Zhang beats Sindhu to win India Open

Catch all the live updates as India's top shuttler PV Sindhu locks horns with Beiwen Zhang to defend her India Open title.

India's P.V. Sindhu will be in action against Beiwen Zhang to defend her India Open title.   -  Sandeep Saxena

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's live updates of the India Open final between P. V. Sindhu and Beiwen Zhang. The top-Indian shuttler will be defending her India Open title and has been in good form throughout the tournament.

Earlier on Sunday, China's Shi Yuqi beat Taiwan's Tien Chen Chou 21-18, 21-14 to win the India Open men's title. Click here to read it.

In the men's doubles final, Fernaldi G. M / Sukamuljo S beat Astrup K / Rasmussen A. S 21-14, 21-16.

The points would read Sindhu-Zhang.


Sindhu had her moments in the game, including a championship point opportunity. But in the end, too many unforced errors did her in. This is Zhang's first major title.

Beiwen Zhang wins the India Open 21-18, 11-21, 22-20.

20-22 Sindhu goes long, at the baseline and Zhang is crowned the Indian Open champion beating P.V. Sindhu.

20-21 Zhang with a championship point. She sends down a forehand winner.

20-20 Sindhu finds the net, from a close range.

20-19 Championship point for Sindhu. Zhang goes wide.

19-19 Sindhu smashes it and heaves a cry of relief. She restores parity.

18-19 Sindhu with a forehand winner.

17-19 Zhang moves two points closer to her maiden major title.

17-18 Sindhu leaps and sends a forehand winner. Her father applauds from the stands and so does coach Gopichand.

16-18 Sindhu goes wide, this time. She should keep it tight. The margin for error is too less at this stage.

16-17 Zhang goes wide, on Sindhu's right.

15-16 Two back-to-back points for the American. Sindhu fails to take a forehand shot.

15-14 A couple of good takes from Zhang but Sindhu pounces on a half-chance at the net and dishes a forehand winner.

14-14 An unforced error by Sindhu. She hits the net on a forehand return.

14-13 Sindhu pushes one well from close range to win the point.

13-13 An unsuccessful challenge by Sindhu. She misses a forehand winner from Zhang.

13-12 The defending champion in the lead with a forehand winner, down the line.

12-12 Zhang runs into take the drop shot and she can only find the net with her return. Scores level.

11-12 Zhang places her forehand well, near the right tramline.

11-11 Sindhu draws level. The crowds break into a frenzy. And well, Zhang at the net again!

10-11 Change of ends, Zhang finds the net from the baseline.

9-11 Zhang with a slender lead at the mid-game break. The Indian should overturn the American's advantage.

The crowd cheers for Sindhu. The shouts go louder with each point.

9-10 A ferocious forehand winner by Sindhu and Zhang cannot reach it, even with a dive.

8-10 Zhang goes long at the baseline and Sindhu leaves it.

7-10 Good usage of the courts by both the players with a wide range of shots. Sindhu prevails when Zhang finds the net.

6-9 A good placement from Sindhu earns her a point.

5-9 Zhang goes long, at the baseline. Will this be a much-needed break for Sindhu? She needs to capitalise on this.

4-8 Sindhu fails to take a delicate drop shot and loses the point.

4-6 Zhang at it again. Another cross-court smash and Sindhu cannot reach it, on her backhand corner.

4-5 A good forehand winner by Zhang. It was a half-smash from the backcourt.

4-4 Zhang restores parity. A lucky point we can say, as the shuttle just clips the net and jumps to Sindhu's court and the Indian cannot reach it.

4-3 A service fault Zhang, the shuttle hits the net and jumps out and Sindhu with a slender lead.

3-3 The Amerincan draws level after Sindhu goes long.

3-1 Zhang goes long, at the baseline, off a backhand.

2-0 Sindhu with a good forehand winner.

1-0 Sindhu gets the first point. Zhang, from the baseline, can just find the net off her forehand.

Gopichand and Sindhu in an animated discussion. The Indian needs to keep the good work going.

Third game begins

21-11 Sindhu wins the second game in style and forces the decider to stay alive and defend her India Open crown.

20-11 Game point for Sindhu and to force the decider.

19-10 That was good placement from Sindhu. She directs wit well with a cross court forehand shot to Zhang's backhand front court.

17-10 Advantage Sindhu. Zhang with an unforced error, yet again. No prizes for guessing, it is at the net.

16-10 Sindhu lets out a scream as Zhang finds the net again.

15-10 A good cross court winner by Sindhu and Zhang cannot reach it. She is grounded.

14-10 Sindhu with a winner, on the forehand.

13-9 Zhang goes wide at the baseline, off a backhand from the corner.

12-8 After sizzling with good takes at the net, Sindhu sends one scorcher down the line from the baseline. It is too hot for Zhang to handle.

