PBL 2017 BLOG: Sindhu shines as Chennai beats Ahmedabad

Follow the live updates and the commentary of the Premier Badminton League match between Chennai Smashers and Ahmedabad Smash Masters.

PV Sindhu's Chennai Smashers is currently bottom of the table with seven points.   -  SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT

Good evening everyone and welcome to the live commentary of the Premier Badminton League match between Chennai Smashers and Ahmedabad Smash Masters.

The defending champion Chennai Smashers is currently placed at the bottom of the table having played 3 Ties.

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Here are the matches lined up for tonight's tie.

Tie 1: Men's doubles: C. Adcock/Y. Lee (CS) vs L. C. H. Reginald/K. Nandagopal (ASM)

Tie 2: Women's singles: P. V. Sindhu vs Tai Tzu Ying

Tie 3: Men's singles: B. Leverdez vs S. Verma (Trump match for Chennai)

Tie 4: Men's singles: T. Saensomboonsuk vs H. S. Prannoy (Trump match for Ahmedabad)

Tie 5: Mixed doubles: P. V. Sindhu/B. S. Reddy vs L. C. H. Reginald/K. R. Juhl


Chennai Smashers wins the fifth tie 15-14, 15-13 and beats Ahmedabad Smash Masters 2-1.  

15-13 Chennai seals the tie and wins the match. What a match. Juhl goes wide and what a match it was.

14-13 Sumeeth finds the net with his forehand. Chennai hangs on.

14-12 Sumeeth places it well with a forehand winner. Match point for Chennai.

13-12 That was a good shot by Sindhu.

12-10 Juhl runs in and smashes it down the line and Sumeeth cannot get it.

11-9 A barrage of smashes from both the teams and Reginald finds the net somehow from the baseline.

The crowd goes Chennai Chennai and Sindhu Sindhu......

9-9 Reginald sends a superb cross court winner.

8-8 Sindhu, from the baseline, sends one straight into the net.

8-7 An unforced error by Juhl at the net and Chennai in the lead at the break.

6-7 Reginald with a big smash that Sindhu can't return.

5-6 Reddy judges the flight of the shuttle right this time and it lands over the baseline.

5-4 A points to Ahmedabad, as Chennai's review of the referee's decision is unsuccessful.

4-4 This time Reddy with a shot at the body of Reginald, who can't return.

3-3 Sindhu induces an error to attain parity for Chennai Smashers.

Second game begins

15-14 Chennai moves up in a flash and it is Sindhu with quick reflexes.

14-14 Golden point as Juhl goes long.

13-14 Game point for Ahmedabad as Sumeet goes long.

13-13 Reginald goes on the net. Another forehand unforced error.

12-12 Summet smashes it in a giffy and wins the point.

11-11 Chennai draws level as Juhl hits the Sindhu serve long, at the baseline.

9-11 Reginald finds the net from the backcourt.

8-10 Back-to-back points for Chennai Smashers.

6-10 Sindhu finds the net with her forehand. Another unforced error.

6-9 A smart return by Sumeet. He taps it down to the backcourt corner.

4-8 Ahmedabad Smash Masters takes a four-point lead at the mid-game break.

3-7 Juhl smashes it straight back at Sindhu, who gets it on the body.

3-5 Juhl with some good work at the net, very agile and Sumeet cannot get his body off the way to complete a return.

3-3 Juhl goes long, at the baseline.

2-2 Sumeet wins the point, mixed it up well and dished out a winner.

1-2 Sumeet finds the net from a close range.

1-0 Juhl goes wide.

First game begins

Tie 5: Mixed doubles: P. V. Sindhu/B. Sumeet Reddy vs L. C. H. Reginald/K. R. Juhl


The last and final tie, the mixed doubles, about to begin.

Chennai Smashers wins the tie and Ahmedabad loses its trump match. The tie is tied 1-1

Tanongsak wins it 15-10, 12-15 and 15-14.

15-14. A fitting end to the match, both players matching each other shot for shot, but Tanongsak finally comes up with a smash at Prannoy's body to win the match. That was a 51-shot rally!

14-14. Prannoy smashes the net with a backhand.

13-14. Great resilience from Prannoy, but Tanongsak has the last laugh.

12-14. Prannoy can't connect well enough with his backhand, catches the net.

11-14. Match point to Prannoy.

