Golden State Warriors 123-109 Los Angeles Lakers, NBA Highlights: GSW wins opener as LeBron’s 31 points in vain, Curry gets 33

Golden State Warriors vs Los Angeles Lakers: Catch the score, updates, commentary and highlights from the opening night game at Chase Center.

Published : Oct 19, 2022 07:05 IST

Live updates from Warriors vs Lakers
Live updates from Warriors vs Lakers | Photo Credit: AP

Live updates from Warriors vs Lakers | Photo Credit: AP

Hello and welcome to the highlights of Sportstar’s coverage of the GSW vs La Lakers match on the opening night of NBA 2022/23.

REPORT: Defending champions Warriors beat Lakers 123-109, Curry scores 33 points

Warriors beat Lakers

The opener goes the way of Warriors. It was a complete performance from the Dubs. They dominated the paint, was better with shooting and never allowed a window to Lakers. Curry got off to a brilliant start with 33 points, 6 rebounds and 7 assists. Jordan Poole showed why he is a contender for sixth man of the year with 12 points and 7 assists. For Lakers, it was their big three that did the heavy lifting. LeBron tried to pull his side back but the task was a bit out of reach. Nonetheless, 31 points and 14 rebounds will give plenty to Lakers and coach Ham to be optimistic about. Davis got 27 points while Westbrook ended with 19. Lakers next faces Clippers while Warriors gets ready to host Denver Nuggets.

End of Q4: LAL 109-123 GSW

Lakers withdraws LeBron and AD from the court after the timeout which essentially means it has raised the white flags. Wiseman fires a two-point shot to start. Max Christie gets a three-point shot. That is the last play of the game and the Warriors take the opening game.

LAL 104-121 GSW

Westbrook converts two free throws followed by Davis’s dunk. Wiggins fires a three to take his points to 17 on the night. He bangs another three, his fourth of the game, from Curry’s assist. A timeout called with just under two minutes to go.

LAL 98-115 GSW

DiVincenzo turns over and Westbrook hammers the ball home. Lead down to 12 now. Wiggins follows with a three pointer. AD turns and completes a jumper from close range but Steph Curry lands a three pointer next up. LeBron with another three and takes his tally to 31. Curry then hits a three on the run and then is fouled by Beverley. A four-point play is completed when he fires from the line.

LAL 89-103 GSW

Curry and Looney almost complete a clutch move but the centre’s shot bobs out of the rim. Curry turns over the ball but nothing comes off it as Davis fails to collect it cleanly. DiVincenzo with a three-point shot. Kerr is fuming at the touchline as DiVincenzo immediately after his three gives a lay up while defending.

LAL 83-100 GSW

Green misses a close range shot after DiVincenzo’s lay up. JaMychel Green hustles for a series of rebounds and collects two points. Beverley from zero, fires a three-point shot and succeeds. Nunn fires another three to cut the deficit to 14 but Klay scores a three of his own to get the lead back to 17. Green draws a foul on Davis.

LAL 77-93 GSW

LeBron misses from downtown and Poole fires in a board shot. Curry with a rare air ball followed by Lonnie Walker’s miss from downtown. Klay’s three-point attempt lands short. LeBron then scores two. Klay is moving for a lay up but gives away an offensive foul. LeBron with an offensive rebound to get another two points. He takes his tally to 28 on the night as a timeout is called.

End of Q3: LAL 71-91 GSW

LeBron collects a rebound and drives all the way to the rim and bank in the two points. DiVincenzo has the ball stolen off him by Beverley. LeBron hits a three to take his tally to 24 points. That is the end of the quarter where Warriors outscored its opponent 32-19.

LAL 66-91 GSW

Kuminga draws a foul on LeBron who is trying to make his way to the rim. Darwin Ham challenges the call which is successful. Ryan misses the two from the subsequent possession. Curry misses a step back three. Ryan misses another three. Poole with a no-look assist for Wiseman’s two pointer. Westbrook lands two free throws.

LAL 64-89 GSW

Beverley misses from beyond the arc. Curry shows him how to shoot from distance in the very next possession as he makes a switch of direction and fires the ball into the hoop. He fouls Ryan later but the call is overturned as Ryan had his foot on the line. Poole and Curry miss successive attempts from distance. Beverley draws a foul

LAL 64-84 GSW

Davis looses the ball, and Curry muscles with him to get a jump ball call. Davis still finds the two points. Davis then denies a two-point shot. Poole’s misses a three. LeBron completes a double double with a rebound. JaMychel Green fires a three pointer home. Davis misses which allows Curry to take a three and convert. Warriors up by 20 points now.

