AIBA suspends Rio 2016 officials

AIBA confirmed the all 36 referees and judges from the Rio Games were not presently permitted to fulfil their roles.


A boxing ring at Rio 2016.

All 36 boxing referees and judges involved at the Rio 2016 Olympics have been suspended while the International Boxing Association (AIBA) continues its investigation into controversial decisions.

A number of competitors bemoaned the quality of officiating at the Games, prompting AIBA to concede that some decisions were "not at the level expected".

The governing body went a step further by replacing executive director Karim Bouzidi with Franco Falcinelli for the final four days of competition in Brazil.

And on Thursday AIBA confirmed the referees and judges from the Games were not presently permitted to fulfil their roles.

"While the majority of the boxing competition in Rio 2016 was received very positively... a small number of decisions under debate indicated that further reforms in the AIBA R&J [referee and judging] procedures were necessary," AIBA said in a statement.

"Initial decisions were made on-site during Rio 2016 to ensure the smooth running of the rest of the competition. The results of a specific R&J investigation, currently underway, will allow AIBA to fully assess what action needs to be taken.

"In the meantime, it has been decided that all 36 R&Js that were used at the Olympic Games will not officiate at any AIBA event until the investigation reaches its conclusion, along with further immediate measures adopted by the commissions."

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