Vidit Gujrathi’s unbeaten run on the final day was not enough to earn him a place in the quarterfinals of the Aimchess US rapid online chess tournament on Monday.

Vidit (7.5 points) drew against Shakhariyar Mamedyarov (Azerbaijan), Vladislav Artemiev (Russia), Anish Giri (Netherlands) and Awonder Liang (USA) and stunned Levon Aronian (Armenia) to finish tied 11th.

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Vidit could have finished higher had he not blundered in a winning position against Liang.

Artemiev topped the preliminary league, scoring 10.5 points from 15 rounds. World champion Magnus Carlsen (10) took the second spot, half a point ahead of Aronian and Alireza Firouzja (France) .

Quarterfinal line-up: Artemiev-Dominguez; Wesley So-Firouzja; Mamedyarov-Aronian; Duda-Carlsen.