Chennai wins tie but Bengaluru makes ground in the table

Follow the live updates and the commentary of the Premier Badminton League match between Chennai Smashers and Bengaluru Blasters.

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's live commentary of the Premier Badminton League match between Chennai Smashers and Bengaluru Blasters.

Today's match will be Smashers' final match at Chennai during the ongoing PBL season.

Last night, we witnessed a 6 to -1 scoreline for the second time in season-3. Here's the match report between Hyderabad Hunters and Awadhe Warriors from our reporter.

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Here are the matches lined up in tonight's Tie:

Match 1: Mixed doubles: Y. Lee/B. S. Reddy vs M. Boe/K. S. Rang (Trump match for Bengaluru)

Match 2: Women's singles: P. V. Sindhu vs K. Gilmour (Trump match for Chennai)

Match 3: Men's singles: T. Saensomboonsuk vs V. Axelsen

Match 4: Men's singles: B. Leverdez vs S. Dey

Match 5: Men's doubles: C. Adcock/P. V. Sindhu vs N. S. Reddy/K. S. Rang



Chennai Smashers completes its league assignment with a 3-2 win over Bengaluru Blasters. Despite the loss, Bengaluru Blasters moves to the top of the table with 15 points from four ties. Here's how things stand for the teams after today's tie. Defending champion Chennai Smashers out of contention for semifinals despite its second successive win.



11-15 Sikki Reddy closes out with a tie with a well placed smash. Kim Sa Rang and Sikki Reddy defeat Chris Adcock and P.V. Sindhu 15-14, 15-11.

11-14 Chennai hanging in there.

10-14 A decent rally, Rang forced to commit a net error. Chennai hangs in there.

9-14 Match point for Bengaluru Blasters

9-13 Sikki on fire. Wins another net point.

8-11 Rang's smash falls in no man's land. Perfect placement.

8-10 Sikki's attempted smash catches the net.

7-10 Sindhu caught off guard by a great smash from Sikki Reddy, shuttle sails long.

7-8. Adcock returns Rang's serve with a smash and wins the point for Chennai.

5-8 Sindhu goes for the kill after a long rally. Sends Sikki away from her end and smashes down hard for a winner.

4-8 Bengaluru holds the advantage going into the break.

4-7 Adcock service goes long

3-6 An unsuccessful challenge from Chennai Smashers after shuttle lands just outside the alley.

3-5 What a point! Stunning defence from Sikki, Rang and Sindhu in that point but Sindhu ends up missing her shot in the end in that rally.

3-4 Sikki with a smash at Adcock and he pushes it wide.

3-3 Adcock hammers a smash down the middle.

2-2 Rang hits it against the net.

1-2 Rang with a smash and Adcock pushes it wide.

1-0 Sindhu with a cross court pass at the net.

Second game

14-15 Rang pounces on that serve from Adcock to smash it right past him. That's the game for Bengaluru.

13-14 Sindhu and Adcock with clash of racquets as they hit the shot against the net.

13-13 Adcock's smash this time finds the net.

13-12 Adcock with a forehand smash.

12-11 Sikki with an unforced error, hits it into the net.

11-11 Sikki finishes it off at the net.

9-9 Rang with a cross court forearm winner.

8-7 Adocock's return trickles over the tape. Interval.

7-6 Adcock with a winner at the net.

6-6 Sikki with a cross court winner at the net.

6-5 Sikki hits it into the net.

4-2 Great stuff from Sindhu, Chennai doubles its lead!

2-1 Error from Adcock, Bengaluru opens account!

2-0 Too long from Sikki.

1-0 Great smash from Adock and Chennai takes the lead!

First game

Tie 5: Men's doubles: C. Adcock/P. V. Sindhu vs N. S. Reddy/K. S. Rang


Subhankar defeats Brice Leverdez 15-12, 15-12.

Chennai Smashers 3 Bengaluru Blasters 1


12-15 Brice's backhand shot goes wide. Subhankar wins on his PBL debut! Remember these are crucial points for either sides in the scheme of the play-offs.

12-14 Brice hits his shot is called long but he challenges it. And it will remain out. Match point for Subhankar.

12-13 Stunning rally! Brice with a smash down the line to end the 40 shot rally.

11-13 Unforced error from Subhankar, cross court hits into the net.

10-12 Brice gave it his all in that point with some fantastic returns but it became too many saves. Subhankar with a smash to win that point.

10-11 Subhankar's backhand pass is way off the mark, hits the net.

