PBL: Mumbai Rockets beats Awadhe Warriors 4-1

Catch the live updates as Awadhe Warriors takes on Mumbai Rockets in Tie 13 of PBL 3.

Saina Nehwal Awadhe Warriors

Saina Nehwal got the better of North Eastern Warriors' Michelle Li in a PBL contest.   -  PTI

Welcome to Sportstar's live blog and commentary of the Premier Badminton League match between Awadhe Warriors and Mumbai Strikers. In yesterday's tie, Delhi Dashers smashed Chennai Smashers 3-0, the match report of which is here.

Ties to be played today:

Mixed doubles: C. Pedersen/T. C. Man vs G. Stoeva/L. Y. Dae

Men's singles: H. Aggarwal vs S. Verma

Women's singles: S. Nehwal vs B. Zhang

Men's singles: K. Srikanth vs S. W. Ho

Men's doubles: O. C. Chung/H. Setiawan vs L. Y. Dae/B. H. Tan


15-12. Mumbai wins the tie 4-1.

14-12. A fierce overhead smash from Chung, to find the space.


14-10. An unforced error from Awadhe sets up match point for Mumbai.

13-10. A smash down the middle from Dae, to restore the three-point lead.


12-9. A point to stretch the lead for Mumbai.

11-9. Amazing defence from Awadhe, the duo kept returning the smashes and ends up winning the point!


11-7. Dae with another impressive return!

10-7. Dae can't return a fierce smash.

10-6. This time, a powerful smash from Dae!

9-6. Amazing defence from the Mumbai duo!

8-6. Chung with a winner.

8-5. Dae gives Mumbai a three-point lead at the break in the second game.

7-5. Setiawan with a smash right down the middle.



6-3. Chung's return is wide.


4-3. At the body and Awadhe can't return.

3-3. Dae with a drop.

2-3. Setiawan's smash is wide.

1-3. All defence from Mumbai ends in it losing the point.

1-2. Awadhe into the lead.


Dae of Mumbai to serve.

Second game.

15-13. Dae's smash down the line secures the first game for Mumbai Rockets, which is already leading the tie 2-1.

14-13. Tan's smash finds the net.

14-12. Three in a row.

14-11. Two points back to back for Awadhe.


14-9. Game point for Mumbai Rockets.


12-9. Chung catches the net with his return.


11-8. Chung with three powerful smashes to win a point with the last.

11-7. Mumbai running away with this game.




8-6. Mumbai go into the break with a two-point lead.

6-6. Tan with a down the line smash.

3-5. Dae wins the point, hitting it at the body his opponent.

2-5. Dae expects the lob to go wide, but it lands just inside.

2-4. Awadhe have the lead.

2-2. All square.




Dae of Mumbai serving.

Men's doubles coming up, will be a trump match for Mumbai Rockets.

The score of the tie is Awadhe 1-2 Mumbai.

4-15. The tie is alive as Srikanth overcomes Ho with a overhead smash.

4-14. This time a overhead smash from Srikanth, to the left of Ho.

4-13. A procession. Another backhanded smash down the middle.

4-12. Ho has given up and Srikanth is finding the huge spaces appearing on the court.

4-11. Srikanth running away with the match now, his forehand and backhand smashes aren't coming back.


4-9. Fatigue getting to Ho, who is making unforced errors consistently now.

4-8. A smash down the line from Srikanth, too strong for Ho, and the Indian goes into the break with a four-point lead in the third game.


3-7. Srikanth's powerful smash wins him the point, Ho can only find the net.

3-6. A cross-court overhead smash from Ho, too strong for Srikanth to return, catches the net.

2-6. Srikanth's drop goes returned.

2-5. Srikanth's resilience forces an error of Ho.

2-4. Srikanth's lucky to have the shuttle drop off the top of the net.

2-3. Ho's attempted drop catches the net.

2-2. Srikanth catches the net with a forceful attempted lob.


1-1. Ho catches the net with his backhanded return to Srikanth.

1-0. A cross-court smash from Srikanth is wide, to the right of Ho.

Third game.

15-13. Ho wins the point, with Srikanth hitting the net. We have a decider.

14-13. An unforced error from Ho, hits the net.

14-12. A smash from Srikanth, finds the space to the left of Ho.

14-11. Srikanth's smash is well wide, to the left of Ho.

13-11. The two players go for drops and Srikanth's catches the net again.

12-11. Srikanth with a drop to reduce the deficit to one point.

12-10. Srikanth having to work very hard here, playing one shot more for every single point.

