Ahmedabad Smash Masters beats Hyderabad Hunters 4-3

Catch the live action of the PBL Tie -7 between Ahmedabad Smash Masters and Hyderabad Hunters in New Delhi.

All eyes will be on H. S. Prannoy as he takes on Sai Praneeth in his singles match.   -  AP

Game 2: The Hunters kept their cool and were not worried by Nandagopal's big smashes. They win their trump match and restore some pride. The tie finishes 4-3 in Ahmedabad Smash Masters' favour.

11-15: And that is that! The Hyderabad Hunters win the game and match

11-14: Unforced error from Lee sees Hunters with the game and match point.

11-13: Seong's smash is too good for Lee, who could only return it to the net.

11-12: Nandagopal pulls one back.

10-12: Beautiful drop from Seong.

10-11: Kido misses the easiest of finishes! Gifts the Smash Masters a way back into the game.

9-11: Nandagopal pulls one back for the Smash Masters.

8-11: Kido Exploits the gaping hole across the court!

8-10: Outstanding smash from Nandagopal.

7-9: Kido's drop isn't returned successfully by Nandagopal.

7-8: Super backhand punch from Nandagopal!

6-8: Another great smash from Nandagopal.

4-8: A smart smash from Seong. His smash down the line outfoxes the Nandagopal.

4-7: Too long from Seong. Great fight from the Smash Masters.

3-7: Nice smash from Nandagopal. Forces Seong to the floor!

2-7: Kido hits it too long. But Hunters have a huge lead.

1-5: Nandagopal goes long but his shot is within the line!

0-5: The Hunters are coasting! Error from Lee this time.

0-3: Too long from Nandagopal! He is challenging it but the original call is the right one.

0-1: Hunters open the scoring.

Game 2 begins

Game 1: It was back and forth from both teams and Nandagopal stood out with his electric smashes. However, it was the calm-headed duo of Kido and Seong who trumped in Game 1.

14-15: Too long from Nandagopal!

14-14: Too long from Lee. Game point for both sides!

13-13: Backhand error from Kido gifts Smash Masters the game-equalling point.

12-13: Smash down the centre from Nandagopal is perfect.

11-12: Seong's serve catches Nandagopal off guard!

11-11: Fast hands from Seong. Rollercoaster of a game so far.

11-9: Nandagopal is fired up! His smash is too powerful for the Hunters.

10-9: Nandagopal smash is returned to the net.

9-9: Lee smash sees the score all level.

8-9: Nandagopal error. Hits it too wide.

8-8: Two smashes, two points! Nandagopal is very animated!

7-8: Super smash from Nadagopal! Great net play from the Indian

6-8: Excellent serving from the Korean Seong as the Hunters lead at the break.

6-7: Another winner from Seong!

6-6: And the scores are level!

6-5: Fast hands from Seong!

6-4: Too long from Nandagopal.

6-3: Smash Masters are coasting.

5-3: Lee's smash is returned to the net!

4-3: Smash Masters take the lead.

2-3: Too long from Lee.

2-2: Quick four points sees the scores all level.

Game 1 begins

Next up is the doubles match between Smash Masters' Reginald/Nandagopal and Hunters' Mido/Seong.


Game 2: A Stellar performance from Prannoy sees Ahmedabad Smash Masters win the tie courtesy the trump match! Masters lead 4-1 in the tie, so the last encounter, the men's doubles, will be a dead rubber.

15-8: Prannoy wins the game, match and tie for the Ahmedabad Smash Masters.

14-8: Game point for Prannoy.

13-8: Another smash, another point for Pranoy.

12-8: A 373 kmph smash is too quick for Praneeth.

11-8: Fortune favours Praneeth. His forehand touches the top of the net and drops down.

11-7: Another unforced error. Praneeth hits it too long, and this could cost him.

10-7: Wow! Some sublime badminton from both players. The 36-shot rally had good variety but ultimately Prannoy comes out on top with a fierce hit.

9-7: Smash from Prannoy is too wide.

9-6: Praneeth smash sees his win the point.

8-5: A touch of luck sees Prannoy lead by 3 points. His drop touches the net and plummets onto the court.

7-5: Super smash from Praneeth. Is this the start of a comeback for the Hunter?

7-4: Error from Praneeth gifts Prannoy the lead.

6-4: Long from Prannoy.

6-3: Too wide from Praneeth. Prannoy establishes healthy lead.

4-3: Fantastic smash from Praneeth again.

3-2: Beautiful smash from the Hunter! Cross-court hit sees Prannoy stretch to his limit, but is not enough to prevent the point.

3-1: Unforced error from Praneeth.

1-1: Too long from Praneeth.

0-1: Praneeth is not going to take things lying done! After exchanging deft drops, Praneeth smashes one across the court.

Game 2 begins

Game 1: Prannoy takes the first game 15-10 but it wasn't easy. The game was even until 10-9 but Prannoy shifted into overdrive and Praneeth was unable to catch up.

15-10: Prannoy takes the first game!

14-10: Prannoy hits the net. Still has 4 game points.

