PBL FINAL, As it Happened: Bengaluru Raptors beats North Eastern Warriors 4-2

Catch all the highlights and updates from the final of PBL Season 5, between defending champion Bengaluru Raptors and the North Eastern Warriors.

Updated : Feb 09, 2020 23:39 IST

Sai Praneeth, after losing to Kazumasa Sakai yesterday, will be looking to guide the Bengaluru Raptors to a win in the PBL-5 final against North Eastern Warriors.
Sai Praneeth, after losing to Kazumasa Sakai yesterday, will be looking to guide the Bengaluru Raptors to a win in the PBL-5 final against North Eastern Warriors.

Sai Praneeth, after losing to Kazumasa Sakai yesterday, will be looking to guide the Bengaluru Raptors to a win in the PBL-5 final against North Eastern Warriors.


So PBL-5 finally comes to an end after 24 ties in 21 days. Until next season, see you!

Bengaluru Raptors become the first team to win two PBL titles, let alone back-to-back championships. The team deserves this because they snatched the important moments and came out on top when it mattered. And most importantly, Sai Praneeth and Tai Tzu Ying led from the front tonight.

Bengaluru Raptors players receive their medals. The captain and coach then receive the 3 CRORE cash prize. Next up, Sai Praneeth receives the coveted Premier Badminton League (PBL) season five trophy. Celebrations begin in Hyderabad!!!

The North Eastern Warriors players and coach receive their runner-up medals. They will also receive a cash prize of 1.5 CRORE and a silver shield. REMINDER: Both semifinalists, Chennai Superstarz and Pune 7 Aces have received 75 lakhs each for reaching the last-four stage.

And without a doubt, the unbeaten Tai Tzu Ying from the champion side Bengaluru Raptors claims the Player of the League award.

N Sikki Reddy of Hyderabad Hunters, once again, takes home the Indian Player of the League award.

Priyanshu Rajawat of Hyderabad Hunters wins the emerging player of the league award.

Sai Praneeth wins the Indian Player of the Tie award. Rian Agung Saputro came up with the Super Smash of the tie (a 400kmph+ smash). Last but not the least, Chan Peng Soon and Eom Hye Won have been jointly adjudged the Player of the Tie. Clean sweep of awards in the final by the Bengaluru Raptors.

15-12: BENGALURU RAPTORS WIN PREMIER BADMINTON LEAGUE (PBL) SEASON FIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHAN PENG SOON AND EOM HYE WON WIN THE LAST GAME OF THE SEASON 15-12!! Tough luck Krishna Prasad Garaga and Kim Ha Na. But both of you can hold your heads high for that performance tonight. But the whole of Bengaluru can celebrate!!

13-11: Lost count of the number of long rallies this match. All of them have been amazing to watch. A combination of lethal attacks and brilliant defence on display here. Eom Hye Won kept her cool to seal that last point. Kim Ha Na is a superstar as well.

12-8: Great temperament from the Indian youngster Krishna. He is setting up points for Kim Ha Na. The gap is closing. Chan and Eom, despite holding the lead, are losing a bit of momentum here.

10-6: North Eastern Warriors is making a comeback here. The deficit has reduced to four. Krishna Prasad and Kim Ha Na throwing all they got at their opponents. It's now or never for them. Bengaluru still holds the advantage.

9-3: Bengaluru gains a six-point lead now. Some very long rallies in this game. Eom Hye Won and Kim Ha Na are literally having an intense duel at the net every alternate point. Chan Peng Soon making the difference for the Raptors against the Warriors now.

6-2: Unforced error from Kim Ha Na. Her partner Krishna Prasad looks very tired too. His hand is strapped too. Chan Peng Soon and Eom Hye Won, on the other hand, are complementing each other well.

3-1: Four 20-plus rallies to begin the final game of Premier Badminton League (PBL) season five. Will we have another deciding point? All four players on court have been absolutely phenomenal tonight.

GAME - 3

14-15: THE WARRIORS TAKE THE SECOND GAME!!!!!! THE MATCH GOES INTO THE DECIDER!!! Krishna Prasad and Kim Ha Na hold their nerves to win the game 15-14! Chan Peng Soon what have you done??!!! Krishna served and Chan left it alone but it was in! The Malaysian star reviewed it but again it went against the Bengaluru Raptors. The final match of PBL season five is the best of the lot.

13-13: Some wonderful long rallies there. They were topsy-turvy but Krishna Prasad's attack is a little too much to handle for Eom Hye Won. Kim Ha Na's returns have been some of the best this season. What a match to end the tournament!

