Kenneth Faried picks NBA’s top five youngsters

Anthony Davis is one of the five best young players in the NBA chosen by Kenneth Faried. To know the other players in the list, check the page out.

We asked Denver Nuggets forward Kenneth Faried to pick five young players who impressed him this season. Photo: AP
Anthony Davis; Age: 24; Team: New Orleans Pelicans; Position: Power Forward/Center Photo: AP
Karl-Anthony Towns; Age: 21; Team: Minnesota Timberwolves; Position: Center Photo: AP
Kyrie Irving; Age: 25; Team: Cleveland Cavaliers; Position: Point Guard Photo: AP
Nikola Jokic (left); Age: 22; Team: Denver Nuggets ; Position: Center Photo: AP
Andrew Wiggins; Age: 22; Team: Minnesota Timberwolves; Position: Small forward/shooting guard Photo: AP