PBL 5: Pune snaps Chennai's winning streak to remain unbeaten- As it happened

Spirited performances in the doubles from the Adcocks and Chirag/ Hendra along with singles wins by Sakai and Yew helped Pune maintain its unbeaten streak.

Lakshya Sen's unbeaten run in PBL was snapped by Pune 7 Aces' Loh Kean Yew in a three-game thriller.   -  PBL

Good evening! Hello and welcome to the highlights of Match 11 of the Premier Badminton League (PBL) betwwen Pune 7 Aces and Chennai Superstarz at the G. M. C. Balayogi SATS Indoor Stadium, in Hyderabad.


That's all from this match. Thank you for joining us. The second tie of the day starts at 7pm, so don't forget to tune in again for the Mumbai-North Eastern encounter. Until next time, it's goodbye from me. CIAO!

This high-octane encounter lived to its billing. Both teams, Pune and Chennai, were unbeaten until this afternoon. But a spirited performances in the doubles from the Adcocks and Chirag/ Hendra along with singles wins by Sakai and Yew helped Pune maintain its unbeaten streak.



Kazumasa Sakai  takes the match 15-10, 15-12

GAME 2 [Kazumasa Sakai - K. Sathish Kumar]

15-12: Sakai with a cross court smash, Sathish fails to lift it and the birdie is into the net. THAT'S THAT! KAZUMASA SAKAI WINS IN STRAIGHT GAMES TO ASSIST PUNE COMPLETE A THUMPING VICTORY.

14-12: Match point to Sakai. Sakai's tumble outdoes Sathish.

13-12: That's well done! An easy lift from Sakai and Sathish looked like smashing it back. But he waited late and played a drop with soft hands.

13-11: This time, Sathish errors with a lift falling long.

12-11: Two returns from Sakai travelling long and Sathish is right back in it.

12-9: IT'S IN! A long, long rally. 42 shots long and Sakai left the last shot alone thinking it was long. But the birdie fell just in.

12-8: That's a gift! A loopy lift and Sakai was always going to put it to ground with his lethal smash.

11-8: Sathish's attempted down the line smash falls just wide of the left side line.

10-8: Sakai with a parallel smash. The original decision is in. Sathish challenges the call and the review shows that the shuttle had fallen on the line. So, one more point to Sakai.

9-8: After hitting a regulation return long, Sakai wins back the service with a cross court slice from the baseline.

8-7: Sathish nets a service return and Sakai is just seven points away from culminating a successful afternoon for the Pune 7 Aces.

7-7: Sakai rifles a smash from half-court and Sathish had no chance there.

6-7: Sathish Kumar is gifted a point after Sakai misjudged a lift from Sathish. He thought it was travelling long but the shuttle just pulled back in.

6-6: He draws back level, does Sakai. Sakai comes back with a 368 kph smash and gives a fitting end to another long yet entertaining rally.

5-6: Sakai, who was moved around by Sathish, comes out on top with a quick jab off his backhand to reduce the parity further.

3-4: Another long rally and Sakai puts Sathish into his place with a cross court smash off his forehand.

2-4: The backhand drop from Sathish is hit into the net.

1-4: Sakai's smash goes wide and Sathish will feel confident of doing some damage in this game.

1-3: Lovely work from Sathish Draws Sakai forward and then finishes it off with a tap up and over him.

1-2: Sakai returns the shuttle long off the baseline.

1-1: Sakai strikes back instantly.

0-1: Sathish wins the first point of the second game as Sakai's dribble falls back inside his own half.


GAME 1 [Kazumasa Sakai - K. Sathish Kumar, Sakai wins 15-10]

15-10: However, he doesn't fail to convert the next point as his smash is returned wide by  Sathish.

14-10: Sakai tries a cheeky, quick and flat return at the net but fails to hit it over.

14-9: Cross court return from Sakai finds the net.

12-8: Imposing his experience now, is Sakai. At the net, he waits late and then plays a quick jab off his forehand that Sathish isn't able to return.