12-11: CHAN PENG SOON'S CHALLENGE WAS UNSUCCESSFUL! The very next point, Eom Hye Won came up with a full-length dive but failed to win the point for her side. Krishna Prasad and Ha Na are holding on here. Anybody's game still!

10-9: Is the fightback on for the Warriors? Both Krishna Prasad Garaga and Kim Ha Na are targeting Eom Hye Won here. The only reason Bengaluru Raptors is leading tonight is because of their superior services game.

7-7: Few unforced errors from the racquet of Krishna here. Chan Peng Soon has upped his intensity. He is coming up with some unreturnable jump smashes. Eom Hye Won is top class at the net. Advantage back to the Raptors.

4-6: The Bengaluru Raptors have been pushed to the backfoot by Kim Ha Na and Krishna Prasad Garaga. The North Eastern Warriors duo is attacking at tis best. Chan Peng soon and Eom Hye Won have conceding some easy points in the second game.

2-2: Krishna Prasad is playing the match of his life! The Indian youngster, despite losing the first game, is the best player on the court in the mixed doubles. Kim Ha Na just needs to have a decent net game to guide her team to level terms.

GAME - 2

15-14: THE BENGALURU RAPTORS TAKE THE LEAD IN THEIR TRUMP MATCH!!! CHAN PENG SOON AND EOM HYE WON WIN THE FIRST GAME OF THE TITLE DECIDER 15-14 ON DECIDING POINT!! An error from Kim Ha Na was enough for Chan Peng Soon to seal the deal. The crowd is going absolutely crazy now.

13-13: VERY, VERY, VERY CLOSE NOW!!! Great defence from Krishna and Kim but Chan closes out the shot with a lethal smash. The team with the better serve will take the game from here. Think this one will go to deciding point.

11-11: The mixed doubles matches this season have never produced a dull moment and it's fitting that a mixed doubles encounter will now decide who takes home the title. Krishna and Kim have been the better side in their opponent's trump match.

9-8: Krishna Prasad looks to have injured his hand. He's receiving treatment. He's the most inexperienced player on the court right now but he's come up with the best forehand winners. Chan and Eom are definitely not at their best here.

5-6: The Warriors gain the lead now. Krishna is smashing everything here. And most have worked out positively for him and Kim Ha Na. Chan Peng Soon and Eom Hye Won have served poorly so far as well. 

3-2: Think North Eastern Warriors got a trick wrong here. They could have played the trump on Tanongsak Saensomboonsuk and kept their doubles pairing as it is. Krishna Prasad and Kim Ha Na face a tall task against the more experienced Chan Peng Soon and Eom Hye Won of Bengaluru Raptors.

GAME - 1


This will be the Raptors' trump match as well. The winners of this mixed doubles match will seal the PBL season five title for their team.

The next match between Chan Peng Soon/Eom Hye Won of Bengaluru Raptors and Krishna Prasad Garaga/Kim Ha Na of North Eastern Warriors will decide the fate of the two sides. We wont have a fifth match in this tie.

15-12: AND TAI TZU YING BEATS MICHELLE LI IN STRAIGHT GAMES!!!! The Bengaluru Raptors star dominated her opponent right from the beginning. In the second game, Michelle Li did manage to find some momentum but the world No. 2 was just too strong for her.

13-11: Two-point lead for Tai. She ups her intensity at about the right time. Perfect placement on those last two smashes. Michelle Li has kind of lost steam. She has to hang on because if she loses the next match will be must-win for both teams ans we will not have a fifth match in this tie.

10-10: SCORES LEVEL NOW!!! CHALLENGE UNSUCCESSFUL FOR MICHELLE LI AS WELL! It's pretty close here. Michelle looks to have the upper hand now. Tai has made several unforced errors in the second game.

8-7: Tai Tzu Ying takes a solitary-point lead into the break. She kind of let her quality drop for a while in the second game. Michelle Li has to keep attacking to stand any chance against the 'Tai Storm'.

5-4: Tai's lead has been reduced to one now. Michelle Li has placed the last few winners to perfection. However, Tai hasn't broken a sweat so far.

3-1: First point for Michelle Li in the second game. But Tai Tzu Ying is putting up a flawless performance tonight. Bengaluru Raptors look set to level the overall score of tie 2-2 soon.

GAME - 2

15-9: TAI TZU YING WINS THE FIRST GAME 15-9 AGAINST MICHELLE LI!!! She's at her absolute best here. Michelle Li is quite clueless. She's just been hit by the 'Tai storm'. Advantage Bengaluru Raptors now.

