The BCCI has written back to TNCA on the vexing issue of complimentary tickets for the India-West Indies Twenty20 International to be held here on November 11.

Sportstar has learnt from sources that the BCCI has replied it is willing to give 550 from its share of 1150 tickets to the TNCA.

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Out of the 10 per cent complimentary tickets, the BCCI gets five per cent leaving the remaining five to the host association.

The TNCA and some other State associations have objected to 90 per cent of the tickets to be put on public sale as demanded by the BCCI.

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The TNCA source said, “Just 550 additional tickets will not help us. We need around 8000 complimentary tickets to meet all our obligations but now we have just 1700.”

The source added, “Then there is the question of tickets we sell at discounted rates to our 180 affiliated clubs. We sell 25 tickets to each club at a fraction of their cost. However, the BCCI has said we cannot give preferential tickets.”

The source said, “It will not be possible for us to conduct the match on these terms.”

The fate of the game hangs by a thread.