11-13. Tanongsak's pickup shot catches the net.

11-12. Prannoy smashes the net, with a overhead smash.

9-12. A backhand unforced error from Prannoy.

8-12. Another net hit from Tannongsak, this time with his forehand.

8-11. Prannoy with a well-disguised drop that Tanongsak can't pick up.

8-10. Tanongsak's pickup catches the net and the all the hard work goes to a waste.

8-9. An unforced error from Tanongsak, who hits the net with a backhand.

8-8. Back to back points for Tanongsak. His overhead smash is unreturned this time.

7-8. Prannoy's smash is deemed to have gone wide.

6-8. Prannoy with a clever drop that goes unreturned.

6-7. Tanongsak's lob catches the line, the review proving helpful there.

5-7. Tanongsak's shot is long, over the baseline.

5-6. A overhead smash from Tanongsak, locates the space to the right of Prannoy.

4-6. Prannoy catches the net with a overhead backhand.

3-6. Prannoy with a strong return from Tanongsak's serve.

3-5. Tanongsak with a drop this time, after Prannoy had been camped near the baseline.

2-5. A forehand unforced error from Tanongsak.

2-4. Slice of luck for Prannoy, whose shot drops in Tanongsak's court after catching the net.

1-3. Prannoy excels at the net game once again. Tanongsak is deep in his court and nowhere near Prannoy's drop.

1-2. A cross-court smash from Prannoy following a weak return from Tanongsak.

0-1. Prannoy's net game is successful! Tanongsak catches the net trying to pickup Prannoy's drop.

Third game begins.

12-15. Tanongsak's drop is wide and hands Prannoy the second game. 1-1 and we have a decider.

12-14. Prannoy gets the point after a slight confusion with both players going for a smash at the net the same time.

12-13. Tanongsak's smash is too strong and Prannoy cannot return.

11-13. An unforced error from Tanongsak.

11-12. Tanongsak's smash goes down and under the net.

11-11. Prannoy's return is at Tanongsak's body and he can't return.

11-10. Close! Prannoy's cross-court shot is called wide and Tanongsak gets the point.

10-10. Misjudgement from Tanongsak! Expects the shuttle to drop wide of the line, but sees it drop well inside.

10-9. A powerful smash from Prannoy and Tanongsak's return catches the net.

10-8. Tanongsak with a winner. Prannoy's return to a smash prior was weak.

9-8. Prannoy's attempted drop lands in his own court after hitting the net.

7-8. Prannoy challenges the referee's call for a shot that was called out, but referee's call is right.

6-8. Tanongsak with a jump smash at the body of Prannoy.

5-8. Three straight points for Prannoy going into the break.

5-7. Long! Tanongsak's lob is over the baseline and Prannoy shows good judgment to not play it.

5-6. Tanongsak drags his shot fractionally wide, to the right of Prannoy.

5-5. Prannoy's shot is long and over the baseline.

4-5. An emphatic reply! A jump smash down the line from Prannoy. That was fierce!

4-4. Prannoy goes for the jugular with a cross court backhand followed by a smash, which catches the net.

2-3. Cleverly done! Both players keep going for drops and Prannoy's is a shade better to stretch Tanongsak and win the point.

2-2. Back to back points for Tanongsak, his smash is too strong for Prannoy to return with his backhand.

0-1. An aggressive opening from Prannoy, who smashes a pickup from Tanongsak through the opponent.

Second game begins. Tanongsak to serve.

15-10. Prannoy this time with a carbon copy of the error made by Tanongsak for the previous point. Tanongsak wins the first game.

14-10. Tanongsak catches the net with his pickup.

14-9. Prannoy goes for a cross-court drop, but drags his shot wide and Tanongsak has a match point.

12-9. Prannoy with a backhand cross-court, picks out the space to the left of Tanongsak.

12-8. A slice of luck for Tanongsak, whose smash hits the top of the net and lands in Prannoy's court.

11-8. A cross-court smash from Prannoy. Tanongsak was right in the middle of the court and wasn't getting there.

11-7. Prannoy with a forehand unforced error, smashes the net.

10-7. Tanongsak goes for the drop, but drags the shuttle down and catches the net.

10-6. Prannoy's serve is wide.

9-6. An authoritative smash down the line and to the right of Tanongsak, from Prannoy.

