CPL 2020, highlights: Russell fifty in vain, Trinbago registers 19-run win over Jamaica

Follow the scores, highlights, and commentary of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL 2020) match between Trinbago Knight Riders and Jamaica Tallawahs.

Trinbago Knight Riders are unbeaten in the ongoing Caribbean Premier League with six wins from six matches.   -  CPL

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's blog of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL 2020) match between Trinbago Knight Riders and Jamaica Tallawahs.

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Tallawahs innings:

JT 165/6 in 20 overs (Russell 50, Brathwaite 21): Russell clobbers a six first ball and ends the innings with a four a huge six! He goes to a smashing fifty off 23 balls but its in vain. Jamaica falls short by 19 runs. Seven wins in a row for Trinbago.

Pollard brings himself on for the final over.

38 runs from 6 balls

JT 147/6 in 19 overs (Russell 33, Brathwaite 20): Single from Brathwaite first ball. Over to Russell. Wide and full, but Russell gets enough bat on that to take it to the deep cover boundary. Russell misses a full toss!! Wry smiles from Bravo and Russell as he looks at his bat. Bravo ends the over conceding just 3 runs from 4 balls. That's the game then..

TKR calls for a meeting in the middle. This game is far from done. Bravo with the crucial penultimate over.

46 runs from 12 balls

JT 139/6 in 18 overs (Russell 27, Brathwaite 18): Seales comes on for his first over of the innings and is welcomed with a straight hit for a six. Russell on one leg slaps a full length delivery over covers for a four. He follows it up with a same shot but with a better connection. Result: another four. Hang on here... Waist high full toss and Russell deposits for another maximum!

68 runs from 18 balls

JT 117/6 in 17 overs (Russell 13, Brathwaite 11): Deft touch from Brathwaite to guide a leg-cutter from Narine behind for a four. Russell climbs all over a half-volley length from Narine. The ball is launched into the leg side for a six.

80 runs from 24 balls

JT 105/6 in 16 overs (Russell 7, Brathwaite 6): Brathwaite whips a full delivery behind square for a four. 100 up for Jamaica. But importantly for TKR, Russell continues to remain off strike. He is batting on 7 from 7 deliveries.

JT 98/6 in 15 overs (Russell 6, Brathwaite 1): WICKET! Jamaica is falling apart here. Ali scoops the ball back to Narine, who completes a tumbling catch to his right. Carlos Brathwaite is the new abtsman.

JT 97/5 in 14 overs (Russell 6, Ali 7): WICKET! Wide slower ball and Phillips ends up mistiming it high into the air and into the hands of Seifert. Asif Ali gets off the mark by swivelling the ball behind square for a four.

JT 85/4 in 13 overs (Russell 1, Phillips 41): WICKET! Bowled him through the gate! Alam with the googly and Powell fails to pick it up. Andre Russell time. 100 needed from 42 balls.

JT 84/3 in 12 overs (Powell 2, Phillips 41): Pierre finishes his spell conceding just 25 runs while picking up a wicket.

Surprised Russell isn't in yet. He is playing only as a batsman in this match.

JT 78/3 in 11 overs (Phillips 37): Fawad bowls it full down the leg and Phillips swings it high across the line for a six! Intent shown from both batsmen after the drinks break. Bonner goes across the line as well but misses. Fawad pitches it on middle and hits the back leg on the sweep shot. The umpire gives him out. Powell is the new man in.

JT 70/2 in 10 overs (Bonner 25, Phillips 30): Pierre back into the attack and completes an economical over. TKR well on top in the halfway stage of the chase.

JT 66/2 in 9 overs (Bonner 23, Phillips 28): Phillips picks up the slower delivery and slaps it past point for a four.

DJ Bravo into the attack.

JT 56/2 in 8 overs (Bonner 21, Phillips 21): Short delivery from Fawad and Phillips rocks back to clobber it over mid-wicket for a six! 12 runs from the over.

JT 44/2 in 7 overs (Bonner 19, Phillips 11): A rare boundary of Narine's bowling as Simmons slips slips Bonner's shot between his legs at the point region

JT 35/2 in 6 overs (Bonner 13, Phillips 8): Excellent powerplay overs for TKR. Another 150 needed from 84 balls.

