The disciplinary hearing against South African head coach Mark Boucher has been postponed until May, the chairperson of the hearing announced on Tuesday.

Boucher faces charges of racism , laid by Cricket South Africa, which could result in his dismissal.

Advocate Terry Motau said in a statement that he had decided to hold the hearing from May 16 to 20 after considering arguments submitted by Boucher’s legal team, which intends to call current South African players to testify in his defence. Motau said CSA had wanted the hearings to be held between March 7 and 11 - after a South African tour of New Zealand but before an incoming tour by Bangladesh, which is due to start on March 18.

“On behalf of Mr Boucher, it was indicated that he intends to call some of the players to testify on his behalf,” said Motau, who accepted the argument that holding the hearings between the two tours could be disruptive.

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The allegations against Boucher, announced last month, followed hearings last year into discrimination in cricket.

Boucher was accused by former team-mate Paul Adams of leading a song which had a racially derogatory wording in fines meetings after matches while they were playing.

CSA announced that the inquiry would also consider concerns and allegations that arose following the resignation of former assistant coach, Enoch Nkwe. It is also alleged that Boucher failed to deal effectively with a controversy over “taking the knee” in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Following the announcement of the charges against Boucher, South African media has reported that the former Test wicketkeeper will be backed financially by a group of rich South African businessmen, who were reportedly “outraged” by the charges levelled against the coach.