PBL: Delhi Dashers triumphs over Chennai Smashers

Follow the live updates and commentary of the Premier Badminton League match between Chennai Smashers and Delhi Dashers.

Updated : Jan 03, 2018 22:20 IST

PV Sindhu made a winning return to PBL in the match against Mumbai Rockets' B. Zhang.
PV Sindhu made a winning return to PBL in the match against Mumbai Rockets' B. Zhang.

PV Sindhu made a winning return to PBL in the match against Mumbai Rockets' B. Zhang.

Good evening everyone and welcome to the live commentary of the Premier Badminton League match between Chennai Smashers and Delhi Dashers.

Last night we saw a tantalising Tie between Awadhe Warriors and Ahmedabad Smash Masters which went down to the wire. Match report .

Here are the matches lined up for tonight's tie.

Tie 1: Men's doubles : Y. Lee/B. S. Reddy vs V. Ivanov/I. Sozonov (Trump match for Delhi)

Tie 2: Men's singles: B. Leverdez vs W. W. K. Vincent

Tie 3: Men's singles: T. Saensomboonsuk vs T. Houwei

Tie 4: Women's singles: P. V. Sindhu vs S. J. Hyun

Tie 5: Mixed doubles: G. Adcock/C. Adcock vs A. Ponnappa/V. Ivanov (Trump match for Chennai)


Final score: Delhi Dashers 3-0 Chennai Smashers.

Gabby twists her ankle while trying to go for a return. Things are not looking good. Gabby Adcock seems to be terrible pain. She has to stretchered off the court. Chennai Smashers has to concede the match, lose a point (A trump match) and subsequently the tie.

5-4:  A faulty serve from Gabby.

3-1 That first point seems like a small hiccup. The two have won three back-to-back points.

0-1 A slight misunderstanding from the Adcocks. Both the players fail to attempt a return.

First Game

Tie 5: Mixed doubles: G. Adcock/C. Adcock vs A. Ponnappa/V. Ivanov (Trump match for Chennai)


Sung Ji Hyun's win gives Delhi Dashers 2-1 lead over Chennai Smashers after four ties. Chennai has chosen the fifth match as its trump match, which means the Southern side can hope to earn two points and win this match. 

14-15 A tame end to an exciting match. Sung decides to leave a clear shot unattended and raises her hand in triumph. In a last-ditch effort, Sindhu challenges the call, but video replay shows the shuttle landing well outside the baseline. Sung Ji Hyun wins this humdinger 11-15, 15-13, 15-14.

14-14 Another long rally, but Sindhu wins it this time after Sung's hit grazes the net and falls on her side of the court.

13-14: Sindhu is a fighter, she is not giving up. Uses up all her energy to send powerful return one after another and finishes it off with a body smash.

12-14 Sindhu saves one point. sung return lands wide at the forecourt

11-14 A powerful smash gives Sung the first matchpoint opportunity.

11-12 A 33-shot rallly. Sindhu blinks first, hits the net and concedes the point

11-11 An unforced error from Sindhu, a slow push fails to cross the net.

10-9 Sindhu makes full use of the open court after pushing Sung to the corner. Gets the shuttle in for a wonderful point.

9-9 A superb shot from Sung. Sindhu's body language not looking good. She is getting tired out by the long rallies, but she is battling on.

7-8 A long, exhausting rally. Sung claims the point after Sindhu fails to reach the shuttle on time.

8-6 Sindhu takes the lead going into the break in the final game.

7-6 Sindhu in front again after a dipping slice.

6-6 Sindhu's lob was too easy for Sung to smash it home.

6-5 A slice by Sung dips on Sindhu's forehand side

6-3 Drop from Sung but it hits the taoe and falls inside her own court.

5-3 Smash from Sindhu is to powerful for Sung to retrieve.

4-2 Sindhu's cross court drop on the line was called in and Sung challenges it. Sung is justified as hawkeye says the shot was out.

4-1 Sindhu with a smash down the line. 305 kmph smash.

3-1 Sindhu wins the 24 shot rally after an unforced error from Sung.

1-0 Sindhu finishes off with a tap in to get on the scoresheet.

Third game

13-15 Good fortune this time for Sung as her shot hits the tape and trickles inside. It's all square now.

13-14 Sindhu hangs in there with some good play at the net. Sung's reaching lob goes wide.

12-14 Error from Sindhu hands game point for Sung.

12-13 Another smash by Sindhu low to the backhand side of Sung.

11-13 Good fortune for Sindhu as Sung's lob catches the net.

10-12 Soft hands from Sindhu as she makes another unforced error at the net.

10-10 Sung swings and misses at Sindhu's angled overhead smash at the line and is called out. Sindhu makes an unsuccessful challenge.

10-9 A fierce cross court smash by Sindhu dips again on Sung.

9-9 Cross court hit by Sung to Sindhu's forehand side but the latter can't keep it in from her diving effort.

9-8 Sindhu's pass is quick and Sung can only put it out wide. Huge cheers foe the Indian.

8-8 Sindhu's smash dips on Sung, making it difficult for the latter to return.

7-8 Sung edges ahead at the break. Sindhu's lob sets up well for Sung to smash it into the open court.

