India vs South Africa HIGHLIGHTS, Hockey Commonwealth Games 2022: India beats South Africa 3-2 to reach final

India vs South Africa semifinal, Commonwealth Games 2022: Check the highlights of the men’s hockey semifinal between India and South Africa played on August 6.

Updated : Aug 07, 2022 00:27 IST

FILE PHOTO: Indian men’s hockey team faces South Africa in the semifinals of the 2022 Commonwealth Games.
FILE PHOTO: Indian men’s hockey team faces South Africa in the semifinals of the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

FILE PHOTO: Indian men’s hockey team faces South Africa in the semifinals of the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Thanks for tuning into  Sportstar’s live coverage of the men’s hockey semifinal between India and South Africa. This was Nihit Sachdeva taking you through the action as it unfolded at the University of Birmingham Hockey and Squash centre.

INDIA 3 (Abhishek - 20', Mandeep 28', Jugraj - 58')
SOUTH AFRICA 2 (Julius - 33', Mustapha - 59')


The men’s hockey final of the 2022 Commonwealth Games will be played on Monday. Do join us for the live coverage. Till then, take care and stay safe!

Full-time Summary: India survives a scare to get past South Africa and make it to the summit clash of the Commonwealth Games where it will face winner of the second semifinal between six-time gold-medallist Australia and three-time bronze medallist England. India started strongly, earning four Penalty Corners inside the first quarter itself. However, South African goalkeeper Gowan Jones saved all four drag flicks from Indian vice-captain Harmanpreet to keep his team in the fixture. India eventually broke the deadlock through Abhishek in the 20th minute before Mandeep doubled the advantage eight minutes later. The Proteas upped the ante in the second half and got one goal back in the 33rd minute following an excellent shot on the rebound by Ryan Julius. Desperate to find the equaliser, Tim Drummond’s side took Jones off the field in the 57th minute to have one more player on the field. The move backfired as the very next minute, India counter attacked. With no one behind him, defender Matthew Guise-Brown tackled Mandeep on the edge of the D. Guise-Brown got a yellow card while India earned a PC. Jarmanpreet restored Indian’s two-goal advantage but a 10-man South Africa, against the run of play, scored a second goal in the next minute. India did well to see the final 60 seconds off and book a place in Monday’s final


60’ Here goes the hooter and India beats South Africa 3-2 to reach the final of the Commonwealth Games for the third time!!!!

60’ Eight seconds left on the clock and South Africa uses the referral asking for encroachment by Harmanpreet on the edge of the Indian D. However, the decision goes against the,.

59’ GOALLLL!!!!! Mustapha takes the chance with a shot from the left, the ball takes a deflection off Sreejesh’s leg to sneak in. South Africa trails 2-3 with a minute left on the clock.

58’ GOALLLLLL!!!!!! Jugraj hits the drag flick through three rushers to find the back of the net. India leads 3-1.

58’ Mandeep with the ball on the edge of the South African circle, Guise-Brown tackles him as there is no goalie to defend after him. Yellow card for the Proteas’ defender, he gets a five-minute suspension and India gets a PC. No substitution allowed for Guise-Brown which means South Africa will defend the PC without a goalie.

57’ India uses referral asking for a foul to be given on Mandeep by Guise-Brown inside the South African circle. The decision is a free hit for South Africa and India loses the referral.

57’ Ntuli takes the ball inside the Indian D from the left, looks to hit it towards an Indian foot but loses control and the ball goes out.

57’ South Africa has opted to remove goalkeeper Jones and bring on one additional player.

56’ A bit of a tangle between Jugraj and Mustapha as the Indian defender looks to clear the ball away on the edge of his own circle.

55’ Free hit for India. Gurjant takes it quickly on the left flank and puts it inside the D, the ball takes a deflection off the South African stick. Another free hit for India.

53’ India up the field with a quick counter but South African defense does well not only to avoid any shot on target but turn it around for a charge to the opposite end. Important interception by Amit Rohidas.

52’ South Africa looks to construct the move from the back. Possession lost near the center line.

51’ Inside the final 10 minutes of the semifinal.

49’ Risky move by Hardik to take on South Africans all on his own when they are pressing high. Gets past two but the Proteas eventually steal the ball. Quick turnover but much to Hardik’s relief, no harm done by the men in white.

