Women’s World Boxing Championships - Sonia cruises into final, Simranjit bags bronze

Catch all the updates LIVE of the Women’s World Boxing Championships in New Delhi.

Sonia Chahal becomes the second Indian to reach a final in the 2018 World Women's Boxing Championships.   -  Shiv Kumar Pushpakar

Welcome to SportstarLive's live blog of the Women's World Boxing Championships in New Delhi.

The judges decision comes in and it's a shocker! Dan Dou wins by virtue of a split decision. Heartbreaking loss for Simranjit.

Round 3: What a performance from Simranjit! That should surely seal her spot in the final!

Round 2: Simran got off to a slow start but made a strong comeback towards the end of the round. Dan managed to connect a huge punch in the dying stages but the Indian appears to remain ahead.

Round 1: What a fine opening round display from Simranjit. She kept her guard up, stayed on the backfoot and pounced on every opening she found. Dan swung wildly on a couple of occasions but simply couldn't get past Simranjit's defence. Great start for the Indian!

India's Simranjit, in red, will be keen to follow Sonia into the final. Here we go!

The second Indian in action today, Simranjit Kaur will take on China's Dan Dou later this evening. The bout is scheduled to begin around 6pm IST. Stay tuned.


Round 3: What a round for Sonia! She completely took the fight to Son and landed a couple of thunderous punches to swing the bout in her favour. But has she done enough?

Round 2: Close, very close. Sonia tried her best to exert pressure on her opponent and seize control of the bout but Son had none of it. The North Korean twists and ducks effectively to escape Sonia's punches. We're now onto the deciding third round, with neither pugilist able to dominate this tie.

Round 1: That's the end of the opening round. Sonia got off to a slow start but gathered her nerves to throw a couple of strong punches at her opponent. Son was equally good and registered a couple of big hits too. All in all, a fiercely-contested first round.

Both boxers have made their way into the ring and we're minutes away from action. Will Sonia become the second Indian to make her way to the final?

Sonia Chahal will be in action soon against North Korea's Son Hwa Jo. Stay tuned!

India's Sonia Chahal's (57kg) and Simranjit Kaur's (64kg) will be in action in their respective semifinal bouts.

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