LAL 62-78 GSW

Looney finds the net with a jumper then denies Davis on the other end. Green tries a back lane cut to Klay, but the move is halted as Klay is fouled. He completes the two free throws. Warriors steals the ball again and Wiggins gets the two-pointer with a floater. Yet another turnover and Green fires a dunk home. Timeout LA! 8-0 run for the Warriors.

LAL 62-70 GSW

Davis with his first foul to give Curry the chance to convert two FTs. LeBron tries a jumper from over Looney but misses. He then makes up for it with a smashing dunk to cut the lead to eight points. Warriors call a time out.

LAL 60-68 GSW

Davis is fouled on his way to the rim and he nails two free throws. Klay assists Wiggins for a close-range rim shot. Beverley is again restricted to the bench as he has picked up three personal fouls.

LAL 58-66 GSW

The 3rd quarter starts with Looney assisting a rebound to Klay who fires a mid range shot. Nunn scores a three-point shot. Klay with another jumper to take his tally to 10. LeBron fires a three. Klay with a strong start to the half as he fires his first three pointer next up.

Half Time

Warriors have the better side at shooting, clearly. While, the overall rate has been 41.2% to Lakers’ 40.8%, it is the three-point shots that have made the difference. Lakers just shot 3 three pointers off 21 attempts. Davis, LeBron and Westbrook have led the charge for Lakers, scoring 15, 14 and 11 points, respectively. For Warriors, Poole has been sensational with 10 points, 5 assists and 2 rebounds. Curry’s 12 points in the 2nd quarter lifted the team, taking his points tally to 16 points.

End of Q2: LAL 52-59 GSW

Wiggins misses a three pointer. Klay then fires a mid range jump shot followed by Westbrook firing in a lay up but missing the following free throw. Curry drives forward and finds the bucket. LeBron coverts two from the line to end the first half.

LAL45-55 GSW

Westbrook scores a three-point shot from the left after a timeout. LeBron converts a free throw next, completing a three-point play. Curry with two FTs to take his team’s lead to 10 points.

LAL 39-51 GSW

Poole finds a feeding pass to Curry who makes his way to the loop and converts the shot. Nunn fouls him from behind to give a three-point chance. Curry obliges. Poole assists another shot, this time to Green.

LAL 37-46 GSW

Curry finds a close range attempt into the bucket, then follows it up with a free throw after Westbrook’s foul. Another two pointer for Curry off Green’s assist.

LAL 33-41 GSW

Curry misses a jumper from the rim and the ball goes out of play off a Lakers player. He inbounds to Kuminga who lays it up into the basket. Davis misses a three-point shot.

LAL 31-39 GSW

DiVincenzo drives in and takes a mid-range jumper. Davis converts a two-pointer which is followed by Wiggins’ long-range three. Curry is back on the floor.

LAL 29-34 GSW

Ryan knocks down only the second three point shot for Lakers. GSW concedes an offensive foul in the next possession.

LAL 26-32 GSW

DiVincenzo steals the ball off a LeBron pass. Warriors utilise the turnover as the ball lands with Kuminga on the right perimeter. He fires the shot in and GSW has a six point lead. Lakers’ struggle from beyond the arc continues. 1 off 15 so far.

LAL 24-27 GSW

The 2nd quarter starts with LeBron and Poole firing two point shots. LeBron is fouled by Kuminga later.

End of Q1: LAL 22-25 GSW

A shot clock violation by Lakers and that is the last chance to score. End of the 1st period. Warriors has been ahead largely due to the three-point shots but its overall shot percentage has been 28%. Lakers has missed out on the chances having converted just one of 10 three-point shots.

LAL 22-25 GSW

Warriors make use of a long-worked move when Nunn fouls Poole. The guard fires in the free throws.

GSW challenge

Westbrook drives forward from the centre and tries to turn and take a close range shot. The referees give a foul for a trip but replays show that the guard slipped on his own. Warriors bench challenges and the decision is overturned.

Wiseman with a rejection

Gabriel tries a poster shot from close range only to be denied by the Warriors centre. LeBron tries a three but misses.

Back to back turnover by GSW

Poole aims a pass at Wiggins on the left perimeter and the ball goes out of bounds. Lakers too has failed to convert from the chances. Score at 22-22.

Eight straight misses by GSW

Curry takes a mid range jumper and misses. JaMychel Green bricks a three-point shot.

AD with a steal

Davis steals a Curry pass and mounts an attack with a layup. Curry fouls the forward and the FT goes in to get the scores level.

LAL 17-22 GSW

The game is getting pace here. JaMychel with a three, followed by a downtown shot by Lakers. Davis is then fouled and he nails only one of the free throws.

LeBron with points

LeBron gets three points. He first brushes past JaMychel Green and shoots from close to the rim. He is fouled and converts the three-point opportunity. 13-19.