11-8: Another mishit from Sathish and the experienced Sakai is closing in on the game.

10-8: Sathish return a smash from Sakai into the net.

9-8: Sathish bags the next point with a smash aimes at Sakai's body and he had no answers.

9-7: Backhand overhead return from Sathish travels long.

The quickest smash of the day so far has come from Hendra, who clocked 404 kph.

8-7: Sathish overhits a return and Sakai heads into the break with the lead. Sathish has started off well and has kept up with Sakai so far. Can the unranked Indian upset Kazumasa Sakai?

7-7: What a rally!! Sakai takes it in the end. 49 shots. It ends with Sakai hitting a massive smash and Sathish's return rams into the net.

5-7: The next point follows suit as Sathish lets out a huge roar after increasing his lead with a smash that was returned into the net.

5-6: Next up, he smashes it at the body of Sakai who nets himself.

5-5: Sathish's tumbling drop falls on the line. Just in.

4-4: Sathish is pumped. Anticipates a small lift from Sakai at the net with a quick jab to win the point.

4-3: A long rally, 22 shots long to be precise, and Sakai comes out on top with a smash.

3-2: Sakai into the lead now.

2-2: Sakai responds with a flurry of smashes. Kumar manages to keep off a smash before failing to return the next one.

1-2: K. Sathish Kumar wins the next point after Sakai's backhnad return is hit into the net.

1-1: Sakai wins his first point with a cross court smash off his forehand from the baseline.

0-1: Slice from Sakai finds the net.


Pune to serve first.

The final match of the tie coming up between Kazumasa Sakai vs K. Sathish Kumar]


Pune has now taken an unassailable lead of 4-2.

Chirag Shetty/ Hendra Setiawan take the game 15-12, 15-14

GAME: 2 [Chirag Shetty/ Hendra Setiawan vs Satwiksairaj Rankireddy/B. Sumeeth Reddy]

15-14: TOO GOOD FROM HENDRA AND IT IS A WIN IN STRAIGHT GAMES FOR HENDRA AND CHIRAG. PUNE WINS THE TRUMP MATCH AND PUNE TAKES AN UNASSAILABLE 4-2 LEAD. Hendra finished this match with a quick smash at the net and was directed to Sumeeth.

14-14 Great anticipation from Sumeeth, who plays a quick jab across the court for a winner. Deciding point coming up.

14-13: Satwik hands match point to Pune with a service error.

13-13: There comes the massive Satwiksairaj Rankireddy smash. He finds the body of Chirag with the lethal smash.

12-12: Hendra tries to be cheeky and it almost works. A flick at the serve that just travels long.

11-11: Scores level again!

10-10: Scores level! Smart placement from Satwik, who catches Chirag off guard by going flat and  cross court with his backhand.

10-9: Good flick from Satwik, who forced Hendra deep on his forehand. The return however, found the net.

10-7: Sumeeth misses a regulation return and it's just been that kind of a night for the doubles pair of Chennai today.

9-7: Good defence from Satwik and a lovely smash from Sumeeth to finish off the point.

8-6: Just seven more points needed for Chirag and Hendra to win the match and the tie for Pune.

7-6: Chirag Shetty's smash hits Sumeeth's head. But it's all good there.

6-5: ATTACK! ATTACK! ATTACK! Chirag and Hendra unleash a strong of smashes to win the point.

5-5: Hendra with a lovely smash as he bags the point.

4-5: Sumeeth keeping Chennai in the hunt. Doing well at the net. Forces an error from Chirag.

4-4: Big smash called long and Sumeeth cannot believe it.

3-3: Lovely put away from Hendra. At the net, he had ample time for a forehand cross court tap past Sumeeth.

1-2: Bodyline jab to Shetty, whose return falls wide.


