Denmark Open SF: Saina makes it to the finals, to meet Tai Tzu Ying

Tune in for live updates for the Denmark Open semifinal clash between Saina Nehwal and Gregoria Tunjung.

Saina Nehwal meets Gregoria Tunjung in the semifinals of the Denmark Open.   -  Getty Images

Welcome to the live commentary of the Denmark Open 2018 men's semifinal match between Kidambi Srikanth and Kenta Momota.


21-12: Almost could serve as the replay of the last update. That is it! An easy day for Saina as she makes it to the final. She meets World No. 1 Tai Tzu Ying.

19-11: Mariska injects too much power into the shot as it flies out of the court. Saina has damaged her confidence.

17-11: Mariska is too far on the right to even attempt a shot there. A mistake she is committing a time too many. A point to Saina again.

13-9: Saina wanted to keep the return low, but found the net instead. She lets out a smile.

12-8: Saina is dealing in smashes here! Jumps up to nail a perfect return. Mariska is clueless.

Saina leads 11-8.

9-7: Saina lunges to the right as she smashes the shuttle towards Mariska who was too far out to reach it. One point!

5-3: Mariska manages to pocket two consecutive points. But can she carry on the momentum from here on?

2-0: Saina leads Tunjung by two points here in the second game. She won the first game 21-11. Things are looking too easy for Saina and there should be no difficulty even if she manages to do half of what she is already doing.

12-21: That's the match. Momota takes the second game in 22 minutes and soars into the final.

12-19: The tie is almost done and dusted here. Momota is a near two points away from sealing his berth in the final.

10-16: Momota sets up the point beatiufully. He sends Srikanth far into the backhand court, catching him off balance and then rains in a huge smash to clinch the point.

9-14: Momota seems to have really gotten into his groove here, he's giving Srikanth no room whatsoever. He leads by five points.

9-11: Srikanth gets two points on the trot, can he hold on to the momentum?

7-11: Another big smash, another point in his bag. Momota leads by four points at the lemon break.

4-8: There's no stopping Momota! He bags his fifth straight point and now has a healthy four point lead.

4-6: Full power! Momota sends a thunderous forehand smash to take the lead.

3-2: Momota sends one long as Srikanth continues to remain in the lead.

2-1: Srikanth races to a quick 2-1 lead.

-Second game begins-

16-21: Srikanth saves four game points but it isn't enough as Momota wins the first game 21-16 in 20 minutes.

13-18: Srikanth is struggling here. He fails to reach a Momota drop and the latter is now three points away from clinching the first game. 

13-16: Another big hit from Momota and Srikanth has no response.

11-15: Sublime. Momota fires an inch-perfect down the line smash to extend his lead to four points.

10-13: Momota races to a three point lead with a sharp forehand smash.

10-10: What a point! Both players move from one end of the court to another but it is Momota who wins the point. He plays an acute backhand drop and that seals the point.

9-9: Momota claws his way back into the game. He plays a deft drop and Srikanth is unable to get to it.

8-6: Srikanth brings up a two-point lead. He times his smash to perfection and fires his smash at Momota's body, leaving the latter with no time to react.

5-5: Comeback! Momota struggles to return Srikanth's smash and the Indian draws level. That rally was 28 shots, the longest of the match so far.

3-4: The Indian fires a huge forehand crosscourt smash to reduce the deficit.

2-1: Srikanth takes two points on the trot to lead for the first time.

-First game begins-

The players have taken to the court and are warming up.
Srikanth comes into the tie after a 22-20, 19-21, 23-21 win over Sameer Verma, while Momota defeated K. Phetpradab 21-13, 21-9. Momota enjoys an 8-3 career record over Srikanth and has not lost to the Indian in their last five meetings.