The required rate climbs up close to 11 an over.

JT 29/2 in 5 overs (Bonner 12, Phillips 3): Predictably economical start from Narine. Pollard goes under the lid to take up the short leg position.

Sunil Narine is into the attack.

JT 27/2 in 4 overs (Bonner 10, Phillips 3): Bonner steps down the ground and ships Pierre down to the deep mid-wicket region for a four.

JT 19/2 in 3 overs (Bonner 3, Phillips 2):A tidy over from Hosein. Just 4 runs from it.

JT 15/2 in 2 overs (Bonner 1, Phillips 0) WICKET! Pierre strikes as well. He tosses it on the off-stump line and Blackwood looks to deposit into the leg side but completely misses it. He has his off-stumped disturbed.

Pierre, another slow left-arm bowler, with the second over of the innings

JT 8/1 in 1 over (Blackwood 8, Phillips 0) WICKET! Gone first ball! Walton slashes a delivery right into the hands of the point fielder. TKR starts with spin in the form of Hosein and Pollard is rewarded early. Jermaine Blackwood gets going by cashing it on two short and wide deliveries. Two boundaries to begin his innings.

Phillips and Walton are the opening batsmen for Jamaica.

Knight Riders innings:

TKR 184/4 in 20 overs (Pollard 33): Excellent finish for Trinbago. Pollard launches Brathwaite straight back for a six. Munro makes room to pull a short delivery for a four. Munro lifts a full toss high which Brathwaite gratefully accepts. Munro is dismissed for 65. The umpires check for the waist height and its declared a fair delivery.

TKR 169/3 in 19 overs (Munro 61, Pollard 25): Make it a three-peat for Edwards. Third successive over where his first delivery sails for a six. Munro slices a wide delivery over extra cover for another four. Edwards too finishes with 48 runs form his four overs.

TKR 154/3 in 18 overs (Munro 55, Pollard 16): Pollard on the charge now. He drills Mujeeb straight down the ground for a flat six. Mujeeb drags it short and he rocks back to pull it behind square for his first four of the innings.

TKR 142/3 in 17 overs (Munro 54, Pollard 5): Full toss wide of Munro but he moves across and slaps it to the deep mid-wicket boundary for a six! He goes to his second fifty of the season with a four to the same region. Expensive spell from Powell: 4-0-48-0. 18 runs from the over.

TKR 124/3 in 16 overs (Munro 43, Pollard 1): Powerful reverse sweeps from Munro; one in front of square and the other square as the ball races to the boundary. 11 runs from the over.

Mujeeb back on for the death overs.

TKR 113/3 in 15 overs (Munro 34, Pollard 0): Edwards for the second time this innings is welcomed back into the attack with a six! Seifert launches him back over his head! WICKET! Edwards drags it short and wide, Seifert slashes it right into the hands of the third man fielder. 18 form 13 balls for the right-hander. Kieron Pollard time.

TKR 105/2 in 14 overs (Munro 33, Seifert 12): First boundary conceded by spin today as Seifert gets out the reverse sweep and connects it against Lamichhane. Hundred up for TKR.

TKR 98/2 in 13 overs (Munro 33, Seifert 5): Brathwaite mixes up his pace and length well as the batsmen look to go big. Just 5 runs from the over.

TKR 93/2 in 12 overs (Munro 30, Seifert 4): Lamichhane tidies things up again conceding juts 2 runs. The spin duo has conceded just 13 runs from 5 overs, while the three pacers have leaked 80 from 7 overs.

TKR 91/2 in 11 overs (Munro 29, Seifert 3): Munro gets a boundary away to keep TKR's run rate up as Powell concedes 8 from the over.

TKR 83/2 in 10 overs (Munro 23, Seifert 1): WICKET! Lamichhane gets the breakthrough. He tosses it wide and Simmons looks to heave it to the leg side but only ends up top edging to the short third man fielder. Tim Seifert is the new batsman.

TKR 75/1 in 9 overs (Simmons 25, Munro 16): Simmons with his second six of the innings, comes down the track and nails the delivery over the deep mid-wicket boundary. An expensive over from Powell; 14 runs of it.

TKR 61/1 in 8 overs (Simmons 14, Munro 15): Tidy start from Sandeep Lamichhane.