GAME: 1 [Chirag Shetty/ Hendra Setiawan vs Satwiksairaj Rankireddy/B. Sumeeth Reddy- Chirag/Hendra win 15-12]

15-12: Pune 7 Aces takes the first game 15-12.  Chirag and Hendra have looked very confident from the start and they should be able to close this one out.

14-12: Lucky for Chennai but the team will take it. Hendra's smash is returned successfully as the birdie grazes the tape before falling over.

14-11: Still hanging by a thread, are Sumeeth and Satwik. An unforced error from Hendra, whose return travels long.

12-9: The shuttle goes under the net as Satwik's racket strings snap. His smash doesn't come off and his off day gets worse. 

10-9: Good stuff from Chennai after the break. Three points in a row. They make it four with a lovely drop at the net and Hendra's return could not travel over the net.

10-7: A rare mistake from Hendra. He finds the net with a quick return at the net.

10-5: The legend of Hendra coming to the fore yet again. A huge smash, 385 kph long, from Hendra to win the point.

8-5: Pune with the early lead at the break. Hendra latched on to a poor lift and finished the point with a quick smash at the net.

6-5: I could barely keep track of the shuttle. Wonder how these guys do it. An extremely fast exchange at the net that ends with Chirag smashing the birdie into the net from close distance.

6-4: Sumeeth does well to put Pune under pressure with quick jabs at the net. Chirag's return finds the net.

5-3: What happened there? Satwik misses the return completely. A lot like what happened in the first game of the afternoon .

4-3: The veteran gives Pune the lead again with a quick smash at the net.

3-2: Sumeeth's backhand return falls wide after he fails to keep Hendra's smash inwards. 

1-1: An unforced error each on either ends as both teams are gifted points at the start.


Pune to serve first.

Next up, is Pune 7 Aces' Trump match. Doubles partners Chirag Shetty and Satwiksairaj will be up against each other.


Check out Satwiksairaj Rankireddy in conversation with our reporter, Dominic Richard during the Chennai leg of PBL.


LOH KEAN YEW takes the match 15-13, 10-15, 15-8 to make it 2-2 for Pune 7 Aces. Sen loses his first match in PBL 5.


15-8: LOH KEAN YEW WINS IT WITH A SERVICE FAULT FROM LAKSHYA SEN. What a disappointing way to concede the match. But it is what it is. 

14-8: Sen now pulls off a great overhead jump smash down the line to stay alive.

14-7: Sen hits it wide.

13-7: Yew is bossing the game after the break and Sen's unbeaten run is on the line. Yew with a powerful smash yet again.

12-7: Now, an error from Sen, whose lift shoots long.

11-7: He is racing to victory. Draws Sen forward with a drop and then Yew plays it over him for awinner to the baseline.

10-7: Yew increasing the lead now. He gets up nice and high for a great down the line smash off his forehand.

8-7: Yew with the lead at the break. A quick exchmage at the net and it's Yew who forces the error from his opponent, who plays it into the net. 

7-7: Unlucky for Yew as Sen draws back level. Sen's drop finds the tape and trickles over. A lunging Yew is unable to get down and low on time for the return.

6-6: The two continue to trade blows. Sen responds with a smash of his own.

6-5: Yew regains the lead with a brutal smash.

5-5: Error in judgement from Sen as the lift by Yew is in bounds.

4-5: Wow! Sheer power from Loh Kean Yew! Aims the huge smash at the body of Sen, who took evasive action and failed to return it inbounds.

3-4: Next up, his drop falls wide.

2-4: Sen with a vicious down the line smash to the backhand of Yew.

2-3: Poor shot from Yew. He waited late to return a birdie from the baseline and ended up ramming it into the net.

2-2: Bit of a gift from Sen. Nice and easy lift from the Chennai player and Yew obliged with a cross court smash.

1-1: Sen levels it up early with a winner and then takes the lead as Yew's return finds the net after a flat exchange at the net.

1-0: Yew wins the first point of the decider. Sen with a sloppy lift at the net and Yew was quick to jab it right back and past Sen.


