Hello and welcome to Sportstar's live commentary of the Premier Badminton League match between Mumbai Rockets and Ahmedabad Smash Masters.

Today's Tie, the 18th of the season, will be the final Tie to be played in Chennai during the ongoing PBL season.

Last night, we saw Chennai Smashers edge Bengaluru Blasters 3-2 in an eventful tie. Here's the match report from our reporter.

Coaches from the PBL talks to Sportstar about their experience of coaching the best international shuttlers. Here's the interview.

Here are the matches lined up in tonight's Tie:

Match 1: Mixed doubles : Lee Yong Dae/Gabriela Stoeva vs Law Cheuk Him/K.R. Juhl

Match 2: Men's singles: S.W. Ho vs H. S. Prannoy

Match 3: Women's singles: B. Zhang. vs T.T.Ying

Match 4: Men's singles: Sameer Verma vs Sourabh Verma (Trump match for both teams)

Match 5: Men's doubles: L.Y. Dae/B.H.Tan vs L.C.H. Reginald/K. Nandagopal


NOTE: The score will read Mumbai vs Ahmedabad

GAME 2 goes to Mumbai Rockets 15-12

15-12: Mumbai Rockets finally opens its scoring for the tie with a win in the men's doubles!

13-10: Classic deceptive drop from Dae stumps Reginald.

10-9: Error from Reginald

9-8: Fierce backhand from Nandagopal gives Smash Masters a point.

9-6: Tan's return doesn't cross over.

8-4: Nandagopal's fierce smash is too much for Tan to handle.

8-3: Reginald finds the net as Mumbai Rockets lead at the mid-game break.

6-2: Too long from Nandagopal this time. Quite a few errors.

5-2: Reginald goes too long.

3-2: Nandagopal returns it through the legs! But he finds the net. Looked good though.

1-1: Dae hits the net, Smash Masters equalise.

1-0: Too long from Nandagopal

GAME 1 goes to Mumbai Rockets 15-10!

15-10 Kidambi hits it wide to give Mumbai the first game.

14-10 Tan with a deceptive drop shot gives Mumbai the game point.

13-10 Forehand unforced errors from Ahmedabad.

12-10 Good defence by Tan. Kidambi misses his opportunity at the net, fluffs his shot.

10-10 Big smashes from Mumbai pair before Reginald's defence crumbles, hits it into the net.

9-10 Tan with a 338 kmph smash down the middle.

7-8 Reginald/Kidambi edge ahead going into the break.

7-7 Dae's return goes wide.

7-5 Reginald goes for cross court but hits the net.

6-4 Player challenge from Ahmedabad after its shot was called out. And the hawkeye says it indeed out.

5-4 Kidambi makes no mistakes this time as he hits a smash.

5-3 Kaidambi hits an unforced error, hit it into the net.

2-3 Tan finds open court and hits a pass.

1-3 Reginald with a deceptive drop shot.

0-2 Kidambi sells a dummy before Reginald hits a powerful smash down the middle.

Match 5 is the Men's doubes match between Mumbai's L.Y. Dae/B.H.Tan and Ahmedabad's L.C.H. Reginald/K. Nandagopal.

Game 2 and Match goes to Sourabh Verma and Ahmedabad Smash Masters. Straight games win for Sourabh Verma over his brother Sameer with the scores reading 15-14, 15-11. Since that was the trump match for both teams the scores read 5-(-1) in favour of the Smash Masters. Mumbai Rockets is officially out of PBL season 3 with that result.

11-15 No such gifts from Sourabh there as he wraps it up quickly with a forehand smash.

11-14 OOOHHH Sameer.. Again dominating that point but ends it with an unforced error at the point. Match point for Sourabh.

10-13 ANother good deceptive drop shot from Sameer.

9-13 Good angled shot from Sameer at the net, too cute for Sourabh to return.

8-13 Sourabh's smash finds the net.

