All England Open: Heartbreak for Sindhu in the semis

Follow the live updates of the semifinal clash between P.V. Sindhu and Akane Yamaguchi at the All England Championship.

P.V. Sindhu advanced to the last-four stage after beating Nozomi Okuhara in a nervy quarterfinal.   -  AFP

Hello and welcome to the LIVE updates of the semifinal clash between P.V. Sindhu and Akane Yamaguchi at the All England Championship.


Sindhu fought valiantly but Yamaguchi wins the battle of nerves to set up All England Badminton final with World No. 1 Tai Tzu Ying.

Final scoreline: P.V. Sindhu loses to Akane Yamaguchi 21-19, 19-21, 18-21

18-21 Heartbreak for Sindhu. Yamaguchi reels off four successive points to win the semifinal.

18-20 Two Match points for Yamaguchi

18-19 Sindhu challenges an in call. Unsuccessful. 

18-17 Sindhu gets the point with a neat smash.

17-17 Sindhu loses the net battle .

16-16 Way too many rallies in this game. Sindhu hits one long this time to concede the point.

16-15 Best point in a while for Sindhu. A brilliant cross-court half smash from the Indian.

15-15 Return goes too cross and lands outside.

14-14 Scores are level. Sindhu has lost seven of the last eight points.

14-13 Bad judgement from Sindhu. The shuttle lands just inside and Yamaguchi is now just one point behind Sindhu

13-11 It is too close for comfort for Sindhu now. Yamaguchi has clinched four successive points to put pressure on the Indian.

13-9 An enthralling and energy sapping rally ends with a beautiful drop at the net from Yamaguchi.

13-7 Yamaguchi tries a drop from the back. Not enough power to cross to the opponent's side of the court. Will she capitalise on the advantageous position?

12-7 Yamaguchi loses her sense of the court boundaries. Way too many long calls. But credit to Sindhu for forcing her to commit mistakes.

11-7 Sindhu goes into the break with a four-point lead, thanks to a mighty smash. Yamaguchi could only gasp in desperation at that one

10-7 The match has crossed the 60-minute mark. Yamaguchi's drive touches the net chord. Sindhu builds a three-point lead.

8-7 A lapse in concentration from Sindhu. Mistimes her return and the shuttle lands at the net.

8-6 Yamaguchi wins a drainingrally. The players are pushing each other to the hilt by mixing up the pace of the shots.

6-3 The fan gallery is firmly behind Sindhu. Another Yamaguchi error at the back court gives Sindhu a crucial lead

5-3 A fantastic smash to take a two-point lead. 

3-2 Yamaguchi challenges an out call. Unsuccessful

1-0 Sindhu wins the first point. That should do a world of good for her confidence.



19-21 Luck on Yamaguchi's side this time. The shuttle touches the net chord and slides down Sindhu's side of the court. There was no way anyone could have retrieved that one. Yamaguchi takes the semifinal into a deciding game.

19-20 A good judgement call from Sindhu. Decides to leave the shuttle untouched and gets an out call as she hoped.

18-20 Another high-quality rally. Sindhu had the advantage but the shuttle lands wide to give Yamaguchi two game points.

18-19 Sindhu persists and gets back crucial points. Yamaguchi errs at the net.

15-19 A dead dip and Sindhu is too late to reach it.

15-18 Sindhu gets one back with a powerful cross-court drive

14-18 Yamaguchi is rushing her shots now. Builds a four-point lead with a body smash.

13-15: The longest rally of the match ends on a disappointing note for Sindhu after her return fails to cross the net.

12-14 Yamaguchi is not the one to give up. Smashes the shuttle all over the court to put Sindhu in a spot. Gets Sindhu to fault-step for an easy placement winner.

12-12 Sindhu moving a lot more confidently. Tires the Japanese out to level the scores.

10-12 Sindhu sets it up nicely for a big smash. Yamaguchi had no answer to that.

9-12 A long rally ends after an unforced error from Sindhu. Misses her timing and drops the shuttle wide in the front alley.

9-11 Yamaguchi making Sindhu toil hard with deft drops at the net. Sindhu can't lift the shuttle on time and concedes a point. The Japanese has a two-point lead now.

8-8  A net error from Yamaguchi helps Sindhu level the scores. It's a high intensity game.

7-8 Yamaguchi sends one long to help Sindhu recover lost ground.

6-6  Both the players are targeting the front court. Deft drops, deep lifts, they are on even footing till now.

2-1 This time Yamaguchi gets off the block by taking the lead. The Jap looking to attack more

All set for the start of the second game. What would be Sindhu's approach?


21-19 After the jitters mid-way through the game, Sindhu bounces back to take the game with a crushing smash to Yamaguchi's right

20-19 Game point for Sindhu but Yamaguchi still has a chance

17-17 Sindhu has now thrown away the advantage she had, and looks like anybody's game from here

17-14 The Japanese clawing back into the game and closing the deficit, trailing now by three points

16-8 Yamaguchi gives away two points with her two unforced errors

13-7 Sindhu still got the lead but Yamaguchi has been pretty deceptive with her drop shots and net play.

11-5 At the break of the first game, Sindhu with a six-point lead over the Japanese

9-3 Sindhu makes it now 9-3 with a smash to Yamaguchi's right. The Japanese has a lot of catching up to do, but still lot to play for

6-0 The Indian ace blazes away with a healthy lead in the first game. The overhead smashes and cross smashes coming off well for Sindhu so far

1-0 Sindhu starts with a opening point by playing a body smash. She looks confident


Few minutes away from the start of the high-octane clash, as Sindhu and Yamaguchi make their way out to the court.

The winner of this match will clash against World No. 1 Tai Tzu Ying in the summit clash
Yamaguchi advanced to the semis after beating Carolina Marin of Spain 21-15, 21-18 in her last-eight match


India's ace shuttler advanced to the last-four stage after seeing of Japan's Nozomi Okuhara in a nervy quarterfinal.

Of their nine previous encounters, Sindhu has won six against Yamaguchi and interestingly, four of those wins came in straight games. And that would give Sindhu confidence ahead of the semifinal clash.

Yamaguchi had beaten Sindhu in the final of the World Superseries Finals in Dubai last year, and she would be hoping to do an encore in Birmingham. However, that should not bother Sindhu, who has battled hard in all the three games in the tournament—every time coming from the behind to clinch the match.