PBL highlights: Ahmedabad Smash Masters vs North Eastern Warriors

Mumbai Rockets comprehensively beat Delhi Dashers 5-0, while Northe Eastern Warriors suffered a 4-1 defeat at the hands of Ahmedabad Smash Masters.

Updated : Dec 23, 2018 23:35 IST

Viktor Axelsen has taken the first game in what is the Trump Match.
Viktor Axelsen has taken the first game in what is the Trump Match.

Viktor Axelsen has taken the first game in what is the Trump Match.

Good evening, welcome to Sportstar 's live coverage of Premier Badminton League (PBL) 2018-19, with the Viktor Axelsen-led Ahmedabad Smash Masters taking on Saina Nehwal-led North Eastern Warriors.

It is a 4-1 victory for Ahmedabad Smash Masters against North Eastern Warriors!

Satwik Sairaj/ Sikki Reddy vs Yoo Yeon Seong/Kim Ha-Na

Second Game

15-7 That is the game! Sikki Reddy finishes with a smash across the court. Ha-Na stood rooted in her spot.

13-7 Ha-Na overhits and Sikki Reddy does well to let the shuttle fly over the line.

11-5 Another powerful smash from Satwik Sairaj gets no answer from Seong.

9-5 Satwik Sairaj sets up his opponents and finished off with a powerful smash.

8-5 The Korean pair trails at the break and Ahmedabad is looking at a possible 4-1 win.

6-4 Yoo Yeon Seong puts Sikki Reddy in a defensive position, but she comes up with a superb reply to win a point.

4-4 Seong and Ha-Na come back strong with a series of cross-court smashes to level things.

4-0 The Indian pair is looking to strong for their opponents. Sikki Reddy places her shot in the centre.

First Game

15-8 Satwik Sairaj and Sikki Reddy power through to win the first game.

12-8  Easy for Sikki Reddy! She advances towards the net and places her shot out of Ha-Na's reach.

9-7 Yu gets a point back for North East, but Satwik Sairaj comes back with another smash to maintain the lead.

8-6 A powerful smash from Satwik Sairaj makes it difficult for Kim Ha-Na to return.

5-5 Kim Ha-Na makes an unforced error and gives away the equaliser.

3-3 A 20-shot long rally results in a point for Ahmedabad as Satwik sends a cross-court smash to the right corner.

3-2 Y.Y. Seong - K.H. Na pair takes an early lead against Satwik Sai Reddy and Sikki Reddy


10-15 Another unforced error from Liew and Tian Houwei gives the Warriors their first points of the night!

9-14 It's out again from Liew! Match point for Houwei. Liew asks for the review but its unsuccessful.

9-13 Liew's pick up shot is wide.

9-12 Houwei hits it right at Liew's body who forces it wide.

9-11 Liew's backhand flick goes wide.

9-10 Houwei puts his shot long.

8-9 Houwei sees a gap to Liew's right and goes for the cross-court smash!

8-8 A 368-kmph smash from Liew and he has erased Houwei's lead.

7-8 Liew comes back fighting at the restart! A rousing cross-court smash to houwei's left.

6-8 Houwei takes a two-point lead at the break.

6-6 Houwei's drop on the back court catches the line. Called out first but Houwei overturns the decision with a review.

6-5 Some intricate net play by both the shuttlers but Liew gets the better of the stand off!

5-4 Houwei hits a cross-court smash to Liew's right which he fails to retrieve.

The Smash Masters bench goes "Liew! Liew!"

4-3 Liew hits his 12th forehand winner of the night.

2-3 Another long rally, 34 shots, Houwei concedes the point by making an error. His shot catches the net.

2-2 Houwei smashes it cross-court to Liew's left and gets the point on board.

2-1 Liew's smash catches the net and tumbles over to the other side.

0-1 Houwei prevails in the 29-shot rally with a leaping smash to the back court.

Third game

15-10 Liew takes the second game with a smash down the line! The game goes to a decider.

12-10 Houwei jumps for his backhand winner to the back court.

12-8 Liew finds his mark again. A 307-kmph smash to Houwei's right side.

10-8 Liew with a hurried response and drags his smash wide.

10-7 ANother point for Houwei. Liew hits his shot against the net.