7-13 Sameer should have won that point, his push from the net goes long.

6-12 Sameer's smash down the line goes wide.

6-11 Unforced error from Sourabh, hits the net.

5-10 Sameer with a couple of smashes to break the momentum.

4-8 Another long rally ends with Sameer sending his return long. Mid game interval.

4-7 Sourabh takes control of the game now with a corss court smash.

4-6 Sameer's return goes long.

4-4 Both players tradind blows here before Sourabh's smash low to Sameer's right.

3-2 23 shot rally ends with Sourabh hitting a cross court smash.

2-2 Sourabh with an unforced error, hit it into the net.

1-2 Sameer with a big smash to open his scores.

GAME 1 goes to Ahmedabad Smash Masters 15-14

14-15: And Sourabh closes out the first game and in some style. Last three rallies have been fantastic but Sourabh comes out on top.

14-13: WOW! This rally trumps the previous one. 50 shots of drops, smashes, forehands and backhands culminiates in Sameer's sublime backhand that foxed his brother Sourabh.

13-13: What a fantastic rally! 19-shot rally goes in favour of Sourabh as his backhand lands far away from his brother's reach.

13-12: Sameer's drop doesn't cross the court.

13-11: Sourabh's backhand is wide.

12-10: Sourabh's drop is too short.

11-10: Sameer's drop across the court is too wiide.

11-8: Sameer errs in his return of Sourabh's smash.

11-7: Sourabh's smash is too wide.

9-7: Sameer's smash across the court is a bit long. He challenges the out call but it was unsuccessful.

8-6: Sublime from Sourabh. A great cross-court forehand winner gives no chance to Sameer.

8-5: Great play from Sameer. His smash forces Sourabh on the floor and his weak return is gladly punished by his brother.

7-5: Sourabh hits the net again. His backhand was too weak.

6-5: Sourabh smashes it straigh to the net.

5-5: Sameer is unable to handle Sourabh's smash.

4-3: Nice backhand from Sameer.

3-3: Sameer goes too long.

1-1: Sourabh errs.

0-1: And there's the first point for Sourabh Verma.

Match 4 is a family fued as Sameer Verma of the Rockets takes on Smash Masters' Sourabh Verma. This is a trump match for both teams.

MATCH 3 goes to Ahmedabad Smash Masters 9-15, 12-15 and it takes a 3-0 lead. Tai Tzu Ying wrapped up the match in straight games and the World No.1 was never losing the match barring the initial stages in the second game.

12-15: But no problems this time around, as Zhang smashes it straight at the net. Game and match to the World No. 1

12-14: Bad error on match point from Ying.

11-13: Ying goes too wide! Zhang is inching back into this.

10-13: Fabulous cross-court forehand from Zhang. Ying can't dream of taking that one!

9-13: Ying gifts a point.

8-13: Ying gifted a point.

7-12: A bit wide from Ying. It was marginal.

6-11: Ying's judgement is second to none! Leaves Zhang's shot which ends up too long.

6-9: Ying apologises as her shot clips the top of the net and drops into Zhang's court. Point all the same.

6-8: Bad judgement from Zhang sees Ying in the lead at the mid-game break.

6-7: Too long from Zhang but credit Ying's fantastic judgement!

6-6: Superb crosscourt smash to her left sees Zhang score.

5-5: Zhang's return to Ying's drop finds the net.

5-4: Too wide from Zhang.

4-3: Too long from Zhang. She can't be gifting points to the World No. 1.

4-1: Ying gets off the mark. Her drop was too low for Zhang.

3-0: A lot more confident in this game, Zhang races to a 3-0 lead with a nicely timed smash.

1-0: Excellent drop from Zhang to open proceedings for the second game.

GAME 1: 9-15 to Ahmedabad Smash Masters

9-15: And that's game for the World No. 1

9-14: Beautiful drop from Ying catches Zhang short.

9-12: Nice drop from Zhang, Ying doesn't attempt to reach it.

