Caribbean Premier League, TKR vs SKN Highlights: Simmons, bowlers hand Trinbago 59-run win

Trinbago Knight Riders defeated St Kitts & Nevis Patriots by 59 runs.

Updated : Sep 02, 2020 23:57 IST

Lendl Simmons struck seven fours and six sixes in his 63-ball 93. - GETTY IMAGES
Lendl Simmons struck seven fours and six sixes in his 63-ball 93. - GETTY IMAGES

Lendl Simmons struck seven fours and six sixes in his 63-ball 93. - GETTY IMAGES




A very good job done by the spinners in particular to disallow St Kitts's batsmen to tee off. Lendl Simmons, the player of the match, laid the foundation for the win, scoring a flamboyant 96, and then the bowling unit finished it off with some disciplined bowling.

Pravin Tambe was excellent with the ball, giving away just 12 runs off his four overs, and took an excellent catch as well. Akeal Hosein gave away 15 runs. And Sikandar Raza took three wickets in his three overs.

Join us for the next CPL T20 contest, between Jamaica Tallawahs and St Kitts & Nevis Patriots, tomorrow, at 7.30. That's it from us.

SKNP 115/7, 20 overs: Anderson Phillip bowls the final over. Rayan Emrit drives to deep extra cover and picks up a single. Then he smashes a half-volley to long-on for six; he converted that into a half-volley by going deep in his crease. The he smashes another full delivery to long-off, this time for a single. Then a play and a miss; it's a full delivery outside off, Imran attempts a drive but misses.

And another full delivery outside off, it's square driven for a single.

That's it. A comprehensive win for Trinbago Knight Riders. The unbeaten run continues. The winning margin: a whopping 59 runs.

SKNP 106/7, 19 overs: Some big strokes are attempted in that over from Raza, but the contest is as good as over. There is a misfield by Tambe that allows the batsmen to run two runs. Three twos, and two singles in the over.


SKNP 98/7, 18 overs: OUT! Wide, Wide and then even wider, and it results in a wicket. After a couple of wide deliveries outside the off-stump, Hosein drags it even wider and the batsman - Alzarri Joseph - steps out of his crease to hit a six, misses, and it stumped.

Hosein runs all the way to Pierre and hugs him.

SKNP 94/6, 17 overs: OUT! Raza has his second wicket. Ramdin comes down the track and tries to smash the ball to cow corner, he doesn't reach the pitch of the ball and as he plays that stroke, his right hand comes off the bat. The fielder in the deep takes a simple catch. Ramdin goes for 5 (8b).

OUT! And one more. Drakes sits on his knee and tries to smash the ball to the leg-side, gets a top edge. Raza runs to his left and pouches the catch. Drakes goes for 7 (7b).

SKNP 92/4, 16 overs: Pierre is back to bowl his final over. He bowls a long hop, Drakes waits for it, and pulls it hard to deep midwicket, bisecting two fielders positioned deep to pick up a boundary. Three singles as well, from the over.

90 needed from 30.

SKNP 85/4, 15 overs: Two new batsmen, Drakes and Ramdin, at the crease. Six runs from the over, including two singles.

OUT! Dunk gets a long hop from Sikandar Raza, and he clubs it to deep extra cover for a boundary. Then he tries to play the reverse-sweep once again, but gets a glove to it, the balloons up for the wicketkeeper to take a simple catch. Dunk goes for 9 (7b).


SKNP 79/3, 14 overs: SIX and OUT! Lynn gets a low full toss from Dwayne Bravo and he takes full toll of it. He tees off to cow corner to pick up six runs. And then he tries to play another aggressive stroke and pays the price. It's a slower ball, outside off, the ball balloons up off the edge of Lynn's bat and descends on Sikandar Raza at mid-on. Raza makes no mistake.

Twelve runs from the over: a couple, three singles, a wide, besides the six.

SKNP 67/2, 13 overs: Tambe to bowl his final over. He delivers a full delivery first up, it's flighted, outside off, and Da Silva goes inside out for a boundary through extra cover. That was a stylish shot.

OUT! And he tries to repeat the stroke, he gives himself room by shifting to the leg-side, and deposits the ball back to the bowler. He goes for 29 (27b).

Ben Dunk, the new batsman, plays a reverse-sweep to get off the mark. Lynn comes down the track to smash the ball to oblivion, but misses it, the batsmen run a leg-bye. Another leg-bye to finish the over. Tambe's figures: 4 overs, 12 runs, 1 wicket, ER 3.