10-5 Houwei with a cross-court smash to Liew's right and is successful with his timing and placement.

9-4 Oh wow! What a shot to get things going again by Liew. A cross-court smash to Houwei's weak side.

8-4 Liew with a smash at Houwei's body.

7-4 Liew with a smash at the end of the 25-shot rally.

5-4 Houwei with a couple of storming smashes and Liew's defence relents.

4-3 Liew with a drop to Houwei's left before unleashing a smash to his weak side.

2-3 Wild from Houwei. He smashes it wide.

2-2 A deceptive drop shot from Liew is successful.

1-2 Houwei with a precise cross-court smash!

1-0 Liew with a smash down the middle and Houwei fails to get his racquet down in time.

Daren seems to have shrugged off the trouble. He is back on the court.

Delay in the restart. Liew seems to struggling with his left shoulder and his receiving medical attention from his team.

Second game

11-15 Another unforced error from Liew and Houwei takes the first game after trailing in the early period.

11-14 Liew hits his shot long.

11-13 Houwei prevails in the long rally. Liew lands his shot wide.

11-12 A powerful smash from Liew and Houwei's dive fails to make connection with that shot.

10-11 A shot at the body from Liew and Houwei takes evasive defensive push fails to connect with his racquet.

9-10 Houwei takes the lead! The southpaw with a cross-court smash which Liew could only help on to the net.

9-9 Liew's pick up shot catches the net.

8-6 A 325-kmph smash from Houwei! No chance for Liew to retrieve that.

8-4 Another cross-court from Liew! The Smash Masters take the lead at the break.

7-4 A deceptive cross-court smash from Liew!

6-4 Misjudged the flight of the shot from Houwei by Liew.

5-3 Unforced error from Houwei in the rally.

4-3 Liew's back hand shot at the body is forced out by Houwei.

3-3 Houwei catches the net with his smash.

0-2 Houwei with a cross-court smash from the back court!

Daren Liew vs Tian Houwei

Rituparna may have given North Eastern Warriors a way back in this tie with the shock win. The scoreline now reads 3-0.

9-15 Rituparna Das with a giant-slaying on the night! The Indian takes down two-time Commonwealth Games gold-medallist in her first-ever match!

9-13 Kirsty catches the net again. Her 11th forehand unforced error.

9-12 Gilmour puts in the dive near the court for the pick up but is unsuccessful.  It looked like a hard fall.

9-11 Kirsty fights back! Das' defensive pick up from Kirsty's smash only finds the net.

7-11 Kirsty's shot down the line is wide.

6-10 Das' drop shot catches the tape and falls back into her side of the court.

5-8 Das has taken a three-point lead at the break.

5-7 Well judged by Kirsty with her last two leaves as Das' shots go long.

3-7 Das mistimes, smashes one into the net.

2-6 Das' cross-court smash goes long on the side court.

0-6 247 kmph on the smash from Das and Kirsty's pick up doesn't get over the net.

0-4 Kirsty slicing it wide this time. Das with another early lead in the second game.

Second game

8-15 Das has coolly won the first game here. Finishes with drops at the net before pushing one behind Kirsty into open space. The World No. 54 seems assured at the court against the higher ranked Das.

8-13 Das finds the net with her pick up shot.

6-12 Kirsty with another error, her pick up shot goes long.

5-11 Stunning! A precise cross-court smash from Das to the right of Kirsty.

5-9 Kirsty catches the net with her pick up shot.

4-8 Kirsty's long shot lands inside the court, Das misjudges the flight on that shot and leaves it.

3-6 Das with a body smash and Kirsty could only force her shot wide.

3-5 Kirsty catches the net with a overhead shot.

3-4 Das with a smash down the line!

First game

Kirsty Gilmour vs Rituparna Das

15-14 Decider Point here! WOW! WHAT A RETURN! Axelsen who was recovering from injury takes Tanongsak by surprise and finishes it all off in style. Ahmedabad gets three points from the Trump match and is four points clear of its opponents.


14-13 MATCH POINT! And out in no time. Tanongsak heaves a sigh of relief.