48’ Great block in the midfield by Lembethe on Nilakanta’s cross but Manpreet manages to retake possession quickly. India on the charge. Lalit enters the D on the right but gets stopped in his tracks.

46’ Unmarked Jarmanpreet receives the ball on the right flank, takes the ball inside the D and fires it across but no Indian player is there to receive it.

46’ Final quarter begins. Sreejesh, for the first time this tournament, stays in goal for the last 15 minutes.


45’ End of third quarter. India leads 2-1.

45’ Mandeep from the right flank crosses the ball, Gurjant unable to trap the ball clearly, asks for a PC but it is in vain. Meanwhile, Manpreet is back on the pitch.

43’ Delay in Varun’s decision as to where to pass the ball allows South Africa to steal the ball on the right flank and charge towards the Indian half. Lapse in concentration from the Indians.

42’ Green card for Indian captain Manpreet. Two-minute suspension. India down to 10 men.

41’ Variation in the PC routine, Jarmanpreet takes the shot, aims it towards bottom left corner and Jones, as he has so many times in this match, saves it.

41’ Abhishek earns a PC after he lifts the block to deceive Drummond who commits the foul and brings the Indian forward down on the left inside the D.

39’ Dayaan earns another PC but Beauchamp’s drag flick is blocked by the Indian rusher Amit Rohidas. Free hit for India.

39’ Penalty Corner for South Africa. Sreejesh blocks the effort and he is furious. The replays show body contact between Dayaan and Vivek in the midfield. Vivek looks in pain and has been taken off the field.

38’ SAVE!!!!! Gowan Jones with another mind blowing save. Clever move from the Indians following a free hit to find the Indian forward free who aimed for the bottom left corner only to see the effort being saved by a diving Jones.

38’ Lovely aerial pass on the right flank, South Africa’s Kok sends the cross in only to see there is no teammate inside the D to receive it.

36’ Proteas’ forward Tevin Kok sends the ball in from the left but Harmanpreet blocks the effort before it could reach any of Kok’s teammates.

35’ Pressure on the Indians now as their lead has been reduced to a solitary goal.

33’ GOALLLL!!!!! South Africa pulls one back. The Proteas earned the PC, Guisse-Brown’s drag flick was saved by Sreejesh but the rebound fell perfectly for Ryan Julius who managed to send the ball between the Indian goalie’s legs and into the back of the net.

32’ Abhishek, on the edge of the South African circle, receives a long pass from the left flank and deflects it onto Daniel bell’s foot. No PC awarded as the on-field umpire says the ball is too-high. India uses the referral and the decision is reversed. Harmanpreet, instead of the drag flick, provides the back pass to Varun who takes the shot which goes wide. Moments later, a perfect pass from the right flank finds Akashdeep inside the D but the Indian midfielder is unable to trap the ball.

31’ Third quarter begins. South Africa takes the pushback. Sreejesh is back in goal for India.

Half-time summary: While South African has done exceedingly well to deny Harmanpreet Singh from four Penalty Corners and made nine incredible saves overall, Mandeep and Abhishek have risen to the occasion and scored two brilliant field goals to put India ahead. South Africa itself has had plenty of chances but lacked clinical finishing. This match is far from over. Stay tuned for an exciting second half.


30’ Hooter for half-time. India leads 2-0.

29’ Dayaan goes for the kill from the left inside the circle. Pathak clears the effort away at the right post.

28’ GOALLLL!!!!!! Mandeep doubles India’s lead with a shot from the right and getting past Jones to find the bottom left corner. A brilliant pass by Gurjant to release Mandeep with acres of space on the right flank.

26’ Another effort on goal, this time from the left by Akashdeep and once again, Jones comes to South Africa’s rescue. He is having the game of his life.

25’ South Africa puts the cross in from the left flank, ball takes a deflection off an Indian stick, Pathak clears the ball away. Quickly takes free hit by India finds the South African defense vulnerable. Shot taken from the left by Akashdeep is saved by the left glove of Jones.

23’ SHOT!!!! An unmarked Vivek Sagar Prasad takes a shot from the right after Mandeep’s pass from the left beats everyone. Jones blocks the effort at the near post.