8-11: Ying challenges the out call for her shot but she loses it. Just too long.

7-10: Ying returns the favour!

7-9: Nice backhand from Zhang.

6-9: A flat shot from Zhang gifts Ying the point.

6-8: Zhang hits the net as Ying leads at the mid-game break.

6-7: Just wide from Ying.

5-7: Error from Zhang gifts Ying the point.

4-6: Zhang wins consecutive points.

2-6: Zhang misjudges Ying's forehand. Leaves it only for it to be within the line.

2-5: Too wide this time from Zhang.

2-4: Another error from Zhang, as she hits it long again.

2-3: Too long from Zhang.

0-1: Tai Tzu Ying opens her account with a bit of luck. Her shot ricochets of the top of the net and dropped down.

Match 3 is the women's singles between B. Zhang and Tai Tzu Ying, and it has begun...

MATCH 2 goes to the Smash Masters 12-15, 12-15 as Prannoy powered his way past Ho. It turned out to be easier than anticipated for the Indian as Ho made too many errors, and was unable to capitalise on Prannoy's.

GAME 2: 12-15 to Ahmedabad Smash Masters

12-15: A deflated Ho returns it straight to the net as Prannoy bags the match.

12-14: You can refer to the previous bit of commentary for the specifics!

12-13: Another smash, another point from Prannoy.

12-12: Prannoy errs this time around. He fluffs Ho's smash.

11-12: An error from Ho sees Prannoy in front.

11-11: Superb smash from the Smash Master! Prannoy is back in the game. 10th forehand winner from the Indian.

11-10: A big roar from Prannoy as Ho could only find the net with his return.

11-9: Nice smash from Prannoy. Cross court has Ho stumped.

11-8: Too wide from Prannoy. He is gifting Ho some points. Belated New Year presents, perhaps?

10-8: Prannoy drops it at the net. A gift for Ho.

9-8: He had a real go at that, shame it went wide. Prannoy's hattrick smash cost him the point.

8-8: Another jump smash from Prannoy was challenged by Ho. It was unsuccessful.

8-7: An absolute dolly for Prannoy. Ho loops it too high as the Indian gladly smashes it beyong Ho's capability.

8-6: Error from Prannoy as Ho goes into the mid-game break with the lead.

7-6: One of the best shots of the night. A jumping smash from Ho is too much for Prannoy to handle.

5-6: Ho's turn to mistime the drop! Bad error from Ho

5-5: Another error from Prannoy, and it was the inaccurate drop again.

4-4: Little too cheeky from Prannoy. His drop doesn't cross the net. It was marginal though

3-3: Brilliant from Prannoy! Just the lightest of wrist moment from the forehand and it dipped on Ho.

3-2: A charging smash from Prannoy! No chance for Ho.

3-1: Bad backhand from Prannoy, his shot finds the net.

1-1: Too wide from Prannoy

0-1: Prannoy smashes with disdain to open proceedings in the second game.

GAME 1: 12-15 to Ahmedabad Smash Masters

12-15: And that's the game for Prannoy. Ho is penalised for the uncharacteristic unforced errors as Prannoy's intelligent play sees him take the first game.

12-14: Nothing Ho could do about that! Pure class from Prannoy on that cross-court forehand.

12-13: Wow. Poor miss from Ho. Unforced error sees Prannoy on the front foot.

12-12: Hp's forehand wrong-foots Prannoy. Back on even terms.

11-12: An illusion? Ho lets a straight one go past him! How did he miss that?!

11-11: A gift from Prannoy. Cross court forehand goes well wide as Ho is back in the game.

10-11: Cheeky from the Indian. A cross-court drop sees Ho stuck at the net as Prannoy smacks the return in the acres of space that was given to him.

10-10: Bad drop from Ho, goes wide.

9-9: Fantastic rally. After superbly picking up two smashes from Prannoy, Ho's backhand could only find the net.

