PBL: Bengaluru sweeps the floor with Mumbai

Follow the live updates and commentary of the Premier Badminton League 2017 match between Bengaluru Blasters and Mumbai Rockets.

Updated : Jan 01, 2018 22:32 IST

Viktor Axelsen will lead the charge for Bengaluru Blasters against Mumbai Rockets.
Viktor Axelsen will lead the charge for Bengaluru Blasters against Mumbai Rockets.

Viktor Axelsen will lead the charge for Bengaluru Blasters against Mumbai Rockets.

A happy new year to everyone and welcome to Sportstar's live commentary of the Premier Badminton League match between Bengaluru Blasters and Mumbai Rockets.

PBL finished 2017 with a one sided contest between Delhi Dashers and Hyderabad Rockets. Here's the match report.

These are the matches lined up for tonight's tie.

Tie 1: Mixed doubles : N. S. Reddy/K. S. Rang (BEN) vs M. R. Arjun/G. Stoeva (MUM)

Tie 2: Women's singles: K. Gilmour (BEN) vs B. Zhang (MUM)

Tie 3: Men's singles: V. Axelsen (BEN) vs S. W. Ho (MUM) (Trump match for Bengaluru)

Tie 4: Men's singles: C. W. Feng (BEN) vs S. Verma (MUM) (Trump match for Mumbai)

Tie 5: Men's doubles: M. Boe/K. S. Rang (BEN) vs L. Y. Dae/B. H. Tan (MUM)


Bengaluru Blasters 6 Mumbai Rockets (-1)

15-14 WHAT A POINT! WHAT A WAY TO END THE NIGHT! A 46 SHOT RALLY! Rang and Boe with superb defensive game ends with Tan sending his shot wide. Boe and Rang defeat Lee and Tan 9-15, 15-10, 15-15.

14-13 Rang redeems himself with a winner at the net.

13-13 Rang hits it into the net.

13-12 Lee with  a forehand winner at the net.

13-10 Rang's deceptive drop forces an unforced error out of Mumbai.

12-10 Rang with a pass to the empty side of Mumba's court.

9-9 Rang lets the shot go but it falls on the baseline.

9-7 Good point for Mumbai as Boe hits his shot into the net.

8-6 Tan's shot finds the net and that's the final mid game interval of the evening. Can Mumbai pull off a victory tonight?

4-3 Boe's shot goes wide.

1-1 Boe can't return his shot back into play, hits the net.

Third game

15-10 Tan hits it wide and that's the game for Bengaluru. We move to the deciding game now.

13-10 Boe with a overhead smash.

12-10 Rang was sprawling to get that backhanded effort back in from Tan.

11-9 Lee with the forehand winner.

10-7 Boe again hits the net while going for an overhead smash.

10-6 What a defensive game by Boe and Rang, but Boe's shot eventually finds the net.

10-5 A long rally ends with Boe's shot catching the net.

10-3 Boe finishes off that loose return with ease.

9-3 Lee's shot goes wide.

8-3 Bengaluru go into the interval with a five-point lead.

7-3 Boe with another winner at the net.

5-1 Superb smash from Bengaluru at at the net.

4-1 Unforced error from Mumbai, hits the net.

2-1 Good net play by Bengaluru before pouncing on a loose shot.

1-1 Bengaluru makes an unforced error, hits the net.

Second Game


9-15: Mumbai wins the first game comprehensively. They gave no room for their opponents to strike back.

6-12: A body smash earns Mumbai another point.

4-11 Another shot placed in the front net finds no takers. Mumbai is running away with it.

4-9 Mumbai takes another point with an effective smash. They are completely dominating the Bengaluru pair

3-7 Mumbai doubles team wins another point after Bengaluru hits wide.

1-4 Mumbai starts the final tie on a positive note. Runs away to a 5-1 lead with a combination of errors from net shots from their doubles opponents.

