All England Badminton Championship 2018: Srikanth, Prannoy shine in singles

HS Prannoy beat Chou Tien Chen 9-21, 21-18, 21-18; earlier, Kidambi Srikanth beat Brice Leverdez 7-21, 21-14, 22-20; Pranaav Jerry Chopra/ Sikki Reddy beat Marvin Seidel/ Linda Efler 21-19, 21-13 in mixed doubles.

Kidambi Srikanth in action at the Badminton Asia Team Championships 2018.   -  Getty Images


The 2018 All England Badminton Championships will get rolling today, with some of the best Indian shuttlers in action.

The All England is considered as one of the prestigious tournaments in the BWF Tour. Here is the preview of the Indian badminton players, who will take center-stage.


HS Prannoy beats Chou Tien Chen 9-21, 21-18, 21-18


Prannoy, who lost the first game 9-21 bounced back and had the last laugh.

Pranaav Jerry Chopra/ Sikki Reddy bt. Marvin Seidel/ Linda Efler 21-19, 21-13

Success for India in the mixed doubles as Chopra-Reddy duo register a win.

Chopra/Reddy wrap up the match in the second game with a score of 21-13.

Second game

Chopra/Reddy take the first game 21-19.

First game

Pranaav Jerry Chopra/ Sikki Reddy vs Marvin Seidel/ Linda Efler


Marcus Ellis/ Chris Langridge bt Manu Attri/ Sumeeth Reddy 22-20, 21-12

No fightback this time around as Ellis/ Langridge have a stroll in the second game with a 21-12 score.

Its deja vu for Attri/Reddy as they trail 6-11 again at the break.

Second game

The Indian pair fought their way back into the game but Ellis/Langridge prove superior when it mattered. The English duo take the first game 22-20.

Ellis/ Langridge take a 11-6 lead into the break.

First game

Manu Attri/ Sumeeth Reddy vs Marcus Ellis/ Chris Langridge


Son Wan Ho bt. Sai Praneeth 13-21, 21-15, 21-11

A disappointing end to Praneeth's early promise as Son completes the turn around to win the third game 21-11 and the match.

Son has the upper hand over Praneeth yet again going into the break. He is up 11-6.

Third game

The world No.4 Son takes the second game 21-15. We are moving to a decider in the Round-of-32 clash.

Son takes a 11-9 lead at the break in the second game.

Second game

Praneeth starts off in dominant fashion to clinch the opening game 21-13.

First game

Son Wan Ho vs Sai Praneeth


Sindhu now moves into the pre-quarters stage.

P. V. Sindhu bt. Chochuwong Pornpawee 20-22, 21-17, 21-9

Sindhu swiftly gets done with the third game and with that the match! She takes the third game 21-9.

Third game

Sindhu levels the score and wins the second game 21-17.

Second game

Pornpawee edges the opening game 22-20.

Sindhu jumps to a 11-7 lead heading into the break of the opening game.

First game

Chochuwong Pornpawee vs P. V. Sindhu


Kidambi Srikanth bt. Brice Leverdez 7-21, 21-14, 22-20

20-22 Leverdez's smash down the line goes wide and that's the match for Srikanth. A huge sigh of relief for Srikanth as he avoids an upset to move to the pre-quarterfinals.

20-21 Leverdez's cross court goes wide.

20-19 Srikanth can't get his return right from Leverdez's shot at his body.

19-19 Leverdez's shot goes long, well judged by Srikanth.

19-18 Leverdez edges ahead again. Srikanth can't make the return.

18-18 Srikanth's smash down the line let his down this time as it goes wide.

17-18 Srikanth's overhead smash finds the net.

16-17 Stunning badminton from both the players, with Leverdez making some good returns but it proves too many to return.

16-16 The match is moving towards a tight finish as Leverdez's unforced error levels the score.

16-15 Srikanth makes an unforced error at the net.

15-15 Srikanth's return goes long at the back court.

14-15 Leverdez's pick-up smash goes wide.

14-14 Srikanth with a smash low to Leverdez and the latter can't make the return.

14-13 Leverdez's return only finds the net.

13-12 Srikanth puts his shot wide and Leverdez takes the lead.

11-12 Both shuttlers make some quick exchanges, Leverdez prevails.

8-12 Leverdez's return goes long after the rally.

6-11 Srikanth with the lead at the break.

6-10 Leverdez with a forehand smash low to Srikanth and he can't pick it up.

5-9 Srikanth sets himself up for a drop shot after a body smash at Leverdez.

5-6 Srikanth's smash down the line goes wide.

4-6 Srikanth gets his drop shot right.

3-2 Srikanth with an unforced error at the net.

2-2 Srikanth fluffs his return from Leverdez's shot.

0-2 A superb cross-court smash from Srikanth.

Third game

14-21 Unforced error from Leverdez gives Srikanth the second game and its 1-1.

14-20 Srikanth with the smash to the back court and its game point.

14-19 Leverdez with the unforced error.

14-18 Srikanth hits it against the net this time.

13-18 Leverdez misses his smash as he hits it into the net.

12-17 Srikanth's forehand smash goes long.

11-16 Leverdez with a smash as he starts eating into Srikanth's lead.

7-15 Good reactive shot from Srikanth at the net to send the shuttle into the back court of Leverdez.

7-14 Srikanth's lob from the back court goes long.

6-13 Good response from Leverdez, hits a smash low to the left of Srikanth.

A change of racket for Srikanth

5-13 Follows that up with a smash down the line.