TKR 58/1 in 7 overs (Simmons 12, Munro 14): Munro pierces the offside field with an uppish cover drive to find the boundary. Munro ends the over with another boundary off the back foot, as he punches the ball to the deep cover region.

Skipper Powell brings himself on after the end of the powerplay overs

TKR 49/1 in 6 overs (Simmons 12, Munro 6): Edwards is welcomed back into the attack with another six. He slides down the leg and Simmons flicks it behind square for a six!

TKR 40/1 in 5 overs (Simmons 4, Munro 5): Munro off the mark with a sublime straight drive for a four. Brathwaite screams in anguish as Blackwood puts down a sitter at deep short leg boundary off Munro.

TKR 33/1 in 4 overs (Simmons 3, Munro 0): Simmons struggling to get going so far as Mujeeb strangles him with his line and length. Three from 11 deliveries for the opener.

TKR 32/1 in 3 overs (Simmons 2, Munro 0): Carlos Brathwaite replaces Edwards, but the result is the same. Narine smashes his first three deliveries for a four. Brathwaite has the last laugh, however. He rolls his fingers across and pulls the length short on fifth stump. Narine rocks back on the back foot and has a wild slash but ends up feathering an edge behind. He departs for 29 off 11 deliveries.

TKR 20/0 in 2 overs (Simmons 2, Narine 17): Pace off the ball helps Jamaica apply the breaks on the scoring rate. Three from the over including a wide.

Jamaica turns to Mujeeb

TKR 17/0 in 1 over (Simmons 1, Narine 16): Narine makes room first ball and slashes a short delivery over the slips for a four. Edwards bowls into his rib cage, but Narine swivels to drag it behind square for another four. Edwards with a sharp bouncer to finish the over but Narine gets enough wood on that pull. The pace of the delivery takes it behind all the way for a six! What a start for TKR.

Sunil Narine and Lendl Simmons walk out to open for TKR. Fidel Edwards with the ball.

Toss: Jamaica wins toss, will bowl first. Andre Russell is fit and will be in the playing XI says skipper Rovman Powell. Sunil Narine is back for TKR.

Playing XIs

Trinbago Knight Riders: 1 Sunil Narine, 2 Lendl Simmons, 3 Colin Munro, 4 Darren Bravo, 5 Tim Seifert (wk), 6 Kieron Pollard (captain), 7 Akeal Hosein, 8 Dwayne Bravo, 9 Khary Pierre, 10 Jayden Seales, 11 Fawad Ahmed

Jamaica Tallawahs: 1 Glenn Phillips (wk), 2 Nkrumah Bonner, 3 Jermaine Blackwood, 4 Rovman Powell (captain), 5 Asif Ali, 6 Andre Russell, 7 Chadwick Walton, 8 Carlos Brathwaite, 9 Mujeeb Ur Rahman, 10 Sandeep Lamichhane, 11 Fidel Edwards


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The Caribbean Premier League (CPL) will be the world's first major T20 league to be held since the Covid-19 pandemic brought international and domestic cricket to a standstill, and will take place in Trinidad & Tobago.


Trinbago Knight Riders: Dwayne Bravo, Kieron Pollard, Sunil Narine, Colin Munro, Fawad Ahmed, Darren Bravo, Lendl Simmons, Khary Pierre, Tim Seifert, Sikandar Raza, Anderson Phillip, Pravin Tambe, Jayden Seales, Amir Jangoo, Tion Webster, Akeal Hosein, Muhammad Ali Khan.

Jamaica Tallawahs: Andre Russell, Sandeep Lamichhane, Carlos Brathwaite, Rovman Powell, Mujeeb Ur Rahman, Glenn Phillips, Chadwick Walton, Oshane Thomas, Asif Ali, Fidel Edwards, Preston McSween, Jermaine Blackwood, Nicholas Kirton, Ramaal Lewis, Nkrumah Bonnar, Veerasammy Permaul, Ryan Persaud.


The CPL will be televised live on Star Sports 1 & 1 HD, Star Sports 2 & 2 HD, Star Sports 1 Hindi and 1 Hindi HD.

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's blog of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL 2020) match between Trinbago Knight Riders and Jamaica Tallawahs.