9-5. This time Prannoy drags his pickup wide, easy point for Tanongsak.

8-5. Tanongsak's overhead smash is wide, to the right of Prannoy.

8-4. Tanongsak gifted another point, courtesy an unforced error from Prannoy.

7-4. Wide. Prannoy looks to place it just inside the line but doesn't, drags well wide.

6-4. Another winner from Tanongsak!

5-4 Brilliant defence from Prannoy, who kept returning a series of smashes before locating the vacant space to the right of Tanongsak.

5-3 Prannoy's smash is wide, to the left of Tanongsak.

4-3 Tanongsok reviewed the referee's decision and the shuttle has indeed landed on the line.

4-2  Long! Prannoy's jump smash is long, well over the baseline.

3-2 Back to back point for Prannoy, the latest a result of an unforced error from Tanongsak.

3-0 A smash down the line from Tanongsak.

2-0 Tanongsak sets up the winner with a clever drop.

1-0 First point to Tanongsak.

First game begins

Tie 4: Men's singles: T. Saensomboonsuk vs H. S. Prannoy (Trump match for Ahmedabad)

Now, it is trump time for Ahmedabad.


Ahmedabad Smash Masters wins 12-15, 15-14, 15-12 and Chennai loses its trump match to go 2-0 down in the tie.

12-15 Sourabh Verma wins it. Leverdez goes a little wide and what a comeback by Sourabh. He has stepped it up and Chennai loses its trump match. What a game!

12-14 Match point for Sourabh as Leverdez finds the net from a close range.

12-13 A good smash by Leverdez and he gets back on serve.

11-13 A big miss by Leverdez and Sourabh is two points away from winning Chennai's trump match.

11-12 That was good by Sourabh. He puts pressure on Leverdez and times it well to the backcourt.

10-10 Sourabh draws level as Leverdez goes wide, in returning a forehand smash.

10-9 Leverdez goes wide in a backhand effort.

9-8 Outstanding rally by the players. 40 shot rally and Sourabh wins it with a neat cross court forehand winner. That rally was a treat for the eyes.

9-7 Leverdez pushes one from the net and wins the point.

8-7 Another unforced error by Sourabh and Chennai takes a slender lead at the mid-game break.

7-7 The Chennai player goes long, at the baseline, from the net. It was an easy winner for the taking and Leverdez cannot hold it on.

7-6 Leverdez smashes it to Sourabh's backhand corner.

5-6 The Chennai player goes long from the net in an attempted cross court backhand.

5-5 Leverdez draws level. He smashes it to Sourabh's body and it is too sharp an angle for the Ahmedabad player to return.

4-5 This time it is Sourabh at the net.

3-5 Leverdez commits an unforced error, at the net.

3-3 Leverdez restores parity. He leaps and packs a punch. That was a good forehand winner.

2-3 Sourabh finds the net with his forehand smash.

1-3 Leverdez crawls back with a point as Sourabh with an unforced error.

0-2 Another monstrous smash by Sourabh.

0-1 Sourabh with a neat forehand winner, down the line.

Third game begins

14-15 Sourabh stuns Leverdez as the Chennai player commits an unforced error. Ahmedabad wins the second game.

14-13 Leverdez decides late to keep the shuttle in play and drags his pickup wide.

14-12 Leverdez on the net with his forehand.

13-11 Two back-to-back points for Sourabh.

13-9 An unforced error from Sourabh, who drags his shot wide, to the right of Leverdez.

12-9 Leverdez with a backhanded shot at Sourabh's body, the Indian can't return.

10-6 That was an amazing smash by Leverdez.

9-5 Leverdez gets back on track with some good winners, off the forehand and backhand.

5-3 Sourabh finds the net in a return.

4-3 Leverdez hits it just wide, on Sourabh's forehand tramline.

4-2 Leverdez finds the net in an attempted drop shot.

4-1 Leverdez with some excellent returns. He was sent to all parts of the court and finally prevails when Sourabh hits out.

3-1 Sourabh packs a punch and it is too much power and the shuttle races beyond the baseline.

1-1 Leverdez goes long, this time.

1-0 Sourabh goes wide at the right, in an backhand effort.

Second game begins

15-12 Chennai goes 1-up in the trump match.

14-12 Game point for Leverdez and Chennai.

13-12 Leverdez goes long.