12-6: Tai Tzu Ying is just too good. Michelle Li is not playing bad but she is being outplayed by a brilliant player. Tai's making Michelle move all over the place. Michelle did come up with some clever shots but they are not enough to topple the champion Tai.

8-4: Tai Tzu Ying cruises to an 8-4 lead. She occupied the world No. 1 spot for a record time for a reason. Michelle Li is struggling here. Tai is coming up with some insane forehand winners tonight, and not surprisingly though.

3-3: Decent start from Tai Tzu Ying and Michelle Li. Both players are unable to hold serve and both of them have an amazing backhand.

GAME - 1


REMINDER: Both players are unbeaten in the tournament so far. If Tai wins tonight, this will be her 10th consecutive win in PBL. She will tie H.S. Prannoy's record for most wins on the trot in the tournament's history.

World No. 2 Tai Tzu Ying of Bengaluru Raptors will take on Michelle Li of North Eastern Warriors next in the women's singles!

14-15: WHAT A MATCH!!! Lee Yong Dae and Bodin Isara seal the final game 15-14 on deciding point!! Take a bow Rian Agung Saputro and Arun George! That was an amazing display from the Raptors duo as well.

13-13: Few judgement errors from Arun George levels the scores. Lee and Bodin sniff a chance now. Final few points of amazing encounter are upon us!

11-9: Few really long rallies followed by a loud cheer from the crowd! You should know that Bengaluru Raptors is leading from that! The ceiling might fall off if Arun and Rian claim the win. Lee Yong Dae and Bodin look way too rusty now.

8-6: SMASH, SMASH AND SMASH!!! Rian and Arun gain a two-point lead at the break with some aggressive badminton. They are at their best. Lee Yong Dae and Bodin are feeling the pressure. REMINDER: If they lose, the Warriors will get a minus point as this is their side's trump match.

4-4: It's still very close! Nothing to separate the teams but the momentum is with the Bengaluru Raptors. Most of the fans at the Gachibowli stadium are also behind them.

2-2: Arun and Rian have upped their intensity to the next level. The crowd is firmly behind them. If they break the Warriors' trump, Tai Tzu Ying can seal the title for the Raptors in the next match. Lee Yong Dae and Bodin have to shift gears now.

GAME - 3

15-13: ARUN GEORGE AND RIAN AGUNG SAPUTRO WIN THE SECOND GAME 15-13!!! What a time to be at your best. Arun just schooled the experienced Lee yong Dae with his perfect smashes. Rian is returning everything Bodin throws at him. Brilliant teamwork from the Bengaluru duo.

13-13: SCORES LEVEL!!! Arun is smashing everything at Lee Yong Dae's body. That's making the difference. Rian's placement has been delightful as well.

12-10: Two-point lead for the Warriors now! Bodin Isara to serve. The second game has become a bit erratic now. Both teams are either hitting the shuttle on the net or hitting it long.

7-7: End-to-end stuff from both teams here. Bodin's smashes are just too perfect to return. The only spot of bother for both teams is their weak service game.

4-4: SCORES LEVEL!!! Bengaluru's ploy is working. Rian is playing extremely well at the net. Arun, on the other hand, is setting up some points to finish for his partner.

1-3: Good start from the Warriors. But Bengaluru Raptors is playing well too. Arun and Rian are targeting the backhand of their opponents in attempt to win the second game and level the match.

GAME - 2

11-15: LEE YONG DAE AND BODIN ISARA SEAL THE FIRST GAME 15-11!! This was their trump match and they've played extremely well tonight. Rian Agung Saputro and Arun George made a number of unforced errors towards the end there.

9-13: This is some delightful play from the combine of Lee Yong Dae and Bodin. Rian and Arun need to come up with a better shot selection here. They are hitting everything to the centre and their opponents are enjoying it there.

6-10: Four-point lead for the North Eastern Warriors. Lee Yong Dae's reflexes at the net need a special mention. He's world class for a reason. Arun and Rian need to keep attacking to stand any chance in this match.

4-6: The Warriors get the lead now. Bengaluru's Arun George and Rian Agung Saputro are on the defensive here. The experience of Lee Yong Dae and speed of Bodin has handed the advsntage to North East.

3-2: WHAT A RALLY!!! Bodin Isara just went out during a point to replace his racquet, came back and returned two tough smashes. BRILLIANT! However, the point went to the Raptors in the end. They take a one-point lead now.

GAME - 1


Lee Cheuk Yiu, the best player of the Warriors this season, losing in the opener has already put the team on the backfoot. Bengaluru Raptors can play without pressure in the next match of the tie.

