Chessable Masters: Carlsen leads Giri in final

Magnus Carlsen frittered away a clear advantageous position and Anish Giri saved the opening set of the $150,000 Chessable Masters final on Friday.

Playing black, Carlsen gained a sizable advantage in the middle game when Giri made a premature knight on the kingside.   -  FILE PHOTO/ RAJEEV BHATT

World Magnus Carlsen moved within a draw of taking the first set off Anish Giri after leading 2-1 in best-of-four rapid games in the final of the $150,000 Chessable Masters on Friday.

A dull draw in the third game left Carlsen needing a draw with white pieces in the final rapid game. Giri faces a must-win situation to stay in the first set. The player to win two sets claims the first prize of $45,000. The second set is due for Saturday.

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After letting Giri off the hook in the first game, Carlsen squeezed out a fine win in the rook-and-pawn ending in the second. Carlsen benefited from one casual rook move from Giri in a position that
seemed headed for a draw.

Thereafter, Carlsen did not allow Giri a chance to recover and forced resignation in 62 moves.

Earlier, playing black, Carlsen gained a sizable advantage when Giri made a premature knight on the kingside, allowing the world champion to launch an offensive from the central files.

However, Carlsen could not sustain the pressure. Giri found a way out of the trouble and drew in 54 moves.

Final: Set One: Rapid (Game One): Anish Giri (Ned) drew with Magnus Carlsen (Nor); (Game Two): Carlsen bt Giri; (Game Three): Giri drew with Carlsen.

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