First game

T-5 begins: M. Boe/K. S. Rang (BEN) vs L. Y. Dae/B. H. Tan (MUM)


Bengaluru Blasters 5 Mumbai Rockets (-1)

15-6 GAME OVER.Feng wins the third game in short time against favourite Sameer Verma and clinches the fourth tie 9-15, 15-8, 15-6. Mumbai Rockets had kept this as its trump match. With no wins, its score has just hit the negative integer. Bengaluru leads 5 - (-1) at the end of four ties.

14-6 Another smash. Same result.

13-6 Sameer's fate looks sealed. Feng going on the offense. Sends a hard jumping smash, his second consecutive one to reach 13.

9-6 A delicate lift from the net from Feng. Sameer makes a futile attempt to retrieve

8-6 After letting Sameer off the hook, Feng finally manages to place the shot just out of reach of Sameer's hand and gets a point. 

7-5 A very long rally, probably the longest of the tie, ends with Sameer winning the point. Feng's smash sails just a wee bit wide. 

7-4 Sameer is not done yet. Paces the rally well and wins a hard-earned point.

7-2 Another unforced error from Sameer as Feng builds a five-point lead.

6-2 After a decent rally, Sameer tries to go for the kill with a smash, only to find the net and gift the point to Feng.

3-0 Bengaluru Blasters might have already sealed the match, but the team is in no mood to relent. Chong Feng runs away with a three-point lead in the deciding game of the fourth Tie.

Third Game


15-8 Cheng finishes off the game in style; sends down a smash and Sameer gives a feeble attempt to return the shot.

13-8 Sameer can't control his shot, goes wide.

12-8 Feng finishes off the rally with a leaping smash!

11-8 Sameer hits his shot long.

10-8 Feng's shot goes long.

10-7 Sameer lets Feng's shot go and it is called wide.

9-6 What a point from Sameer! Dives to his left to push a backhand winner.

9-3 Feng wins another point at the net.

8-3 Feng finishes it well at the net.

6-3 Sameer hits it into the net.

5-3 Another smash from Sameer. 326 kmph.

5-2 Sameer with a superb forehand cross-court winner. Well placed.

5-1 Superb cross-court drop at the net by Feng.

4-1 Sameer goes long this time.

3-1 Sameer with the unforced errors now as he hits it wide with his smash.

Second game

9-15 Another unforced error from Feng. Lost count of how many errors there were from Feng in that game. First game for Sameer.

9-14 Feng's shot goes long.

8-12 Feng's shot goes long, she challenges it and the call will remain the same.

8-11 Another unforced error from Feng.

8-10 Feng again lands his shot wide.

7-9 Feng's shot hits the net.

6-8 Another unforced error from Feng at the net. Two point lead at the break.

6-7 Sameer's shot lands inside the baseline as Feng lets that shot go.

6-6 Sameer mistimes a shot which was hit straight at him.

5-6 Unforced error from Feng as he goes for a slice.

5-5 Feng's shot goes wide.

4-4 Sameer lands a 350 kmph forehand winner.

4-3 Sameer's shot goes wide after a smash from Feng.

3-3 Sameer with an unforced error at the net.

2-3 Sameer drops a superb drop to the cross-court near the net.

2-2 Second unforced error from Feng.

2-1 Sameer hits it wide again.

1-0 Unsuccessful challenge from Sameer. His shot goes wide.

First game

Tie 4: Men's singles: C. W. Feng (BEN) vs S. Verma (MUM) (Trump match for Mumbai)


If you had missed out on the big news from today's cricket, Vidarbha defeated Delhi to lift its maiden Ranji Trophy title in its first ever final in Indore. Here is the match report from our reporter.

Bengaluru Blasters 4 Mumbai Rockets 0

15-13 Axelsen finishes it off with a leaping smash. That's the tie for Bengaluru Blasters. Axelsen defeats Son 15-6, 15-13.

14-13 Son responds well with a cross-court forehand smash.

14-12 Son should have had that point but he hits it into the net. Match point for Axelsen.

