Swiss Open 2022 Final HIGHLIGHTS: Sindhu wins Swiss Open 2022; Prannoy loses

Welcome to Sportstar highlights of the women's and men's singles final of the Swiss Open 2022.

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Thanks for tuning into Sportstar's HIGHLIGHTS of the men's singles final of the Swiss Open 2022 between India's H S Prannoy and Indonesia's Jonatan Christie in Basel. This was Netra. V taking you through the action as it unfolded.

REPORT- Swiss Open 2022: Sindhu wins women's singles, Prannoy loses to Christie  

H S Prannoy loses to Jonatan Christie 12-21, 18-21.

12-21, 18-21 Jonatan Christie wins !!!!

12-21, 18-20 Two consecutive points for the Indian. Make it three as the rally ended in 32 shots.

12-21, 15-20 Match point for Jonatan Christie.

12-21, 15-19 Prannoy forces Jonatan to rethink his strategies as he attacks the Indonesian with body smashes.

12-21, 14-18 Prannoy under pressure as he makes consecutive mistakes near the net and sidelines.

12-21, 13-15 Jonatan forces Prannoy to the sidelines and the back end of the court as the Indian hits the shuttle outside the sideline.

12-21, 13-13 A down the line smash from the Indian leads to the the Indonesian hitting the shuttle out.

12-21, 12-13 An attacking backhand by Prannoy leaves Jonatan stuttering for response.

12-21, 10-13 Prannoy's play leads to Jonatan touching the shuttle before it goes outside the sideline.

12-21, 9-13 A brilliant cross court smash by Jonatan.

12-21, 8-11 Indonesian hits one to the net as the Indian plays attacking shots.

12-21, 7-11 Another wide by Prannoy as Jonatan leads by four points.

12-21, 7-8 A straight smash by Prannoy ends up going wide as the Indian tries to close in the gap between himself and the Indonesian.

12-21, 5-7 Prannoy misjudges the shot as he moves to his left, while Jonatan hits to the Indian's right .

12-21, 5-5 A cross court smash was misread by Prannoy as he stretches and fails to receive it.

12-21, 4-4 A string of attacking body smashes at Prannoy leaves him unable to retaliate.

12-21, 2-2 Prannoy tries to hit a smash, but it falls on the net. The Indian changes his racquet after losing the point.

12-21, 0-1 Prannoy starts with a mistake. Hits the shuttle out of the court.

12-21 Indian hits it on the net, as the Indonesian leads first game.

11-20 Christie's attacking play seems to be too hard for Prannoy as the Indian fails to read the shots and makes mistakes.

10-16 The games to be slipping away from the Indian as he hits one out after which Jonatan gets another point by a cross court smash.

9-13 The Indian hits the shuttle right into the net unable to retaliate to the Indonesian's attacking style of play.

8-12 Straight attacking shots by Jonatan leaves Prannoy unable to receive it.

8-11 Prannoy hits it wide as Jonatan leads by three points.

8-9 Fast attacking shots by the fourth seeded Indonesian leaves Prannoy hitting it in the net.

7-8 A body shot by Prannoy leads to Jonatan receiving it, catching the Indian by surprise as he fails to receive it.

7-7 Jonatan scores an equaliser with a net shot.

7-5 Prannoy forces Jonatan to make mistakes earning him a two point lead.

2-4 Jonatan makes fast attacking shots but the shuttle goes out in an attempt to cross court as the shuttle goes out.

1-3 Jonatan attacks and forces the Indian to make a mistake  as the shuttle goes out.

0-1 Jonatan strikes as Prannoy hits the shuttle on the net.

India's Prannoy will take on fourth seeded Indonesian Jonatan Christie in the men's singles final.

Here's the what happened in the women's singles final of the Swiss Open 2022 between India's P V Sindhu and Thailand's Busanan Ongbamrungphan in Basel.

P V Sindhu defeats Busanan Ongbamrungphan 21-16, 21-8 to win Swiss Open 2022.

21-16, 21-8 SINDHU WINS SWISS OPEN 2022!!!

21-16, 20-7 Busanan gets two straight points, make it three.