12-13 Tanongsak must mean unpredicability in Thai. The man has some amazing tricks up his sleeve. Now he takes the lead, coming from nowhere, taking advantage of a frustrated opponent.

11-11 Now it's all level! Tanongsak fires one at 316 km/h. Axelsen, simply put, has no answer to that.

11-9 How quick was that? The 6'4" Axelsen is up in no time after a diving attempt to hammer a backhand at the Thai. I wonder whether he could even see the shuttle go!

10-8 Ahmedabad Smash Masters get the point! That is a 25-shot rally which ends with the shuttle landing just outside the white line. That's a worried Saina on the bench.

8-7 Axelsen takes the narrowest of leads at the break. Can he continue the same way and bag the Super match victory?

6-5 That is three back-to-back points for the Danish as Tanongsak again comes in quickly to land one out of the court. He has the lead as well, AGAIN.

3-5 Axelsen, who from the first game has resorted to the cross-court smash to garner up the numbers fails this time. Out of limits!

3-2 Tanongsak finds the net this time. Point to be noted, ladies and gents, Tanongsak, although trailing looks to have come back stronger after the first game.

Second Game


15-11 But for how long? Axelsen takes the first game of the Trump Match.

14-11 Well! Well! Well! The Thai is coming back into this game. He can be a dangerous customer too.

14-10 Tanongsak forces an error from Axelsen.

12-8 Axelsen is having all the fun here as a clearly frustrated Tanongsak graces the giant screen here. A 29-shot rally ends with a fine deception courtesy the Danish's wrists. A flick and a diversion was all that was needed.

10-8 WOOOH! Tanongsak who returns the first smash has nothing to do but watch a point go when Axelsen rains one of the fastest scorchers on him the very next shot.

9-7 The nets plotting against Axelsen this time who needs to be a little more patient with his returns. A follied backhand ends as a gift to the opponent.

9-4 Good judgement from the Danish champion. Tanongsak had too much power on that shot. Axelsen leaves it for good.

8-4 Keep in mind that this is the Trump Match if Axelsen's perspective is to be considered.

6-3 Out! A 19-shot rally comes to an end as the Thai loses control over the pace of the return.

2-3 Woah! Nice and neat cross court shot from Axelsen. Tanongsak was nowhere near the shuttle.

1-1 A 324 km/h smash from Axelsen finds a clueless Saensomboonsuk on the other side.

First game

Viktor Axelsen vs Tanongsak Saensomboonsuk

North Eastern will be entering smash city next when power-house Viktor Axelsen takes on Tanongsak Saensomboonsuk. The match will be Smash Masters' trump match.

15-14 Satwik with a smash for to get the opening win for the Smash Masters! Minue one for the Warriors. What a thriller to start the tie here!

A seven-point swing from North Eastern Warriors.

14-14 Lee's shot goes out and Ahmedabad calls for a review! It's unsuccessful. Golden point time!

14-12 Satwik's smash catches the tape!

14-11 Lucky break for NE! Chun's defensive shot lands inside the back court.

14-8 Satwik sets up match point for Ahmedabad.

13-7 Satwik's smashes are too hot to handle for the North Eastern pair! Seong with the error this time off the smash.

12-6 Lee's defensive shot lands inside the line on the side court.

10-6 Lee goes for the pick-up near the net but the shuttle doesn't get over the net.

10-5 Lee with the back-court smash this time and Chun hits it against the net!

9-4 Satwik shows his power yet again, his cross-court smash is difficult for Seong to return.

8-4 Satwik and Lee go into the break with the lead yet again.

7-4 Good work from Lee at the net after a powerful smash from Satwik at the far court.

6-4 Satwik returns the favour with a powerful smash on Seong's body.

5-4 Seong with a backhand flick and it hits Lee on the body.

4-1 Chun gets Warriors' first point of the third game with a near-court smash.

4-0 Lee is on fire at the moment! Lands a smash in between Seong and Chun.

3-0 Chun with another error.

2-0 Lee with a forehand smash and it lands inside the court.

Third game

15-14 Error in judgement from Chun! He lets the shuttle land inside the court assuming its going out. We are going into the decider here!

14-14 Into the net from Chun!

13-14 Match point for NE Warriors. Seong with another smash!