12-9. Srikanth's powerful smash down the line is too strong to return for Ho.


12-7. Ho is cruising and having it easy, with Srikanth finding the net so many times.


11-6. Srikanth hits the net again, trying to drop.

10-6. An incredible drop from Ho, who virtually dug out a Srikanth smash that was dying on him.

9-6. An aggressive Srikanth drags his backhand wide, to the left of Ho.

8-6. A smash down the middle from Srikanth after a couple of meek returns from Ho.


8-4. Ho goes into the break with a four-point lead. His call for medical assistance has gone against Srikanth, who has committed a series of unforced errors since resumption at 3-4.

7-4. Ho's lob was thought to be long, but it catches the line and Ho has a three-point lead.

6-4. Another unforced error from Srikanth, who has hit the net for the umpteenth time, this time with a drop.

5-4. Srikanth's overhead smash is wide, to the left of Ho.

4-4. Srikanth's attempted drop catches the net.

Ho has called for medical assistance for a back trouble.

3-4. Powerful smash down the line from Srikanth.

3-3. Ho finds the net, trying to return Srikanth's drop.

3-2. Srikanth with a overhead smash to find the vacant space to the left of Ho.

3-1. Just wide from Srikanth, Ho's judgment incredible.

2-1. Ho's lob is long.

2-0. This time Srikanth drags his shot wide, to the right of Ho.

1-0. Srikanth's shot is long.

Second game. Srikanth to serve.

13-15. Srikanth wins the first game.

13-14. This has been a great comeback from Srikanth, who has won seven of the last 10 points.



10-9. Srikanth with a smash to the backhand of Ho.

10-8. Srikanth with a dismissive smash in response to Ho's meek lob.


9-7. Ho's shot is wide.

9-6. Srikanth's lob is long and well out. Ho's drop game is making life difficult for Srikanth.

8-6. Srikanth with a net hit again, Ho's drop takes him to a two-point lead at the break.

7-6. Ho cramps Srikanth for room on his forehand and Srikanth can't return.


6-5. A tactical game from both players, Srikanth with a well-disguised drop, to the right of Ho.

6-4. A smash down the line from Srikanth is wide, to the right of Ho.


4-4. Srikanth hits the net once again, trying to return Ho's drop.

3-4. Ho's overhead smash is wide, to the right of Srikanth.

3-3. Srikanth's attempted drop catches the net.

2-3. Srikanth with a smash down the line this time.

2-2. A cross-court smash from Srikanth.


2-0. Ho is a bit lucky, his drop catches the net and Srikanth's tame return back is met with an emphatic reply.

1-0. Srikanth's smash is straight at the net.

Ho to serve.

Men's singles is next: K. Srikanth of Awadhe takes on S. W. Ho of Mumbai, which is leading the tie 2-0.

The score at the end of tie 3: Awadhe 0-2 Mumbai

15-13. A win for Saina, who had to work really, really hard to overcome Zhang, who, in actuality, lost her way, after dominating the first game.

14-13. Saina drags her lob wide.

14-12. Zhang is keeping herself in the match, wins a point by putting Saina under pressure.

14-11. Saina drags her shot wide, to the left of Zhang.

14-10. Zhang's pickup is wide and Saina has four match points.

13-10. Zhang's late pickup is smashed mercilessly back down the line and Saina has her three-point lead back.

12-10. Saina can't return Zhang's drop, hits the net once again.

12-9. Zhang's smash is wide and Saina extends her lead back to three.

11-9. A cross-court smash finds the vacant space to Saina's right.

11-8. Zhang collapses to the court, trying to return the shuttle that was dying on her.

10-8. A huge sigh of relief for Saina and the crowd, as Zhang hits the net.

9-8. Again, Zhang's drop game is having Saina in a spot of bother. The Indian is being made to stretch for every return.

9-7. Zhang's drop game wins her another point.

9-6. Saina's shot is long.

9-5. Saina with a drop.

8-5. Saina hits the net, trying to pick up Zhang's drop.

Saina to serve after the break.

8-4. A back-pedalling Zhang cannot return Saina's shot and the shuttle lands in her own court.

7-4. Zhang's shot finds the net and a three-point lead for the Indian.

6-4. Saina's lob is wide.

6-3. A drop from Saina and Zhang is caught napping.

5-3. This time Saina drags her shot well wide.

5-2. A smash down the line from Saina stretches Zhang, who can't keep her return inside the court.

4-2. Zhang tries to find the space to the left of Saina, drags her shot well wide.

