PBL 5: Bengaluru Raptors thrash Hyderabad Hunters 3-0 - As it happened

P.V. Sindhu lost to Tai Tzu Ying and Sourabh Verma lost his Trump match as Hyderabad Hunters suffered a 0-3 defeat at the hands of Bengaluru Raptors.

Updated : Feb 01, 2020 00:17 IST

P.V. Sindhu of Hyderabad Hunters will take on Tai Tzu Ying of Bengaluru Raptors in the headline match of the night.
P.V. Sindhu of Hyderabad Hunters will take on Tai Tzu Ying of Bengaluru Raptors in the headline match of the night.

P.V. Sindhu of Hyderabad Hunters will take on Tai Tzu Ying of Bengaluru Raptors in the headline match of the night.


Thank you so much for joining us. A double-header tomorrow. See you tomorrow. CIAO!

That's it for today. It all started with Peng Soon Chan/ Rian Agung Saputro of Bengaluru beating Ben Lane/Vladimir Ivanov of Hyderabad 15-13, 9-15, 15-12. However, the telling blow arrived next when Brice Leverdez upset Sourabh Verma to break the trump and make it 2-(-1) for the Raptors. Next up, Tai fought from a game down to beat Sindhu in a three-game thriller. In the mixed doubles, which was Bengaluru's Trump, N. Sikki Reddy and Vladimir Ivanov broke the trump to bag the first match of the night for the team. Daren Liew's luck seemed broke just like the strings of four of his rackets as he suffered a straight-games defeat to B. Sai Praneeth.



Bengaluru Raptors were extremely clinical in their approach as they complete a 3-0 routing of Hyderabad Hunters.

B. Sai Praneeth wins the match 15-11, 15-6.

GAME 2 [ Daren Liew vs B.S. Praneeth; Praneeth wins 15-6]


5-12: Fantastic cross drop from Praneeth, completely outfoxing Liew.

5-10: Another racket with broken strings as he concedes another point. He jsut has one more left.

4-8: At the interval, it's the Indian who is closer to victory after Liew's cross sliced smash is wide.

4-7: Unforced error! Liew's regulation forehand falls wide and Sai does well to leave it alone.

2-6: Liew misses the line again, this time with his cross smash.

2-5: Poor lift from Liew at the net and Praneeth punishes him with an easy winner.

2-4: Overhead, forehand drop from Sai rams into the net.

1-4: Liew hits one long.

1-3: Liew nets the push at the net.

1-2: ANOTHER BROKEN STRING AND LIEW CANNOT BELIEVE IT. His regulation return falls wide.

1-1: What a defence from Praneeth. He fends off so many smashes  before Liew nets one. The strings had broken during the rally.

1-0: A 383 kph smash from Liew. right down the line.


B.S. Praneeth takes game 1 15-11.

GAME 1 [ Daren Liew vs B.S. Praneeth; Praneeth wins 15-11]


11-14: Daren Liew nets a regulation return.

11-13: Wayward from Liew. Wrong-footed, off balance as his forehand push shoots wide.

11-12: Daren pulls two back. His quick push from the net is to Sai's backhand and the Indian's return is wide. 20-shot rally.

9-12: Once again, Liews return falls wide.

9-11: Liew's unforced error as his return is wide.

9-9: Brilliant defence from Daren Liew. Fends off a fierce smash from Sai and drop it just good enough to make it tough for Praneeth to get it back up.

8-9: Just too good again. A down the line smash past Daren's backhand.

8-8: Phenomenal smash from Praneeth. From the base line, he wins the point with a cross sliced smash.

8-7: Brute force. A 370 kph cross-court smash from Praneeth for the winner.

Srikanth joins the commentary box for this last match.

8-6: Turnaround by Liew. Sai's service return is faint one as the dribble barely even reaches the net.

7-6: How did Daren win that point? He was never the favourite to do so. What a save. Solid on defence and it was poor movement from Sai that cost him the point. Praneeth's backhand lift falls wide.

5-6: Daren attacks the bodyline of Sai with repeated quick jabs and Sai eventually misses one.

4-5: Praneeth digs deep to pull off a brilliant down the line smash past Daren's forehand.

4-4: Liew with a forehand, cross-court smash.

3-4: Poor lift from Liew and Praneeth takes full advantage with a smash winner.

3-3: Liew's dribble scraps the tape and falls back in.

3-2: Praneeth stretches back to fetch the backhand return, but finds the net.

2-1: Liew attacks the net and hits the jab up and over Praneeth.

1-1: Good work from Praneeth. Finds the corner with the flat jab and then attacks the net with the winner.

1-0: The first point of the game goes to Liew. A down the line smashpast Praneeth's backhand.


Sai Praneeth to serve first.

The players are ready and let's get going.