13-13 Seong with a pile-driver of a smash here! Yikes!  No chance for Lee there

12-12 It's all square now!  Satwik with an unfroced error.

12-11 Chun with a smash and Satwik has no chance to retrieve it.

12-10 Chun and Seong with good attacking play which forced an error out of Satwik.

12-9 Lee with an error, hits the net from back-court.

11-7 Lee could only hit it long from Seong's back-court smash.

11-5 An error from the Warriors this time, the shuttle is hit out of the court.

10-5 Satwik with an error at the net.

10-4 Lee with a drop from the back court.

8-4 Rankireddy and Lee have made a good comeback into this game.

Rankireddy throws his racquet out to be restrung. Gets a new one.

6-4 Satwik's backhand flick catches the net.

4-3 Chun with a near-court smash!

4-1 Lucky escape for Satwik, his shot near the net catches the tape before falling into the other side of the net.

1-0 Service error from Seong of the Warriors.

Second game

10-15 Satwik with a service error and the opening game goes to the pair of Chun and Seong of Ahmedabad.

9-14 Chun with a cross-curt smash and Lee's return finds the net.

8-12 Ahmedabad's Lee struggling in defence as Chun and Seong continue to target him in attack.

8-10 Service error from Chun.

7-10 Satwik's return near the net goes long.

6-9 Seong with a string of smashes and Lee succumbs to the pressure by hitting into the net.

6-7 Chun's return hits the net.

4-5 Satwik with a hard smash and the return from Chun goes wide.

3-3 Lee with a superb return from the service, lands the shuttle in vacant court.

1-2 Service error hands Ahmedabad the first points of the night.

First game

The first match will be the men's doubles between the Ahmedabad pair of L.C.H.Reginald/S.Rankireddy and the North Eastern pair of L.M.Chun/Y.Y.Seong. This is North Eastern Warriors' trump match.


Live updates

The second tie of the day to follow.


15-10 A forehand winner from Pardeshi to complete the win and win the tie 5-0 for Mumbai Rockets.

14-10 An overhead smash from Pardeshi catches the net.

14-9 Clever drop from Evgenya and Pardeshi cannot get the shuttle over the net.

14-8 A forehand winner from Evgenya.

14-7 An unforced error from Pardeshi; puts her smash well over the line.

13-5 Pardeshi catches the outside edge of the line and on review, wins the point.

12-5 Winner after winner! Pardeshi once again finds the left corner and Evgenya has no answer to her forehand.

11-4 Evgenya catches the net with her smash and Pardeshi is inching closer.

10-4 Another forehand winner from Pardeshi.

9-3 A well-placed forehand from Pardeshi gives her a point.

8-3 An unforced error from Evgenya hands Pardeshi a five-point lead at the mid-game break in the third.

7-3 An identical winner down the line gains Pardeshi a point.

6-3 Pardesh with a winner down the line.

5-1 A smash from Pardeshi is well-placed, low and to the left of Evgenya, who is unable to retrieve.

4-1 An unforced error for Pardeshi helps Evgenya get off the mark in the third game.

3-0 Another Evgenya forehand catches the net and Pardeshi completes a hat-trick of points.

1-0 An unforced error from Evgenya gifts Pardeshi a point.

Third game.

15-8 An unforced error from Evgenya wins the second game for Pardeshi, forcing a decider.

13-7 Pardeshi forces an error with a body smash at Evgenya.

11-6 Evgenya catches the net with her forehand.

9-6 Pardeshi gets a point from an unforced error. Evgenya drags her forehand wide.

8-6 Pardeshi with the lead at the mid-game break.

7-6 Another unforced error from Pardeshi, with the backhand this time too.

6-5 Pardeshi's backhand is wide.

2-2 Evgenya makes Pardeshi stretch with a clever drop and the Indian cannot get enough power to lift it over the net.

1-1 Pardeshi's forehand is long, well over the baseline.

Second game.

12-15 Evgenya takes the first game having come from behind.

12-14 Evgenya wins a point she completely dominated. A forehand drop gives her the game point.

12-12 Evgenya goes for a drop but catches the net with her forehand.

11-12 Pardeshi with a cross-court winner.