9-11 Brice's cross court slice goes wide.

9-10 Brice with a drop before the cross court smash to Subhankar's backhand.

8-10 Subhankar goes for a cross court again but it finds the net.

7-10 Subhankar makes poor judgement, Brice's shot lands in.

6-9 Powerful cross court smash by Subhankar while on his back-foot!

6-8 What a point! Brice works Subhankar around the net before a drop at the net. Subhankar's dive isn't enough to take it in.

5-8 Subhankar's pass hits the tape and trickles over the net.

5-7 Brice's cross court smash finds the net.

5-6 Subhankar's lob goes wide.

3-6 Stunning rally. Subhankar and Brice with some stunning pick ups before the latter makes a delicate drop.

2-5 Brice with a between the legs shot but he makes an unforced error at the net.

2-4 Brice opens the court up with a few cross court shots before a booming smash!

1-2 Subhankar with a smash and picks off the loose return by rushing at the net.

1-1 Brice's shot trickles over the net.

0-1 A big smash from Subhankar to start the game.

Second game

12-15 What a stunning drop from Subhankar and that's the game.

12-14 Subhankar with a good drop and smash at the net.

12-13 Brice hits his shot straight at Subhankar.

11-13 Stunning cross court drop by Brice! 23 shot rally.

10-13 Subhankar's return from the baseline only finds the net.

9-13 Subhankar's lob over the net hits the tape and drops back inside.

8-13 Subhankar's lob goes wide.

6-13 Good defence by Subhankar in the 36 shot rally before another unforced error from Brice.

6-12 Excellent cross court smash from Brice.

5-12 Subhankar again hits the net.

5-11 Brice with a good smash.

4-10 Subhankar's smash goes wide.

3-10 Subhankar's drop lands too low for Brice to return over the net.

2-8 Brice's shot goes wide. A good debut for Subhankar so far.

2-7 Brice's pick up lob doesn't lift over the net.

2-6 Brice with another unforced error, hits it into the net.

2-4 Good point for Subhankar. Patient in the rally and defence, before Brice makes an unforced error and hits his shot long.

2-3 Subhankar's cross court hit goes wide.

0-3 Brice's shot goes long.

0-2 Brice's cross court smash goes wide.

0-1 Subhankar wins the rally with good judgement to let Brice's shot go long.

This is Subhankar Dey's debut match in the PBL.

First game

Tie 4: Men's singles: B. Leverdez vs S. Dey


V. Axelsen defeats T. Saensomboonsuk 15-11, 6-15, 15-9.

Chennai Smashers 3 Bengaluru Blasters 0


9-15 Tanongsak's backhand return finds the net and that's the match for Axelsen. A lot to play for in the tie for Bengaluru to make the knock out stages.

9-14 Axelsen hits his shot into the net.

8-13 Tanongsak's lob only finds the net.

8-12 Axelsen sets himself up with a powerful smash and he dispatches the weak return with ease.

8-11 Axelsen with a 353 kmph smash to Tanongsak's backhand.

8-10 Tanongsak with a stunning smash down the line. 317 kmph.

7-10 Axelsen with a cross court shot and Tanongsak can't lift it beyond the net.

7-8 Both shuttlers exachnage drops at the net but Axelsen's drop catches the tape.

6-8 Axelsen hits a winner to the baseline but Tanongsak challenges it. Its comfortably in.

6-7 Tanongsak with a pass into open court and Axelsen challenges it. Unsuccessful challenge.

5-7 Tanongsak gives Axelsen a shot of his own medicine. Goes for a body smash right from the net.

3-7 A lot of points lost at the net for Tanongsak. Axelsen is keeping the shuttle low to the net and making it difficult for Tanongsak to return.

1-4 Axelsen seems all pumped up. Earns a quick 4-1 lead. Tanongsak puts a tough return out.

Third Game


15-4 Tanongsak's crucial win averted what seemed like a definitive loss against Ahmedabad Smash Masters on Saturday. Today, he is looking to get an upset win over World No. 1 . Wins the second game 15-4.

14-4 Tanongsak reaches gamepoint after a 31-shot rally. Wins it with a terrific side smash.

13-4 Axelsen finallly earns a point.

13-3 Tenth successive point for Tanongsak

12-3 The players mix up the pace, but Axelsen is the first to blink, the shuttle lands out, again.

10-3 Axelsen fails to clear an hairpin shot at the net. Tanongsak is running away with the game here.