SKNP 61/1, 12 overs: Dwayne Bravo into the attack now. The first delivery is a slower one, it's worked away to long-on for a single. Then a yorker-length delivery outside off, it's dug out by Lynn. He gets a length delivery next and he smashes it to long-on - it travels to the fielder on the bounce - for a single. That brings up the 50 partnership.

Then Da Silva gets a slower ball, there's width on offer, and he cuts nicely for a single. And then it's a full toss, the ball hits the bottom of Lynn's bat and travels to long-on. Another single.


SKNP 56/1, 11 overs: Pravin Tambe to continue. And after four dot balls, he nearly dismisses Chris Lynn again! The ball pitches on off-stump and turns away from the batsman. Nearly takes the edge. A maiden over, the first of the match.

SKNP 56/1, 10 overs: See ball, hit ball. Chris Lynn gets a length delivery and he slaps the ball straight back behind the bowler. The ball races to the boundary. Then he is handed a juicy full toss, but it doesn't come off the middle of the bat, he slaps the ball to long-off for a single. Then he collects a couple of runs after flicking one to leg. Eight runs from the over from Phillip.

SKNP 48/1, 9 overs: A half-shout for lbw from Pravin Tambe as he gets a ball to pitch on leg-stump or just outside and come turn into the right-hander. Four dot balls from his second over, a couple and a single taken.

SKNP 45/1, 8 overs: Right-arm fast bowler Anderson Phillip into the attack. He bowls short of a length or on a good length for the most part in that over. Five singles taken, and then Lynn slams a full one to deep extra cover for two.

SKNP 38/1, 7 overs: Leg-spinner Pravin Tambe into the attack now. And he nearly dismisses Lynn! It's a beautiful delivery, flighted, pitches on leg-stump and turns sharply. Goes past the bat of Lynn. Four from the over.

SKNP 34/1, 6 overs: Lynn gets his first boundary. He flat-bats one from Pierre straight back, it's nearly a six. Da Silva gets a full delivery on leg-stump, he plays the sweep and collects a boundary through fine leg.

And then a slog sweep gives Da Silva another six!

SKNP 16/1, 5 overs: Joshua Da Silva is off the mark off the fifth delivery he faces, gets one on his legs and he quietly nudges it behind square for a single. Lynn tries to slog one but is beaten by Hosein in flight.

SKNP 13/1, 4 overs: Chris Lynn gets a full delivery on middle-stump and he plays a circumspect drive, the ball squirts away to midwicket and it's a single. Two runs from the second over from Pierre.

SKNP 11/1, 3 overs: Another economical over. Three from it. Two singles from Lynn and a leg-bye.

"The x-rays hasn't yet revealed anything too bad," Trinbago assistant coach Imran Jani says about Colin Munro's injury.

SKNP 8/1, 2 overs: An economical over Pierre.

OUT! Left-arm spinner Khary Pierre cramps Lewis for room, it's a short of a length delivery, Lewis tries to play a cut but deposits the ball to point, where Pravin Tambe takes a good catch.

SKNP 6/0, 1 over: A single picked up off the first delivery, as Lewis drives off a full ball. Lynn drives as well, off the third delivery he faces, to pick up a single. Hosein fires it in on leg-stump, and Lewis sweeps well to pick up a boundary.

Ewin Lewis and Chris Lynn come out to open for St Kitts. Left-arm spinner Akeal Hosein bowls the first over of the innings.


So that's a flourishing end to Knight Riders's innings. Simmons was the star, his innings full off pulls and heaves to the leg side. The target for St Kitts: 175. We'll be back with the chase.


TKR 174/4, 20 overs: Two new batsman in the crease: Sikandar Raza and Dwayne Bravo. A play and a miss from Raza, and then he tucks the ball to fine leg to pick up three runs. Last ball of the innings: Bravo heaves, and it's a six straight back! The ball had just enough legs to go beyond the boundary.

OUT! Seifert departs, he tries to play a ball to leg, gets a leading edge, the third man - Chris Lynn - makes no mistake. Trinbago four wickets down.

. Simmons is on 94. Can he get to a century? He gets a full delivery and tries to play the ramp stroke, the ball touches the outside edge of the bat and balloons to third man, but it evades the fielder, and it's safe. Two runs taken. And then a wide; it's too short, goes above the head of the batsman.

OUT! And he's out! He gets a full delivery on leg-stump and duly flicks the ball. It's caught by Sheldon Cottrell at deep square leg. That ends a strokeful innings from Simmons. He goes for 96.


TKR 152/2, 19 overs: Tim Seifert is the new batsman. Two plays and misses from him. And then he gets a full delivery outside off, and he drives and picks up two runs as a fielder retrieves the ball from deep extra cover. Just four runs from the over.