10-10 A clever drop from Pardeshi and in stretching to retrieve it, Evgenya drags her backhand wide.

9-8 Evgenya shows good anticipation to not play a Pardeshi forehand which goes wide.

9-7 Pardeshi goes for a down the line winner, but pulls her forehand narrowly wide.

9-6 Evgenya's forehand catches the net.

8-5 Pardeshi holds a three-point lead at the mid-game break.

7-5 Pardeshi pulls her forehand wide this time.

7-4 Pardeshi with a winner down the line.

6-3 Evgenya's backhand is well wide.


Next up is the women's singles between Shriyanshi Pardeshi (Mumbai Rockets) and Evgenya (Delhi Dashers).

12-15 Lee Hsin with a smash down the middle and Delhi Dashers gets on board in the tie.

12-14 Lee Hsin with a body smash at Lee Yong Dae to set up a match point for Delhi Dashers.

12-12 Pia Zebadiah catches the net with her forehand.


12-11 Lee Yong Dae's smash is at the body of Lee Hsin and goes unreturned.

9-11 Lee Yong Dae with a ferocious smash, at the body of Jongjit, who pulls his return wide.

8-10 Lee Hsin's backhand is at the body of Lee Yong Dae, who catches the net.

8-9 Jongjit goes for an acrobatic forehand but only manages to catch the net.

7-8 The pace of Jongjit's smash unsettles Lee Yong Dae, whose return is well wide.

7-7 Lee Hsin catches the net with her forehand.

6-6 Lee Hsin's forehand is wayward.

3-4 An unforced error from Zebadiah hands Delhi Dashers a point.

3-3 Lee Yong Dae produces a backhand winner to draw Mumbai Rockets level.

Second game.

9-15 Jongjit and Pia Zebadiah take the first game.


9-14 An ace from Lee Hsin and a game point for Delhi Dashers.

9-13 Another ferocious smash from Jongjit (343 kmph) and Delhi Dashers gets the point.

9-11 A ferocious smash from Jongjit.

9-10 An unforced error from Pia Zebadiah.

7-10 A cross-court winner from Jongjit.

7-9 Lee Yong Dae catches the net with his forehand.

6-8 A two-point lead for Delhi Dashers at the mid-game break.

5-6 Lee Yong Dae's smash catches the net.

5-5 A smash from Jongjit helps Delhi Dashers level the score.

4-4 A smash from Jongjit and Lee Yong Dae is unable to return.


Next up is the mixed doubles: Mumbai Rockets' Lee Yong Dae/Pia Zebadiah take on M. Jongjit/Lee Chia Hsin

9-15 Prannoy's forehand is well wide and Verma wins the game and match!

9-14 Verma comes up with a winner to set up a game point for himself.

7-12 Verma gets lucky but he won't care one bit. The shuttle drops well short of Prannoy after catching the top of the net.

7-11 Prannoy goes for too much power on his smash and catches the net.

7-10 An overhead smash down the line from Verma to restore the three-point lead.

7-9 Prannoy anticipates the shuttle to go over the baseline but it drops on it perfectly to hand Verma a point.

6-8 Verma's backhand goes wide.

5-8 A three point lead for Mumbai Rockets' Sameer Verma at the mid-game break.

5-6 A smash down the line from Verma.

5-5 Another unforced error from Verma hands Prannoy a cheap point.

4-5 Verma's forehand is over the baseline.

3-5 A 335 kmph winner from for Verma.

3-4 This time a forehand winner from Verma, who has grown in confidence.

3-3 A backhand winner from Verma.


3-2 Fortuitous! Verma's backhand drops in Prannoy's court off the top of the net.

3-1 Verma is with a cross-court winner to get off the mark in the second game.

2-0 Verma's backhand is long, well over the baseline.

Second game.

14-15 Prannoy's backhand is wide and Verma has sensationally won the first game having been 5-11 down at one point.

14-14 A smash at the body of Prannoy and Verma is level!

14-13 Prannoy smashes the net with his forehand.

14-11 Verma looks over his shoulder in anticipation that Prannoy's forehand will go over the baseline, but the shuttle drops inside.

13-10 Misfortune for Verma with the shuttle dropping off the top of the net.

12-10 A 361 kmph smash from Verma is unreturned from Verma.

