NBA playoffs: Schedule, teams, results, venues, timings in IST

Here's the schedule of the first round playoffs of the 2019-20 NBA season with timings in IST. The NBA restart will take place across two venues in Orlando, Florida.

Representative image: LA Lakers and Milwaukee Bucks are the top seeds in the Western and Eastern Conferences, respectively.   -  Getty Images

After a fortnight of non-stop games to close out the regular season post the coronavirus-induced break, the 16 teams for the first round of 2019-20 NBA playoffs is set to begin from August 17.

The Western conference's third-seed Denver Nuggets will take on sixth-seed Utah Jazz to begin the playoffs on Monday. There will be no home-court advantage in the playoffs with all the matches being played across two venues at the ESPN Wide World of Sport (WWOS) in Orlando, Florida.

Playoffs bracket

Western ConferenceEastern Conference
#1 LA Lakers vs #8 Portland Trail Blazers#1 Milwaukee Bucks vs #8 Orlando Magic
#2 LA Clippers vs #7 Dallas Mavericks#2 Toronto Raptors vs #7 Brooklyn Nets
#3 Denver Nuggets vs #6 Utah Jazz#3 Boston Celtics vs #6 Philadelphia 76ers
#4 Houston Rockets vs #5 Oklahoma City Thunder#4 Indiana Pacers vs #5 Miami Heat


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Find below the entire fixtures list of the NBA first round playoffs with timings in Indian Standard Time (IST).

Western Conference - #1 LA Lakers vs #8 Portland Trail Blazers

August 19, WednesdayPortland Trail Blazers-LA LakersAdventHealth Arena6.30 AM
August 21, FridayPortland Trail Blazers-LA LakersAdventHealth Arena6:30 AM
August 23, SundayLA Lakers-Portland Trail BlazersAdventHealth Arena6 AM
August 25, TuesdayLA Lakers-Portland Trail BlazersAdventHealth Arena6:30 AM
August 26, WednesdayPortland Trail Blazers-LA LakersTBDTBD
August 28, FridayLA Lakers-Portland Trail BlazersTBDTBD
August 30, SundayPortland-LA LakersTBDTBD


Western Conference - #2 LA Clippers vs #7 Dallas Mavericks

August 18, TuesdayDallas Mavericks-LA ClippersAdventHealth Arena6.30 AM
August 20, ThursdayDallas Mavericks-LA ClippersAdventHealth Arena6:30 AM
August 22, SaturdayLA Clippers-Dallas MavericksAdventHealth Arena6.30 AM
August 24, MondayLA Clippers-Dallas MavericksAdventHealth Arena1:00 AM
August 25, TuesdayDallas Mavericks-LA ClippersTBDTBD
August 27, ThursdayLA Clippers-Dallas MavericksTBDTBD
August 29, SaturdayDallas Mavericks-LA ClippersTBDTBD


Western Conference - #3 Denver Nuggets vs #6 Utah Jazz

August 17, MondayUtah Jazz-Denver NuggetsThe Field House11 PM
August 20, ThursdayUtah Jazz-Denver NuggetsAdventHealth Arena1:30 AM
August 22, SaturdayDenver Nuggets-Utah JazzAdventHealth Arena1:30 AM
August 24, MondayDenver Nuggets-Utah JazzAdventHealth Arena6:30 AM
August 25, TuesdayUtah Jazz-Denver NuggetsTBDTBD
August 27, ThursdayDenver Nuggets-Utah JazzTBDTBD
August 29, SaturdayUtah Jazz-Denver NuggetsTBDTBD


Western Conference - #4 Houston Rockets vs #5 Oklahoma City Thunder

August 19, WednesdayOklahoma City Thunder-Houston RocketsThe Field House4:00 AM
August 21, FridayOklahoma City Thunder-Houston RocketsAdventHealth Arena1 AM
August 23, SundayHouston Rockets-Oklahoma City ThunderThe Field House4:30 AM
August 25, TuesdayHouston Rockets-Oklahoma City ThunderAdventHealth Arena1:30 AM
August 26, WednesdayOklahoma City Thunder-Houston RocketsTBDTBD
August 28, FridayHouston Rockets-Oklahoma City ThunderTBDTBD
August 30, SundayOklahoma City Thunder-Houston RocketsTBDTBD


Eastern Conference - #1 Milwaukee Bucks vs #8 Orlando Magic

August 18, TuesdayOrlando Magic-Milwaukee BucksThe Field House11 PM
August 21, FridayOrlando Magic-Milwaukee BucksThe Field House4:30 AM
August 22, SaturdayMilwaukee Bucks-Orlando MagicThe Field House10.30 PM
August 24, MondayMilwaukee Bucks-Orlando MagicThe Field House11 PM
August 26, WednesdayOrlando Magic-Milwaukee BucksTBDTBD
August 28, FridayMilwaukee Bucks-Orlando MagicTBDTBD
August 30, SundayOrlando Magic-Milwaukee BucksTBDTBD


Eastern Conference - #2 Toronto Raptors vs #7 Brooklyn Nets

August 18, TuesdayBrooklyn Nets-Toronto RaptorsAdventHealth Arena1.30 AM
August 19, WednesdayBrooklyn Nets-Toronto RaptorsThe Field House11 PM
August 21, FridayToronto Raptors-Brooklyn NetsThe Field House11 PM
August 24, MondayToronto Raptors-Brooklyn NetsThe Field House4 AM
August 25, TuesdayBrooklyn Nets-Toronto RaptorsTBDTBD
August 27, ThursdayToronto Raptors-Brooklyn NetsTBDTBD
August 29, SaturdayBrooklyn Nets-Toronto RaptorsTBDTBD


Eastern Conference - #3 Boston Celtics vs #6 Philadelphia 76ers

August 18, TuesdayPhiladelphia 76ers-Boston CelticsThe Field House4 AM
August 20, ThursdayPhiladelphia 76ers-Boston CelticsThe Field House4 AM
August 22, SaturdayBoston Celtics-Philadelphia 76ersThe Field House4 AM
August 23, SundayBoston Celtics-Philadelphia 76ersThe Field House10:30 PM
August 25, TuesdayPhiladelphia 76ers-Boston CelticsTBDTBD
August 27, ThursdayBoston Celtics-Philadelphia 76ersTBDTBD
August 29, SaturdayPhiladelphia 76ers-Boston CelticsTBDTBD


Eastern Conference - #4 Indiana Pacers vs #5 Miami Heat

August 19, WednesdayMiami Heat-Indiana PacersAdventHealth Arena1:30 AM
August 20, ThursdayMiami Heat-Indiana PacersThe Field House10.30 PM
August 23, SundayIndiana Pacers-Miami HeatAdventHealth Arena1 AM
August 25, TuesdayIndiana Pacers-Miami HeatThe Field House4 AM
August 26, WednesdayMiami Heat-Indiana PacersTBDTBD
August 28, FridayIndiana Pacers-Miami HeatTBDTBD
August 30, SundayMiami Heat-Indiana PacersTBDTBD
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