All-round Jamaica Tallawahs beats St Lucia Zouks by five wickets

Follow the scores, updates, and commentary of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL 2020) match between Jamaica Tallawahs and St Lucia Zouks.

Jamaica Tallawahs won the toss and elected to field.   -  TWITTER: CPL

There were some nervous moments during the run chase, especially in the middle-overs when the Tallawahs lost two wickets in quick succession, but thanks to Asif Ali's unbeaten 47, they have got their campaign off to a winning start in CPL 2020. Props to Kesrick Williams and McCoy: both were brilliant with the ball but you knew at the halfway mark, with the kind of batting Tallawahs had, anything under 160 wasn't going to be enough. That would be all from our side.

Good night.

Tallawahs 160/5 in 18.5 overs (Ali 47, Brathwaite 18): McCoy to bowl his final over. Ali is determined to take his team home: pulls this short delivery over square-leg for four. And Ali hits the winning runs... a boundary to wrap up what turned out to be an easy run-chase in the end.

Tallawahs 149/5 in 18 overs (Ali 38, Brathwaite 17): Kuggeleijn in for his final over. Brathwaite welcomes him with a mighty hit for four. Good comeback from the Kiwi though and nearly had a wicket there: Sammy drops Brathwaite. how expensive will that be? Very expensive! Brathwaite tonks this over long-on for six. What a hit. 16 runs from that over. Just 10 more needed to win off two overs.

Tallawahs 133/5 in 17 overs (Ali 37, Brathwaite 2): GONE! Williams has another one and this is the big fish: Andre Russell has been dismissed with the Tallawahs needing 33. What a strike for the Zouks. Williams has redeemed himself in style here. Carlos Brathwaite joins Ali. Ali gets a boundary off the last ball but Zouks will be mighty pleased with Williams' effort. His figures: 4-0-32-2. Tallawahs needs 26 runs in 18 balls.

Tallawahs 126/4 in 16 overs (Ali 32, Russell 16): Zahir Khan to bowl out. Asif Ali hits one over the bowler's head for six. Just the big hit they wanted. That should calm some nerves. Asif finishes the over with a four. 12 from that last over. Ali is playing a brilliant innings here but he needs to see this through. Expensive figures for Zahir: 4-0-36-0.

Tallawahs 114/4 in 15 overs (Ali 21, Russell 15): Williams returns into the attack. That was gold dust from Williams especially with Dre Russ in the middle. Just five runs from that over, a peach of a toe-crusher to floor Russell was the standout part. Tallawahs needs 45 runs in 30 balls.

Tallawahs 109/4 in 14 overs (Ali 17, Russell 14): McCoy, who has been brilliant with the ball so far, has been summoned by the skipper. Eight runs from that over with a boundary off the last ball... Russell slaps this one past Nabi at deep id-wicket for four.

Tallawahs 101/4 in 13 overs (Ali 14, Russell 9): Kuggeleijn is back into the attack. FOUR! The first scoring shot off Russell's bat: hammers a cut shot for four. The bowler bowls a no-ball, concedes a free-hit with Russell on strike. But gets away with just a single, does Kuggeleijn. Tallawahs needs 58 off 42 deliveries. Shouldn't be a tall task

Tallawahs 91/4 in 12 overs (Ali 12, Russell 2): Nabi is back into the attack. Ali clobbers one over extra-cover for four. Seven runs from that over. Zouks wouldn't mind that you'd imagine. They'll be more worried about containing Dre Russ!

Tallawahs 84/4 in 11 overs (Ali 7, Russell 0 ): Kesrick Williams is back into the attack. GONE! Williams gets the big fish: Phillips departs and Zouks are crawling their way back into this contest. Kuggeleijn takes a sharp catch at long-on. Andre Russell is in the house.

Tallawahs 82/3 in 10 overs (Ali 6, Phillips 43): Rahkeem Cornwall into the attack with his team under pressure. WICKET! Just the breakthrough the Zouks were looking for. Cornwall gets Powell out and the stand has been broken. A soft dismissal that, Powell will be gutted with himself. Asif Ali comes to the crease. He opens his account in style: hammers Cornwall for a six over deep mid-wicket. Still anybody's game at the halfway stage.

