BWF World Championships 2022 Day 5 HIGHLIGHTS: Satwik-Chirag pair reaches semis, assures medal; Prannoy, Arjun-Dhruv duo ousted

Get the highlights of day five action of the BWF World Championships 2022 from the Metropolitan Gymnasium in Tokyo on Friday.

Published : Aug 26, 2022 06:35 IST

Satwiksairaj Rankireddy and Chirag Shetty dished out an impressive performance to assure themselves of a medal after they qualified for the semifinals.
Satwiksairaj Rankireddy and Chirag Shetty dished out an impressive performance to assure themselves of a medal after they qualified for the semifinals. | Photo Credit: BADMINTON PHOTO

Satwiksairaj Rankireddy and Chirag Shetty dished out an impressive performance to assure themselves of a medal after they qualified for the semifinals. | Photo Credit: BADMINTON PHOTO

  • Satwiksairaj Reddy and Chirag Shetty assured themselves of a maiden medal at the World Championships after stunning world number 2 Takuro Hoki and Yugo Kobayashi of Japan 24-22, 15-21, 21-14 in the quarterfinals.

Welcome to Sportstar’s highlights of day five action of the BWF World Championships 2022.

H.S. Prannoy vs Zhao Jun Peng

  • Another point for Prannoy here. Nervy stuff. 18-20
  • Prannoy narrows the gap even more as the deficit is reduced to just 2. 17-19
  • Two consecutive points for Prannoy but its still a 3 point gap. A glimmer of hope for the Indian here. 16-19
  • No he cannot.. What a rally from Zhao. Made Prannoy run constantly and picked a point with a well timed smash. 14-19
  • Mishit from Zhao, point for Prannoy. Can he make it count? 14-18
  • Sloppy from Prannoy as he feels the heat. Zhao is now just 3 points away from securing a medal!! 13-18
  • Zhao is inching towards a win here as the lead grows to 3. 13-16
  • An attempted defense from Zhao off Prannoy’s smash goes wide as the difference remains the same. 12-14
  • 2 points on the trot for Zhao, who is now a point ahead of Prannoy. Make it 3 as Prannoy’s ambitious back hand lands outside the box. 11-13
  • Prannoy takes a slender one point lead at the interval. 11-10
  • An unsuccessful challenge for Zhao as Prannoy’s shot lands right on the line. And Prannoy gets one back with a proper shot which lands just inside the long boundary. 9-9
  • Zhao back in the lead with 2 consecutive points. First comes off a cross court shot and the second with an amazing smash. 7-8
  • Prannoy’s successful run comes to an end as his shot goes just wide of the long boundary. He picks one back with a beautiful drop shot. 6-6
  • Scores level!! Prannoy overturns a four point deficit. 5-5
  • Prannoy is finding his rhythm here. Three consecutive points. 4-5
  • Zhao lobs the shuttle and makes it easier for Prannoy, who quicky smashes it to close in on the Chinese player. 3-5
  • Third game underway.. Zhao gets two right away, Prannoy pulls one back.1-2
  • It’s 21-6 and Zhao takes the game. Shambolic performance from Prannoy considering the form he was in, in the first game.
  • Game point for Zhao!! massive 15 point cushion for the Chinese player. 5-21
  • Zhao is literally running away with the game. The difference is 15 points now. 4-18
  • Mammoth 11 point lead for the China international. Looks like we are in for yet another 3rd game. 2-13
  • NINE point lead for Zhao at the interval. He is very much in control. Prannoy looks distracted ever since that slip.. 2-11
  • Good rally from Prannoy as he gets a point with a well placed cross court shot. 2-8
  • Zhao now has a six point lead. Prannoy tries a backhand shot and misses it. Is the injury messing with the Indian’s form?? 1-7
  • Prannoy’s smash is ruled wide and he has challenged it and bullseye! it is successful.Prannoy opens his account. 1-3
  • Second game begins and Zhao takes three straight points. This is progressing just like the first game. 0-3
  • Prannoy looked troubled after that injury but he he will now be relieved as he pockets the first game 21-19
  • WOAH! four points on the trot for the Chinese and its 19-19
  • A long rally comes to an end with Zhao getting a point as Prannoy’s shot falls wide of the sidelines. 19-15
  • OH DEAR! Pranoy slips and looks like he is in some pain. Hopefully there’s nothing serious and it doesn’t seem to be as he is already up and running. 19-14
  • That is smash masterclass from Prannoy. A wonderful crosscourt smash to secure a point. 17-13
  • Zhao gets three quick points to reduce the deificit to 3. 16-13
  • The Indian now has a five point lead. 15-10
  • Prannoy’s attempted drop goes just high enough for Zhao to capitalise as he smashes. But the Indian pulls one back with a very good rally. 13-9
  • Prannoy’s lofted shot is called wide and he has reviewed it and it is a successful one! 12-8
  • Prannoy is reigning supreme. What a flow! Started off sloppy but has been on point ever since. He takes a 4 point lead at the interval
  • Prannoy controlling the game here, makes Zhao move left and right, eventually collecting a point through a well placed smash. 8-6
  • 4 points on the trot for India’s Thomas Cup hero here. He takes a slender 2 point lead, Zhao has let his 4 point lead slip. 7-6
  • What a rally and an even better shot to top it off, Prannoy gets away with the point. 1point lead for the Indian now. 6-5
  • Parity restored, Prannoy’s smash lands just below Zhao’s torso which proves too tricky for the Chinese player. 5-5
  • Zhao is using his backhand and forehand effectively but this time the shuttle goes just wide as he tried an ambitious cross court smash. 3-4
  • Prannoy finally opens his account with a couple of smashes. 2-4
  • And we are underway! Woah four quick points for the China international. 0-4
  • Players make their way into the middle and the warm ups are done