12-9 Prannoy's forehand is well over the baseline.

12-7 An unforced error from Prannoy, who catches the net with his forehand.

11-6 Verma with a delicate winner to find the open court.

11-5 Verma is unable to return an overhead smash from Prannoy.

10-4 Verma goes for too much power on his smash and catches the net with it.

9-3 Sameer Verma's smash is marginally long, but Prannoy shows good anticipation to not play it.

8-3 Another overhead smash from Prannoy and a five-point lead for him at the mid-game break.

7-3 A 34-shot rally ends with Prannoy's unforced error handing Verma a deserved point.

7-2 Prannoy is having it easy! He wins this point with a backhand smash having drawn Verma to the net.

6-2 Verma's overhead smash is long and wide.

5-2 A down-the-line smash from Verma.

5-1 Prannoy smashes the net and Verma is off the mark.

5-0 An overhead smash from Prannoy and Verma can get nowhere near.

3-0 An unforced error from Sameer Verma.

1-0 A 327 kmph serve from Prannoy to get off the mark.

Delhi Dashers' H. S. Prannoy to serve.

To follow: Mumbai Rockets' Sameer Verma takes on Delhi Dashers' captain H. S. Prannoy.


7-15 A smash down the line is unreturned from Sugiarto and Anders wins the game and takes the match.

7-14 Both players trade smash for smash, but an unforced error from Sugiarto, who tries to place a cross court shot into the open court and catches the net in the process, gifts Anders a point.

7-13 A smash down the line from Tommy Sugiarto.

6-12 Three in a row! Another unforced error from Anders.

4-12 An unforced error from Anders breaks the pattern and gifts Sugiarto a point.

3-10 Sugiarto is gasping for breath here! Anders is hitting winners for fun.

3-8 A cross-court winner from Anders.

3-7 A body smash from Anders and Sugiarto doesn't return.

3-6 Another winner down the line from Anders, who's running away with this match.

3-5 This time a 367 kmph smash from Anders and Sugiarto's return is wide.

3-4 A smash at 317 kmph from Anders! Sugiarto gets his racquet nowhere near.

3-3 An unforced error from Sugiarto.

3-2 Anders goes for a drop, but drags it wide and Sugiarto shows good judgment to win the point.

1-2 A 299 kmph smash from Anders wins him a point.

1-1 A point for Sugiarto, who was quick to pounce on a weak Anders return.

0-1 Sugiarto goes for a cross-court winner, but drags his shot marginally wide.

Second game.

15-13 An unforced error from Sugiarto hands the first game to Anders.

14-13 Sugiarto's return is well over the baseline and game point for Anders.

13-12 Sugiarto hits a backhand winner onto the open court.

13-11 An overhead smash from Anders goes wide.

13-10 Anders pounces on a weak return from Sugiarto and seals the point with a smash down the line.


12-10 A cross-court winner from Anders, who has gained momentum since the mid-game break.

11-10 Sugiarto goes for an overhead smash, but drags it marginally wide.

9-10 A backhand winner from Sugiarto, leaves Anders on the court.

7-9 An unforced error from Sugiarto — a smash which catches the net — hands Anders a point.

6-8 An aggressive approach from Anders, who smashes it at the body of Sugiarto, who doesn't have an answer.

5-8 A down the line, forehand winner from Sugiarto to take a three-point lead into the mid-game break.

4-7 Anders goes for a drop, but puts it wide to award another easy point for Sugiarto.

3-6 Anders smashes the shuttle into the net.


3-5 An unforced error from Anders, who catches the net with a backhand cross court.

3-4 An overhead smash down the line from Sugiarto.

3-3 Sugiarto's attempted drop catches the net.

2-2 Tommy Sugiarto forces a backhand error off Anders.

2-0 Back to back points for Anders, whose supple wrist helps him hit a forehand winner.

The second match of the evening is between Anders Antonsen of Mumbai Rockets against the Delhi Dashers' Tommy Sugiarto.


15-9 Lee Yong Dae/Kim Gi Jung win the trump match for Mumbai Rockets. They beat the Delhi Dashers pair of Chai Biao/Wang Sijie 14-15 15-12 15-9

12-9 An unforced error from Lee Yong Dae, who goes for a delicate drop but catches the net.