12-7 A good forehand cross court winner by Zhang. Sindhu not able to reach it.

12-6 Zhang this time committing an error.

11-6 Another error by Sindhu.

11-5 Sindhu loses the momentum and she goes wide.

11-4 Third net shot on the trot by Zhang. This is poor play by the American and Sindhu seems to be walking away with the second game. The Indian leads by a big margin at the mid-game interval.

10-4 Another unforced error, at the net again, and Sindhu is in firm control of the game.

9-4 A weak return by Zhang, off a Sindhu drop shot, finds the net.

8-4 Sindhu challenges a call and it is way out of the tramline. Zhang gets the point.

8-3 Sindhu's run with the serve comes to an end as she finds the net with a forehand shot.

7-2 Another unforced error by Zhang. She tries a cross court shot from the baseline.

5-2 Sindhu opens up a three-point lead after Zhang makes a mistake at the net.

4-2 Sindhu leaps and smashes it down in an instant. The shuttle dropped on Zhang in a jiffy. That was a good shot.

3-2 After a good net play, Zhang sends a forehand way beyond the baseline.

2-2 Sindhu is using the width of the court well but goes long, at the baseline.

2-1 Zhang goes wide, on the tramline, to Sindhu's right off a forehand smash.

1-1 This time it is Zhang, at the net.

0-1 Sindhu finds the net, a weak return.

Pullela Gopichand with a barrage of instructions as Sindhu is in all attention. She needs to force the decider.

Second game begins

Sindhu needs to regroup and needs to convert her forehand smashes into winners.

18-21 Beiwen Zhang takes the opening game in 23 minutes as Sindhu goes wide on the tramline to Zhang's right.

18-20 Sindhu goes long and game point for Zhang.

18-19 Zhang misjudges a drop shot and leaves it and the shuttle falls in. Sindhu just trails by one.

17-19 Another challenge and this time it is IN. Sindhu gets the point with a shot as the shuttle falls inside the baseline. The crowd cheers on!

16-19 Sindhu's shot is challenged by Zhang and she wins the challenge and the point. The shuttle is just out.

16-18 Another smash by Zhang and it is a winner.

16-17 An unforced error, a dribble gone wrong for Zhang, as Sindhu wins the point.

15-17 Zhang's smashes are proving too hard for Sindhu to read.

15-16 Zhang places her forehand to Sindhu's backhand corner and the Indian's desperate dive isn't enough.

15-15 Sindhu plays a cross court forehand from the backcourt but sadly for the Indian, it just falls a tad outside the tramline.

Neither of the players are giving it up or making too many errors and handing the advantage to their opponents. This is worthy of a final.

13-13 Sindhu draws level as Zhang makes another unforced error, at the net. This game is going down to the wire.

12-13 The China-born player takes a slender lead.

12-11 Zhang sends a forehand winner, down the line.

12-10 After a good display of net play from both the players, Zhang finds the net.

11-9 Shouts of Sindhu, Sindhu engulfs the stadium as Sindhu takes a two-point lead at the mid-game break.

10-9 That was a superb rally. Zhang, from the baseline, sends it wide. Sindhu prevails in the 25-shot rally.

9-8 The Indian in the lead. Sensing Zhang grounded, Sindhu pushes it tamely to the backcourt and wins the point with ease.

8-8 Sindhu restores parity and she is pumped up. She times it beautifully to Zhang's right. That was a good forehand winner.

6-8 An unforced error by Zhang at the net.

5-8 Another accurate smash by Zhang, this time to Sindhu's right.

5-6 That was a good forehand shot from Zhang. Just on the line to Sindhu's left. That was placed well.

5-5 Zhang goes wide, to the right tramline, in a cross court attempt.

4-4 Sindhu draws level as Zhang finds the net, in an attempted return off a push from Sindhu.

3-4 Zhang pushes hard and Sindhu fails to read it well.

3-3 Three points on the trot for Sindhu as Zhang goes wide, on the left tramline.

1-3 Zhang finds the net. And Sindhu's gets her first point and the Siri Fort Complex erupts into a loud cheer.

0-2 A good start for Zhang. She smashes a forehand winner, to Sindhu's forehand backcourt. The Indian tries to stretch and reach but cannot reach.

First game begins

The stars are out on the court and are warming up. Sindhu is the top seed while Zhang is seeded fifth.


In a pulsating semifinal on Saturday, Sindhu saw the better of former World Champion Ratchanon Intanon in straight games. In case you missed the match, you can read it here.

In an other battle involving Indians on Saturday, Pranaav Jerry Chopra and Sikki Reddy lost 16-21, 19-21 to the fifth seeded pair of Mathias Christiansen and Christinna Pedersen. Click here to read the report.