Up next, H.S. Prannoy will be up against China’s Zhao Jun Peng

Satwiksairaj Rankireddy-Chirag Shetty vs Takuro Hoki-Yugo Kobayashi

  • Kobayashi’s shot hits the net and it is ruled out, he challenges and it is an unsuccessful one. Indians are now just a couple of points away from a spot in the semis. 19-13
  • Three very important points here for the Japanese. Still a deficit of four points and it grows to 5 as Hoki hits one wide. 18-13
  • The home crowd is behind Hoki and Kobayashi as the cheers grow wild after each point. But the Indians still enjoy a six point lead. Another point for the Japanese via a Kobayashi smash. lead reduced to 5. 17-12
  • The Indians now have a very impressive seven point lead over the reigning champions. 16-9
  • Satwik is having a chat with the umpire as Chirag’s racket touches the net. 15-9
  • Couple of points for the Japanese pair. But the difference is still 4 points. Meanwhile, Indians pull one back here. They are calm and composed that has let them stay ahead of Hoki-Kobayashi throughout this game. 13-8
  • Massive advantage for India as they carry a six point lead going into the interval. 11-5
  • India restore their 4-point lead as Hoki’s defense is miscued. Another point for the Indians as Kobayashi could not put the shuttle pas the net. 10-5
  • Chirag goes for a powerful smash but it’s wasted as the shuttle crashes on to the net. But the next point comes via a similar smash. Good stuff! 8-5
  • An attempted cross court shot from Chirag meets the net. Another point towards the Japanese as their review is successful 5-4
  • Satwik-Chirag fights back and its a three point lead for the Indians. 4-1
  • Chirag does well to meet a lofted shot with a brilliant smash. Hoki tries to defend but sees the net. 2-0
  • AND THE JAPANESE LEVEL THINGS. TAKES THE SECOND GAME 21-15. We’re going in to a decider!
  • Satwik could have defended that smash from Kobayashi but the Indian put himself in a tricky spot as he moved back when he tried to meet the shuttle. GAME POINT FOR JAPAN. 15-20
  • The Indians do well to defend the shuttle but the defending champions were just too good with their shot selection, which fetches them a point. 15-18
  • Hoki does equally well with a strategic cross court shot that falls wide of Satwik. 15-17
  • Outstanding smash from Satwik. Just a 1 point lead now. 15-16
  • A diving Satwik looks dejected as he almost got near the shuttle but it misses his racket by the barest of margins. 14-16
  • Hoki’s jumping smash proves too tricky for Chirag as the Japanese win a point. India does well to pull a point of their own. 13-15
  • 3 successive points for Satwik-Chirag pair as they close in on Hoki-Kobayashi’s lead. 12-14 now
  • A point at last for the Indians who reduces the deficit to four points. Another quick point via Satwik’s smash. 11-14
  • The lead increases to 3 as Kobayashi’s smash beats Satwik. Another point for the Japanese as Chirag makes a blunder, leaving an easy lofted shot. 9-13
  • The Japanese pair goes into the interval with a 2 point lead. 9-11
  • A phrase that has been repeated a number of times this match- scores are level and that has just happened. 9-9
  • Hoki smashes but an attempted defense from Satwik sees the net. Scores are level. 7-7
  • Net denies Kobayashi’s cross court shot. and the lead is reduced to just 1. Oh another point and the parity is restored. 6-6