3-2. Saina's smash is wide.

3-1. Saina's backhanded return falls inside her own court.

3-0. Zhang's lob is wide.

2-0. Mistakes are coming from Zhang, with Saina a lot more composed and reading Zhang better.

1-0. Zhang's attempted drop hits the net.

Third game.

15-10. Saina wins six points in a row to take the match to a decider.

14-10. Zhang's shot is just wide and Saina has a game point.

13-10. Saina's running away with this tie, passes Zhang.

12-10. Saina, with a smash at Zhang's body, unreturned.


10-10. Zhang's serve drops just wide.


9-9. Saina's lob is long, trying to return Zhang's drop.


8-8. An easy point for Zhang, directs Saina's serve to the vacant right-hand-side.

8-7. Saina goes into the break with a point's lead, Zhang's lob is well long.

7-7. Big smash from Zhang, down the line, finds the line.

7-6. Saina's mounting a comeback, Zhang can't return the Indian's drop.

6-6. Zhang drags her return wide.

5-6. A clever drop from Saina.

4-6. Zhang goes two points clear.

4-5. Back to back points for Saina.


2-5. Saina finds the space to the left of Zhang.

1-5. Zhang with a drop.

1-4. Zhang's lob finds the line, stuns Saina, gets her the point.

1-3. Saina, under pressure, finds the net with her smash.

1-2. Zhang finds the vacant space to the right of Saina.


0-1. Zhang gets the second game underway and wins the first point with a drop.

Second game.

8-15. Zhang wins the first game; Saina has been sluggish and committed a lot of unforced errors.

8-14. Saina drags her shot to the extreme right of Zhang this time.

8-13. Saina's shot is long and Zhang is closing in on the first game.


7-12. This time, Saina's smash is wide, to the left of Zhang.

7-11. Saina's shot drops just inside.

6-11. Saina's backhand return hits the net.

6-10. Zhang's attempted drop finds the net.

5-10. A smash down the line from Zhang.

5-9. Zhang hits the net this time, with her backhand.

4-9. Zhang with a drop that Saina has no answer to.

4-8. Saina hits the net trying to return a drop and Zhang goes into the break with a four-point lead.

4-7. Cross-court shot from Saina, drops on Zhang.

3-7. Saina's shot goes long.


2-6. Saina looking rusty here.


2-4. Down the line smash from Zhang.

2-3. Unforced error from Saina, who sends her overhead smash way wide.


1-2. Another drop from Zhang catches Saina short.

1-1. Zhang's shot is long, Saina watches the shuttle drop out.

0-1. Zhang with a drop that Saina can't get her racquet to.

Saina to serve and the crowd goes, 'Saina, Saina, Saina'

Saina's next in action for Awadhe, against Mumbai's B. Zhang.

The scoreline at the end of second tie: Awadhe -1 - 2 Mumbai

15-14. Aggarwal's incredible fight in the second game goes in vain, Verma's smash at the body goes unreturned.

14-14. Verma doesn't return Aggarwal's drop.

14-13. Verma rectifies his error from the previous time, his smash dies on Aggarwal.

13-13. Verma's shot is wide, to the right of Aggarwal.

13-12. Patience from Verma is rewarded!

12-12. An attempted smash from Verma hits the net, draws the game level.

12-11. Aggarwal is growing in confidence here and is up to the task.

12-10. Verma hits the net, trying to smash the shuttle down the line.


12-8. This time Aggarwal is the one who makes the unforced error, his pickup going wide.

11-8. An unforced error from Verma, his shot his wide and long.


10-7. Verma with a big smash, after drawing Aggarwal to the net with a drop.

9-7. Verma drags his shot wide, to the right of Aggarwal.

9-6. Verma is opting to be patient and trying to force errors off Aggarwal.

8-6. Verma goes into the break with a two-point lead and is poised to win the game and the match.

7-6. Impressive defence from Aggarwal, forces Verma to hit his shots harder, resulting in the error.


7-4. Verma picks his spot, to the right of Aggarwal and his shot catches the line.

6-4. Aggarwal with a smash this time, down the line.

6-3. Another big smash from Verma!

5-3. Aggarwal with a challenge: Verma's smash lands on the line and the point is retained.

4-3. An attempted smash from Verma goes just wide.

4-2. A cross-court smash from Verma, to the left of Aggarwal.

3-2. A smash from Verma goes unreturned.

2-2. Back to back point for Aggarwal.

2-1. An unforced error from Verma.