The final match of the night is up next. The men's singles between Daren Liew and B.S. Praneeth.

The tie score now reads 0-2 to Bengaluru.

Vladimir Ivanov/N. Sikki Reddy take the match 15-13, 15-11. Vlad and Sikki have BROKEN THE TRUMP.

GAME 2 [ Vladimir Ivanov/N. Sikki Reddy vs Peng Soon Chan/ Eom Hye Won, Sikki win 15-1 1]


15-11: Ivanov is on the floor, with his hands up as the pair grabs the first point of the night for the team. Chan misses the service return from Ivanov and the trump is broke.

14-11: Sikki nets her dribble at the net.

14-10: One point from victory. Sikki drops the shuttle beautifully at the net after Eom returned a smash from Ivanov.

13-10: Just two points away from victory. Vlad's smash to Eom, who nets the return.

12-10: A bit of miscommunication between Vlad and Sikki costs them the point.

12-9: Another gigantic smash from Ivanov and he picks Eom as his target. The lift from the Raptors player finds the net.

11-9: Good smash from Ivanov, he finds a way through the Raptors defence.


10-8: Great attacking play at then net. Forcing Eom for an error, who smashes the return into the net.

9-8: Chan's brilliant drop from the baseline falls just inwards.

9-7: Sikki's return falls long.

9-5: WOW, THAT IS MASSIVE! Vladimir covers good court and converts the backhand into an inside-out forehand smash and Eom could barely get any racket on the return.

8-5: Vlad and Sikki looking very comfortable. Ivanov's smash is right down the centre and both Chan and Eom left it alone. The shuttle falls inwards. The on-court call is challenged but it was of no use. The birdie was clearly in.

6-5: Chan pierces the gap between Sikki and Ivanov with his smash.

6-4: THAT WAS DISPATCHED! He jumps, who is already 6'6'', and Eom has no chance with the return of the smash.

5-4: Sikki is on fire today. At the net, she plays an overhead cross-court smash for a winner.

4-4: Service error from Eom as her serve falls short.

3-3 Vladimir does well to dart left and right to get the flat exchanges but eventually finds the net with the last.

3-2: Lead back with the home team, thanks to an unforced error from the opposition.

2-2: Eom and Chan pull one back.

2-1: Lethal Ivanov samsh and not many have a chance. Eon nets the return.

1-1: Eom's attempted drop finds the net.

0-1: First point of the game to Eom and Chan. Eom's smash to Ivanov is returned to the net.


Vladimir Ivanov/N. Sikki Reddy win the first game 15-13.

GAME 1 [ Vladimir Ivanov/N. Sikki Reddy vs Peng Soon Chan/ Eom Hye Won- Vlad/Sikki win 15-13]

15-13: Sikki's network pays off as Chan's cross-court return falls wide and Hyderabad takes game 1.

14-13: BRILLIANT JUDGEMENT FROM EOM. Big smash from Ivanov was directed to Eom's body, who just ducked and let the shuttle fall out.

13-12: Ivanov watches the birdie, which travels long off Chan's racket.

12-12: Sikki's forehand drive falls long.

12-11: Eom and Chan have drawn back level. Incredible stuff. The pair pushes the opposition far back, forces a poor return and Eom provides the finishing touch with a smash.

12-10: What a rally! 31 shots long. Chan with a lethal smash from the back and Vladimir's backhand return finds the net.

12-9: Well done from Sikki. At the net, she hits a flat jab past the bodyline of Eom.

11-7: Vladimir wins the point for the pair. His smash is returned by Chan, but only to the net.

10-7: Sikki lets out a fist pump as her dribble at the net finds the tape and just trickles over.

9-5: Working in tandem and working just fine, are Vlad and Sikki. First a big smash from Vladimir and then Sikki with a smash at the net to win the point.

8-5: Next point, Chan rams his smash into the net and the Hyderabad enjoys a slender lead at the interval.

7-5: Sikki Reddy intercepts Eom's cross-court return and charges to the net for a drop but ends p netting it Good thinking though.

7-4: Eom finishes the point with a smash after a poor lift from Sikki Reddy.

7-3: Eom's tap at the net fails to cross over. 

5-1: Chan's forehand return falls long. Early unforced errors from the Bengaluru pair.

4-1: Great judgement from Vladimir. At the baseline, he was lining up for a smash, but let the shuttle alone and it was the right thing to do as it flew long.

3-1: Sikki is pumped as Hyderabad bags one more point.

2-1: Eom's backhand lift off a Sikki's smash falls wide.

Eom to serve first.

Now, it's time for Bengaluru Raptors' Trump match. It's time for the mixed doubles.


This means, the tie has been wrapped up. Bengaluru takes an unassailable 3- (-1) lead. The maximum Hyderabad can reach is 2.