GAME 2 [LOH KEAN YEW vs LAKSHYA SEN- Sen wins 15-10]

10-15: LAKSHYA FORCES THE DECIDER! He squandered the first game but converted the second.

10-13: Just long. The lift from Sen falls just outside the baseline. The Indian had challenged the call but it was unsuccessful.

9-12: Long, tiring rally! Brilliant exchange and in the end, Sen concedes the point with a tired-looking backhand return into the net.

8-10: Make that three in a row. It was almost like a table tennis shot from Lakshya. At the net, he spins the shot from underneath and finds enough pace on the birdie for it to graze the tape and fall over.

8-9: Two points in a row for Sen after the break. Takes the lead with an overhead cross court smash.

8-7: Lakshya does well to stay in the rally as he defends well at the net to counter quick jabs from Yew. Eventually concedes a point at the net during a drop-shot exchange.

7-7: Yew returns the birdie long off the baseline. Scores level.

7-6: 329 kph smash from Yew and Sen's return finds the net.

5-6: But in the next point, Yew pulls off a massive cross court smash and Sen has no answers.

4-6: Yew's backhand return falls inside his own court.

4-5: Smart movement from Lakshya. First, goes down the line with the overhead smash and then goes inside out the next shot.

4-4: Scores back level as Lakshya hits the forehand long.

2-3: He wasn't going to miss this. His drop grazes the tape and Yew plays a loopy return at the net. Sen finishes off the point with a huge smash.

2-2: A quick exchange at the net and Lakshya comes out on top as Yew's drop finds the net.

1-0: First point to Yew after Sen returns it long.


GAME 1 [LOH KEAN YEW vs LAKSHYA SEN- Yew wins 15-13]

15-13: INCREDIBLE COMEBACK FROM LOH KEAN YEW! Sen looked on course for a comfortable win in the first game, but just lost concentration. Yew took the opportunity to bounce back. Sen concedes the game with a smash into the net.

14-13: How has this game turned! Sen with an unforced error at the net.

12-12: This time, Sen hits it long.

11-12: Finally, a point for Sen as Yew mistimes his smash that fails to cross the net.

11-11: YEW DRAWS BACK LEVEL! Sen hits a cross court drop wide.

10-11: It's a one-point game now. He outlasts Sen in this rally with a winner over his head that falls on teh baseline.

9-11: Yew beginning to find his rhythm now. Sen's return finds the net.

8-11: Good stuff from Yew. Pushes Lakshya far with a lob and then finishes off the point with a cross court tap at the net.

7-11: Sensational badminton! Yet another long rally and this time, Lakshya isn't able to come out on top. Hits a return drop into the net.

6-11: Another long rally and another point for Lakshya. After 32 shots, Lakshya finds enough power to put behind a cross court jump smash that an off balance Yew is unable to return.

5-9: Excellent defence from Lakshya. He fends off a bodyline smash with a short jab that falls on the line.

5-8: Error in judgement from Loh Kean Yew means Lakshya goes into the break with a small lead. Sen plays a cross court slice off his backhand and Yew thought it was traveling wide.

5-7: Loh Kean Yew misses the backhand down the line and hits the shot just wide. 

4-5: Brilliant cross court slice from Sen, as he catches the opponent off guard with the change in direction and pace.

4-3: 357 kph smash from Lakshya! Down the line smash to Yew's backhand, who had no answers there.

4-2: This time, Loh Kean Yew with a flat push over Lakshya Sen and the birdie falls just in.

2-2: Long, long rally and both players had a lot of ground to cover but Lakshya concedes the point by returning it wide.

1-2: Just wide this time. Yew tries a similar shot again, but misses the white side line by a slender margin,

1-1: Kean Yew responds in similar fashion. He wins the point with a down the line jump smash.

0-1: Lakshya with the first point of the game. A down the line jump smash.


Next up, Lakshya Sen takes on Loh Kean Yew in the first men's singles of the day.