2-0. Verma is destroying Aggarwal here, this time with a smash at him, literally.

1-0. Quick hands of Verma do the trick.

Second game.

15-6. Verma with a winner, to go 1-0 up in the match.


14-5. A drop from Verma gets him to game point.


13-4. Verma too good for Aggarwal once again, passes a smash.

12-4. Aggarwal's smash goes wide.

11-4. Verma moving Aggarwal back and forth and while Aggarwal showed resilience, the Mumbai lad is too strong to him.

10-4. Another smash, another point for Verma.

9-4. Verma made to work hard, but gets the point in the end.

8-4. Back-to-back points for Aggarwal.

8-3. A cross-court smash from Aggarwal.

8-2. Verma goes into the break with a six-point lead, a smash again winning him a point.

7-2. Aggarwal, with a smash down the line and well away from Verma.

7-1. Verma is proving too good for Aggarwal.

6-1. An unforced error from Aggarwal.

5-1. Aggarwal breaks the duck.


4-0. Verma places his smash into the vacant left-hand-side of the court.

3-0. Verma, with a big smash down the line.


1-0. Verma (Mumbai), with the first point.

The score at the end of Tie 1: Awadhe -1 - 1

15-7: And that's game and match to Mumbai Rockets courtesy a service error from Pedersen!

14-7: Mumbai is made to wait even longer.

14-6. Awadhe is delaying the inevitable 

13-5. A great leave from Lee sees it inch closer to the game and match!


11-5. Dae with a pass over Man.

10-5. Man's smash forces Stoeva to drag her return wide.

10-4. Pedersen can't return Dae's smash.

9-4. Pedersen with another net hit.

8-4. Man's well-dsiguised drop catches Dae short.

8-3. Pedersen finds the net again.

7-3. Another unforced error from Pedersen, hits the net.

6-3. Dae with a big smash down the middle, to which Man doesn't have an answer.

5-3. A series of unforced errors, this time from Man, who hits the net.



3-2. An easy point for Awadhe, Pedersen smashes down the line.

3-1. Man with a smash, Stoeva can't return.

3-0. Man drags his smash well wide.

2-0. Confusion over the review of Awadhe; point awarded to Mumbai. Wait, point retracted and the review is on. In, Mumbai get the point, eventually.

1-0. Pedersen with a serve error.

Third game underway.

14-15. We go into the decider as Dae can't return Man's smash.

14-14. Stoeva with a backhand cross-court to attain parity.

13-14. Dae with a smash at Pedersen's body.

Game point.

12-14. Pedersen with an amazing forehand cross-court that Dae gets down low, trying to return, but doesn't.

12-13. Dae with a winner down the line.

11-13. Dae's shot is wide.


11-11. Pedersen hits the net.

10-10. Dae again, drags his shot wide.

10-9. Dae's shot goes long and wide.


10-7. Man with a smash down the middle.

9-7. Man, this time, with a big smash that Stoeva can't return.

8-7. Man with a big smash, gives Awadhe a one-point lead at the break.



7-5. Another unforced error from Man.

6-5. Great resilience from Pedersen and Man to win a 48-shot rally.


6-3. Stoeva at the body of Pedersen and the shot goes unreturned.



3-3. Man can't return the smash.

2-3. Stoeva directs her forehand at the body, which Man can't return.

0-3. Man with a big smash again.

0-2. Man's big smash is unreturned.

0-1. Dae drags his forehand wide.

Almost a procession that for Rockets. Pedersen and Man have been sluggish so far.

15-10. Game 1 to Rockets (Stoeva/Dae).

14-10. Stoeva hits the net, lead reduced to 4.

14-9. A foul serve from Dae and a point goes Awadhe's way.

14-8. Game point for Rockets.

13-8. Pedersen with a smash.

13-7. Man's smash is long and out. Two points from the first game.


11-7.  Man's smash helps Awadhe close the lead on Rockets.

11-6. Three in a row for Awadhe.


11-4. Stoeva makes an unforced error hitting the net.


10-3. Man's unreturned smash breaks the streak.


9-2. Rockets win the first point after the break.

8-2. Pedersen is unable to miss the net and Rockets go into the break with a six-point lead.



5-2. Man's smash down the line gives Rockets a three-point lead.


4-1. Pedersen fails to return a shot dying on her.


3-0. Three in a row for Mumbai.

2-0. Rockets win a 27-shot rally to go 2-0 up.


Rockets' Stoeva to serve.

The players make their way out to the court and and the first tie of the evening should be underway shortly.