He is known for identifying talented cricketers who have played big innings in the Indian Premier League. Till the end of 2015, Monty Desai played a vital role in scouting future stars for the Rajasthan Royals. However, since the inaugural season of the Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL), Desai has been part of the Albert Tuti Patriots side, donning the hat of a mentor. Under the watchful eyes of Desai, the Dinesh Karthik-led side went on to win the title in the first season and was on an unbeaten run in the second till the final, where it was defeated by Chepauk Super Gillies.

Desai, whose former side is back in the fray after serving two years of suspension, shared his inputs about the players from the just concluded TNPL, who probably could be of interest to many IPL teams during the upcoming season's auction.

Players who have impressed

One of the new faces which has stepped up for our team and TNPL is V. Athisayaraj Davidson. Coming from that small humble place and his execution in the last couple of games, it is great stuff. Also, back-to-back performances from two tournaments from Ganesh Moorthi M. He's played a very critical role. Everytime he came in during those high pressure Powerplay overs and doing it in every single game was heartening. Washington Sundar has obviously been talked about throughout the tournament. He is right there.

TNPL prospect for IPL

The bigger names will be the biggest attraction in the IPL. But, we have seen it last year also and this year also people will look at cricketers who have done well in TNPL. A name which comes to my mind is Sai Kishore.

On Athisayaraj

One of the things that the state cricket association can definitely look at is how they nurture him. He has got something.  But, it will come down to taking care of him because he does not biochemically have the action that people look for. However, he has got the art of cricket in his hand. He has got the skills right there. I think he needs one strength and conditioning coach with him, who takes care of his fitness and keeps him well.

On Washington Sundar

It is important to see how smartly he can take care of his rest. I think he has been playing constantly right from IPL. He has stepped up nicely, the way he has progressed from what he was in IPL as a bowler to what he was always known for — his batting. He's maturing.