9-8: Another mistake from Prannoy. Another shot to the net.

8-8: Soft point there for Ho. Prannoy return the drop straight at the net.

8-7: Prannoy goes into the mid-game break with a slender lead!

7-7: After winning a point, Ho gifts the equaliser by hitting it too long. His challenge was unsuccessful.

6-6: After his first smash had Prannoy on the floor, Ho smashed the Indian's return to the net! Big let off for Prannoy.

4-5: Another smash that went wide from Ho, but it was a fierce one. However, Prannoy the happier player.

4-4: Jump smash from Ho but too wide from him.

4-3: What a shot! Again uses the angles to his advantage and his drop really dropped on Prannoy!

3-3: Hattrick of points sees Prannoy restore parity. Too long from Ho.

3-1: Prannoy gifted a point as Ho's shot falls short of crossing the net.

3-0: Great use of angles from Ho. Made Prannoy scamper across the court, which led to the error from the Indian as he finds the net.

1-0: Ho smacks it across the court to open the account for Mumbai.

Match 2 between Ho and Prannoy begins!

MATCH 1: 11-15, 7-15 to Ahmedabad Smash Masters. Gabriela Stoeva was the clear weak link for the Rockets and the Smash Masters made sure to exploit it as they kept smashing it to her. She erred multiple times as Ahmedabad coasted to an easy win in the first match of Tie 18.

GAME 2: 7-15 to Ahmedabad Smash Masters

7-15: Didn't have to wait long though! Thats's game and match for Ahmedabad Smash Masters.

7-14: Him finds the net, delays his team's win!

6-13: Superb smash from Stoeva! She desperately needed the shot of confidence.

5-13: Converting defence to attack so effortlessly, the Ahmedabad Smash Masters as Stoeva makes yet another error.

5-12: Stoeva misses a sitter yet again! Completely misjudges Him's smash speed.

5-10: Him's smash finds the net this time. Point for Mumbai

4-10: Stoeva can't handle Him's smash. Smash Masters march along.

4-8: Dae was hoping it would go wide but the shuttle just clips the line. Smash Masters lead at the mid-game break.

4-7: Again service short from Juhl. Gifts Mumbai a point.

3-7: Class drop from Juhl has Dae frozen to his feet.

1-6: A fast and furious rally ends with Dae finding the net. Smash Masters open up a 5-point lead.

1-5: Bad serve from Juhl helps Rockets open its account.

0-4: Dae's forehand only finds the net.

0-2: Stoeva misses a smash aimed at her. Smash Masters targetting her.

0-1: Another error from Stoeva!

GAME 1: 11-15 to Ahmedabad Smash Masters

11-15: And thats the first game. Too long from Stoeva, who has been plagued with errors!

10-14: Just wide from Stoeva! All that good work undone.

10-13: Mumbai back in it! Juhl hits the net as the Rockets claw its way back in the game

9-13: Dae showing his class, Cross court backhand loops away from Him.

7-13: Smart return from Stoeva foxes Juhl. Much better from her.

5-13: Him is on fire. He is winning point after point.

4-12: Fabulous smash from Him clips Stoeva's racquet on the way out.

3-11: Plenty of errors from the Mumbai Rockets. Gabriela's Stoeva turn to err, too long from her.

3-10: Another error from Dae. Smash Masters are marching towards the first game.

3-9: Bad error from Dae. That was well wide of the court.

3-8: Advantage Ahmedabad as both teams take the mid-game break. Great smash from Him.

3-7: Error from Him gifts Mumbai Rockets a point

2-7: Too long from Stoeva. Smash Masters is coasting...

2-6: Superb drop from Him opens up a 4-point lead.

2-4: Stoeva's turn to smash! Her fierce forehand leaves the Smash Masters frozen.

1-3: Down the middle! Him smash pierces the opponent down the middle.

1-2: Dae smash opens the account for Mumbai

0-1: Smash from Him brings Smash Masters the first point.