Tallawahs 73/2 in 9 overs (Powell 25, Phillips 42): McCoy comes back into the attack. Meanwhile, the 50-run stand is up between Powell and Phillips. It was turning out to be an excellent over from McCoy until Phillips drove one beautifully through the covers for four. There's no stopping these two batsmen at the moment.

Tallawahs 65/2 in 8 overs (Powell 23, Phillips 36): Zahir to continue. After bowling three good deliveries, Zahir is taken to the cleaners by Powell, who collects 10 off two balls courtesy a four and a six. Tallawahs needs 94 runs in 72 balls.

Tallawahs 54/2 in 7 overs (Powell 13, Phillips 36): Kesrick Williams has been introduced into the attack. Williams goes for two off his first three deliveries. Errs in line in the fourth and pays the price as Phillips lofts this fullish delivery on middle over deep mid-wicket for six. He follows it up with a four to point. And there's a six to end the over. Runs coming thick and fast for the Tallawahs. 18 from that Williams over.

Tallawahs 36/2 in 6 overs (Powell 12, Phillips 19): Zahir Khan to bowl the final over of the PP. Phillips hits this low full-toss outside off over mid-off for four, before sending the next delivery over extra-cover for six. Runs starting to come now for the Jamaican Tallawahs. 11 runs from that over. End of the Powerplay.

Tallawahs 25/2 in 5 overs (Powell 12, Phillips 8): Kuggeleijn is back into the attack. He gets the young Kirton out for 1 and Tallawahs are reeling in the Powerplay. Great take from Deyal...backpedals to grab a stunning catch. Rovman Powell is the new man in, opens his account with a boundary. Follows it up with a maximum over deep mid-wicket. Tallawahs getting a move on at last. 13 runs and a wicket from that over.

Tallawahs 12/1 in 4 overs (Kirton 1 Phillips 8): Mohammad Nabi comes into the attack. Begins with a good length ball on the middle-stump, no run taken. Phillips collects a brace off the next delivery. Good start from Nabi. Concedes four off the next four balls. Brilliant from the Zouks. They have a wicket and have gone for just 12 in the first four overs of the PP.

Tallawahs 6/1 in 3 overs (Kirton 0 Phillips 3): Obed McCoy, left-arm fast medium, comes into the attack and takes a wicket first ball. Gets Walton caught at mid-off. A dream start for the Zouks with the ball. What a brilliant first over that was from McCoy. Just one run and a wicket.

Tallawahs 5/0 in 2 overs (Walton 2, Phillips 2): Zahir Khan, Afghan left-arm wrist-spinner into the attack. So both teams turning to spin early in the Powerplay. Zahir is making his debut for the Zouks. Phillips is off with a single. Brilliant first over from Zahir as he follows up the single off the first ball with four consecutive dots and a one.

Tallawahs 3/0 in 1 over (Walton 1, Phillips 1): Kuggeleijn is off to a good start with the new ball. Just couple of singles and a wide wrap up the first over of the chase.

Welcome back to the run chase. Walton and Glenn Phillips to gein the run chase. Kuggeleijn will open the attack

Roston Chase: "I'm glad for the cricket. It was really hot, it's very hard to keep a calm head in these conditions. Pitch wasn't an easy one. I just held my nerve and it came out okay for me. It's never easy going out to bat when you lose early wickets. Whenever we were at the top, we lost wickets. I'll be happy to do some work for the captain, but hopefully, the main bowlers get the job done."


Russell to bowl the final over. Great finish from the all-rounder. Concedes just seven in the 20th, and the run out of Sammy, to restrict Zouks under 160. They finish on 158/7. You'd imagine the Zouks have Roston Chase to thank for this total. Chase's fifty held the innings together even as the Tallawahs chipped away at regular intervals. They need 159 to win.