12-7 Kim Gi Jung forces an error off Chai Biao, whose return is well wide.


11-7 Fortuitous! Lee Yong Dae's smash catches the top of the net, but drops in Delhi Dashers' court.

10-7 Chai Biao's return catches the net.

9-6 Chai Biao pounces on a weak return and wins the point with a backhand winner.

9-5 Kim Gi Jung's smash is well wide.

8-4 Mumbai Rockets' pair Lee Yong Dae and Kim Gi Jung holds a four-point lead at the mid-game break in the third.

6-4 Chai Biao with a body smash at Lee Yong Dae, who's unable to return.

6-3 Wang Sijie with an attempted backhanded return that catches the net.

4-2 A 351 kmph smash from Chai Biao too good for Wang Gi Jung.

1-0 Chai Biao with an unforced error.

Third game.

12-15 Lee Yong Dae of Mumbai Rockets wins the point that sends the Trump Match into a decider.

12-14 Lee Yong Dae goes for a cross-court smash, but catches the net.

11-14 Kim Gi Jung makes Mumbai Rockets' dominance count and win the point with a forehand winner.


11-13 A weak return from Lee Yong Dae and Chai Biao with a return at the body of the Korean.

10-13 Wang Sijie with a smash low to Kim Gi Jung, who catches the net.

9-13 Lee Yong miscues his return and it goes well wide.

7-12 Great angle in the smash of Kim Gi Jung and Chai Biao, with his backhand, is unable to return.

7-11 A cross-court smash from Chai Biao.

5-9 Chai Biao shows good anticipation to see the shuttle drop wide and win a point for Delhi Dashers.

3-8 Mumbai Rockets goes into the mid-game break with a five-point lead.

3-6 Lee Yong Dae forces an error from Chai Biao. Some terrific badminton at the net from the Korean pair of Lee Yong Dae and Kim Gi Jung!

3-4 Lee Yong Dae is unable to return a Wang Sijee smash.

2-4 Chai Biao catches the net with his return.

2-3 Wang Sijie with a backhand winner.

0-3 Lee Yong Dae with a smash at the body of Wang Sijie to win a hat-trick of points for Mumbai Rockets.

0-1 Lee Yong Dae with a winner to get Mumbai Rockets off the mark.

Second game.

14-15 Wang Sijee with a winner to win the first game for Delhi Dashers, which had been trailing Mumbai Rockets 8-5 at the mid-game break.

14-13 Kim Gi Jung's overhead smash forces an error.

13-13 A smash from Kim Gi Jung catches the net.

13-11 Lee Yong Dae makes it awkward for Wang Sijie, who cannot execute the overhead smash. 

11-10 A delicately-placed drop from Chai Biao to cut the gap down to one point.


11-9 Chai Biao with a buccannering smash down the line.

10-8 Lee Yong Dae catches the net with a weak return.

9-6 Chai Biao with a smash at the body of Kim Gi Jung, who's unable to return.

8-5 An unforced error from Delhi Dashers hands a healthy three-point lead for Mumbai Rockets at the mid-game break.


6-4 A 21-shot rally ends with a winner from Lee Yong Dae.

4-4 A 356 kmph smash from Chai Biao! No answer from the Mumbai Rockets pair.

4-3 Wang Sijie anticipates Lee Yong Dae's serve to go long, but it drops well inside the baseline.

2-3 Lee Yong Dae is unable to return Chai Biao's low smash.

2-2 Lee Yong Dae shows good judgement and Chai Biao's return is long.

1-1 An unforced error, catches the net with the return.

Mumbai Rockets 0-1 Delhi Dashers A smash down the line from Wang Sijie.

 Kim Gi Jung to serve.

The first match will be the men's doubles between the Mumbai Rockets pair of Lee Yong Dae/Kim Gi Jung and the Delhi Dashers pair of Wang Sijie/Chai Biao.



The fourth edition of PBL was off to a flying start yesterday, with defending champion Hyderabad Hunters beating Pune 7 Aces to get off to a winning start. P. V. Sindhu's come-from-behind victory against Carolina Marin provided the highlight.

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