LAL 10-19 GSW

After Wiggins’ two pointer, Poole lets it fly from beyond the arc once again and finds the bucket. He gives the early lead to GSW and Lakers call a timeout.

Poole with a three

Jordan Poole fires a three from the left side of the court. First of the night. GSW leads 10-14.

LAL 9-11 GSW

Austin Reeves with a lay up gets the bucket and is also fouled by Poole from behind. A chance for a three-point play. A time-out called. Reeves successful from the line. 9-11.

LAL 6-11 GSW

Curry one on one with Lonnie Walker. No. 30 shuffles to his right, turns and takes a fade away to find the net.


Beverley has two personal fouls already and is subbed out for the moment. LeBron fouls Curry and the Warriors player gets two FTs which he nails in.


Beverley attempts a three but misses. Looney’s mid range shot at the other end misses as well. Looney is then fouled as he manages to find the basket - A foul and count. Chance for a three-point plat and he fires it in.

Klay to shoot three from the line

Beverley fould Klay Thompson while he attempted a three-point shot. He has a foot at the shooter’s landing space and the officials give free throws. Klay converts two of the three. Level at 2-2.

The game starts

The jump ball is done and Lakers starts with the attack. Davis fouled by Looney on the left wing. A close range jump shot gets the visitors going.

Starting 5 for Warriors

Warriors: Kevon Looney, Draymond Green, Andrew Wiggins, Steph Curry, Kay Thompson

Starting 5 for Lakers

Lakers: Russell Westbrook, Patrick Beverley, Anthony Davis, Lonnie Walker IV, LeBron James

The 7th title banner graces the Chase Center

The title win banner for 2021/22 is hoisted at the Warriors home stadium. The team poses before the banner as it makes its way to the top.

Stephen Curry on the title win last year

This is a very special night. 4th title in eight years. From game 6 of 2019 Final in Oakland to 2022 Final, this has been a long long journey. Thank you all very much. Everything we do is for our team, on and off the court.

Ring ceremony starts

The Golden State Warriors team is donning jumpers that read ‘NBA Champions’. The team will be handed their rings before the start of the match.

Predicted Starting 5s

Warriors: Looney, Green, Wiggins, Thompson, Curry

Lakers: Bryant, LeBron, Davis, Beverley, Westbrook

Pre season form

Golden State Warriors: Played 5, Won - 3, Lost - 2

Los Angeles Lakers: Played 6, Won - 1, Lost - 5

King James steps out

Into his 19th season, and off a fresh contract extension, LeBron James has a point to prove as he gets his season underway. He too is out on the floor for warm up.

The Dubs on the court

The Golden State Warriors players are on the court and underway with their pre-game drills and shooting practice.

Boston Celtics vs Philadelphia 76ers

The NBA season got underway with the Celtics hosting 76ers. The home team leads 114-102 with over six minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. Tatum is leading the charge for Celtics with 33 points. James Harden too has scored 31 points so far.

Preseason Game

Lakers and Warriors faced off in the preseason where Lakers who 124-121. Jordan Poole was the top scorer for the Dubs with 25 points, Curry scored 24. But a Lakers side without LeBron was still able to pull out with a win.


Golden State Warriors will start its championship defence with a home game against LeBron James’s Los Angeles Lakers.

The two teams have had a lively offseason. For Warriors, it was for not-so-ideal reasons. Veteran player Draymond Green was involved in a training scuffle with young gun Jordan Poole.

While coach Steve Kerr called it “the biggest challenge the team has faced so far,” the matter has been sorted. Poole has maintained that the team remains focused on getting another title.

Lakers have many changes during the trade window, the most notable of which was the addition of Patrick Beverley. Whispers grew that Russell Westbrook might be headed out but the point guard remains on the roster.

Though, the starting five for Lakers still looks tentative, Westbrook and Beverley it seems will share space on the court.

Lakers and Warriors went head to head in a preseason game which the former won 124-121.


When is the Golden State Warriors vs Los Angeles Lakers match?

The Golden State Warriors vs Los Angeles Lakers is on Wednesday, October 19.

At what time is the Golden State Warriors vs Los Angeles Lakers match?

The is scheduled to start at 7:30 AM IST/ 10:00 PM ET.

Where is the Golden State Warriors vs Los Angeles Lakers match?

The will be held at the Chase Center Experience in San Francisco.

Which TV channels will broadcast the Golden State Warriors vs Los Angeles Lakers match?

The game will be aired LIVE on the Sports 18 in India

Where can I watch the live stream of the Golden State Warriors vs Los Angeles Lakers match?

The game will be streamed LIVE on Voot. It can also be viewed on and NBA mobile app on a subscription basis.

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