Zouks 150/6 in 19 overs (Daren Sammy 1, Scott Kuggeleijn 1): Mujeeb bowling out. He gets the big wicket of Chase, his second of the match. Four runs and a wicket from that over. Excellent stuff from the youngster. His spell: 4-0-25-2.

Zouks 146/5 in 18 overs (Daren Sammy 0, Roston Chase 50): Russell is back into the attack. Chase goes WHAM BAM! Launches a full delivery on leg-stump over backward square leg for six. Chase moves to 49 with a couple. He gets to his first T20 fifty with a single. This has been an important innings and he would like to carry on.

Zouks 136/5 in 17 overs (Daren Sammy 0, Roston Chase 41): Mujeeb Ur Rahman is back into the attack. Nabi welcomes him with a six and a four off consecutive deliveries. But Mujeeb has the last laugh, gets Nabi out caught and bowled. You have to say Tallawahs are on top here. Three overs left. Zouks would want at least 160 if not more.

Zouks 125/4 in 16 overs (Mohammad Nabi 3, Roston Chase 40): Brathwaite is into his third. Chase needs to up the ante here. Great over from Carlos given the stage of the innings. Just six runs off it in the end: four singles and a two.

Zouks 119/4 in 15 overs (Mohammad Nabi 1, Roston Chase 36): Lamichhane to bowl out. He gets Zadran out! Mohammad Nabi comes to the crease. Takes a single to get off the mark. Lamichhane's spell comes to an end. Brilliant figures. 1 for 23. Five overs left.

Zouks 115/3 in 14 overs (Najibullah Zadran 25, Roston Chase 34): Brathwaite continues. Fifty partnership comes up between Zadran and Chase. Four braces and a single in that over. Can Chase and Zadran switch gears now?

Zouks 106/3 in 13 overs (Najibullah Zadran 17, Roston Chase 33):Lamichhane into his third. Chase is looking in good touch. Collects four runs off Lamichhane, gives the full toss the treatment it deserves. There is an appeal for stumping but Chase has his foot inside the crease. That's followed by a massive appeal for lbw which has also been turned down. Quite an eventful over this.

Zouks 98/3 in 12 overs (Najibullah Zadran 16, Roston Chase 26): Carlos Brathwaite has been introduced into the attack. Zadran says 'welcome to the attack' with a thick outside edge for four. Now, it's Chase's turn to join the party, pulls a back of a length ball for four. Finishes with a dot.

Zouks 89/3 in 11 overs (Najibullah Zadran 12, Roston Chase 22): Lamichhane continues. Starts off by conceding a brace. He makes up for it by bowling three consecutive dots. A single and another dot to finish the over. Great stuff from the Nepal tweaker.

Zouks 86/3 in 10 overs (Najibullah Zadran 9, Roston Chase 22): Russell continues. After conceding two singles off the first two balls, Russell is hit for a four by Chase, who is starting to gain momentum now. Both teams will be happy at the halfway stage.

Zouks 78/3 in 9 overs (Najibullah Zadran 7, Roston Chase 16): First signs of Lamichhane with the ball. Starts by giving a single to Zadran, who gets off the mark. Chase plays out two back-to-back dots before farming the strike. It was turning out to be a decent first over before Zadran cleared his front leg and launched one over deep mid-wicket for six! Whattay strike. Eight runs from that over.

Zouks 70/3 in 8 overs (Najibullah Zadran 0, Roston Chase 15): Dre Russ into the attack. WICKET! He makes things happen, does Russell! Gets the big wicket of Fletcher off his second legitimate delivery! Chase is undettered. Hits the very next ball over fine leg for six. Chase fights back with three successive dots.

Zouks 63/2 in 7 overs (Fletcher 22, Roston Chase 8): Pace returns into the fold. Oshane Thomas back for another crack. Starts off with a dot and wide. Chase finally gets one away; a back of a length ball outside off is sent packing over mid-wicket for four. Good shot. Disappointing over from Oshane. Plenty of extras: five in total! A single to end the over that comprised 10 balls.

