Chess: BCA condemns AICF panel action on Atanu Lahiri

The Bengal Chess Association strongly criticises the unilateral decision taken by the "biased and vested" three-member AICF enquiry committee.

Atanu Lahiri (in picture) hasn’t yet been given a clean chit by the AICF, according to BCA vice-president Sayan Mukerji.   -  Monica Tiwari

The Bengal Chess Association (BCA) ad-hoc committee has strongly condemned the unilateral decision taken by the three-member All India Chess Federation (AICF) enquiry committee, which favoured BCA secretary Atanu Lahiri in the issue of allegations of irregularities against him.

In a statement on Monday, BCA vice-president Sayan Mukerji said the AICF panel went ahead with its job even when the matter is in the Alipore sub-divisional court and awaiting a final decision. “It is also strange that the three-member AICF committee deliberately bypassed the recommendations of the BCA ad-hoc committee and the BCA disciplinary committee enquiry and their subsequent recommendation for suspension of Atanu Lahiri from his existing position of secretary as well as membership from BCA,” said Mukerji.

According to Mukerji, technically AICF has not given any clean chit to Lahiri.

“The recommendations of the biased and vested three-member AICF disciplinary committee was taken on October 9 and submitted to president, AICF, on the next day i.e. October 10. It was supposed to be discussed on October 15 in the Central Council meeting of AICF as per agenda. The Bengal issue was not discussed as the matter is sub-judice. But on October 17, the report was circulated by AICF to all State associations. How can this be done in a sub-judice matter?”

“However, AICF had mentioned in its mail to the State associations that the report would be placed in next Central Council meeting of AICF for discussion and necessary action. So AICF has not yet given a ‘clean chit’ to Lahiri and all other representations by vested parties are incorrect and invalid,” he said.

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