THAT'S IT! KIRSTY GILMOUR TAKES THE TAKES MATCH 1 15-12, 15-6 and gives Chennai the lead.

GAME 2 [Rituparna vs Kirsty]


6-13: Smash at the body of Ritu from Kirsty.

6-12: Kirsty's flick fails to cross over the net.

5-12: Das has lost her way now. A regulation return rams into the net again.

5-10: Das' return is long of the baseline.

5-8: Good finish from Ritu. A 19-shot rally and she had Kirsty in all sorts of trouble with the low jab. Kirsty's return was loopy and allowed Ritu to put in the killer punch.

4-8: Kirsty with the lead at the break as Ritu hits the backhand jab wide.


3-6: Ritu feeling the hear, as she messes up a simple return.

3-5: Fast and close the body. When the connection is so clean on the smash, it's very difficult to return the shot.

2-4: Now, Kirsty is lookign dangerous. She is manipulating the direction really well, drawing Ritu forward and then sending her backward before pulling the trigger with a smash.

2-3: Good half-smash from Kirsty and Ritu cannot get there on time.

2-2: Beautiful drop from Kirsty. Lines up for a big smash and then plays the dummy to finish off the point with a cross court drop.

2-0: First two points to Ritu, with Kirsty returning the birdie long.


Ritu started off well and was enjoying a decent lead before her unforced errors started to kick in and she allowed Kirsty to settle down and find her rhythm. Once that happened, the writing was on the wall of the first game.

GAME 1 [Rituparna vs Kirsty| Kirsty wins 15-12]

12-15: LONG from Ritu and Kirsty takes game 1 15-12.

12-14: Audacious! Kirsty tries a delicate tap at th enet, nut the shuttle falls back into her court.

11-14: Unforced error from Ritu as she hit the return wide.

11-13: Next up, her low back hand return fails to cross the net.

11-12: Once again, Ritu targets the line on the forehand side of Kirsty with a smash and wins the point.

10-12: Error in judgement as Kirsty lets the shuttle fall inwards. She thought it was long.

9-12: Does the same thing again, this time on the forehand.

9-11: Oh, Kirsty! That is sumptuous. A cross cour jab that finds the baseline.

9-10: She target Kirsty's forehand side. Wins the point with a smash.

8-10: Das plays the backhand return into the net.

8-9: Good response from Das. Deep from the court, she plays a cross court drop.

7-9: What a smash from the Scot. Lines up for a big smash and drills it far of Rituparna's backhand.

7-8: Kirsty astonishingly takes the lead. Two unforced errors from Das and Kirsty inches ahead at the break.

7-6: Two points in a row for the Scottish shuttler. Das misjudges a drop and the shuttle falls on the line.

7-4: Lovely drop from Das. Low to Kirsty's backhand, who lunges forward but fails to keep the shuttle inbounds.

6-4: Das overhits the overhead return as the birdie falls just long.

6-3: Das looking the more comfortable of the two at the moment.

5-3: Das plays the forehand jab into the net.

5-2: Another smash from Kirsty goes wrong, this time it falls just wide of the side line.

4-2: Kirsty's smash rams into the net.

3-2: Kirsty drops it short and a moment of hesitation from Das costs her the point.

3-1: Rituparna with a lethal smash to Kirsty's backhand, who fails to get any contact on the attempted return.

2-1: First point of the afternoon for Kirsty, who pulls of a cross court smash to win he first point of the game.

1-0: First point goes to Das. A simple parallel smash to begin with.

Kirsty to serve first.

World No. 30 takes on world No.100 in the Rituparna Das.

Next up, it's time for the first Trump match of the night. Kirsty Gilmour of Chennai has called the Trump on Pune's Rituparna Das.



GAME 2: [Mixed Doubles]

15-12: Pune wins the first match. Jessica's forehand return fails to cross over.

14-12: Match point for Pune and another error from Satwik. He lines up for a smash and tries to play a drop, that rams into the net.

13-12: Brilliant work from Pugh. She finds the space on this backhand return and places it to perfection.