Zouks 52/2 in 6 overs (Fletcher 22, Roston Chase 2): Permaul into his third over. Fletcher is in good touch; hammers a tossed up delivery over deep mid-wicket for six. What a strike. 10 runs off Permaul's third. With this, the PP comes to an end. You'd say it's 50-50 at the moment.

Zouks 42/2 in 5 overs (Fletcher 14, Roston Chase 0): Great over from Mujeeb. Just two runs off it including a wide.

Zouks 40/2 in 4 overs (Fletcher 13, Roston Chase 0): Permaul continues. Fletcher greets him with a boundary first ball: hit straight over the bowler's head for four. Permaul follows it up with a dot. He takes a single next ball and gives the strike to Deyal, who clobbers two back-to-back sixes before being caught behind! What an eventful over. Deyal departs for 17.

Zouks 23/1 in 3 overs (Fletcher 8, Mark Deyal 5): Mujeeb Ur Rahman, right-arm off break, to bowl his first over. Tallawahs preferring spin in the Powerplay. Deyal opens his account with a fierce hit through cover point for four.

Zouks 15/1 in 2 overs (Fletcher 6, Mark Deyal 0): Veerasammy Permaul, left arm orthodox, has been introduced into the attack. Spin early in the innings from the Tallahwahs. He gets the breakthrough. Cornwall departs. Could've been two in one over but for the missed chance of Fletcher, Russell the guilty fielder.

Zouks 8/0 in 1 over (Fletcher 0, Cornwall 8): Cornwall gets off the mark with two back to the back boundaries. Two beautiful looking drives from Rahkeem. Just the start Zouks were looking for.

We are ready to go. Ball one coming up in Tarouba. Bright and sunny, weather isn't a concern for the time being. All the players take a knee in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Fletcher and Cornwall opening the innings. Oshane Thomas with the new ball.

TOSS UPDATE: Jamaica Tallawahs has won the toss and decided to bowl

Daren Sammy, Zouks captain: "We've made a few changes. Kesrick Williams and Cornwall are good. Don't forget the experience of Andre Fletcher. We have three Afghan players in the squad. Everyone in our team can make an impact."

Rovman Powell, Tallawahs captain: "We can never replace Chris Gayle, but we'll try our best in telling players to be themselves. Andre is fit and raring. Chadwick and Glenn Phillips are back. Brathwaite and Asif Ali in the middle order."

Playing XIs

Jamaica Tallawahs (Playing XI): Glenn Phillips(w), Chadwick Walton, Nicholas Kirton, Rovman Powell(c), Asif Ali, Andre Russell, Carlos Brathwaite, Veerasammy Permaul, Sandeep Lamichhane, Mujeeb Ur Rahman, Oshane Thomas

St Lucia Zouks (Playing XI): Andre Fletcher(w), Rahkeem Cornwall, Mark Deyal, Roston Chase, Najibullah Zadran, Mohammad Nabi, Daren Sammy(c), Scott Kuggeleijn, Obed McCoy, Kesrick Williams, Zahir Khan


WEATHER UPDATE: The rains are staying away at the moment. Nice and sunny in Tarouba ahead of the toss.

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The Carribean Premier League (CPL) is the world's first major T20 league to be held since the Covid-19 pandemic brought international and domestic cricket to a standstill.

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Jamaica Tallawahs: Chadwick Walton, Glenn Phillips(w), Asif Ali, Rovman Powell(c), Andre Russell, Jermaine Blackwood, Carlos Brathwaite, Oshane Thomas, Sandeep Lamichhane, Fidel Edwards, Mujeeb Ur Rahman, Veerasammy Permaul, Nkrumah Bonner, Nicholas Kirton, Ramaal Lewis, Preston McSween, Ryan Persaud

St Lucia Zouks: Andre Fletcher(w), Rahkeem Cornwall, Kimani Melius, Leniko Boucher, Javelle Glen, Mohammad Nabi, Daren Sammy(c), Roston Chase, Scott Kuggeleijn, Kesrick Williams, Zahir Khan, Obed McCoy, Saad Bin Zafar, Najibullah Zadran, Kavem Hodge, Mark Deyal, Chemar Holder


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