21-16, 20-4 An amazing rally with Sindhu one point away from winning as she has 16 match points in her hand.

21-16, 18-4 Five straight points for the Indian as she forces Busanan to make a mistake and hit it outside.  

21-16, 13-4 As Busanan plays a net shot by squatting, Sindhu hits one near the endline making it difficult for Busanan to hit it.

21-16, 12-2 Busanan tries to hit a cross court smash near the side lines but ends up making the shuttle go out

21-16, 8-1 Sindhu gets three straight points as Busanan seems to falter under pressure. 

21-16, 5-0 Sindhu forces Busanan to move around as she finishes the rally with a cross court smash.

21-16, 4-0 Sindhu strikes first and gets three points on trot. Make that four.

Sindhu wins first set!

21-16 Sindhu gets two points on trot. Well, make that three as Busanan hits the shuttle yet again.

18-15 Busanan challenges as the shuttle goes out the side line. Sindhu gets another point as Busanan hits it outside yet again.

16-14 Service over for Sindhu as she challenges and fails to get it right as the shuttle falls on the side line.

15-13 An unforced error by Busanan as she hits the shuttle away from the side line, earning Sindhu another point.

13-13 A 28 shot rally was ended as Sindhu is unable to receive the Thai's net shot.

12-11 Busanan challenges, loses challenge as shuttle goes out.

11-10 A cross net drop shot by Busanan changed the momentum of the rally as Sindhu was unable to receive her next shot.

11-9 Sindhu marginally leads, a brilliant rally though. Busanan tries her best to score, but fails

7-7 Sindhu challenges the referees decision, however the challenge is unsuccessful.

5-7 An amazing cross court smash from Sindhu, leaves the Thai giving away her lead and trailing behind by two points.

3-5 Busanan has got control over drop shots, earns her a two point lead over the Indian.

1-0 Sindhu wins the first point.


Double Olympic medallist P V Sindhu and HS Prannoy made their way to the women's and men's finals respectively at the Swiss Open Super 300 badminton tournament here on Saturday.

World No. 7 Sindhu prevailed 21-18 15-21 21-19 over Thailand's Supanida Katethong in a 79-minute women's singles semifinal to make her second successive final after Prannoy eked out a hard-fought 21-19 19-21 21-18 win over Indonesia's world number 5 Anthony Sinisuka Ginting for his first summit clash in five years.

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Sindhu, seeded second, will face another Thai player and fourth seed Busanan Ongbamrungphan in the summit clash on Sunday, while Prannoy, who had last won the US Open in 2017, will take on either compatriot Kidambi Srikanth or Indonesia's Jonatan Christie in the men's singles final, also on Sunday.

Sindhu and world number 29 Supanida had shared the spoils in the two meetings this year and the Indian showed great nerves against the fighting Thai to come out unscathed in the semifinals on Saturday.

In the opening game, Sindhu, who had won the Syed Modi International in January, used the court well, producing her smashes and follow up shots to gather points. Supanida tried to stay in the rallies but she couldn't finish them.

At the first break, Sindhu had a three-point advantage and she swelled it to 15-7 with a run of four points. The left-handed Thai tried to attack and dominate the rallies to narrow the deficit to 13-18.

However, she was not consistent enough as Sindhu grabbed five game points when the Thai went long.

The Indian found the net next, while Supanida grabbed two more points before smashing one at the nets to allow the Indian take the opening game.

Supanida continued her momentum after the change of sides, running up a 16-7 lead in quick time with Sindhu looking erratic and struggling against the deceptions of the Thai player.

The Thai eventually roared back into the contest when Sindhu went to the nets.

The Hyderabadi shuttler came back strongly in the decider, gaining a 4-1 lead but Supanida once again clawed her way to draw parity at 7-7 with a smash.

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Both the shuttlers tried to take control of the front court with Sindhu managing to take a one-point lead in the final interval.

Sindhu stepped up the pace in the rallies to move to 16-13 but Supanida reeled off five straight points to surpass the Indian. It was soon 18-18 with Supanida going wide.

A lucky net chord helped Sindhu move to 19-19 as she held the match point with a smash and she sealed it with another powerful smash.