Bishan Bedi impressed by facilities at Gurukul Cricket Academy

The Gurukul Academy offers residential facilities to boys above 12 years. It has 20 pitches and a cricket field with a 75-yard boundary.

Young cricketers taking part in a match at the Gurukul Cricket Academy.   -  SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT

Former India wicketkeeper Vijay Yadav received a surprise visitor on Sunday at his scenic Gurukul Cricket Academy near Faridabad.

“The Guru came to my Gurukul,” an excited Vijay told Sportstar.

Former India captain Bishan Singh Bedi had heard of the academy and was keen to see how much of the praise for Yadav’s academy was “true.” With one of his favourite students, Gursharan Singh, at the wheel, Bedi chose to go to Bhopani Village in Greater Faridabad.

Was he surprised? “I was pleasantly surprised to see this wonderful cricket facility, I can tell you there is no such ground in Delhi, so beautifully crafted, so lush green. Believe me, it was a rejuvenating experience to be on the cricket field after a long time,” said Bedi.

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“It is not a cricket shop. It is a proper and genuine cricket academy. We need more like Vijay. He has earned money but ploughed it back into the game in a constructive manner,” he added.

Yadav claimed his effort derived inspiration from the National Cricket Academy (NCA). “I always wanted to have a quality academy for the rural belt that I come from. It has been built on a nine-acre complex and has all the necessary equipment to qualify as a modern-day academy," Yadav informed.

The Gurukul Academy offers residential facilities to boys above 12 years. It has 20 pitches and a cricket field with a 75-yard boundary.

“The strength of my residential academy is 60 with education tie-up wit the Lingayas School. The evening academy attracts 100 trainees in outdoor and indoor nets.  I have one farm at this very ground and today I have 14 cows to provide milk to my very students.”

Former India wicketkeeper Vijay Yadav's Gurukul Academy is located near Faridabad.   -  SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT


Yadav, who is a trained coach and curator with the Haryana Cricket Association, has engaged 10 coaches to give lessons in all the departments of the game.

“We have a proper gymnasium and also entertainment hall for recreational activities. We were closed from March to May due to the pandemic but resumed in June,” Yadav said.

“Bedi Sir coming to the academy is a huge boost to my ambitions. There is so much to learn from him,” said Yadav.

On his part, Bedi was happy, “I would have loved to have something like this. You know what! I also saw a very gifted left-arm spinner.”

Yadav provides training in these challenging times on a secure footing. “We have our bio-bubble in place. I understand the importance of social distancing and wearing of masks. We constantly have classes to keep the students aware of the developments.”

Once the world recovers from COVID, Bedi would not mind frequent visits to the Gurukul Cricket Academy. “There is something about the place,” concluded Bedi.

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