22’ South Africa looks to move the ball towards the Indian D as soon as possible to equalise. No harm done to the Indian goal though.

20’ GOALLLL!!!!!! Abhishek breaks the deadlock with a magnificent spin around Mustafa Cassieum on the edge of the D before beating Jones to find the bottom left corner.

19’ Ntuli provides an aerial pass into the Indian D from the right, ball takes a deflection off an Indian stick before Pathak clears it away. Dangerous play and South Africa gets a PC. Vivek Sagar blocks the shot following the PC, the umpire deems the shot to be too high and hence a free hit for India.

18’ Ferocious counter-attack from the Proteas with forward Dayaan Cassieum at the center. He manages to earn a PC. The first effort gets blocked by the Indian rusher resulting in a retake. Indian goalie Pathak saves the second effort and Indian defense clears the ball away.

17’ Jugraj finds Gurjant with a long pass on the left flank who gets the ball inside the D and provides the back pass only to see the ball being blocked by a South African stick.

16’ Second quarter begins. Long aerial cross from Surender from the left flank to Jarmanpreet on the right inside the opposition half.


15’ Hardik injects the ball, Harmanpreet goes for the top right corner, Jones saves it the but the rebound hits a South African defender. India uses the referral and since the rebound was off-target, get another PC and not a penalty stroke. However, Harmanpreet decides to go dead-center this time, only to see his effort being blocked by Jones again.

14’ India earns a PC after Gurjant provides the cross to Varun from the right who deflects the ball to a Sotuh African player’s foot inside the D. South Africa uses the referral saying the ball came of Varun’s foot first but video umpire, due to lack of conclusive evidence, tells the on-field umpire to stay with his original decision and the Proteas keep the referral as well.

13’ Jarmanpreet steals the ball from Ntuli near the Indian D and provides a long pass to Mandeep on the left flank who does well to trap the ball. Mandeep marked by two South Africans eventually loses possession.

12’ Akashdeep steals the ball on the edge of the South African D and manages to get it in. Smooth. However, nothing comes out of the move eventually and the match remains goalless.

10’ Dangerous play from Lalit inside the South African D as he lifts his stick in the effort to take a shot.

8’ South Africa has shown intent to stay disciplined in defense and latch on to any opportunity for the counter attack.

6’ First attempt from the Proteas. Taine Payton receives the rebound on the edge of the circle after Sreejesh clears the ball put in from the right by a South African player, takes the shot but Jugraj blocks the effort.

5’ Second PC for India as Mandeep receives the ball inside the D and draws a foul from Daniel Bell. Harmanpreet aims for the bottom left corner, saved by Jones, Manpreet gets the rebound, passes it to Mandeep who gives it to Harmanpreet but the ball goes out for a free hit.

3’ Lalit receives the ball inside the D and goes for the kill. Does not find the goal but does manage to hit the ball onto a South African player’s foot. India gets a Penalty Corner. Hardik injects it, Harmanpreet goes for the top right corner with the drag flick but Gowan Jones, South African goalie, saves it with an excellent dive.

2’ Mustafa Cassiem, the South African takes a hit to the face as Shamsher looks to put the ball inside the circle from the right.

1’ India takes the pushback. Hardik provides the pass to Lalit on the left flank. Lalit makes a brilliant run inside the circle using his 3D skills but eventually loses control of the ball and the Proteas clear the danger.

Game time!!!!

10:27 PM: The two teams step onto the turf. First up, the Indian team in blue followed by South Africa in white.

10:20 PM: Just 10 minutes to go for the first semifinal. The winner will face either six-time gold medallist Australia or three-time bronze medallist England in the summit clash.

10:10 PM: India’s starting eleven for the semifinal


10 PM: Some more stats to compare how two teams have performed in the group stage

Circle Penetrations: IND - 126, SA - 76

Penalty Corners won: IND - 36 (13 converted into goals), SA - 19 (Five converted into goals)

Goals scored: IND - 27, SA - 11

Top scorers: IND - Harmanpreet Singh (9), SA - Matthew Guise-Brown - 4

9:50 PM:India vs South Africa head-to-head record

India has won all three of its Commonwealth Games matches against South Africa. Earlier this year, India had beaten South Africa by the same scoreline of 10-2 in its two FIH Pro League matches in Potchefstroom.

