A significant milestone for Shahvir Tarapore

Umpire Shahvir Keki Tarapore will be officiating the Ranji Trophy match between Jharkhand and Odisha

Shavir Tarapore

Umpire Shahvir Keki Tarapore will be officiating in his 100th first-class cricket match   -  Special Arrangement

There may not be much at stake for the teams Jharkhand and Odisha when they line-up for the Ranji Trophy Group ‘B’ encounter at the KCA-St.Xavier’s College ground on Thursday.

But for Shahvir Keki Tarapore, it will be his 100th first-class cricket match as umpire. The former member of ICC panel of Umpires, Tarapore says it has been a long and satisfying journey which began 25 years ago when he first stood as umpire for Himachal Pradesh-Services Ranji match at Mandi in 1991.

"It will be a memorable moment for me tomorrow but I never thought I would complete 100 first class games as an umpire. My ambition grew as I climbed up the ladder and standing as Test Umpire was the biggest occasion in my life. I am thankful to BCCI, KSCA and my family for supporting me. I am also grateful to others who helped me in various stages of my career," said Tarapore on the eve of his 100th first-class match.

"After finishing my career as a cricketer. I wanted to be involved in cricket in some way or the other. Cricket runs in my blood. My father Keki Tarapore was a well known cricket coach and I thought the best way to stay in touch with the game was umpiring. I became the KSCA panel umpire in 1987 and was promoted to BCCI panel umpire in 1990," he says.

As someone who started his career when use of technology was still a long way off in domestic cricket, Tarapore says the development has been good for the game in general. "At the end of the day, what matters is the right decision. The use of technology has made things easier for both players and umpires. It is my personal view. A good umpire is never under pressure if he sticks to his basics. I always thought my strength was that I struck to my basics which helped me a lot in my career," he says.

Tarapore, who had officiated in four Test matches, 25 one day internationals and three T20 matches in his career, said the difference between first class cricket and international cricket was the crowd which can be unnerving for some. "Except for the crowd everything is the same. Some feel the pressure and give wrong decisions. Of course we all mistakes and it is part of life. But we have the review system which helps us to correct the mistakes we make on the field. Key is to learn from your mistakes and not repeat it. Once I retire I will use my experience and try to help next level of umpires in India, ‘’ he says.

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