Indian coach tops AIBA 'cutman' programme

Indian boxing coach Poonam Beniwal topped the AIBA cutman programme that included 25 candidates, including two doctors and one physio.

Poonam Beniwal being honoured by AIBA International technical official Joseph Clifford after she topped in the AIBA cutman programme.   -  SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT

Boxing coach Poonam Beniwal topped the International Boxing Association (AIBA) cutman programme, which concluded at the National Institute of Sports (NIS), Patiala on Sunday.

Twenty-five candidates, including two doctors and one physio, participated in the three-day programme conducted by AIBA cutman and international technical official Joseph Clifford.

Clifford apprised the candidates of the changing role of a cutman, who till recent times used to be an AIBA representative responsible for treating any injury (including cuts, swelling, bleeding from nose, injuries to mouth and ear and concussion) to a boxer within 50 seconds between two rounds of a bout.

Since hand-wrapping of men boxers has changed in recent times, following the introduction of AIBA Pro boxing (APB), World Series of Boxing (WSB) and the entry of professional boxers into the Olympics, Clifford also taught the technique of hand-wrapping to the participants of the programme, organised by the Boxing Federation of India and the Sports Authority of India.

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