LeBron's 'Space Jam 2' will 'disrupt everything' – director

Terence Nance is excited about the potential of 'Space Jam 2', which will feature NBA great LeBron James.

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James   -  Getty Images

'Space Jam 2' director Terence Nance promised the highly anticipated movie featuring Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James will "disrupt everything".

James is following in the footsteps of Michael Jordan in more ways than one as he prepares to bring 'Space Jam' back to the big screen, with the NBA great set to star in the sequel.

Hall of Famer and Chicago Bulls great Jordan, who won six NBA titles and six Finals MVP awards, starred in the 1996 original.

With 'Space Jam 2' having been confirmed in September, Nance told VICE: "Pretty sure [it's] going to disrupt everything.

"I'm excited about what [...] that movie can be."

James – a three-time NBA champion and four-time MVP – is no stranger to Hollywood, having featured in Amy Schumer's 2015 romantic comedy 'Trainwreck'.

The former Cleveland Cavaliers star also has a new HBO series, 'The Shop' – an unscripted barbershop-set talk show.

"Space Jam is a very unique opportunity because LeBron James is the best basketball player on Earth and a once-in-a-generation performer," Nance said.

"Whoever the greatest basketball player of the next generation is going to be, they are probably not going to also be a great actor."

James is sidelined with a groin injury sustained in the Lakers' win over the Golden State Warriors on Christmas Day.

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