  • 2 points on the trot and Japan is in the lead now. This is turning out to become a battle of slender margins. 4-5
  • There’s very little to sepearate both the teams as scores are level yet again. Now the Indians take a slender 1- point lead. 4-3
  • Satwik-Chirag pulls one back with two cross court shots. Make it two! Scores level. 2-2
  • On to the second game and its a point for the Japanese straight away. 0-1
  • Chirag’s smash lands in an awkward position as Kobayashi tanks the shot with his body. 23-22
  • Scores are equal yet again!! Chirag’s shot goes straight into the net. What a game this is turning out to be!! 22-22
  • Now its Satwik-Chirag in the lead for the first time after game point!! Pressure now on the Japanese. 22-21
  • Chirag is pumped up!! quick back and forth from the players and India comes out on top to level the scores. 21-21
  • Advantage- Japan. Satwik’s attempted defense goes well wide and its 20-21
  • 20 all!! Satwik does it in style, jumps high and hits a brilliant smash. 20-20
  • Consecutive points for the reigning champions as scores are level yet again. 19-19
  • The Indians now take a crucial 2 point lead and will be hoping to maintain the momentum and they do just that. One man show from Chirag as Satwik goes away in the middle of the rally to change his racket. Elite! 19-17
  • The momentum is finally broken as Kobayashi’s shot is just centimeters away from the sidelines. And the scores are level. 16-16
  • Japanese are in a 2 point lead now, Seven points in a row!! Holy smokes 14-16
  • The Indian pair is feeling the pressure as Hoki-Kobayashi equalises. WOW! 14-14
  • A bit too agressive from Kobayashi and it has paid off. Satwik’s serve is met with an immediate smash, which leaves the Indians surprised. 14-11
  • The Japanese get lucky here. Shuttle hits the net and manages to land on the Indian side which makes it impossible for Satwik to put it away. The defending champions are slowly creeping behind the Indians. 12-8
  • BEAUTY! So much intensity from the Indians, they are constantly keeping Hoki and Kobayashi busy with smashes and drops. 12-6
  • Satwik is guarding the backline efficiently, putting away anything that is lofted. Yet another smash to take the lead at first game’s interval. 11-5
  • Easily put away by Chirag, the Japanese serve was met by two drops and another weak loft which was capitalised by Chirag, who punches a smash to extend their lead. 9-4
  • Brilliant! Smash from Satwik, defended and lofted. Another powerful smash from Chirag does the trick to earn India a point. 7-2
  • Kobayashi’s lofted shot goes well wide of the sidelines and the Indians have judged it perfectly. 5-1
  • Hoki! Just too good. Two towering smashes that secures the first point for the Japanese pair. 4-1
  • Indians tick the scoreboard thrice in quick succession. Will hope to keep the momentum going. 3-0
  • Hoki and Kobayashi are the defending champions. Satwik-Chirag on the other hand, have had a fruitful season
  • The players have arrived and the warm ups has begun!

Now we wait for Satwik-Chirag to make their way into the middle!

Satwiksairaj Rankireddy and Chirag Shetty’s match will commence shortly on court 2, followed by H.S. Prannoy’s men’s singles event. Japan’s Matsumoto-Nagahara pair is through to the semis after a 21-13, 19-21, 21-12 win against South Korea’s Lee-Shin.