13-11 Sourabh with a shoddy work at the net. His forehand attempted return off a drop shot finds the net.

12-11 A fine forehand winner by Leverdez.

11-11 Sourabh goes a tad wide with a drop shot. It is even-stevens again.

10-11 Smart play by Sourabh. He was good in defense and Leverdez commits an error.

10-10 That was much better by Sourabh. He smashes it down the line and it is too good for the Chennai player.

10-9 Leverdez takes a lead. Sourabh finds the net.

9-9 Sourabh goes long and Leverdez is on level terms again.

8-9 Sourabh gets a half-chance and he smashes it down the line. Well connected.

8-8 That was a good cross court smash by Leverdez and he draws level.

6-8 A good return by Sourabh and he leads at the mid-game break.

6-7 Chennai Smashers is crawling back in this tie. Leverdez places it well, to the backcourt.

4-7 That was a fine shot by Leverdez, a huge forehand winner, a huge smash down the right tramline.

3-7 Leverdez gets to the net and punches one hard. Sourabh cannot take it clean.

2-7 Leverdez finds the net in a backhand cross court attempt.

2-6 Outstanding placement by Sourabh. He places it well to the backcourt and wins a point.

2-5 Leverdez goes long at the baseline.

1-4 A good drop shot by Leverdez and Sourabh finds the net in return.

0-4 Leverdez hammers it into the net and Sourabh runs away with the lead.

0-2 Leverdez goes wide on the tramline. to Sourabh's right and Ahmedabad with an early lead.

First game begins

Tie 3: Men's singles: Brice Leverdez vs Sourabh Verma (Trump match for Chennai)

We are in for the first trump match of the day.


Chennai Smashers wins 15-11, 10-15, 15-12 and draws level with Ahmedabad Smash Masters 1-1.

15-12 Sindhu wins. Ying with another unforced error at the net and Sindhu clinches the tie.

14-12 Ying fails to receive Sindhu's drop and Chennai on match point.

13-12 Ying finds the net again and Sindhu with a slender lead.

This is going to the wire.

12-12 What a backhand shot by Ying, down the line, on Sindhu's body.

12-11 Sindhu's drop shot attempt finds the net.

11-10 Sindhu prevails in a 25-shot rally when Ying commits a forehand unforced error.

10-10 And we're back on level terms yet again! Ying goes wide on the tramline in an attempted backhand cross court shot.

9-9 There's no predicting the outcome of this tie. Both players giving it their best at nine points each.

8-8 Ying comes back get the scores back on level terms.

8-6 Sindhu takes a slender two-point lead in this final game.

6-5 Ying goes on the net again with a forehand cross court attempt.

5-5 Sindhu goes long at the baseline, with a forehand shot. She packs too much power on it.

5-4 Ying goes long at the baseline and is animated and livid at herself.

4-3 What a rally. 41 shots in the rally. That was excellent stuff from the players. Ying wins it when she delicately places it cross court with a backhand.

3-1 Ying with shoddy work at the net.

2-1 A forehand unforced error by Sindhu, at the net.

2-0 Sindhu with an early lead.

Third game begins

10-15 Ying wins the second game. The shuttle hits the net but just bounces inside Sindhu's court. Ying restores parity.

9-14 Sindhu with some good work at the net, she made Ying cover good ground but cannot return a drop shot properly and the shuttle lands on the net.

8-13 Sindhu tries a backhand cross court shot but the angle is too acute and it goes wide.

8-11 A smash by Sindhu at it is on the centre of the net.

8-10 Sindhu goes wide at the tramline.

8-9 Sindhu equalises and goes long the next point, at the baseline. She challenges the call but the challenge remains unsuccessful.

7-8 Ying with a forehand smash and it is straight on the net.

6-8 Ahmedabad goes into the break with a slender lead. A couple of unforced errors by Sindhu.

5-5 Ying smashes to Sindhu's body and a weak defence by Sindhu and she can only get it to the net.

5-4 Sindhu with a forehand error, at the net.

4-3 Another backhand unforced error by Ying, 9 so far by Ying, and Sindhu with a slender lead.

3-3 Ying goes long at the baseline. Sindhu restores parity.

2-2 Sindhu goes wide at the tramline. Scores level.

2-1 A good deceptive drop by Ying.

2-0 That was a good dribble by Sindhu at the net. Ying misses the return.