Next up, it will be North Eastern Warriors' trump match. The men's doubles pair of Lee Yong Dae and Bodin Isara will take on Bengaluru Raptors' Rian Agung Saputro and Arun George.

15-3: SAI PRANEETH BEATS LEE CHEUK YIU 14-15, 15-9, 15-3!!! Bengaluru Raptors draw first blood in the final. That was total domination from Praneeth in the third and final game. REMINDER: This is Sai Praneeth's first win in a PBL final tie, after three attempts.

11-1: Finally Lee Cheuk Yiu gets a point. Bengaluru Raptors fans have flooded this stadium. The support for the Raptors tonight is insane! And Praneeth is enjoying it.

8-0: Praneeth just dominated Lee Cheuk Yiu there!! The Warriors star has no answers whatsoever. One-way traffic up until the break. Think Praneeth will easily seal the deal now.

4-0: Praneeth toying with Lee now. He's returning everything to Lee's forehand side. Haven't seen Praneeth serving this good all tournament as well. Can Lee make a comeback?

GAME - 3

15-9: AND SAI PRANEETH CLAIMS THE SECOND GAME 15-9 AGAINST LEE CHEUK YIU!!! Praneeth minimised his errors to come out on top. Lee looks tired and is not at 100 per cent. Praneeth's best chance to go for the kill. But you never know what Lee can do.

13-9: Sai Praneeth getting a move on now. Lee is clearly struggling. He adjusting the taping on his right knee as well. Praneeth is getting the better of his opponent with inch-perfect smashes.

10-8: The smash winners from both sides of the net have been spot-on tonight. CHALLENGE UNSUCCESSFUL FOR THE WARRIORS!! Lee had reviewed an out call and replays don't favour him. Praneeth with a two-point lead.

6-6: Lee Cheuk Yiu with some amazing 350 kmph-plus smashes!!! He's levelled the scores now. He's finishing off points quickly. Both the players are countering everything thrown at them. Wonderful!

5-3: A string of 20-plus shot rallies here. Praneeth keeps attacking Lee Cheuk Yiu's forehand. That right knee is definitely hampering Lee's movement on the court. 

3-1: After beginning the second game well, Sai Praneeth puts a serve at the net. His error-filled season continues. Lee Cheuk Yiu will punish you for mistakes like these every single time.

GAME - 2

14-15: Lee Cheuk Yiu wins the first game 15-14 on deciding point against Sai Praneeth! That game was so close. It could have gone either way. But North Eastern Warriors bag the first game of the summit clash!

13-13: SCORES LEVEL!!! Both the players exhibiting some excellent net play. Praneeth is the player on the attack now. Lee is happy to wait for his opponent to make the mistake.

10-11: Praneeth slowly begins to gain the advantage by playing long rallies. He knows Lee Cheuk Yiu is injured, hence the strategy. But Lee is a player who can win matches from out of nowhere.

7-10: Three-point lead for Lee here. Praneeth's erratic play from yesterday seems to continue. The errors are beginning to creep in. Lee coming up with some tricky serves as well.

6-6: Nothing much to separate Sai Praneeth and lee Cheuk Yiu. But I still wonder how Lee Cheuk Yiu makes it look so effortless. He is one of the most stylish players on the BWF circuit. His backhand returns - Top notch stuff!

4-4: Both players are playing some positive badminton here. Some really eye-catching stuff on display. The player with the lesser number of unforced errors will come out on top.

2-2: Two winners and two unforced errors to begin the clash. Lee Cheuk Yiu's right knee is still strapped. Two days ago, he struggled a bit against Tommy Sugiarto.

GAME - 1


Remember, Lee Cheuk Yiu had beaten Praneeth in straight games during the league stage clash between the two finalists!

The men's singles encounter between world No. 11 Sai Praneeth of Bengaluru Raptors and world No. 18 Lee Cheuk Yiu of North Eastern Warriors will be the first match of the final tonight!

'ORDER OF PLAY: (Bengaluru Raptors vs North Eastern Warriors)

Men's Singles - Sai Praneeth beat Lee Cheuk Yiu 14-15, 15-9, 15-3.

Men's Doubles - Arun George/Rian Agung Saputro lost to (Trump Match) Bodin Isara/Lee Yong Dae 11-15, 15-13, 14-15.

Women's Singles - Tai Tzu Ying beat Michelle Li 15-9, 15-12.

Mixed Doubles - Chan Peng Soon/Eom Hye Won (Trump Match) beat Krishna Prasad Garaga/ Kim Ha Na 15-14, 14-15, 15-12.

Men's Singles - Brice Leverdez vs Tanongsak Saensomboonsuk (Not Played).


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