Vimal Kumar: Fear of failure can hurt the prospects of budding shuttlers

Parents of young badminton players must always look for positives even in defeat, says the India coach.

Vimal Kumar...“Fear of failure can destroy a promising career.”   -  K. V. S. Giri

U. Vimal Kumar, the India coach and former National champion, had words of advice on Wednesday to parents of aspiring badminton players.

While interacting with the participants during the closing ceremony of the NVBS all-Kerala sub-junior ranking tournament in Thiruvananthapuram, Vimal said that the parental role was as important as that of a coach in moulding the career of a player. He wanted the parents to be less demanding and not to instil a fear of failure in their wards. “The parents should always look for the positives even in the defeats and they should always encourage their wards. They shouldn’t put undue pressure on the child and instil a fear of failure which can destroy a promising career,” he said.

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The parents should ensure that their wards get the nutritious food they need to build up strength, Vimal said.

No substitute for hard work

Pointing out that there was no substitute for hard work, Vimal said he wanted the young players to take up their repetitive stroke-practice sessions seriously to develop perfection. He also asked the youngsters to develop a killer stroke early in their career to finish off points during the rallies.

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He advised the young girls to develop their core strength which was very important to further their career.

Vimal said the facilities and infrastructure in Kerala had undergone a vast improvement since his time as a player and that he wanted the youngsters to take advantage of it.

“When I started my career the indoor playing facilities were non-existent but now I can see a lot of indoor courts in the city which is good for the game. I didn’t have any hero to look up to when I started my career but now the youngsters have a lot of players from Kerala who could be their role model. There is a lot of talent in the State and with proper guidance we can produce more champions,” he said.

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