Second game begins

15-11 What a comeback by Sindhu. She wins the first game and Chennai leads the second tie.

14-11 Another unforced error by Ying, at the net. Game point for Sindhu.

12-11 What a rally. 26 shots. Ying sends a cross court forehand winner.

12-10 Sindhu is on fire here. A backhand unforced error by Ying. Six points on the trot for Sindhu.

10-10 Sindhu draws level with a ferocious forehand cross court smash from the baseline.

8-10 A couple of forehand unforced errors by Ying.

7-10 What a rally! It had everything, smashes to drop shots to good court coverage. Sindhu wins the point as Ying goes long.

6-9 That was a neat drop shot by Ying and Sindhu fails to spot the deceptive tactic.

Sindhu challenges a call on the baseline. Replays conclude the shuttle lands out and Ying leads at the mid-game break at 8-5.

5-7 Another unforced error by Ying, at the net.

4-7 Sindhu smashes it well down the line.

3-7 Ying from the baseline tries a backhand return and can only find the net.

2-7 Sindhu goes wide on the tramline. The Chennai crowd has gone quiet.

2-6 That was a good forehand winner. Sindhu had no answer to that.

2-5 Ying goes wide in a cross court shot and Sindhu gets the serve back.

1-3 What a shot from Ying. She just dropped the shuttle with a neat angled shot.

1-1 Sindhu pushed to the baseline, unleashes a huge smash that dropped in a jiffy.

0-1 Sindhu goes at the net. An unforced error to start with for Chennai.

First game begins

Tie 2: Women's singles: P. V. Sindhu vs Tai Tzu Ying

It is time for the big match of the evening. India's golden girl P.V. Sindhu taking to the courts. She walks to a rousing reception. The Chennai crowd going ballistic.


Ahmedabad Smash Masters wins 15-13, 15-12 and leads Chennai Smashers 1-0

12-15 Another unforced error from Chennai gives Ahmedabad the win!

11-13 Nandagopal is pumped to smash home that winner.

11-12 Unforced error from Adcock at the net.

10-10 Adocock pounces at the net to level the scores again.

9-10 Another unforced error from Chennai, Lee hits it into the net.

9-8 Lee smashes a loose return to get Chennai in front again.

8-7 Couple of unforced errors from Chennai.

8-5 Nandagopal can only find the net in a cross court shot and he is livid with himself. Chennai leads at the mid-game break.

7-5 Lee smashes it wide and Ahmedabad reduces the deficit to two points.

7-4 An unforced error at the net by Chennai and Ahmedabad crawls back into the game.

6-3 Reginald smashes and Adcock takes it low but sends the shuttle on the net.

6-2 Adcock leaps and smashes from the baseline and Nandagopal's return is long at the baseline.

5-1 Adcock, at the net, leaps and sends the shuttle smashing onto the court. That was an excellent winner.

4-1 Nandagopal's cross court effort lands on the net, again.

3-1 Nandagopal with an unforced error, at the net.

2-0 Reginald goes long, at the baseline, off a backhand.

Second game begins

13-15 Lee Yang goes wide, with an attempted return off a half-smash from Reginald. Ahmedabad wins the first game.

13-14 Reginald with an unforced error, at the net.

12-14 Adcock saves a game point for Chennai.

11-14 Game point for Ahmedabad.

9-11 Nandagopal with a good backhand push and Lee cannot reach it, on his forehand corner.

7-10 An immaculate forehand winner, down the line, by Reginald and Ahmedabad with a 3-point lead.

7-9 Reginald with a good cross court drop.

7-8 Ahmedabad Smash Masters takes a slender lead at the mid-game break.

7-7 Nandagopal goes wide, at the right tramline.

5-5 Adcock picks up the cross court shot in a flash and pushes it hard, the Ahmedabad pair can only look on.

4-5 Reginald goes long, at the baseline.

3-5 Lee finds the net with a half-smash.

3-4 Adcock goes long at the baseline, in a backhand effort.

3-2 Reginald leaps and smashes down the line and Lee cannot return it.

3-1 Chennai takes an early lead. That was some good winners from Adcock.

1-0 Reginald finds the net and Chennai Smashers starts off with the first point.


First game begins

Tie 1: Men's doubles: Chris Adcock/Yang Lee vs L. C. H. Reginald/K. Nandagopal