

Ahmedabad Smash Masters 1 North Eastern Warriors 1

15-13 Straight sets victory for Cheol/Sawant and North East. Smashing forehand winner from Cheol who set himself up well there with the exchnages. Cheol/ Sawant beat Reginald/Juhl 15-13, 15-13.

14-13 GAME POINT. Superb backhand winner from Cheol.

13-13 Juhl hits the net.

12-13 A third error in a row from Sawant.

12-12 ANother error from Sawant.

12-11 Sawant can't get it over the net this time.

12-10 Sawant now smashes a cross-court winner.

11-10 Sawant gets her revenge this time with superb net play.

10-10 A good serve from Reginald brings an error out of Sawant.

10-9 Sawant can't get her return over the net.

10-7 A good net play from both sides before Juhl succumbs.

9-7 A challenge from Ahmedabad and its unsuccessful.

8-6 An error hands North East the lead at the mid game interval.

7-6 Cheol lands a winner right down the line on the back court.

6-6 Cross court smash from Cheol

5-6 Cheol's return only hits the net.

5-5 Reginald goes long this time. In the same corner.

4-5 Juhl goes long.

2-5 Sawant fluffs her return which was hit straight at her.

1-3 Cheol's smash is too fast to force a return.

0-2 Ahmedabad gets a two point lead as Sawant finds the net.

Second game begins

15-13 And thats the game for Cheol/Swant and North Eastern Warriors.

14-12 Ahmedabad claws back a game point.

14-11 Game point for North Eastern Warriors.

13-11 Reginald smashes his way to that point.

13-10 A good leave by Sawant and they get their challenge right as the shuttle goes out of play.

12-10 Good stroke play by both the teams before Cheol hits a smash.

11-10 Error from Juhl.

10-10 Superb smash from Reginald.

10-9 Sawant finds the net after a net play exchange with Reginald.

9-8 Reginald hits it straight at Sawant and she can't force a return.

8-6 Cheol and Swant take the lead at the break. Cheol has been moving around like a fire cracker tonight. Juhl's net play has been commandable. Looks like we are in for a tense finsih to the first game.

7-6 Reginald hits the net now.

5-6 Sawant hits it wide.

5-5 Sawant couldn't get it over the net.

4-3 A series of smahes from Cheol is retrieved well by Ahmedabad pair but ultimately they hit it out of play.

3-3 Juhl smashes that down the line to level the score.

3-1 Sawant finds the net.

3-0 Make that a hat-trick of smashes from Cheol. He's come out firing here.

2-0 Cheol follows that up with another smash.

1-0 Big roar for North East as Cheol hits a smash.

First game begins

Tie 2: Mixed doubles: P. Sawant/ S. B. Cheol (NEW) vs K. R. Juhl/ L. C. H. Reginald (ASM)


Tie 1: Men's singles: Pratul Joshi (NEW) vs Sourabh Varma (ASM)

Ahmedabad Smash Masters 1 North Eastern Warriros 0

7-15 A smashing way to win the match! Hits a picture perfect forehand winner from Verma. Pratul was worked around throughout the match by Sourabh Verma. Sourabh Verma defeats Pratul Joshi 15-10, 15-7.

7-14 An error from Verma.

5-14 Match point for Verma. Pratul goes long. Well judged by Verma.

5-13 Service change.

4-12 Pratul's drop finds the ent and falls inside his side of the court.

4-10 Six point up swing for Verma without a reply.

4-9 Another error from Pratul.

4-8 Verma takes a four-point lead into the break.

4-7 A 20 shot rally ends with Pratul hitting the net.

4-6 Verma's smash is too powerful for Pratul to return.

Both shuttlers have hit eight forehand winners each so far.

4-5 Too many to retrieve for Pratul as Verma finds the winner with a cross-court smash to Pratul's left.

4-4 Pratul's return doesn't get over the net.

3-3 Another superb rally filled with great defensive play from Pratul but his return finds the net during the echange.

3-2 Pratul gets the better of Verma this time with a forehand winner.

2-2 39 shot rally ends with Verma smashing it into an empty court with Pratul flaundering from his return.

2-1 Praful can only find the net.

1-0 Verma's smash goes wide.

Second game begins

Verma comprehensively takes the first game 15-10. Ahmedabad in the front foot.

First game begins

Tie 1: Men's singles: Pratul Joshi (NEW) vs Sourabh Varma (ASM)