8-3 Axelsen tries to hit one down the line, but luckily for Tanongsak, the shuttle lands just a little outside.

6-3 Tanongsak almost had his man with a powerful smash, but Axelsen puts it back into play and gets Tanongsak to err; the shuttle catches the net.

6-2 Axelsen finally ends Tanongsak's serve. Will he be able to recover

5-1 Axelsen is ruffled; beautiful smash from Tanongsak.

4-1 Axelsen going for a  deceptive push, but it falls wide.

3-1 Tanongsak gets the better of the net battle between him and World No. 1.

0-1 Begins with a long rally, ends tamely after a Tanongsak return goes just a wee bit wide.

Second Game


11-15 Axelsen wins the first game 15-11 after a short comeback from Tanongsak. The Thai attempts to put a hairpin net shot, but the shuttle lands outside the tramline. It was a gritty fightback but it came a little too late in the first game.

11-14 Four straight points from Tanongsak

7-14 Axelsen is leaving no room for the Thai to go for his smashes.

6-12: A jump smashes grazes the chord before falling into the opponent's court, but has enough power to become a winner

6-10 Axelsen well placed to smash a winner from the net.

5-9 Perfect cross court smash from the Thai.

4-8 The World No. 1 leads as the players head for the first break of the match. Bengaluru may have already lost the tie, but winning two matches here would take the team to the top of the standings.

4-7 An angled smash helps Tanongsak stem the flow of points in Axelsen's favour

7-3 Axelsen winning points in a hurry

3-5 Axelsen is forcing Tanongsak to commit errors with a nice drop shots. Tanongsak hits it wide

2-4 A kill shot from Axelsen. There was no way Tanongsak was reaching for that


0-1 An easy first point for Axelsen. Tanongsak decides to leave the shuttle that was going well in.

First game

Tie 3: Men's singles: T. Saensomboonsuk vs V. Axelsen


Sindhu defeats Gilmour 15-9, 15-14.

Chennai Smashers 3 Bengaluru Blasters -1


15-14 Sindhu lets Gilmour's shot go wide but Gilmour challenges it. The challenge is unsuccessful and its Sindhu's match. Chennai has won the second Trump match on the night. Chennai Smashers has won the Tie in only the second match of the night.

14-14 Gilmour with a good drop shot again at the net before finishing off the point. Golden point.

14-13 Gilmour hits it against the net after Sindhu does well to reach the former's drop.

13-13 Gilmour with a smash straight at Sindhu.

13-12 Gilmour with a drop at the net before pouncing to push the winner.

13-11 Sindhu's shot goes long.

11-9 Gilmour hits it into the net. So many unforced errors from Gilmour.

9-9 Gilmour pounces at the net after a deceptive drop shot.

9-8 Sublime cross court smash from Sindhu! 323 kmph!

8-8 Sindhu hits it into the net.

8-7 Gilmour with a shot that goes wide. Sindhu edges ahead at the break.

6-7 Misjudgement from Sindhu.

6-6 Gilmour's lob falls right inside the line.

6-5 Sindhu hits it into the net.

6-4 Sindhu with a pick up smash from over her head.

5-3 Sindhu with a forehand cross court winner.

4-3 SIndhu with a smash of her own.

3-3 Sindhu with a superb drop shot.

Sindhu's national coach Pullela Gopichand is in the house.

1-2 Gilmour with a leaping smash.

0-1 Sindhu misses that shot at the net, hit it into the net.

Second game

15-9 Sindhu lets Gilmour shot go long and that's the opening game. Sindhu's smash placement has been spot on.

14-8 Another big mash from Sindhu, moves back to make the angle for herself. Right on the line. Game point.

13-8 Gilmour again hits it into the net, third time in a row.

12-8 Another mistake from Gilmour.

11-8 Gilmour's smash is into the net.

10-8 Superb smash from Sindhu down the line, no chance for Gimour.

9-8 Sindhu with a 317 kmph smash. Straight at Gilmour.

8-8 Gilmour's shot goes long at the end of 22 shot rally.

7-8 Service error from Gilmour.

6-8 Sindhu should have put that away, goes narrowly wide. Sindhu challenges it and loses it. No more reviews left for her in this game. Mid game interval.

6-7 Sindhu with a stunning pick up smash.

5-7 Gilmour's shot goes wide. Well judged by the Indian.

4-7 Sindhu again hits it into the net.

4-6 Sindhu with a smash straight at Gilmour.