13-11: Oh, just long! Satwik with a regulation return that flies long. 

12-10: Oh, smart effort with the serve from Chris, but it just falls long.

12-9: Excellent rally from the two teams. Satwik with a huge smash from the back and Chris changes the direction with his backhand cross court return. The shuttle falls in. Satwik challenged it with it was of no use.

11-9: Start of a comeback? Chennai now just trails by two.

10-8: Smart from Satwik! Brilliant placement as he pierces the gap between the Adcocks with precision for a winner.

10-6: Poor return from Pugh and Gabby was always going to punish it. She does so with a short jab at the net.

9-6: Help from the tape and Jessica will take it.  A smash from the baseline grazes the tape and just trickles over.

8-4: Oh, that is sensational! Chris, from his backhand right after serving, plays a cross court jab and even a lunging Satwik fails to return the birdie.

5-4: Once again, Chris sends the opposition deep and forces a loopy return and then Gabby finishes it off with a flat return at the net.

4-4: First, a strong smash from Satwik and then soft hands from Pugh at the net. Scores level.

4-3: Satwik with an overhead smash. A half-smash but it does the damage.

3-2: Brilliant smash from Gabby to Pugh's bodyline. Smart put away.

2-1: Oh, that is a flash from brilliance from Satwik. He digs deep, low to his backhand and pulls off a great cross court drop.

2-0: Next up, Satwik's backhand return from the back finds the net.

1-0: Smart push from the Adcock to catch Satwk off guard, as he returns it wide.


GAME 1: [Pune wins 15-10]

15-10: GAME 1 TO PUNE 7 ACES. Satwik missed the smash completely and he hasn't looked himself at all. Chennai has done well on Jessica's serve but Chennai needs Satwik to step up. Convincing first game form the Adcocks.

14-9: Chris takes on Pugh's smash but fails to cross the birdie over the net.

14-8: Jessica return the serve long as six game points for Pune.

13-7: Just two points from winning game 1.

12-7: She does it again, this time past Jessica.

11-7: Gabby is so quick at the net. From the net, taps it flat for a winner.

10-7: Service error from Pugh!

9-7: Make that five. Satwik with good placement and forces the return from Pune wide.

9-6: Four points in a row! Rapid comeback after the break! What a comeback! Satwik with a flat, crisp winner.

9-5: Similar error, this time from Gaby.

9-4: Service over! Chris returns the birdie, but fails to get it over the net.

9-2: What a drop from Chris! From way far back, close to the baseline, he plays a cross court drop and Satwik has no answers.

8-2: Sizeable lead with Pune now.

7-2: Similar point again. The husband-wife combination has been working wonders for Pune so far and once again, quick exchange at the net and Gaby Adcock comes up the good.

6-2: Gabrielle get into the thick of action! A quick down the line smash past Satwik at the net.

5-2: WIDE! First long rally of the match and Satwik gives away the point with a wide return.

3-1: Oh, that's sloppy! Jessica had the whole court to herself with ample time, but smashed the shuttle into the net.

2-1: First point of the day for Chennai. Chris' with a poor return.

2-0: Chris with a hammering smash to Jessica, whose backhand return finds the net.

1-0: Points on the board early, after Satwik makes an unforced error.

Pune to serve first. Let's go!


We are ready to bring you the live action from the first double header of this edition. First up, the mixed doubles.

The line-ups are here:

Match 1 (Mixed Doubles): Chris Adcock/Gabrielle Adcock vs Satwiksairaj Rankireddy/Jessica Pugh

Match 2 (Women's Singles): Rituparna Das vs Kirsty Gilmour

Match 3 (Men's Singles): Kean Yew Loh vs Lakshya Sen

Match 4 (Men's Doubles): Chirag Shetty/ Hendra Setiawan vs Satwiksairaj Rankireddy/B. Sumeeth Reddy

Match 5 (Men's Singles): Kazumasa Sakai vs K. Sathish Kumar