BWF World Tour Finals: PV Sindhu vs Tai Tzu Ying highlights

P. V. Sindhu put up a phenomenal display to defeat Tai Tzu Ying 14-21, 21-16, 21-18 in their match at the Badminton World Tour Finals held at Guangzhou, China.

The win marks Sindhu's first win over Tai Tzu Ying since the 2016 Rio Olympics and is also her first win against Ying in their last seven encounters.   -  BWF

Good afternoon and welcome to Sportstar's live updates and commentary of the badminton's ultimate tournament — the BWF World Tour Finals as we buckle up for some adrenalin rush.

We had a pulsating game in the morning with Sameer Verma beating Indonesia's Tommy Sugiarto and now it is time for the big match as P.V. Sindhu meets World No. 1 Tai Tzu Ying.

In case you missed the Sameer Verma's match, please scroll down to read how the Indian dominated. And the match report can be read here.


What a remarkable win for P. V. Sindhu. She lost the opening game 14-21 but made a surging comeback to claim a hard-fought second game 21-16. The deciding third game was a battle of wits, fitness and temperament and Sindhu displayed terrific composure to pick herself from losing 6-11 to win the game 21-18. The win marks Sindhu's first win over Tai Tzu Ying since the 2016 Rio Olympics and is also her first win against Ying in their last seven encounters.

Congrats guys, you'll were spot on!


The score will read as Ying - Sindhu

18-21 SHE DOES IT! Sindhu puts up a stunning display to defeat Tai Tzu Ying 14-21, 21-16, 21-18.

18-20 Agonising! Sindhu squanders two match points!

16-20 Match point P.V. Sindhu! She plays a sharp drop shot and Ying cannot get her return past the net.

14-18 Sindhu's five-point streak comes to an end as her return finds the net cord. She's now all of three points away from sealing a memorable win.

13-17 What a turnaround! Sindhu plays a spectacular forehand dropshot, much like Ying's, to take a four point lead! Can she capitalise?

13-15 There's the lead! Ying's stroke goes long and Sindhu has taken the lead for the first time in the third game.

13-13 It's all level! Sindhu has clawed her way back into the game.

12-10 That's some clever play from Sindhu. She draws Ying to the net and forces her to play a meek lob, which she duly converts to reduce the deficit to two points.

11-8 Phew, that was close! Ying's drop shot lands a mere centimetre away from the line and Sindhu has won two points on the trot.

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11-6 It's a five-point advantage for Ying now. Is the game slipping away from Sindhu or can she make a comeback and claim her first win in seven encounters against Ying?

8-6 Sindhu plays a clever lob and forces Ying to play the backand. The return is weak and the India finishes the point with a forehand smash.

6-5 Three-point streak for the Indian. Sindhu's determined to not let Ying out of her sights.

6-2 How many times have we seen that? Ying plays the wonderful forehand drop shot yet again to extend her lead to four points.

3-1 Ying starts strong, takes an early lead.

Third game begins

16-21 GAME TO SINDHU! Ying's serve sails well past the line and Sindhu draws parity. An exciting third game awaits!

14-20 Game point Sindhu! She pounces on a weak Ying return and earns six game points.

13-18 OUT! Ying goes long and Sindhu is now three points away from sealing the second game.

12-16 Sindhu keeps badgering Ying's forehand and gets the reward. A sharp forehand down-the-line stroke does the damage.

10-14 Not often that you see that! Ying smashes Sindhu's serve onto the net and gifts her the easiest of points. 

9-12 Error of judgement from the Indian. Ying's forehand lob appears to be sailing past the line, but lands just within the court.

7-11 How close what that? Sindhu forehand lob manages to miss the line by less than an inch!

5-10 Streak! Sindhu has really upped her game here and has extended her lead to five points. Can she clinch the second and push this tie to a deciding third game?

4-6 My word, what a deceptive drop shot that is! After a gruelling rally, Ying produces a stunning drop shot that lands perfectly on the line.

Sindhu now has a comfortable three-point lead! How crucial will this be?

3-4 Sindhu takes the lead! She plays a clever forehand forehand down-the-line smash and catches Ying wrong-footed.

3-2 Ying plays another one of her trademark deft drop shots and Sindhu's return clips the net. 

Second game begins

Sindhu goes long and Tai Tzu Ying wins the first game.

17-12 Ying smashes it and Sindhu cannot return it.

16-11 Ying smashes it and the return is weak and Sindhu finds the net.

15-11 The World No. 1 goes wide, yet again.

15-10 A weak return from Ying finds the net.

15-9 Ying goes wide on the tramline.

14-8 It is that placement and the deception that foils Sindhu's plan. Ying dabs it well.

12-8 Ying places it well to Sindhu's backhand corner and challenges the call. The call is successful.

11-6 Ying goes into the break with a handy lead. She has been deceptive in her attack and defence, something that Sindhu should read.