3-6 Superb pick up from Gilmour at the net and its drops over the net.

1-5 Unforced error from Sindhu, hits it into the net with an overhead shot.

1-4 Gilmour with a cross court winner to Sindhu's forehand.

1-2 Superb drop from Gilmour! Sindhu's long arm cannot reach that!

1-1 Sindhu's turn to gift a point. Her forehand is too wide.

1-0 Sindhu open her account courtesy an error from Gilmour.

First game

Tie 2: Women's singles: P. V. Sindhu vs K. Gilmour (Trump match for Chennai)


Y. Lee/B. S. Reddy defeat M. Boe/K. S. Rang 8-15, 15-14, 15-13.

Chennai Smashers 1 Bengaluru Blasters -1


15-13 Chennai Smashers wins the Trump Match. Boe's shot goes wide. What a comeback and what a match to start the tie! It's advantage Chennai in the Tie now.

14-13 Reddy returns the favour to Boe and his return goes wide.

12-13 Boe with a shot straight at Lee.

12-12 Good leave by Lee as Rang's return goes long.

11-12 Reddy this time with the unforced error at the net.

11-11 Lee with an unforced error, hits it into the net.

11-10 Good smash by Rang and miscommunication between Reddy and Lee yet again.

11-8 Service error from Boe, good call from Reddy to Lee to leave that service alone.

10-8 Boe with a shot straight at Reddy from the net.

10-7 Lee misses his shot at the baseline. Lucky break for Bengaluru.

10-6 Rang with a winner down the middle.

9-5 Lee with a push to the baseline for the winner.

8-5 Reddy with a huge smash to take the crucial lead into the break.

7-5 Rang can only hit it into the net.

6-5 Boe hits it into open court from Reddy's service.

6-4 Service error called, Chennai challenges the call and its in.

5-4 Boe with an unforced error at the net going for a push, hits the net.

4-4 Lee with a 379 kmph smash to win the rally.

3-4 Stunning badminton on show. 22 shot rally filled with smashes from Chennai duo but the Bengaluru duo were on hand with great defence. Ends with a winner from Reddy to the baseline.

2-3 Rang with another unforced error, hits the net.

2-2 Sublime from Lee at the net, sets himself well for that point before hitting a winner.

1-2 Rang with an unforced error, hit it into the net.

0-2 Boe with an angled smash which keeps low of Reddy.

Second game

15-14 Reddy redeems himself there as Boe fails to return his shot into play. We go into the decider here.

14-14 Reddy hits it into the net and its level. Golden point.

14-13 Service error.

14-12 Rang did well to pull off a trick shot but Reddy smashes it in for the game point.

13-12 Reddy's push goes long.

13-11 Reddy was surreal at the net there but he was worked around too much in that 21 shot rally. He dives to keep it in play but fails.

13-10 Boe with a smash down the middle.

12-8 What a superb lob from Lee to redeem the communication error from the previous point. He finds the baseline on the back court.

11-7 Rang's push from the net goes long.

9-7 Lee with an outrageous smash of his own.

8-7 Boe with a smash down the line. Serious pace in that smash.

8-6 Some quick play between Boe and Reddy at the net before the latter finds an open court to place the winner. Mid game interval.

6-6 Lee with a smash from the baseline and Boe can only hit it against the net.

5-4 Chennai duo with stunning defensive display. First Lee returned four shots off the floor and Reddy tried to better that with a diving effort to keep it in. The 32 shot rally ends with an unforced error from Bengaluru.

4-3 Reddy's push is well place on the back court.

2-3 Lee's shot goes out of play. Well judged by Boe.

2-1 Rang with some series of smashes at Reddy, forces a winner.

2-0 Unforced error from Bengaluru.

Second game

8-15 And that's the first game. Bengaluru takes the first game 15-8.

8-13 Rang makes the error.

7-12 An excellent smash from Boe and Reddy has no answer.

6-11 Lee sends one wide beyond the doubles line.

5-10 Boe fires a body smash onto Reddy to extend his team's lead to five points.

5-8 Bengaluru surges to a three-point lead in the first game. 

4-5 Very good work from Reddy at the net, makes a quick pass into open space.

3-5 Unforced error from Boe, hits it into the net.

1-3 Challenge from Bengaluru and its in.

First game

Tie 1: Mixed doubles: Y. Lee/B. S. Reddy vs M. Boe/K. S. Rang (Trump match for Bengaluru)