7-7 Well left by Sindhu. Unforced error by Sung as her shot goes wide by the line.

6-6 Sung makes a challenge as her smash is called out. Its confirmed by hawkeye that its out.

5-6 Sindhu's forehand at Sungs body can't be returned past the net.

4-5 Sung's drop at the net can't be retrieved by Sindhu back into her opponent's court.

3-4 Sung's slice goes wide.

2-4 Sindhu's lob over Sung's head goes long.

2-3 Sindhu hits it into the net.

2-2 No mistakes this time, makes a superb cross court shot from Sung's service.

1-2 A blind backhand shot by Sindhu lands wide.

Second game

15-11 What a point from Sindhu , ran over the court, before exchanging cute lobs over the net and finishing off a pass into open court. First game for Sindhu.

14-11 That shot was coming. Stunning cross court smash by Sindhu.

13-10 Sindhu' smash is returned into the net by Sung.

12-9 Unforced error from Sung this time, her overhead shot finds the net.

11-9 Unforced error from Sindhu, can't lob it over the net.

11-8 Smash down the line dipped on Sung at the net.

10-8 Sung's shot goes long, well judged by Sindhu.

9-7 An angled drop shot dips right at the net, Sung is in no position to reach for that. A beautiful point!

8-7 Sung hits a powerful cross-court smash. 

7-6 A deft backhand drop from Sindhu for a point.

6-5 A high intensity, 28-shot rally ends after Sung fails to lift the shuttle past the net.

4-4 A front court rally ends in Sindhu's favour after Sung sends a drop just wide.

2-2 Sindhu's attempted smash goes just wide.

First game

It's time for the match between crowd favourite P.V. Sindhu and Sung Ji Hyun.

Tie 4: Women's singles: P. V. Sindhu vs S. J. Hyun


Chennai Smashers 1 Delhi Dashers 1

T Houwei beats Tanongsak Saensomboonsuk 15-14, 15-10 to help Delhi Dashers level the score at 1-1 at the end of third tie.

10-15: A jumping smash seals the deal for Houwei.

10-14: A smash and a back facing return sets up a match point for Houwei

10-12 Good judgment call from Houwei. Leaves the shuttlecock untouched and it sails just over the line.

10-11: Houwei sends down two quick smashes. First one sets it up nicely for the winning smash

10-9 A smash right down the line gives Tanongsak a moral-boosting point

9-9 Houwei wins a 20-shot rally after forcing Tanongsak to err.

8-8  Houwei gets three back-to-back points with fast play. Levels score

8-6 What an aggressive return smash close to the net from Houwei

8-5 Tanongsak goes into the break with a three-point lead

7-5 A smash close to the net helps Houwei close the gap

5-1 Another jump smash, Tanongsak is ahead in the battle of the lefties

2-1 Tanongsak with a cross court smash before finishing it off with a pass at the net.

Second game

14-15 What a drop by Houwei and he completes the comeback in style! Tantalising badminton this from both the players. 

14-14 Tanongsak hits it agonisingly wide.

14-13 Quick hands by Houwei as he wins that point with a reactive pass.

14-12 Tanongsak lets Houwei's shot go long and its called out. Game point for Tanongsak.

13-12 Tanongsak into the lead now with a cross court smash. Opens his racquet at the at minute.

12-12 Quality play by the players, Tanongsak wins the point with super quick hands at the net.

11-12 Unforced error from Houwei now, hits the net after reaching that shot from a wide position.

10-12 But its Tanongsak who makes the mistake, makes an unforced error, hits it into the net.

10-11 Superb play from both the players, Tanongsak with a quick defence play and he follows it up with a cross court smash. 52 shot rally! Houwei must be exhausted after that.

9-11 Houwei's backhand shot goes wide.

8-11 Tanongsak again quick at the net after the smash to finish off the point.

7-11 Stunning push by Tanongsak after a overhead smash by Houwei.

6-11 Another unforced error from Tanongsak.

6-10 Tanongsak rushes things here, follows up a big smash by rushing to the net to tap the shot into open court.

5-10 Wow, a stunning smash down the line from Houwei. 399 kmph, fastest of the day.

5-8 A disguised drop by Houwei and Tanongsak's shot goes wide from the net.

5-7 Tanongsak goes for the delicate drop but he misses it and hits the net.

5-6 Superb rally ends with a stunning cross court smash to the open court of Houwei by Tanongsak.

4-6 Unforced error this time by Houwei while going for a cross court smash.

3-6 Unforced error from comfortably, hits the net.

2-5 Tanongsak's shot comfortably goes wide.

2-4 Poor service from Tanongsak.

2-3 Good overhead smash by Tanongsak.

1-3 Good rally between the southpaws before Houwei hits a cross court smash.

First game

Tie 3: Men's singles: T. Saensomboonsuk vs T. Houwei


Chennai Smashers 1 Delhi Dashers 0

13-15 And Brice hits it wide from Vincent's overhead smash. That's the match for Vincent as he pumps his fists in delight! Vincent offers a lifeline for Delhi Dashers.  Vincent Wong defeats Brice Leverdez 15-10, 15-13.