10-6 Excellent deft placement from Ying, something that she is famous for, and Sindhu is a mere spectator to that cross court placement.

8-6 Two points back-to-back for Sindhu as unforced errors do Ying in.

8-4 The World No. 1 is making Sindhu move to every corner of the court. Sindhu goes wide on a cross-court shot.

5-2 Some deft play from Ying and Sindhu is found wanting.

1-2 The players trade the first two points with unforced errors. Ying goes wide, this time.

In the head-to-head, Tai Tzu Ying leads with a 10-3 advantage.

The players are on the court and are warming up.

Sindhu got the better of Akane Yamaguchi on Wednesday and looks to be in fine form. But will she be able to crack the Tzu Ying puzzle?

3.15 pm: Hello and welcome again! We are all set for P.V. Sindhu vs Tai Tzu Ying.

9.30 am: That is it for now. We have P.V. Sindhu taking on Tai Tzu Ying later in the day, around 1530 hrs. We will see you all then.

The score will read as Sugiarto - Sameer 

Sameer Verma beats Tommy Sugiarto 21-16, 21-7 in just 39 minutes. What a comeback from the Indian after being outplayed on Wednesday.

7-21 That is it. Sameer fittingly finishes it with a winner.

7-19 Sugiarto goes wide, this time.

7-18 An excellent rally again. Sameer recovered well, thrice, after being stretched to all corners of the court and it is just pity that Sugiarto went long at the baseline in the end. The Indonesian was controlling the rally well.

7-17 A monstrous smash from Sameer.

7-16 A lapse of concentration and a service error gives Sugiarto the point.

6-15 Sameer is controlling the game very well. A cross court smash lands in the zone and Sameer returns it well and beats Sugiarto with deft placement.

6-13 Good defence by Sameer.

6-11 Sameer is dictating the second game here. He takes a healthy lead with some accurate placements and good court movements.

6-9 Sugiarto goes long, at the backline.

6-8 An excellent rally and Sameer smashes it to Sugiarto's backhand backcourt to end the rally and take the point.

5-7 Excellent defensive work by Sameer.

5-6 An excellent deceptive shot by Sameer to Sugiarto's backhand forecourt.

5-5 Sameer draws level again. He smashes it and Sugiarto can only find the shuttle dropping on him fast and cannot take it well.

5-4 Sameer gets back. A superb cross court smash.

5-3 A couple of errors from Sameer, goes wide and a wek return, and Sugiarto takes two points.

3-3 An unforced error from Sugiarto, goes wide and Sameer draws level.

3-2 A good shot, an accurate cross court return from near the net and Sugiarto misses it.

3-1 A pulsating rally. Sameer missed the drive and his return finds the net. Sugiarto opens up a slender lead.

2-1 Sameer goes wide.

1-0 Sameer challenges a call at the baseline. Sugiarto looked like he had gone long but a part of the shuttle is on the line. A marginal call.

Second game begins

16-21 Sameer secures the first game. He smashes it and Sugiarto misjudges it but the shuttle falls well inside the baseline.

16-20 Game point for Sameer.

16-19 The Indonesian's cross court smash lands way past the tramline, off Sameer's right.

16-18 Sammer pounces on a Sugiarto return and smashes it fiercely and Sugiarto's weak return finds the net.

Tommy Sugiarto takes a medical time out. An attention required to his finger and Sameer gets a much needed break.

16-17 Sugiarto reduces the deficit to just one point. He has timed his shots well.

15-17 Sugiarto, covering the court well, but coudn't time a return well and finds the net.

13-16 A couple of smashes from Sameer and Sugiarto found wanting in the second one.

13-15 Some delicate net play and Sugiarto wins the point.

12-14 A good cross court smash from Sugiarto and the Indian had to stretch to reach it and fails.

11-13 A couple of unforced errors by Sameer, going long at the baseline, gives Sugiarto two points.

9-13 A good rally ends when Sugiarto finds the net, off a forehand.

8-12 The Indonesian smashes this way outside, to Sameer's backhand forecourt.

8-11 Sameer cannot time his return well and smashes into the net.

7-11 Sameer goes into the break with a 4-point lead after Sugiarto errors at the net.

7-10 A couple of unforced errors from Sugiarto gives Sameer a slender lead.

6-8 Sugiarto smashes this way past the backline.

6-7 Sameer is up with some terrific drop shots and is now holding a slight advantage over his opponent.

5-5 It is neck-to-neck as the players aren't leaving anything.

3-3 Sameer draws level. Sugiarto's smash lands just outside the tramline.

3-2 A neat placement by Sameer, just near the backline.

3-1 Three back-to-back points for the Indonesian. He is using the court well and is making Sameer move quick.

0-1 A good start by Sameer. He looks to be confident today.

First game begins

Sameer and Sugiarto are on the court and are warming up.

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