14-9: Superb rally but Praneeth hits it too long.

12-9: Again too long from Praneeth.

11-9: To long from Praneeth.

10-9: Two consecutive points for Prannoy!

8-9: Best point of the game! After exchanging smashes, Praneeth's fierce cross-court hit gives him the point.

8-8: Prannoy smashes the equaliser.

7-8: Too long from Praneeth.

6-8: Momentum in Praneeth's favour. Hunters lead at the mid-game break.

6-7: Brilliiant shot from Sai Praneeth. On the line!

6-6: Parity restored!

6-5: Too long from Prannoy.

6-4: Back in it! Praneeth closing the gap with a cross-court smash.

6-3: Not this time. Prannoy smash smashes onto the net. Point for Praneeth.

5-2: Hat-trick of smashes from Prannoy! Five consecutive points for him.

4-2: Another Prannoy smash is too to handle.

3-2: Prannoy takes the lead with a fierce smash.

2-2: Back-to-back points for Prannoy.

0-2:  Super drop from Praneeth

0-1: Prannoy error opens the scoring for Hyderabad Hunters.

First game begins

Next up is the big game! Ahmedabad Smash Masters Prannoy will play his trump match against Sai Praneeth. With the Smash Masters leading 2-1, this could be a great opportunity for the team to build a big lead.


Game 2: An easy win for Tai Tzu Ying and Ahmedabad Smash Masters after a commanding performance sees her win the match 15-5, 15-6. Raje, who was stepping in for Marin, was never expected to win but tonight was a great learning curve for the young Indian.

15-6: And there it is!

13-5: Too long from Ying.

13-4: Right on the line! Beautiful drop from Ying.

12-4: Too wide again. Ying on her way to the game and match.

11-4: Too wide from Raje.

10-4: Fabulous smash has Raje rooted to her spot!

9-4: Sublime drop from Ying.

8-4: Two consecutive points for the young Indian.

8-3: Ying's drop falls a bit short.

8-2: Ying goes into the mid-game interval in firm control of the game.

7-2: Bad leave from Raje this time around.

5-2: Too wide from Ying. Raje gifted a point.

4-1: Well lleft from Raje this time. Ying's serve is too long.

3-0: Well left from Ying.

2-0: Fast start from the World No.1.

Game 2 begins

Game 1: The inexeperienced Raje is no match for Ying.

15-5: Comfortable first game for the World No. 1.

13-5: Double error sees Ying closing in on the game.

12-5: And Raje followed it up with a poor error.

11-5: Superb smash from Raje! Brings the crowd to its feet!

11-3: Just a tad bit wide from Raje.

10-3: A rare error from Ying.

10-2: Too much class from Ying. Sublime drop from the World No. 1

9-2: Too long again from the young Indian

8-2: Raje finds the net, Ying takes a 6-point lead at the mid-game break.

6-2: Raje wins a point.

6-1: Ying running away with this game.

4-1: Ying's drop is too short.

4-0: The inexperienced Raje committing errors.

1-0: Crafty drop from the World No. 1 sees Smash Masters open the scoring.

Raje to serve.

Women's singles is next! World No. 1 Tai Tzu Ying for the Smash Masters faces debutant Rasika Raje of the Hyderabad Hunters.


Game 2:  It was pretty straightforward for Lee and the Hunters as Sourabh was just unable to find his feet! His lack of accuracy cost the Smash Masters dearly.

11-15: And thats game and match for Lee and Hyderabad Hunters.

11-14: Match point for Lee courtesy an error from Sourabh.

11-13: Superb smash from Sourabh.

10-13: And the waywardness returns! Sourabh hits it wide, gifts Lee a point.

10-12: Sourabh inches closer. Lee hits it too long.

9-12: Simple tap for Sourabh. He is not giving up!

8-12: Superb smash and grab from Lee.

8-11: Well wide from Lee. Sourabh still has some way to go.

7-11: A service fault from Lee.

6-10: More waywardness from Sourabh.

5-9: Beautiful cross-court smash gives no chance to Sourabh.

4-8: Sourabh goes into the break with a point.

3-7: A Lack of judgement from Sourabh. He wanted to leave the long one from Lee but succumbs to curiousity.

3-6: A gift from Lee sees Sourabh Verma close in.

2-6: Sourabh pulls one back.

1-6: Lee is just cruising in the game.

1-5: Wow. It's not been the best of games for Sourabh Verma. His accuracy is deserting him.

1-3: After puling one back, Sourabh succumbs to a Lee smash.

0-2: Yet another error from Sourabh.

0-1: Sourabh gifts the first point. Hits it wide.

Game 2 begins

Game 1: The veteran Lee was too goood for Sourabh but the Indian did himself no favours with his wayward hitting. Ahmedabad Smash Masters will look for an improved show in the second game.

9-15: Superb cross-court smash from Lee. Hunters take the first game.

8-14: The accuracy deserting Sourabh. Game point for Lee.

8-13: Well wide from Lee this time around. Hunters still have a sizeable lead.