13-14 Vincent can't return the pass from Brice inside the court.

11-14 Superb defence by Vincent where Brice was in charge but the latter ends up hitting it into the net.

11-13 361 kmph smash from Brice.

10-13 Vincent overcooks that overhead shot, goes long.

9-12 Deceptive drop by Brice, too low for Vincent to return.

8-12 Brice hits a forehand smash.

7-12 Good defence by Brice and Vincent's follow up shot goes long.

6-11 Vincent's shot is called in. Challenge unsuccessful by Brice.

6-10 Another unforced error from Brice.

6-8 Vincent and Brice involved in good net play ends with the latter pushing his lob wide.

6-7 Good cross court pass at the net by Brice.

4-6 Another smash by Vincent straight at the body of Brice.

4-5 Unforced error from Brice, hits it into the net.

4-4 Superb cross court smash by Vincent.

3-2 Brice's shot is well in, poorly judged by Vincent.

1-2 Service error from Brice.

1-1 Overhead smash from Brice down the line.

0-1 Lovely backhand cross court drop by Vincent.

Second game

10-15 Brice's shot goes wide and its the game for Vincent. A slow start from Brice filled with errors cost him the first game. He seems to have found his groove now and one can hope for a cracking second game next up. 

10-14 Cracking smash right on the line by Vincent. 300 KMPH.

10-13 Vincent's shot goes too long this time.

9-13 Vincent misses his forehand, hits the net.

9-12 What a point from Brice, a 23 shot rally which included a shot in between his legs, ends an unforced error from Vincent.

8-12 A drop by Brice and Vincent can't lift it over the net.

7-10 What a beautiful cross-court drop by Brice. No chance for Vincent after a 36 shot rally.

6-10 Brice's shot goes long.

6-9 Brice with a superb smash down the line.

4-8 Brice lets Vincent's shot go long and is called in. Brice challenges it and its overturned.

2-8 A big lead going into the interval as Brice hits his smash into the net.

2-5 A cross court smash from Vincent.

2-4 Vincent hits a body smash.

2-2 Brice judges it late to play that lob, ends up hitting the net.

1-1 Error from Vincent, hits his smash into the net.

First game

Tie 2: Men's singles: B. Leverdez vs W. W. K. Vincent


Chennai Smashers 1 Delhi Dashers (-1)

15-11 Lee with yet another smash to get the win for Chennai. Lee/Reddy defeats Ivanov/Sozonov 15-14, 15-11.

14-11 Sozonov with a cross court smash. 390 kmph.

14-9 Unforced error from Sozonov, hits it into the net.

13-9 No let off from Chennai as they are aggressive with their shots against Ivanov and Sozonov.

12-8 Sozonov's shot goes long.

11-8 Sozonov returns the favour with a pass into the body.

11-7 Lee's smash at the body can't be returned by Ivanov.

10-6 Service fault by Reddy.

10-5 Lee with yet another smash, too much pace for Ivanov.

9-4 Unlucky for Delhi as Reddy's shot trickles over from the tape.

8-4 This time Reddy sets Lee up for the smash to take the crucial lead for Chennai at the break.

7-3 Stunning badminton by Lee and Reddy. On the front foot and in control of that point throughout

5-3 Service error from Chennai.

3-3 Easy pass for Reddy after the good set up by Lee.

2-3 It took three smashes by Sozonov against Reddy to win that point.

2-2 Reddy misses his shot.

1-1 Sozonov with a smash down the middle.

Second game

15-14 What a big win for Chennai in this game. Reddy smashes a forehand winner. Remember this is Delhi's Trump match and its a great opportunity to put Delhi on the back-foot at the start of the tie.

14-13 God rally, god point for Chennai. The pair hopes as they let a shot go and its called out. Delhi challenges it. And it will remain out. Game point.

13-13 Sozonov pounces on a loose shot from the net. Smashes it low.

12-12 Superb play by Lee, changing up his shots well, forcing an error out of Ivanov in the process.

11-12 Reddy with an unforced error at the net.

11-11 Ivanov's smash breaks service.

11-10 Ivanov hits it into the net. Five points in a row for Chennai.

9-10 Lee with a stunning deceptive drop from the baseline.

8-10 Reddy cuts well at the net, Sozonov hits it into the net.

7-10 Reddy with a superb smash down the line, from close the net.

6-9 Ivanov with another smash to Lee's backhand, return goes wide.

6-8 Ivanov's smash is pushed wide by Reddy. Mid game interval now.

6-7 Superb exchange at the net, good defence by Lee but in the net smacks it into the net.

5-6 Reddy's shot at the net falls short of Ivanov.

4-5 Sozonov pushes it at pace, unable to return for Lee.

4-3 Lee's shot goes wide.

4-2 Reddy with a good drop at the net, out of reach for Ivanov.

3-2 Lee's forehand goes long, well left by Ivanov.

3-1 Ivanov with a powerful smash.

3-0 Good exchange between Lee and Sozonov before Ivanov misses his shot.

First game

Tie 1: Men's doubles : Y. Lee/B. S. Reddy vs V. Ivanov/I. Sozonov (Trump match for Delhi)

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