Thanks for tuning in to Sportstar's  LIVE coverage of the men's singles semifinal of the India Open 2022 between India's Lakshya Sen and Malaysia's NG Tze Yong in New Delhi. This was Netra. V taking you through the action as it unfurled.

Lakshya Sen will meet World Champion Loh Kean Yew in the finals of the Indian Open 2022.


19-21, 21-16, 21-12 LAKSHYA SEN WINS! A brilliant comeback for the Indian, who was one game down increased his attacking shots in the second and third game in what was an hour and seven minutes long match to enter his maiden India Open finals.

19-21, 21-16, 19-12 A 42 shot rally as Lakshya forces Yong to the ground as he returns with a net shot.

19-21, 21-16, 18-12 Hard hitting by the third seed leaves him just three points away from reaching his maiden India Open finals

19-21, 21-16, 16-11 With a lift, Lakshya smashes forcing an error for Yong as the shuttle goes wide.

19-21, 21-16, 14-8 Continuous smashes from Yong makes it difficult for the Indian to return.

19-21, 21-16, 12-7 Yong challenges and gets it right as the shuttle is wide

19-21, 21-16, 11-6 A wide from Yong makes Lakshya take a five point lead at the mid-game interval.

19-21, 21-16, 8-5 A fabulous rally by the two players but at the end Lakshya manages to add another point.

19-21, 21-16, 7-4 A challenge unsuccessful for the Malaysian as he hits one wide.

19-21, 21-16, 5-4 Another net error by Lakshya Sen.

19-21, 21-16, 3-1 An error by Lakshya as the shuttle hits the net while trying to smash.

19-21, 21-16, 1-0 A cross court smash begins Lakshya's third game proceedings.


19-21, 21-16 Lakshya Sen fights back to stay in the semifinals.

19-21, 19-16 Hard hitting shot from Lakshya across the court leaves the Indian two points away from clinching this game.

19-21, 15-14 Another unsuccessful challenge for Lakshya as the shuttle is shown to be well out of the sideline.

19-21, 15-12 Momentum seems to be swinging in the Indians favour.

19-21, 12-12 A wide from Yong helps the Indian close the gap.

19-21, 9-11 A hard smash by Yong goes in between Lakshya's legs making it hard for him to return and gain a two point lead at the mid-game interval.

19-21, 8-8 A down the line deep smash from Yong proved difficult for Lakshya to return.

19-21, 6-5 Forcing his opponent to the ground, Lakshya manages to lead with a smash.

19-21, 4-4 A comeback for Lakshya as he hits the shuttle right on the line, making it hard for Yong to reach it.

19-21, 0-2 Lakshya errors with a net shot and a deceptive drop shot from Yong helps him lead by two points.


19-21 Yong takes the lead in the first game as Lakshya fails to get to the shuttle.

19-20 Lakshya saves a game point as Yong fails in his attempt to get the shuttle past the net.

18-18 Lakshya Sen restores parity with an attacking shot that led Yong to hit the shuttle in the net.

17-18 The rally of 26 shots was ended by Yong's cross court smash.

16-17 A cross court play helps Lakshya Sen narrow the lead by Yong.

14-14 Yong fights back as he closes the gap with Lakshya Sen forcing him to make errors and send the shuttle wide.

14-10 A downward smash from Lakshya Sen at an angle helps him take a four point lead.

13-10 Attacking play from both the players but Lakshya seems to have the upper edge with a beautiful cross court smash.

11-8 The Indian third seed takes a three point lead over the Malaysian at the mid-game interval.

10-8 Challenge unsuccessful for Lakshya Sen, but he maintains a two point lead over the Malaysian.

8-6 Lakshya seems to have found his footing in the game with a cross court smash.

5-6 An amazing turnaround shot from Yong, but the Indian keeps cool and manages to earn a point as the Malaysian struggled to connect with the shuttle.

3-4 A brilliant 45 shot rally with Lakshya's drop shot off the net, forcing Yong to make an error.

1-2 Yong finds the corner and wins two consecutive points.

1-0 Lakshya Sen wins the first point.


The two shuttlers have entered the court and begun their warm-up. Tze Yong won the toss.


Lakshya Sen punished H. S. Prannoy for his inconsistency for a place in the men’s semifinals of the $400,000 India Open badminton on Friday. This clash featuring Indians, seeded three and eight, produced its share of thrills for an hour. In the opening game where the players were locked 13-all, Prannoy raised the pace to his liking and won six straight points from 15-14 to take the lead.

In the second game, Lakshya involved Prannoy in rallies instead of looking for a finishing stroke. Prannoy, too eager to go with the momentum gained from winning the first game, tried to reproduce the same pace but did not succeed. In fact, he could never draw level with Lakshya as the youngster enjoyed cushions of 12-5, 15-8 and 19-8 to easily force the decider.

Here, it was Prannoy who led 6-1 but could not prevent Lakshya from catching up at 12. Thereafter, Lakshya gave very little away and won nine out of the last 11 points to settle the contest.

Already seen as India’s best bet for a men’s medal in the 2024 Olympic Games, World No. 17 Lakshya plays 60th-ranked Malaysian Ng Tze Yong on Saturday.

- Rakesh Rao

Where to watch?

Men's Singles semifinals of India Open 2022 between India's Lakshya Sen and Malaysia's NG Tze Yong will be live telecast on on the Sony TEN 1 SD and Sony TEN 1 HD TV channels and live streamed on Sony Liv on Saturday, January 15.