OUT! Simmons is just six runs away from a century. Bravo is still struggling to get bat on ball. And the partnership is broken! Bravo gets a short ball on his ribs on the leg side, and gets an edge through to the wicketkeeper. He goes 36 (36b).

TKR 159/1, 18 overs: Alzarri Joseph bowls three yorkers on leg-stump, the first two go through him, and to deal with the third, he tries to play a ramp shot but misses. And then he gets a half-volley on leg-stump, he clears his front leg and smashes the ball to wide mid-on for six!

And one more! A A similar ball and a similar stroke, this time slightly straighter. Then he picks up two through square leg.

TKR 145/1, 17 overs: Emrit comes on to bowl his final over. He gets a full ball, tries to smash it for six in his inimitable style, but misses. The he gets a slightly shorter one, attempts a pull, and misses again. Just four runs from this over: a wide, a single and two leg-byes.

TKR 141/1, 16 overs: Bravo gets another length ball, this time from Dominic Drakes, and he tees off again. Another six. It takes him to 31. It brings up the 100 partnership. Simmons gets a short delivery from Drakes, on leg-stump, and he pulls hard for a four through square leg.

Another four to finish the over, this time from Bravo. It's off a half-volley outside off-stump. The ball runs away to the extra-cover boundary.

TKR 125/1, 15 overs: Sheldon Cottrell is back to bowl his third over. Bravo gets a length ball first-up and he tees off, it's his first six. Beyond the boundary at long-on. Simmons gets a yorker-length delivery, it's outside the off-stump, he nicely steers it past the short third-man fielder to get a boundary. Another boundary for Simmons, this time he slices the ball to third man.

TKR 108/1, 14 overs: Jaggesar is back into the attack to bowl his off-spinners. Simmons sits deep in his crease, gets a half-volley, and smashes it to long-on for another six. It brings up the 100 for Trinbago Knight Riders.

Jaggesar bowls a short, wide one and Simmons takes full toll. He cuts nicely to pick up another boundary. Fifteen from the over.

TKR 93/1, 13 overs: Simmons gets a short one, he pulls in his unique style and picks up six runs. The ball flies beyond the deep midwicket ropes. A drive for a single gets him to 50. It's a nice, albeit slow, knock from him.


Emrit bowls a full toss on his legs, he flicks it to long leg, where the fielder coming from deep square leg gets his boot to the ball to prevent a boundary. A shout for lbw but it's not out; it would have gone down the leg side and there's an edge, too. Ten from the over.

TKR 83/1, 12 overs: Alzarri Joseph is back into the attack. Simmons shifts to the leg side to give himself room, gets one on his legs. No run. Then he heaves but fails to get bat on ball; it's a good length delivery on middle stump. Was it a slower ball? Probably. And Simmons shifts back to a regular stance, Alzarri bowls it down the leg-side, it's a wide.

Simmons gets off-strike with a single. Bravo offers his helmet to a short delivery from Joseph, the ball hits the helmet. Some medical attention for Bravo. Simmons brings up the 50 partnership with a single; he drives one to extra-cover. Bravo gets another short one, and he pulls hard. It's a boundary, after a long gap.

TKR 74/1, 11 overs: Rayad Emrit to bowl his second over. Bravo gets a short of length delivery outside the off-stump and he slaps it to deep extra-cover for a single. Odd sound as the bat touched the ball, it struck the bottom of the bat. Two runs taken. Five singles also from the over.


TKR 68/1, 10 overs: Simmons continues to pull. Alzarri Joseph at long-on fumbles the ball but the batsmen decide not to go for the second. And Bravo is nearly caught out! He attempts to drive, gets an edge but the ball doesn't carry on the full to the short third-man.

Drinks break.

TKR 64/1, 9 overs: Drakes continues, Simmons slaps the ball to deep extra-cover to pick up a single. And the bowler gets a ball to angle into the left-handed Bravo; it's a leg-bye. Simmons gets a short of a length delivery and pulls to pick up another single, after which another single is taken as Bravo pulls to fine leg. Simmons pulls again, a single taken. Another leg-bye to finish the over.

TKR 57/1, 8 overs: Shout of 'catch it' as Bravo cuts one to point, but it doesn't have the legs to travel on the full to the fielder. Three singles taken from the over from Jaggesar.

TKR 54/1, 7 overs: Just two runs coming from the over from Drakes. He bowled a yorker, full or on a good length in that over.

TKR 52/1, 6 overs: Simmons continues his onslaught. Jaggesaar comes on to bowl off-spin. Simmons pulls one to deep midwicket for a six, the second of the innings, and then cuts for a boundary through cover. 50 is up for Trinbago Knight Riders.