13-12 Axelsen with a superb smash to the backhand side of Son.

12-12 Axelsen's shot goes wide.

12-11 Superb finish by Axelsen for that point. Followed up by a series of smashes before finishing it off at the net. A team challenge by Mumbai and its unsuccessful.

11-11 Unforced error from Axelsen at the net.

10-10 Son's shot falls on the line. Poorly judged by Axelsen to let that go.

10-9 Unforced error from Son, hits the net.

9-9 Axelsen breaks a five point upturn for Son with a smash.

8-9 Superb defensive play by Son draws yet another unforced error out of Axelsen.

8-8 Another unforced error from Axelsen. Hits it long again.

8-7 Axelsen's shot goes long.

8-6 Well played by Son at the net as Axelsen hits it too high which allows Son to pounce on it.

8-5 Axelsen drops another point with an unforced error at the net.

8-4 Axelsen's shot goes long, well judged by Son.

8-3 A service error from Son hands a five-point lead at the mid game interval.

7-2 Son's shot shot hits the net and falls inside his side of the court.

6-2 Axelsen gets a lucky break at the net as his pass trickles and falls inside.

5-2 Axelsen's shot goes long.

4-1 Axelsen's service goes long.

4-0 Axelsen running with this match here. Charges at the net and pushes a cross-court winner.

3-0 Axelsen's smash kisses the line. Son had challenged that call unsuccessfully.

2-0 Axelsen with a sublime smash down the line. His seventh of the match.

Second game

15-6 Forehand winner from Axelsen on the line.

14-6 Good defence from Son in that rally but he ends up making an unforced error, his shot finds the net.

12-6 Axelsen makes an unforced error at the net this time.

12-5 Axelsen and Son exchanges shots at the net and the Danish international prevails.

9-5 Son's shot finds the net.

8-5 Superb rally ends with Axelsen smashing it to the backhand side of Son.

7-5 Axelsen hits it wide.

7-4 Axelsen smashes a forehand winner from the net.

6-4 Axelsen's shot goes long, well left by Son.

6-3 Axelsen pounces yet again at the net with a powerful pass.

5-3 Son's shot finds the net.

3-3 Son returns the favour to Axelsen this time.

3-2 Axelsen takes advantage of a loose shot and pounces to smash it home.

2-2 Son with a cross-court smash.

2-1 Son's shot goes long.

0-1 A long rally ends with Axelsen hitting his backhand wide.

First game

Tie 3: Men's singles: V. Axelsen vs Son Wan Ho (Trump match for Bengaluru)


Bengaluru Blasters 2 Mumbai Rockets 0

15-8 Gilmour finishes it off with an exquisite drop shot. Gilmour registers first win of the tournament. Gilmour defeats Zhang 15-14, 15-8.

14-8 Superb cross-court smash from Gilmour. Match point.

13-8 Zhang's shot goes wide.

12-7 Gilmour hits a low drop shot to the right of Zhang.

11-7 Gilmour hits the winner with a smash.

10-5 Gilmour once again finds the net.

10-3 Gilmour finds the net with her shot.

8-2 Gilmour is running away with this now. Rounds of the rally with a series of smashes until she finds the winner.

7-2 Zhang's no look backhand goes wide.

5-2 Gilmour's pass at the net goes wide.

5-1 Zhang's shot goes wide.

2-0 Gilmour's shot falls inside the baseline. Poor judgement to let that go.

Second game

15-14 Gilmour wins that game with a superb smash down the line. What a comeback that was.

14-14 Gilmour's shot goes wide. Golden point.

14-12 Zhang lets Gilmour's shot go long but it falls inside the baseline.

13-12 Gimlour moves into the lead for the first time. Sets herself up for a big smash and she delivers.

12-12 Zhang reviews her shot which was called out and it will remain out. Scores are level now.

11-12 Gilmour hits a smash straight at Zhang.

10-12 Good backhand pass to the baseline by Gilmour.

9-12 Gilmour misses her forehand hit.