5-12 A delicate drop from Srikanth and Leverdez has no answer for it.

5-11 Srikanth with a free pass from the net area into an open court as he takes a big lead into the break in the second game.

3-9 Stunning cross-court smash from Srikanth.

3-8 Srikanth's forehand pick-up shot hits against the net.

2-5 Goes for it again, but the shot ends up wide.

1-5 Srikanth gets his cross-court smash right this time.

1-4 Leverdez's smash down the line goes wide.

1-3 Srikanth with a smash which Leverdez can't get to in time to return.

Second game

21-7 Leverdez wraps the first game in no time here.

20-7 Another forehand down the line from Srikanth is called wide and he challenges it. A move out of frustration as the replay shows the shot is well wide.

19-7 Another smash down the line goes wide.

17-6 Srikanth's corss-court smash goes wide.

16-6 Another unforced error from Srikanth.

15-6 A great take from Leverdez creeps over the net and lands on the forecourt line.

14-6 Leverdez sets himself up well for a smash and executes it to perfection.

13-6 Srikanth with a forehand winner across the court.

13-5 Another unforced error from Srikanth.

11-5 Leverdez takes the lead into the break.

10-5 Another unforced error from Srikanth.

8-5 Leverdez goes for the big smash but executes poorly, hits it against the net.

8-4 Follows that up with a cross-court smash.

8-3 Srikanth wrong foots Leverdez with a cross court take.

7-2 Srikanth fluffs his forehand horribly here as his shot lands inside his own court.

5-1 A Leverdez unforced error opens the account for Srikanth.

4-0 Leverdez drops a shot to the fore court.

3-0  Three in a row from Sirkanth.

2-0 Srikanth starts off with unforced errors.

Its the World No. 3 Srikanth's turn now...

Brice Leverdez vs Kidambi Srikanth


Misaki Matsutomo/ Ayaka Takahashi bt Ashwini Ponnappa/ Sikki Reddy 21-14, 21-13

The second game also goes the similar route as the Japanese duo take it 21-13. That was quite an one-sided affair. Misaki Matsutomo and Ayaka Takahashi prove too powerful for Ponnappa and Reddy. It has not been a good start for the Indian contingent.

The Japanese duo takes the opening game 21-14.

Ashwini Ponnappa and Sikki Reddy are in action in the doubles against Japan's Misaki Matsutomo and Ayaka Takahashi.


Tai Tzu Ying bt Saina Nehwal 21-14, 21-18 

21-18 Saina's shot goes long. The defending champion with a terrific turn around in the second game to take this match. That's the end of the tournament for Saina - she put up a a good fight but the World No.1 had too many tricks up her sleeve.

19-18 Tai's drop is delicate for Saina to reach at the fore court.

18-18 Tai's swipe across court goes wide.

18-17 Tai takes the lead for the first time in the game as Saina's shot is against the net.

16-17 Tai with another cross-court winner. 346 kmph.

14-16 Tai with a deceptive drop shot from the rear court.

13-16 A stunning rally from both the shuttlers, ends with Tai hitting a forehand winner to the rear court. An exhausted Saina can't get to it. A 29 shot rally - longest of the match.

12-16 Saina's drop isn't executed well and it hits the net.

11-16 Tai's shot hits the net.

11-13 Tai's forehand drop trickles inside  after hitting her own net.

10-12 Saina's low back lift forehand goes wide.

9-12 Superb smash into the body from Saina.

9-11 Saina's pick up from the fore court goes long.

8-11 Saina takes the lead into the break.

8-10 Saina's forehand is wild and it goes long.

5-6 Phew.. Tai pulls off another stunning forehand winner out of nothing.

4-6 Good response from Saina as she smashes a forehand down the line to the rear court.

3-5 Saina is annoyed after hitting her shot long

1-3 Tai starts the second game with a few unforced errors.

Second game

21-14 Tai takes the forst game with a forehand winner.

20-14 Saina hits it long and its game point for Tai.

18-14 Tai is inching her way towards the first game here.

17-14 Saina misses a great opportunity at the fore court, hits her shot against the net.

14-14 Saina fighting her way here, as Tai looks for the elaborate backhand winner and ends up sending it wide at the rear court.

14-13 Tai's smash is too powerful for Saina to get it over the net.

13-13 Service error from Tai.

11-10 Tai takes a narrow lead into the first break of the match.

10-10 Saina has pulled level. Her drop shot lands inside the line.

10-7 Wow. A cross-court winner out of nothing from Tai. Saina was rooted to her spot.

9-7 Another unforced error from Tai, hits it against the net.

9-5 Tai hits it against the net.

9-4 More errors from Saina as she hits it long this time.

7-4 Error in judgement from Saina as she lets Tai's shot drop inside the court.

5-2 A rally ends with Tai hitting a cross-court winner low to Saina's right.

4-1 Tai has forced errors out of Saina to take an early lead in proceedings.

First game

Tzu Ying Tai vs Saina Nehwal


Only two Indians - Prakash Padukone (1980) and Pullela Gopichand (2001) - have ever won this championship in its rich history of more than 100 years. Here is what Gopichand had to say about playing in the All England Championships.

World No. 3 Kidambi Srikanth can top the rankings if he manages to win this elite championship.

Order of play (Indians singles)

Tzu Ying Tai vs Saina Nehwal
Brice Leverdez vs Kidambi Srikanth
Chochuwong Pornpawee vs P. V. Sindhu
Wan Ho Son vs Sai Praneeth
H. S. Prannoy vs Tien Chen Chou