TKR 40/1, 5 overs: The players have come back on to the field. Simmons to face Rayad Emrit. Darren Bravo replaces Colin Munro, who was injured earlier in the contest when he tried to play a hook shot.

Simmons plays a pull, but straight behind the bowler, it doesn't go to the boundary as the outfield is slow. And then Emrit bowls a short delivery, Simmons pulls and collects a six to fine leg. Three dots, two wides and a single also in that over, the first after the break.


Play will resume in about 15 minutes, at 11am local time (2030 IST).

The covers are coming off. It's stopped raining. It's bright sunshine at the venue.

The players are going off. It's raining at the Brian Lara Cricket Academy. Covers are coming on. Is it a passing shower? Probably.

TNK 29/1, 4 overs: Munro gets a half volley outside off-stump and he drives. Picks up two through extra cover. And a misfield! Munro plays a square drive and the ball goes through Joshua Da Silva, who is positioned at point. Another couple taken.

Munro gets a short delivery on leg-stump, he shifts to the leg-side to give himself room, and plays the upper cut. Boundary. And then he attempts a hook shot off a short delivery, he doesn't connect, it hits his hand instead. He was too early with his stroke. He receives some medical attention.

TKR 21/1, 3 overs: Simmons plays a stylish pull through midwicket to pick up another boundary. Moves to 9. Then he gets one on his legs and picks up a single. The new batsman, Colin Munro, defends to leg and is off the mark. Simmons leaves alone the final delivery of the over.

OUT! A quick single attempted, after Jangoo defends to leg and scampers. But he is run out! Cottrell collects the ball from near the square, turns around, and it's a direct hit. Didn't look out at the start, but replays confirm it. Jangoo departs for 6.

TNK 15/0, 2 overs: Jangoo gets a short of a length delivery, he slashes at the ball from Alzarri Joseph. Wasn't in control of that one, it flies over the slip cordon for a four. And one more, as he gets one on his legs and flicks. The ball runs away off the thigh pad, fine. He picks up a single through the leg side to hand strike to Simmons, who gets a short delivery and slaps it to mid-on.

Simmons is checking his bat after that stroke. Apparently, something's wrong. He'll have his bat changed. And once more.

He gets a short of a length delivery from Joseph and defends it.


TNK 6/0, 1 over: Simmons is off the mark, tucks one to leg and picks a single. Some movement for Cottrell, he gets one to move away from the left-handed Jangoo, left alone outside off. Jangoo gets his first run; he shapes up to leave a delivery alone but gets a bat on that.

Cottrell fires in a yorker to greet Simmons, who digs it out. And then he bowls short of a length, angling across, left alone by Simmons. The last delivery is a gift, it's a half volley on leg stump, flicked away to long leg by Simmons. The fielder retrieves the ball, but he makes contact with the rope when he's collecting it, so it's a boundary.

The Trinbago openers come out to bat. It's Amir Jangoo and Lendl Simmons. Sheldon Cottrell will bowl the first over.



. St Kitts & Nevis Patriots wins the toss, it chooses to bowl first.

Kieron Pollard will not be playing today's match. Dwayne Bravo will be serving as the Trinbago captain for today.


. Munro is so far the highest run-getter for the Knight Riders, with Pollard following close behind. But Pollard has an average of 62.50 and a strike-rate of 189. Can he light up the Brian Lara Cricket Academy with his fireworks once again?

. A half-century from Colin Munro and cameos from Sunil Narine and Kieron Pollard helped ensure Trinbago Knight Riders continued its winning streak on Tuesday. It's unbeaten so far in this tournament, and today it faces the team placed bottom of the points table, St Kitts & Nevis Patriots. A one-sided encounter? We'll find out in a while.


  • Highest run-getter: Glenn Phillips (248)
  • Highest wicket-taker: Mujeeb Ur Rahman (13)
  • Highest individual score: Nicholas Pooran (100)
  • Best bowling figures: Mohammad Nabi (5/15)
  • Best economy: Kevin Sinclair (2.75)
  • Most fours: Colin Munro (25)
  • Most sixes: Kieron Pollard (17)
  • Most runs in 2020 by team: Barbados Tridents (1078)
  • Most wickets in 2020 by team: Jamaica Tallawahs (50)

CPL is the world's first major T20 league to be held since the COVID-19 pandemic brought international and domestic cricket to a standstill.

CPL T20 Points Table


The Caribbean Premier League match Trinbago Knight Riders vs St Kitts and Nevis Patriots will be broadcast live on Star Sports 1 and Star Sports 1 HD. Live streaming will also be available on the FanCode app or website. The live commentary of the game is available on .

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