M.R. Arjun-Dhruv Kapila vs Mohammad Ahsan-Hendra Setiawan

  • Back to back smashes in the same rally which proves too hard for the Indians as they concede a point. SIX MATCH POINTS FOR INDONESIA. 13-20
  • It’s just a matter of time as they are 3 points away from a semifinal spot! 13-18
  • Two consecutive points for India but the momentum is broken via a smash from Setiawan. 13-17
  • Arjun-Dhurv have improved their strategies in the second game, but they are nowhere near the Indonesians. Huge six-point lead here. 10-16
  • Crowd is behind the Indonesians as the 5-point lead is restored, courtesy of a proper smash from Ahsan. 9-14
  • Amazing defensive play from the Indians as they pull back 2 points. They need much more of these kinda rallys. 8-13
  • Indonesia have 11-6 at the interval of second game. Done and dusted unless the Indians produce something exeptional
  • The 38-year old Setiawan is making his much younger counterparts sweat. Four point lead as we near the second game’s interval. 6-10
  • India gets two consecutive points, courtesy of Arjun but Ahsan-Setiawan are right back. A 3-point difference yet again. 3-6
  • Second game begins, the Indonesians are on a three point lead already. Swift movements, quick points. 1-4
  • “Show some movement, keep up your attitude” some words of wisdom from the Indian coach Mathias Boe
  • Game point for Ahsan-Setiawan and they take the first game and boy that was quick! Just 12 minutes played and Indians are already a game down! Uphill tast for Arjun-Dhruv from here on.. 8-21
  • Indonesians are just two points away from taking the game, domination at its best! Arjun’s weak lob is treated with an unplayable smash. 8-19
  • The Indonesian’s drop shot is countered with Arjun’s own drop which finds a point for India. 6-17
  • Beautiful cross court shot from Dhruv to pocket a point. But the Indian pair’s confidence is being put to a test, 12-point lead now.. 3-15
  • ONE WAY TRAFFIC! Ahsan-Setiawan pair goes into the interval with a staggering 10-point lead! 1-11
  • The 2019 WC winners are steamrolling on Dhruv and Arjun here, currently have a nine point difference. 1-10
  • The Indians finally manage to collect a point but Ahsan=Setiawan are back on track quickly. 1-6
  • The Indonesians pick two quick points, wasting no time. Their head-to-head against Dhruv-Arjun is an example of their dominance at the WC. They have a 4-0 record against the Indian pair.
  • Ahsan-Setiawan pair has enjoyed a flawless run in the World championships, they have won all the matches in every edition that they took part.
  • The players make their way into the middle, time for warm-ups

Up next, Arjun-Dhruv!

Meanwhile on Court 2, where Satwiksairaj Rankireddy and Chirag Shetty play, Fajar Alfian-Muhamad Rian beat Ben Lane- Sean Vendy pair 21-11,21-16 in straight sets to progress.

MR. Arjun and Dhruv Kapila’s match will be the first among Indian matches. They will be taking on Thailand’s Mohammad Ahsan and Hendra Setiawan on court 1.

But we will have to wait for that as top seeds Chen Qing Chen-Jia Ya Fan are playing the Thailand pair Jongkolphan-Rawinda, currenlty on the same court. In what was a closely fought battle initially, the Chinese pair are now racing away in the first game with a 5-point lead. Scoreline reads 16-11. And they are the ones who take the first game, 21-16 in 23 minutes. Nothing has changed in the second game too, Chen-Jia pair is on a, eight point lead at 13-5. Their game to lose! Chen-Jia are though to the semifinals of the World Championships for the third time.

Day 5 Indians in action
M.R. Arjun-Dhruv Kapila vs Mohammad Ahsan-Hendra Setiawan
Satwiksairaj Rankireddy-Chirag Shetty vs Takuro Hoki-Yugo Kobayashi
H.S. Prannoy vs Zhao Jun Peng

Three Indian matches are lined up for the fifth day of the BWF World Championships on Friday at the Metropolitan Gymnasium in Tokyo.

First up, M.R Arjun-Dhruv Kapila pair will take on third seeded Mohammad Ahsan and Hendra Setiawan of Indonesia. The Indian pair on day four, carried their rich vein of form to beat Singapore’s Hee Yong Kai Terry and Loh Kean Hean 18-21. 21-15, 21-16 in a 3-game thriller.

Seventh seeds Chirag Shetty and Satwiksairaj Rankireddy, who beat Danish pair of Jeppe Bay-Lasse Molhede 21-12, 21-10 rather comfortably in the third round, will battle Japan’s Takuro Hoki and Yugo Kobayashi for a berth in semifinals.

H.S. Prannoy, who beat his compatriot Lakshya Sen 17-21, 21-16, 21-17 in the pre-quarterfinals, will be seen in action against China’s Zhao Jun Peng. They have met once earlier and the Chinese international emerged victorious.

In case you’re wondering where to watch the matches live, here’s the answer:

The live streaming of the BWF World Championships 2022 will be available in India on Voot Select and JioTV. You can also watch it live on Sports 18.

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