Tai Tzu Ying takes the match 11-15, 15-13, 15-9.

GAME 3 [ PV SINDHU VS TAI TZU YING- Tai takes it 15-9]

9-15: TAI TZU YING HAS FOUGHT HER WAY BACK FROM A GAME DOWN TO WIN THE THREE-GAME THRILLER. Sindhu concedes the match by netting  a jump return.

9-13: Tai, you beauty. First, draws Sindhu close to the net with a drop, then sends her the other way with a drop and makes the most of a poor lift with a smahs.

9-12: Tai's backhand dribble hits the tape and falls back in.

7-12: Unforced error from Sindhu, shoots the lift long.

7-11: Great placement from Sindhu. Jump smash and drags it cross-court. No chance fro Sindhu.

6-11: Well-judged by Tai, leaves the drop alone that falls wide.

6-10: More of these from Sindhu. Digs in a cross-court smash.

5-10: Gifts a point to Tai next up with a forehand drive falling wide.

5-9: Some fight is still left in Sindhu. Pulls on back.

4-9: Tai continues to increase her lead and the worried look on Sindhu says it all. She is feeling the heat. Sindhu's backhand service return is long.

4-8: Sindhu's attempted sliced drop falls just wide. What an encounter this has been.

4-7: Tai mixing it up and then puts the point to bed with a smashing winner.

4-6: Brilliant stuff from Sindhu. Pushes Tai deep to her forehand with  a down the line smash and Tai cannot cross thee return over the net.

3-6: Tai is livid she missed the smash. She has a smile on her face, but is definitely not happy. An easy put-away that rams into the net.

2-6: Sheer power from Tai. Another bodyline smash to Sindhu, who nets the return. Tai has picked her spots and is making the most of it.

2-3: This is scintillating stuff from Tai. A bodyline smash at Sindhu, who returns it poorly, and then another smash to finish the point.

2-2: Not this time. The exact same shot as the last point, but goes cross-court and drills a brilliant smash.

2-1: Tai nets the smash to send Sindhu into the lead.

1-1: Sindhu bags the first point of the decider as Tai's overhead return is wide.

0-1: Tai takes the first point.


The decider begins.

GAME 2 [ PV SINDHU VS TAI TZU YING- Tai wins 15-13]

13-15: IMPECCABLE WAY TO SEAL THE GAME AND FORCE THE DECIDER. Tai gets nice and high and places the down the line smash nice and deep in the corner. This is high-class stuff from top high-class players.

13-14: What a point from the two! Another long rally, 32 shots long and the return from Tai lands just long.

12-14: Sindhu stays in the hunt. Fantastic anticipation from the world champion. Pushes Tai deep, who plays a poor return and then finishes the point with a smash.

11-14: Tai's sharp smash is sent back but it's wide.

11-13: Tai's return is long. What a second game this has been.

9-13: WHAT A CHANGE UP! This is a world champion at work. From the baseline, Sindhu drops the shuttle. Tai covers the ground with ease and waits till very late, drawing Sindhu forward. And then, she jab the shuttle to the left corner, up and over Sindhu.

9-12: Tai's forehands is way out of bounds.

8-12: What a comeback from Tai. A bodyline smash to Sindhu, who's return is well wide.

8-11: Error in judgement. Tai's lift fall in, Sindhu left it thinking otherwise.

8-10: Sindhu's flat, forehand return shoots long.

8-9: Tai into the lead. All of a sudden, she is moving Sindhu all around the court, targeting the corners and forcing errors from the Indian.

8-7: What a get from Sindhu, but she loses the point. Tough luck. Tai threw the kitchen sink at Sindhu, Be t smashes, lifts, drops, you name it. Sindhu digs low on her backhand to lift a brilliant drop but a Tai smash next was inevitable.

8-6: Sindhu smashing her way to a win tonight. Once again, an easy lift from Tai, who has been totally off colour today, and Sindhu hammers the birdie into the ground with a hefty smash.

7-6: Defend, defend, attack! Sindhu fends off two close-range smashes from Tai and then pulls off a flat, half-smash. Tai nets the return.

5-5: That's just scary. A loopy return from Tai and Sindhu punishes her with a hugggge smash.

4-5: Very smart from Tai. She places the birdie to perfection in the left corner. Sindhu thinks it's going out, but it falls just in.

4-4: Tai pegs back one.

4-3: Lovely stuff from Sindhu. Attacks the net and wins it with a flat jab over Tai.

3-3: Too much there from Sindhu. A dummy jump smash that is converted into a cross-court slice, but she overhits it as it falls wide.

3-2: Easy put-away. Poor lift from Tai and Sindhu charges to the net for an easy smash.