Previous meetings at CWG:


9:40 PM:Road to semis

GROUP STAGE INDIA (Topped Group B) SOUTH AFRICA (Second in Group A)

9:30 PM: Business end of the 2022 Commonwealth Games men’s hockey begins today with the first semifinal between India and South Africa. Both teams have had contrasting journeys to this stage. While India hardly looked in trouble during the group stage except for a brief spell against England, the Proteas managed to somehow find that one extra goal required against the likes of Scotland and New Zealand in high-scoring encounters. However, today, none of that matters as it is a knockout match. Live action begins at 10:30 PM IST. Till then, stay tuned as I take you through the pre-match build-up.


Two-time silver medallist Indian men’s hockey team takes on South Africa in the semifinal of the 2022 Commonwealth Games at the University of Birmingham Hockey and Squash centre.

Manpreet Singh-led side, with 10 points in four matches, not only booked its place for the last-four stage but edged host nation England to top Group B with a superior goal difference. The men in blue amassed 27 goals across four fixtures with vice-captain Harmanpreet Singh scoring nine of them. Harmanpreet is second-highest scorer in the tournament, only two goals behind England’s Nicholas Bandurak.

CWG 2022: India vs Australia women’s hockey semifinal HIGHLIGHTS

As far as defense is concerned, only five goals have been scored against India. Four of those were conceded against England in a 4-4 draw in which the Indian team was down to 10 men for a significant amount of time due to multiple suspensions received by defender Varun Kumar and forward Gurjant Singh getting a yellow card followed by a 10-minute suspension.

Indian men’s hockey squad
Goalkeepers: PR Sreejesh, Krishan Bahadur Pathak
Defenders: Varun Kumar, Surender Kumar, Harmanpreet Singh, Amit Rohidas, Jugraj Singh, Jarmanpreet Singh
Midfielders: Manpreet Singh (captain), Hardik Singh, Vivek Sagar Prasad, Shamsher Singh, Akashdeep Singh, Nilakanta Sharma
Forwards: Mandeep Singh, Gurjant Singh, Lalit Kumar Upadhyay, Abhishek
Chief Coach - Graham Reid
South African men’s hockey squad
Goalkeepers: Gowan Jone, Siyavuya Nolutshungu
Defenders: Connor Beauchamp, Leneal Jackson, Matthew Guise-Brown, Jethro Eustice, Daniel Bell
Midfielders: Tim Drummond (captain), Nduduzo Lembethe, Taine Paton, Ryan Julius, Nicholas Spooner, Samkelo Mvimbi
Forwards: Mustapha Cassiem, Keenan Horne, Tevin Kok, Dayaan Cassiem, Nqobile Ntuli
Chief Coach - Garreth Ewing

While this is India’s fifth appearance in the semifinal since hockey was first introduced at the Commonwealth Games in 1998 in Kuala Lumpur, South Africa has made it this far at the quadrennial event for only the second time ever and first since 2002.

South Africa finished second in Group A behind Australia with seven points in four games. The Proteas played a 2-2 draw against Pakistan. In its second group match, it beat Scotland 5-4 with midfielder Taine Paton scoring a last-minute winner. A 3-0 loss to Australia, which has won all six men’s hockey gold medals at CWG, made South Africa’s final group match against New Zealand a virtual quarterfinal.

South Africa beat the Kiwis 4-3 with defender Connor Beauchamp scoring the winner in the 53rd minute to book a semifinal berth. For the Proteas, defender Matthew Guise-Brown has been the top scorer with four goals.

Five out of South Africa’s 11 goals have come off Penalty Corners. For India, the stat is 13 out of 27. While South Africa’s PC conversion rate is roughly 26 per cent, India has done considerably better with 36 per cent. Therefore, the semifinal could boil down to South Africa relying mostly on winning penalty corners in order to have any chance of causing an upset and reaching its first ever CWG final.

For India, it would be about avoiding any complacency while also staying disciplined and not inviting any unnecessary suspensions.

When and where to watch India vs South Africa semifinal, Commonwealth Games 2022 men’s hockey match?

The India vs South Africa semifinal, Commonwealth Games 2022 men’s hockey match will be telecast live on Sony Sports Network. Live streaming will be available on Sony LIV from 10:30 PM IST.


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