6-11 Good cross-court push from Zhang at the net.

6-10 Superb smash from Zhang down the line.

6-9 Zhang's forehand shot finds the net.

5-9 Gilmour's shot goes long.

5-8 Gilmour swings and misses. Lead for Zhang at the mid game interval.

5-7 Zhang's shot goes wide near the baseline.

4-7 Well left by Gilmour as she let's Zhang's shot go wide.

3-7 An unforced error from Gilmour as she hits the net.

2-5 Zhang's slice hits the net.

1-4 Zhang's backhand finds the net.

0-4 Good pass over the head of Gilmour from Zhang.

0-3 Gimour's shot goes long.

0-2 Unsuccessful challenge from Gilmour.

First game

Tie 2: Women's singles: K. Gilmour (BEN) vs B. Zhang (MUM)


Bengaluru Blasters 1 Mumbai Rockets 0

15-10 That's the match for Kim and Sikki. Kim and Sikki Reddy defeat Arjun and Gabriela 15-8, 10-15, 15-10.

14-10 Superb hands from Arjun to stave off the smashes of Kim and Sikki.

14-8 What a cross-court pass from Kim. Match point.

13-7Kim's all smiles as Arjun's pass hits the net.

12-7 Gabriela's shot goes wide.

9-6 Arjun pounces on a loose service to pass it.

8-4 Straight into the net from Arjun. Interval now.

6-4 Unforced error from Kim hits the net.

5-3 Arjun's exchange with Sikki at the net ends with his shot hitting the net and trickling on to the other side.

5-2 Kim is on fire, dabs a pass into the feet of Arjun.

4-2 Kim hits a superb smash to the left of Gabriela.

2-2 Sikki hits it straight into the net from Arjun's shot.

2-1 Arjun hits a poor service.

1-1 Arjun does well, hits a low smash.

Third game

10-15 Sikki hits it into the net from the service. Good comeback from the Rockets' pair. Moving into the decider now.

10-13 Arjun's cross-court cut goes wide from the baseline.

9-12 Arjun's shot goes long.

8-12 Sikki misses her shot at the net. Good play by Gabriela on the other side of the net.

8-10 Kim's shot goes long.

8-9 Good push from Kim ad is out of reach for Arjun.

7-9 Sikki hits it into the net.

7-8 Gabriela hits it wide from the net. Too wide.

6-8 Arjun and Gabriela take the lead at the break.

6-7 Kim smashes his way to that point. Arjun did well but couldn't keep up with the smashes.

5-6 Arjun's shot goes long.

4-6 Kim's service is poor, hits the net.

3-5 Arjun's deceptive drop only finds the net.

2-4 Superb tuff from from Arjun for that point. He made Kim move all over the court before a pass at the net out of reach for Kim.

2-3 Gabriela hits her shot into the net.

1-2 Kim makes amends by finishing of a push at the net after Sikki set her up well.

0-2 Arjun's shot just kisses the line. Kim's challenge is unsuccessful.

0-1 Kim hits his smash into the net.

Second game

15-8 That was quick. Sikki Reddy and Kim have strolled through in this game. Arjun and Gabriela's found their feet too late into the game.

14-7 Good rally, which ends with Kim missing his smash.

13-6 Kim doesn't get low enough to get the lift over the net.

11-4 Kim with another smash and Arjun gets out of the way of it.

10-4 Good smash from Sikki.

9-4 Sikki misses her shot at the net.

9-3 Another powerful smash from Kim down the middle.

8-3 Another huge cross court smash from Kim. Five point lead at the interval.

6-2 Kim's smash is perfectly placed, makes it difficult for Arjun to return.

3-1 Good hands from Arjun at the net.

2-0 Kim hits a superb cross court drop shot.

1-0 Arjun fluffs his return.

First game

Tie 1: Mixed doubles : N. S. Reddy/K. S. Rang (BEN) vs M. R. Arjun/G. Stoeva (MUM)

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