2-2: Tai hits a return wide. She challenges it but the replay shows that the on-court call was correct.

1-2: WHAT DECEPTION. Takes a her cross with soft hands across the court and Sindhu had no chance.

1-1: Tai responds with a smash of her own, one to the bodyline of Sindhu.

1-0: Sindhu with an overhead, forehand, cross-court smash that clocked 304 kph. Wow.

Will Tai force a decider? She made a lot of unforced errors but that doesn't take anything away from Sindhu, who has been at the top of her game. Her smashes, dribbles have been well-placed and timed.


P.V. Sindhu wins game 1 15-11

15-11: SINDHU TAKES GAME 1 AND THE NOISE IS AT THE HIGHEST DECIBLE IN HYDERABAD. Tai's overhead down the line smash falls way out of bounds.

14-11: Bit of luck. Sindhu's tumble at the net catches the tape and falls back.

14-10: SINDHU AT HER BEST! The stadium is on its feet. Drills a smash down the line and Tai manages to reach out low with her backhand and keep the shuttle in play. Then, Sindhu attacks the net and finishes the point with a half-smash.

13-10: Another unforced error off the backhand drop from Tai. This time, it drags wide of the sideline.

12-10: Tai responds with a brutal down the line smash and Sindhu could barely flinch.

12-9: Another mistake from Tai. Her backhand drible at the net fails to cross over. She gave it a bit more height than she would have liked.

11-9: Sindhu is ecstatic and lets out a yell after Tai's drop finds the net.

10-9: Great drop from Sindhu. A 19-shot rally and after Sindhu drills in a smash, Tai sticks her racket out for a drop and wins the point.

10-8: Oh, well-tried there. Sindhu lines up for a big jump smash but plays a cross-court slice. The shuttle, however, falls just wide.

10-7: Sindhu's backhand, cross-court lift at the net shoots long.

10-6: The return from Tai falls wide and a four-point cushion for the Indian.

9-6: Big smash from Tai, making the most of an easy lift from Sindhu.

9-5: Too cheeky from Tai but it doesn't work out. Tai drops it short from the baseline and draws Sindhu forward. The Indian plays it back and then Tai tries to push her back, but nets the forehand.

8-5: Sindhu with the lead at the towel break. Tai's backhand tap at the net fails to cross over. Good little comeback from the Indian after trailing 0-3 at the onset. She needs to win this if Hyderabad is to have any chance of winning this tie. The bottom-placed side needs some sort of inspiration today.

7-5: Sindhu gaining rhythm now.

6-5: A quick exchange at the net and Sindyu emerges on top as Tai's dribble rams into the net.

5-5: Fierce smash right down the centre from Sindhu and Tai's backhand isn't able to get there on time.

4-5: Bit of luck for Tai from the tape of the net. Her cross-court drop off the forehand clips the tape and eies down instantly.

4-4: Service error from the Indian.

4-3: Sindhu into the lead. A Smash from the centre and Tai's forehand lift travels wide.

3-3: Sindhu draws back level.

2-3: Similar mistake from Tai.

1-3: First point of the night to Sindhu as Tai's backhand lift travels long of the baseline.

0-3: She makes it 3-0.

0-2: Down the line smash from Tai, past Sindhu's forehand.

0-1: First point to Tai. She pushes Sindhu to the baseline and then attacks the net for a smash winner.

Sindhu to serve first.

World No.6 Sindhu and World No.2 Tai Tzu Ying have taken to the court. Let the battle begin.

Well, well, well! Look at the scorecard now. Negative one for Hyderabad and Sindhu has a daunting task at hand to take Hdyerabad back to zero. But she has to get past Tai Tzu Ying for that. It's time. Let's get going!


Match 1:Peng Soon Chan/ Rian Agung Saputro of Bengaluru beat Ben Lane/Vladimir Ivanov of Hyderabad 15-13, 9-15, 15-12. This made the Tie score 1-0 to Bengaluru.


MATCH 2: Sourabh Verma called the Trump on Brice Leverdez but failed to deliver.


Brice bagged the first game 15-12. Then, Sourabh forced the decider by taking game 2 15-10. Brice, eventually, bagged the match by taking the third game 15-6.


The line-ups are here:

Match 1 (Men's Doubles): Ben Lane/Vladimir Ivanov vs Peng Soon Chan/ Rian Agung Saputro

Match 2 ( Men's Singles ): Sourabh Verma (Trump Match) vs Brice Leverdez.

Match 3 ( Women's Singles ): P.V. Sindhu vs Tai Tzu Ying

Match 4 (Mixed Doubles): Vladimir Ivanov/N. Sikki Reddy vs Peng Soon Chan/ Eom Hye Won(Trump Match)

Match 5 (Men's Singles): Daren Liew vs B.S. Praneeth


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