7-13: Wide again from Sourabh. The Indian is gifting points.

6-12: A long rally, which saw Sourabh contend with Lee's smashes, ends with the latter winning the point.

6-11: Another Lee error.

5-11: Good smash from Sourabh sees Lee find the net with his return.

4-11: Consecutive points for Lee

4-9: Back-to-back points for the Indian.

3-9: That's better! Sourabh finally hits it within the boundaries. His smash is too good for Lee.

2-9: Lee is running away with this!

2-8: Sourabh's accuracy is taking a hit! The 37-year-old Lee heads in to the mid-game break the happier player. Hunters establish 6-point lead.

2-6: Lee now showing bit of aggression! Smashes his way to a 4-point lead.

2-4: Another error from Sourabh, hits it wide again.

2-3: After exchange of points, Sourabh hits it too wide to give the Hunters the lead.

0-1: Veteren Lee is gifted a point by Sourabh, who hits it wide.

Lee will serve first.

The second match will be between Sourabh Verma of the Smash Masters and Lee Hyun Il of the Hunters.


Game 3: Ahmedabad Smash Masters win the encounter after losing the first Game. A fantastic comeback, Reginalad and Kuhl delivered the goods!

15-8: What a time to miss the serve for the Hunters.

14-6: Smash Masters are one point away from winning the opening match!

13-6: Lee just hit his serve to the net!

13-5: Lee is on fire! Extracts an error from Bernadeth.

12-5: Lee with a smash now!

11-5: Superb drop from Lee outfoxes the Hunters.

10-5: Double error from the Hunters gives a 5-point cushion for Smash Masters.

8-5: Too long from Bernadeth. Smash Masters lead going into the mid-game break.

7-5: Error from Satwik. He finds the net.

6-3: Smash Masters running away with it.

5-3: Three points on the row!

2-3: But she makes up for the double error with a cross court forehand! Easy pickings

2-2: Another error from Bernadeth sees Smash Masters back on level terms.

1-2: Bernadeth completely misses the shuttle.

0-1: Hunters open proceedings in the third Game.

Game 3 begins

Game 2: What a comeback from the Ahmedabad Smash Masters! The were able to neutralise Satwik's smash threat and that proved to be the difference!

15-12: Smash Masters take game 2, equalise the match!

14-12: Lee errs but still game point

14-11: Satwik error sees Smash Masters with a game point.

13-11: Lee Reginald makes up for his error!

12-11: One of the best rallies of this game, but Reginald hits it too long!

11-10: Bit long from Juhl. The Hunters are closing in.

11-9: Juhl error helps Hunters back in the game.

10-8: Hunters gift two points on the trot

8-8: Satwick smashes yet again. The 17-year-old is showing no fear!

8-7: 17-year-old Rankireddy finds the net, gifts Smash Masters the lead.

7-7: Lee catches Rankireddy on the flat footed! Smash Masters back in it again.

6-6: Smash Masters equalise!

5-6: Hunters take the lead. Juhl goes too long

5-4: Double whammy! Back to back points for Ahmedabad.

4-4: Parity restored via another error.

3-4: Ahmedabad Smash Masters's turn to err.

3-3: Rare error from Rankireddy

1-3: Lee gets one back for Ahmedabad! That should give him some confidence.

0-2: It's not all smashes from Rankireddy. His deft touch leaves the opponents frozen on their feet.

Game 2 begins

Game 1: Hyderabad Hunters have won the first game without breaking a sweat. A combination of errors and furiious smashes sees Hunters in the driver's seat!

4-15: And thats the game!

4-13: I know this feels repetitive, but Rankireddy's smashes are too hot to handle.

4-11: Another smash, another point for Hunters.

4-10: The young Indian is using his hieght to his advantage. Smash Masters are getting a taste of their own medicine!

3-8: Hunters are off to a quick start! Satwiksairaj Rankireddy is smashing his way past the Smash Masters. Ironical.

3-7: Exchange of points between the two teams.

2-5: Bernadeth finds the net and gifts Smash Masters a point.

1-5: Smash Masters finally open the account! Uncharacteristic error from Rankireddy.

0-4: Four stright points for the Hyderabad Hunters. An error from Juhl gifts the Hunters a sizeable lead.

0-2: Rankireddy smashes are too furious!

Smash Masters are serving first.

NOTE: The score will read Smash Masters vs Hunters

Ahmedabad Smash Masters will play in orange, while the Hyderabad Hunters are kitted out in red.


The first match will be the mixed double encounter between Smash Masters' K. R. Juhl/ L.C.H. Reginald and Hunters' P.Z. Bernadeth/S. Rankireddy.

The big news is there wil be no Carolina Marin for Hyderabad Hunters as she is not 100 per cent fit! But she's out there, leading the team into the court.

Hi there. Welcome to the live blog of the PBL 2017, Tie -7. Hyderabad Hunters will be taking on Ahmedabad Smash Masters, and the headline fixture will be the men's singles tie between Smash Masters' H. S. Prannoy and Hunters' Sai Praneeth. This game wil be Prannoy's trump match.

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